Thursday, August 31, 2006

China Cabinet

I finally have a picture of my beloved china cabinet to share. Isn't it beautiful? I was so excited to get it in the house to play with it, um, I mean to set up. It was so much fun! I felt like an 8-year-old with a new Barbie house rearranging all the plastic furniture and accessories.

We received 12 full sets of china but the cabinet won't hold it all and still look pretty. So instead I've displayed 8 sets and the crystal goblets and candlesticks. The rest are still in quilted storage should we need to get them out. The bottom of the cabinet nicely holds our glassware and the drawer holds napkins and silverware. It's perfect!
Plus I've decided that once we have a larger dining room and get a larger china cabinet for all of the dishes we can use this one as a bar. All of our glassware will fit at the top and the bar in the cabinet below. It will be so cute and chic.

I love looking at my pretty dishes, and not that I have room to display, I can't wait to buy more accent pieces. We got a very simple and classic pattern so that I can get other coordinating pieces that are seasonal to be pretty. I hope I can find some at an estate sale or an antique shop. I definitely need a few fall themed pieces, a few Christmas pieces (Mrs. H has some that are beautiful!), a few spring/summer pieces, a few pretty pieces, and a few flat out girly pieces (such as the pink castles from the Johnson Bros like A has!) for tea parties and showers.

Yes, an old lady lives inside of my body. She sews, monograms, and enjoys collecting china. If I move on to thimbles or salt and pepper shakers, just send me to the home!

Dress Cleaning

Yesterday at lunch I had a few errands to run and also was excited to pick up my wedding dress from the dry cleaner's. I nearly had an aneurysm when they, ahem, couldn't find it. What? What do you mean you can't find my dress? I suggest you keep looking!

Now I may not always keep my dress. I may sell it, I used to always think I'd do I'm not so sure. I may repurpose it. I've thought it would be neat to make a christening gown out of the train to pass down to my children and grandchildren. I've also considered donating it for a charitable cause. However, parting with my beloved, gorgeous, wedding gown because the dry cleaner cannot find it is not what I wanted.

Luckily the dress was still being cleaned. Apparently they thought they could do more to it so they keep working on it. I'm fine with that, but let me know it's not going to be ready on time. Especially since I was even two days after my arranged pick up. But I am happy that it will be clean. The bottom got pretty dirty from being outside all day and evening. Plus I had little kid feet prints on my train, and perhaps I had a little wine and brownie on the front. Besides, it's not like I'm going to wear it this weekend or anything, well, probably not.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

Top Ten Things I Love About Our House

  1. It's spacious! We were so lucky to get more than we dreamt of when we found this house. There are two living spaces, a large eat in kitchen, three bedrooms, a bonus room for the office, two (soon to be three) baths, and an oversized garage so J can have a workshop.
  2. Location. I was skeptical since I've never lived in the family part of town but rather the trendy and nice apartment parts of town, but I love it. It's so close everything and easy to navigate. It's very close to both of our jobs, and of course Target and West Towne Mall.
  3. The floor. I love our wood floors and even the tile floor in the kitchen and den.
  4. The laundry room. I'm so happy to have a laundry room rather than have it in a hallway where I hear the noise all the time.
  5. The patio. I love spending time with my husband on the patio where we can enjoy our backyard. I hope to add a little landscaping to it next year.
  6. The potting shed. It's so cute and serves such a purpose.
  7. It's cozy. I love the cottage feel you get when you look at it.
  8. Guest rooms. I love having enough space to have guests so that they can be comfortable and enjoy visiting us. I also like that one of the guest rooms can be my project room for all of my sewing, etc.
  9. The office. I love having a dedicated office space. It's so nice not to have a desk in the kitchen or corner of a room. (Not to mention J's desk is the size of a small farm so it wouldn't fit!). It looks very sophisticated too!
  10. It's a home. J and I have made an empty house a cozy little home together. A place where we enjoy spending our time and having our friends and family join us. A place where we can build our lives together and enjoy being husband and wife.

Guess What I Got?

Stop what you're doing and dance a jig, because I have exciting news! Are you ready? Are you sure? Sit down.


Doesn't that make you want to pee your pants with excitement? I nearly did! (As JC would say, "Good thing I'd already pee'd those before!").

Yesterday my husband sent me a picture of a gorgeous antique china cabinet. I immediately responded, "Don't tease me!" It's no secret I've been wanting a china cabinet for quite sometime. Just ask Mrs. Y. The day she got hers I went crazy setting it up. I was like a fat kid in a candy store unwrapping all of her stuff and putting it away for her. I was also quite envious of Mrs. H's cute little cabinet when we visited them. J replies that it's not a tease and he likes the set. It also has a matching table with chairs which he loves. We went to look at it last night and the 45 year old piece is in nearly excellent condition. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is a very timeless and classic style with an oak finish.

Although J told me that by purchasing this furniture he was in no way condoning the fact that I/We "need" a china cabinet, but that he also liked the rest of the set and it was very nice antique pieces. Not to mention a deal! So, my darling little hubby bought it for me on the spot. Is he the best or what? It's being delivered tonight and will be set up and dazzling by the weekend.

We now have more antiques to add to our collection and that is very exciting, and I HAVE A CHINA CABINET! I will have to post pictures soon.

Monday, August 28, 2006

What a Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was so nice and relaxing. J and I finally were able to spend a weekend at (gasp!) home! Don't get me wrong, I love when we are able to visit friends and family and we are so blessed to have so many friends and family to visit. However, it's nice to just enjoy our home and relax.

Friday night J had to work late so I ran errands, picked up some gifts and craft supplies, and fabric shopped. I found some great fabric we'd been eyeing (that coordinates with our already chosen and bought den fabrics) and it was on sale! After having a late dinner together we were able to relax and chat until bedtime.

Saturday morning we slept in (until a whopping 8am--welcome to the life of old people!) and then went out to enjoy the day, do a little yardsaling, and do things around our lovely home. I also began some lunch preparations for Sunday and baked some banana bread. Saturday evening I took my darling hubby out to one of his favorite restaurants for an early birthday dinner and then to another location of his choice for dessert. His birthday is actually this weekend but we won't be able to have dinner just the two of us.

We attended early service at our church on Sunday, and it was so nice to be there. We've been out of town for two weekends and were not able to attend and I really missed it. I don't mind attending other churches when we're out of town, but mine is truly my favorite and I miss the worship and the service when I'm away.

The Rev's (my adopted parents) came over Sunday after church for lunch (hence the Saturday afternoon prep). It was so exciting to spend time with them and have them to our house as guests. They were very helpful in our buying process and were very excited to see what we'd done with it since they'd seen it last. I couldn't ask for a better adopted family. Words can't express how wonderful they are and how thankful I am to have them in my life. They've helped me so much mentally and emotionally, not to mention letting me live with them. I truly love that family and it was a joy to have them in our house.

Sunday afternoon J and I hung his new bike racks in the garage (a birthday present from me that he was with me when I bought so I let him have it early), worked on my bike a bit, and took a little ride. We just enjoyed our day and our house and it was so relaxing and rejuvenating. I actually felt like I had a weekend and it actually didn't seem to fly by.

Although this coming weekend will be busy, it will be nice. J and I are going to a minor league baseball game on Friday night and his parents are coming to spend the day with us on Saturday and treat us to dinner for his birthday. After that we'll have the R kids until Tuesday which will definitely prove some excitement. I'm not sure J knows what he's in for.

Friday, August 25, 2006

125 Things

One Hundred and Twenty-Five Things
(because A only did 101, and 125 seemed like a good stopping point)
  1. Pink is my favorite color, not because it's cool now, but because it always has been.
  2. I used to have pink walls and pink carpet. (Gotta love the 80s/90s)
  3. I could live on peanut butter products, green beans, and cheerios.
  4. I'm MARRIED!
  5. I like to pretend I have a green thumb and work hard to have pretty flowers, well, my husband does!
  6. I'm from the mountains of West Virginia and although I never plan on going back, it will always be "home", however, Tennessee is definately my home too. I love this place.
  7. Most of my family could be certifiable.
  8. I have only one first cousin.
  9. I have nearly 40 second cousins.
  10. My Grammy and Pappy spoiled me rotten, and they were/are proud of it.
  11. I have one adorable and fabulous little brother who is a very caring, generous, and thoughtful young man, not to mention handsome!
  12. I have an amazing crew of friends known as The Bracelet Girls.
  13. I love those girls.
  14. I'm not an animal lover, but sometimes want a dog, a big dog, preferably a St. Bernard.
  15. My husband is extremely smart and I think that is sexy.
  16. He's also very outdoorsy and into hiking, biking, fishing, backpacking, camping, etc.
  17. My idea of camping: on an air mattress next to the "bath house" with running hot water and outlets for my curling iron. I think those days are now over.
  18. A goal has always been to get my Master's Degree.
  19. I'll be getting that soon.
  20. Even for a stay-at-home mom, I deem it necessary.
  21. Writing is a amongst my favorite activities and have ideas for a couple of novels and a memoir.
  22. J and I have plans to visit his friend in Northern Ireland and while we're there see what else Europe has to offer.
  23. My motto: If you can't sing, sing loud!
  24. I used to have a window seat in my bedroom in West Virginia. I had a tea set in it and liked to have tea with my dolls.
  25. My friend Buffy and I also pretended it was a McDonald's drive-thru.
  26. I thought I'd marry Joey McIntyre and my BF A.G. was going to marry Jordan Knight. They were going to be doctors and we'd live side-by-side in matching mansions and a huge horse farm.
  27. C (Mrs. O to be) is my best friend from childhood.
  28. Little Brother used to think she was his sister too because she was always (always!) at our house.
  29. We often had "bar chats" that only we'd understand.
  30. Although I don't have a sister, Ta and I are convinced we're twins.
  31. We also convinced an entire cruise ship we were twins: LaLa and TaTa Twin.
  32. I'm not sure where such a white, white girl gets such a booty, but I've got it.
  33. My engagement ring (and wedding band) are the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.
  34. I love children but don't want any for several years.
  35. I adore the R, S, and O kids.
  36. Our garage looks like a DeWalt showroom with all of my husbands fancy gadgets and power tools.
  37. Yes, as a matter of fact I can use power tools!
  38. Lazy afternoons at the lake are wonderful.
  39. I don't know that I'll always live in TN, but I think I'll always live in the South.
  40. However I'll entertain the idea of Cincinnati or a medium to large coastal New England city.
  41. Dressing up is fun for me.
  42. Dates with my husband are amazing.
  43. Rachel Ray is a genius and one day I hope it doesn't take me 45 mins to an hour for a 30 Minute Meal.
  44. My hubby and I like to visit seaside towns and lighthouses. Love lighthouses!
  45. I look forward to traveling with my husband and have the next several years of vacations all planned out.
  46. I love to shop, especially for other people!
  47. It really is the little things.
  48. Brownies are a food group.
  49. Speaking of, I still have my Brownie Girl Scouts uniform.
  50. I love taking and framing pictures. One day I'll need to scale down the amount of pictures in my day.
  51. The Rev's are the best adopted family a girl could have.
  52. My in-laws have a big farm and I enjoy all the goodies from the ground to the bushes to the orchard.
  53. The month of July is the worst--it's just too hot, humid, and mosquito-ish for me. August is moving right up there with it.
  54. I love visiting the beach, especially in the fall and winter.
  55. Saddle Oxford shoes were my favorite growing up. I had them in every color.
  56. There is indeed a Heaven, and likewise, a Hell.
  57. I believe in miracles, I believe in dreams, and I believe in myself.
  58. Not always the latter...but my husband pushes me along.
  59. I appear to be a confident person, but actually, I'm not.
  60. The song "I Hope You Dance" is a true favorite. It's timeless and offers great advice.
  61. I wish that song for my little brother.
  62. My grandparents quite possibly hung the moon.
  63. I'm certain they feel likewise about me, and that's a nice feeling.
  64. I love to learn.
  65. I'd be a professional student and go to school forever with a wall of degrees if I could.
  66. In light of the above, C'mon powerball!
  67. Sorority was a wonderful experience and proved to give me lifelong friends.
  68. Some of my best college memories are with my roomie, A.
  69. When I was younger I wished I wore school uniforms.
  70. I wanted to be like Samantha from the American Girls.
  71. I hope my children have to wear uniforms by the time they get to school.
  72. If I were a teacher, I'd want year-round school so that I could take vacations several times during the year.
  73. I'm an absolute anal-retentive, OCD, neat and organizational freak.
  74. This leads me to believe I'm adopted
  75. Absolutely under no circumstances is it acceptable to open Christmas gifts early.
  76. Wedding planning was a favorite time in my life and I could do it professionally.
  77. Being engaged was amazing and fabulous and married life is even better.
  78. I LOVE going to weddings and being in weddings.
  79. Rarely do I have the patience to watch a movie, but still feel the need to purchase them. I'm trying to break this habit.
  80. I'm very crafty.
  81. Often too crafty for my own good.
  82. I like to bead and make jewelry. The beauty of it is when you're tired of it, you cut off the end and can start all over.
  83. I enjoy sewing and monogramming.
  84. The above is teaching me patience.
  85. Painting is another hobby.
  86. Not Picassos, but canvas's and other random objects.
  87. Reading is a favorite pastime.
  88. Unfortunately I don't find enough time or make enough time to do it as much as I'd like.
  89. Celebrity Gossip is a guilty pleasure.
  90. Children are an absolute delight.
  91. Pie, my "niece", is perhaps the most adorable and by far smartest little girl ever.
  92. History and tradition are important to me.
  93. I hope that J and I infuse our children with hertitage and tradition and a strong sense of family.
  94. My family is absolutely precious, crazy, but precious.
  95. Mrs. Bex is my oldest friend in the whole world and I know that we'll always be as tight as just-out-of-the-dryer jeans.
  96. That path hasn't always been easy, but I know God led me down it for a reason.
  97. Faith is important to me.
  98. Sometimes I only have my mustard seed.
  99. I very well may be one of those people who always need a project going on.
  100. J is afraid of this.
  101. Mrs. R, Mrs. O, and Mrs. S, are some of the women I look up to most.
  102. Being with the Rev's is like looking in a mirror.
  103. Being an MDA Camp Counselor created some of my most wonderful memories and lifelong friends.
  104. Yearly trips to Florida with my grandparents were a favorite for me. Disney World, Sea World, The Zoo, and The Beach were always on the agenda.
  105. Visiting the lake house with my other grandparents were great summers during my childhood. Swimming, boating, and games were in abundance.
  106. Logic isn't a strong point for me, although I tend to overanalyze.
  107. Pre-career jobs I've had include: tutor, babysitter, gymnastics instructor, dean's assistant, and nanny.
  108. Being a nanny was my favorite, followed by the gymnastics instructor.
  109. Decorating really thrills me.
  110. I could redo my entire house every year and love it.
  111. Re-creating looks is fun with anything from clothes to rooms.
  112. Opinions are like noses, everybody's got one.
  113. Be respectful of those who have ones that differ.
  114. Sometimes people suck.
  115. Sometimes you don't think someone sucks, and they suck completely!
  116. Yard Saling and Antiqueing are among my and J's favorite Saturday morning activities.
  117. After waffles of course.
  118. We actually own a few real antiques: our kitchen chairs, the buffet, J's desk, a sitting chair, and perhaps a dresser in our room.
  119. Old things thrill me. I enjoy turning trash to treasure.
  120. J and I are big on refinishing furniture and repurposing items.
  121. I don't believe in only doing things for special occasions.
  122. For example: china. For me, every day is special enough for J and I to use our china.
  123. We also use cloth napkins, and candlelight dinners are also a regular in our house.
  124. I love surprises! For me and for others. I like to do things that make other people feel special.
  125. Each day is a reason to celebrate: live, laugh, love!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto is no longer a Planet

Since 1930 Pluto has been the little, last planet known at the end of the Milky Way solar system. That has changed. Pluto was stripped of it's planet status when astronomers developed new historic guidelines on what constitutes a planet. So after 76 years, Pluto got a demotion.

The new rules for a planet is as follows:

"a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that it assumes a ... nearly round shape, and has cleared the neighborhood around its orbit."

Apparently Pluto is oblong and overlaps with Neptune. Who knew?

Pluto is now considered a dwarf planet and apparently there could be dozens of other dwarf planets. Third grade was a long (long!) time ago, but I don't remember dwarf planets.

Sadly, my third grade paper mache model of the solar system is outdated now. Wow--I'm old.

Tom Cruise: You are Crazy

I commend Paramount for firing (well, not resigning the contract with) Tom Cruise. He is crazy. His recent behaviors have not exhibited anything that I would want representing my company. Now that Sumner Redstone has spoken the Tom Cruise posse is firing back that the remarks are unjustified and out of context. Hardly. Besides, when you are an employee and work for/with someone you should exhume a certain behavior to maintain those relationships and remain in good standing. Tom Cruise, thinking, "Oh I'm Tom Cruise", did not consider the affects that his bizarre and ridiculous actions would have on his career. Sumner Redstone and Paramount have full right to deny the renewal of his and anyone else's contract whom they don't see fit as a representative of their company. Tom should just go back to his Risky Business days of dancing and singing in his undies.


The 5th anniversary of September 11 is coming up. Go check out the 2,996 Project and sign up to be part of 2,996 volunteer bloggers who will join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11. Each person will pay tribute to a single victim and they need more bloggers. I was the 2,690 so go now and be 2,691!

Even if you don't blog go check it out. The purpose is to honor the lives and pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 and seeing this sight will definately touch your heart.


Tact is having the ability to tell someone to go to hell, and have them happy to be on their way.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

I can't think of anything for my Tuesday Top Ten. There isn't much going on at this moment. So here, without rhyme or reason, are:

Top Ten Random Thoughts in My Head

  1. Should I order those pillows from Pottery Barn? I need to get inserts so that I can cover pretty cushions for the den.
  2. I need to put my wedding announcement in hometown newspapers. One down, four to go.
  3. I need to pay my PRSA dues.
  4. I still haven't emailed my Sorority Nationals, again. Of course, given the history they're in no hurry to get back with me.
  5. Don't forget to order the cute pics recently uploaded to shutterfly.
  6. Tonight I'm going to go to Target, go to the grocery, and perhaps assist my husband in painting the potting shed. Oh, and I should do laundry, too.
  7. Look for the sofa and leather ottoman receipts which are most likely on my desk. Of course given the sight of my desk you'll probably find kangaroos, beachside condos, and third world countries under there as well.
  8. What on earth am I going to get my husband for his birthday? I have a few ideas, but I can't make big decisions.
  9. I'd like to curl up in my bed and take a nap. I could use a good book, a little TV, and perhaps my hubby to play with my hair.
  10. I think I could use a cup of coffee.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend, Weekend

What an eventful weekend. There were two weddings out of town, two friends in town, and J's brother home from the USAF for a week. Needless to say, we were quite busy!

Friday night we went to Morristown for Lynsey and Brian's wedding (see details below) and then on to Kingsport to stay with J's parents. Saturday afternoon we went to Stephanie and Jayson's wedding in Johnson City. Saturday evening J's dad took us all to the Outback. We spent Saturday night at J's parents house and Sunday after church was family lunch at his grandparents. And oh-my-goodness his grandmother made chicken and dumplin's YUM! We left after lunch to return home and have dinner with Mr. and Mrs. S and Mr. and Mrs. Y since the S's were in town..

Lynsey's wedding was so much fun. I enjoyed getting to chat with her pre-ceremony. She looked gorgeous and had the coolest wedding shoes on earth! I thought I'd broke the mold with pink shoes and Brooke followed up with her periwinkle shoes but Lynsey's were by far the best. Her dress was a two-tone ivory and champagne so it exuberated a goldish tint. Her shoes were kitten heel sandals that were gold with a the strap being covered in multi-colored sequins. They were awesome. (The sequins were the same as the ones on my ballet flats that J lovingly call the ugly shoes!) Lynsey's flower girl dresses were fabulous too. They were the same two tone as her dress and had coral sashes and bows around the middle that matched the bridesmaids. It was too cute. She also had fabulous food and especially fabulous lemonade at the reception. The ceremony was precious and Lyns was very emotional. (I can totally relate!) Luckily for her, she is beautiful when she cries. I thought it was also special that Brian's ring was his grandfather's. It had been gold and they had it dipped to be white gold and match Lynsey's. Lyns and I go way back to the days of CHS Cheerleading and I was so happy to see her get married.

The wedding on Saturday was long-time friends of J. It was at the gorgeous Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City. It was a Jewish wedding which was really neat because I'd only seen those on TV and in movies. They broke the glass and we got to yell "Mazel Tov!" at the end. (Hey--it was very exciting for this sheltered southern girl! I love learning about new traditions and cultures.)The bride's dress was gorgeous with a two-layered train. She had both her parents walk her down the aisle which I think is really special. The dresses and accents were a really pretty indigo color that looked very nice in the formal ballroom we were in. Her flowers were calla lilies and were so elegant and beautiful in her bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets, and the centerpieces. There were two long stemmed callas in a tall vase with indigo rocks at the bottom. I loved it! J and I enjoyed the reception with an old friend of his and some family of the bride that were from Sacramento and were very friendly and entertaining to talk to. We had such a good time. I absolutely love going to weddings.

Sunday night dinner with the S's and Y's at the C's home was wonderful. The food was delicious and the company even better. We looked at Brooke's wedding pictures and talked about everything (and everyone!) we could think of. Our chats/discussions are always interesting given we're all newlyweds so we have an abundance in common to gab about. It's amazing how much we are all alike and how our lives are so synonymous. I love it when one of us is telling a story and then we all begin to cackle because we realize that we do/have done the same thing. It's nice to know we're either all normal or all very abnormal. Either way, I'm glad to be part of such a fabulous crew of "bracelet girls." I realize how much I truly treasure these girls when in their presence. It's such good therapy to spend quality time with them. They are wonderful ladies and I have no clue how I'd ever make it without them. I hope we can have another great evening together with Missa and Ellen this fall/winter. It will be great to have us all together again.

One of these days J and I are going to not be out of town for the weekend or not have a million and one things to do in town. It will be nice to relax and enjoy the place we call home (and pay a mortgage!). For now though, I'm happy that we are blessed with amazing family and friends to visit with and spend our time.

Memphis Man Breaks Leg, Crocs are to Blame

Associated Press--A man in Memphis found the one and only puddle in his driveway while wearing his crocs and promptly fell and splattered across the pavement resulting in a broken leg. Upon a trip to the ER the nurse noted that she says many an injury as a result of the ridiculous foot apparel.

Thanks Mrs. S for sharing that humorous story for us all last night. We wish Big Ed a speedy recovery and a croc-free future.


One of my oldest and best friends CC got engaged on Saturday night. Her now fiance, CO, planned a beautiful proposal and presented her with a gorgeous emerald cut diamond ring when he asked her to marry him. I couldn't be happier for the two of them. J and I love spending time with them and cannot wait for the upcoming wedding which will be next summer between her rotations. I love being in weddings and even being invited to weddings. With all the bracelet girls being married as of June, I'm very much looking forward to this joyous occasion.

I'm so excited to help CC with her wedding planning, throw her showers, give her a lingerie/bachlorette party, and be part of the whole process. It thrills me to see that she has found such a wonderful man and that J and I can be part of their lives. We can't wait to celebrate with them on Labor Day weekend.

Congratulations CC and CO!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Super Busy and Silver Hair

I've had a super busy week at work, thus my lack of blogging. I'm leaving early (in just 15 minutes) to attend two weddings this weekend and visit J's family with him. His brother has a short leave from the Air Force.

In other news this week, I've found more silver hairs. They've slowly migrated from the crown of my head and I found on in my bangs. Silver hairs! I'm not that old!

A quick note: when I am busy at work I do enjoy my job a little more. I like the fast-paced environment that comes with working for a large media outlet. However, I've barely had time to read, catch up on personal emails, research a few home projects, and blog! Hopefully next week I'll catch up on that.

Congrats to Lynsey and Brian who are getting hitched tonight! I'm so excited!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Agreement on the MTV Curse

Travis Barker also agrees that perhaps an MTV reality show isn't the best idea for those happy and in love. He said this in a recent People Magazine interview.

PEOPLE: Do you think there's an MTV curse? You and Shanna, Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson have all split after having reality shows about your marriages.
BARKER: I do. I think putting your relationship out there for people to interpret and have their own opinion about, I think it's crazy. Ours was different 'cause it showed a young couple who could still get down and reach for their goals and dreams. But I still feel like it puts a lot of stress on the relationship.

Read the full story here.

Monday, August 14, 2006

In Atlanta with the H's

It's official--being with the H's is like looking in a mirror!

J and I had so much fun visiting with Mr. and Mrs. H. I never knew Mr. H and J had so much in common. I am so happy that they did get along so well though. It makes the visit much more enjoyable for everyone. I often forget how much Mrs. H and I have in common until we hang out. We have the same viewpoint on most everything. That girl is obviously practically perfect.

I'm not sure Mrs. H and I will recover this week because our hubbies were so out of control. It was quite entertaining, and we couldn't help but laugh, but they are awful, just awful! There's nothing like the Tri-Cities to bond a friendship.

We started with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory before going to our concert. I. LOVE. THE. CHEESECAKE. FACTORY! It may be overpriced cheesecake and overpriced food because they have overpriced cheesecake, but YUM! it is tasty! I quite enjoyed the crabcake I had for dinner as well.

From dinner it was on to see Hootie in Chastain Park. We'd heard you could bring in coolers, etc. Apparently you can have a dinner party as well. People had brought in and sat up tables, had candles, and such foods as bbq ribs, potato salads, etc. It was a full on catered picnic from home. Pretty snaz! Those people had obviously been there awhile which we now know is a must when going to Chastain Park.

The show was awesome. Hootie came thru by singing "You Don't Have To Call Me Darlin'" once again. We had all discussed how Hootie had reached a peak in his career and then regressed to singing covers once again. I still think it's pretty great. I love his voice and his own little renditions to the covers he sings. At the beginning of the concert I was thinking how cool it would be if he would cover Georgia Satellites and sing "Keep Your Hands To Yourself." The very last song of the encore was...are you believing this...KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!
I should have said something at the beginning because no one will believe I have Hootie telepathy. It must have been because I was wearing a straw cowgirl hat to match Hootie's straw cowboy hat. All in all, it was such a great concert! I do wish Hootie had done his reprise of Nelly, Blackstreet, and Lauren Hill like he did last summer. Betsy and Adam would have enjoyed that. I'm trying to figure out what he's singing in his remix of Let Her Cry. It sounds pretty cool whatever it is.

We were all talking about how listening to Hootie takes us back, way back! Hootie came out with Cracked Rear View when I was in the 7th grade. Isn't that crazy? That was a long (long!) time ago. J and I are starting to feel like Hootie groupies with all of the shows we've attended. I really do love to hear him though. And contrary to what you think, it's not cheap to see Hootie just because he's practically considered classic rock now. It's actually quite pricy for the venues he plays.

We loved being guests in the H house. The H's have only lived there for a couple of months, but it's so cute. It reminds us a lot of our house. It could be because Mrs. H and I have matching sofas! Yes, we have matching sofas! Remember the great sofa debacle a month ago, yes, it's those sofas. How funny is that?

Hopefully we'll have another wonderful weekend with the H's in the next few months if they venture to town for a football game.

Cheers to the H's!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Hootie Weekend

This week has seemed so long, and now that it is Friday, it doesn't even feel like it. I'm very excited about my weekend plans to visit Atlanta and for J and I to go see Hootie with Betsy and Adam. They built their first home and moved in during Memorial Day weekend. I can't wait to see it and be their guest. Mrs. H is super Martha Stewart like me and I'm sure the place is amazing. Plus I love seeing Hootie in concert and J is very excited since it's his all time favorite band.

I'm in a dilemma over what to wear. As hot and humid as it is here, I know that I'm going to melt the second I reach Atlanta. I really want to wear my red cowgirl boots and I feel it's very Hootie appropriate. However I'm thinking I could get some moist feet and legs and I'm not sure how far we'll have to walk. They aren't made for trekking about too much. At the very least I could sport my straw cowgirl hat. Oh how I hope Hootie sings "You Don't Have To Call Me Darlin'" again.

We're also going to see CC and CO for lunch on our way out Sunday. I love taking little weekends away and visiting friends. Here's to a great weekend. Cheers!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

J is Out of Town and Other Random Bits of Info

First, J is out of town and I'm sad. I know he'll be back tomorrow, but I'll have no one to rub my back and play with my hair when I go to sleep tonight. My beloved stuffed Eeyore, which happily slept with me since I was an infant, will resume a spot in the bed tonight. I simply can't sleep without curling up with something.

Now of all days that J would be traveling, it would be today! This whole terrorist plot from Britain to the United States is very scary. As I've been reading I've learned that there have been several terrorist attacks on planes in the 80s and 90s. I suppose I'm too young to remember. (Speaking of age, a man I work with was shocked to learn what a young thing I was!) The whole world war, terrorist, and mass destruction thing is very frightening. I'm happy to say that J did arrive safely.

I am pleased that the US is taking high precautions. J wasn't allowed to take his toothpaste on board. (I certainly hope the hotel has some so his teeth don't have to wear fuzzy slippers all day!) It's horrible that such precautions have to be taken, but I'm inclined to think that airlines should continue the heightened security as if every day was high alert.

Lastly I'd like to report that while in the Cincinnati Airport, J spotted a fashion victim. There was a man there wearing big white socks, and big black crocs. Why people, why?

My Ring

I finally got my wedding band sized. I'm not sure why I didn't opt to do that before the actual wedding, but I didn't. I decided that since it was held back by my engagement ring it would be find. However the diamonds on the top are heavy and kept turning the ring around the sides and the metal was getting all scratched up. Hence, I decided to take it in for sizing. It was odd not having my wedding band on for 5 whole days. Really, really odd. I never take either of these rings off...ever! However I did contemplate going to a dress shop other than where I bought my dress to try on more pretty dresses just for fun since it looked as if I was merely engaged. Unfortunately time didn't permit such activity.

I now have my ring back and I love how snug it fits on my hand. It doesn't turn so the diamonds are always on top and sparkly. Now that the band fits properly and is the size of my engagement ring, the diamonds in the band fit perfectly alongside with the others. And the best part is that the circle of diamonds at the base of the solitaire now stick up grand and glorious over the band. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the way it's steamed cleaned to perfection at the store and it glistens and gleams under any light.

I know I'm a little vain about my ring but I think that's fine because I love it so much. It's very special to me because J worked hard to pick it out all by himself and keep the whole thing a surprise. I love, love, LOVE my ring. Perhaps I should post pictures some day.

MTV Divorce Rate Up

I'm sure this will come as a shock to you, but MTV is three for three on divorced reality show couples. Who would have ever thought this could have happened?

Recently Carmen Electra (whose real name is Tara Leigh Patrick--what's that all about?) and Dave Navarro split. Their MTV reality show 'Til Death Do Us Part had seven episodes. It was the follow-up to the couples "courtship" (the network term, not mine!) which was also an MTV reality show entitled Carmen & Dave, an MTV Love Story. Courtship? Are you kidding me? I hardly think the relationship portrayed between the two falls within the bounds of "courtship."

Now the stars of Meet the Barkers, also and MTV reality show, have announced their separation. Travis Barker (from the band Blink-182) and Shanna Moakler, a formal Miss America, have announced they are divorcing. Who knew that the third time wouldn't be a charm? (And as we all know I'm all about unique and personable weddings, but a gothic, Nightmare before Christmas inspired ceremony on Halloween Eve is just too much for me. I hate Halloween anyway!)

And of course we've all heard about the demise of Nick and Jessica. I have to say (with no sarcasm, this is legit) that I'm truly upset by that. I love Nick and Jessica. I loved their show, I love their relationship, I loved them together! Although most Hollywood break-ups don't shock me and I deem Hollywood marriage as temporary, I really thought Nick and Jessica would withstand the Hollywood scene and have a happy little marriage. Their dating relationship was so grounded and wholesome. It seemed they had a good foundation for marriage. I'm sad for whatever ripped them apart. I think the Hollywood scene had a lot to do with it. As popularity rose they were assimilating into the culture there.

I guess that's what happens when you have television cameras around you all the time to film your public and private life. I can't imagine J and I having cameras around us all the time. (No one else should try to imagine it either--BORING! We love our life but it's nothing for film crews. Well, unless it's project time in the garage!). Really though--having everything you say and do on camera? That must be hard.

I'm sure there are some greedy, fame-crazed, idiot celebrities or wannabe celebrities who will still sign up for future opportunities to exploit themselves and inevitably get divorced with public display. I half wonder if some celebrities enjoy the attention of the divorce as well. Hey--it's still attention. At any rate, I think doing such a thing is ludicrous.
Congrats MTV! You're breaking up happy and harmonious unions one reality show at a time.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Anti-Crocism Part II

I'm so happy that Addy feels the same on my anti-crocism. I'll agree that those in the medical profession may happily wear their crocs guilt free. However if you are not in the medical profession and are wearing crocs, you're an idiot. It's like wearing a jersey of your favorite sports player and considering it dressing up, especially if you're a grown man. The sports player in question doesn't wear his jersey out as a fashion statement--neither should you! It's cute on kids but beyond that it makes you an idiot. If I can find a man wearing crocs and a professional jersey I'll have to tell him this. At least take a picture to chuckle about here. (Haven't I become quite the fashion critic lately?)

However I'm on the fence about gardeners. I suppose it's practical, but I'm still sticking to flip flops. For kids at summer camp, I'm sticking with velcro around the foot tevas or flip flops.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

Today is the 100th day I've been married.

Top Ten Things I Love About My Husband (I'm sure there are more--but here are 10 random)

  1. Yum Yum! He can cook, he's a grill master, and he bakes good brownies. Not to mention that for the past two years I've gotten a homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing!
  2. He gives good back rubs. (and sometimes he does it without my asking!)
  3. He has learned to make the bed correctly. Likewise he can also put most things in my super OCD organizational system. (He mostly does it with a cheerful smile too! haha!)
  4. He's so handy! He can do things with cars, and furniture, and use tons of power tools. Now that's hot!
  5. He's such a sweetheart. He gives me sweet kisses and writes me cute little notes.
  6. He's adventurous. He likes to be outdoors and try new things. Even things I like that he doesn't (i.e. Chair Lift!).
  7. He's very caring. He has a big heart and a genuine love and concern for his family and friends. He can also make me laugh! I love his hidden wittiness. I love when we giggle together for so long we're not sure what started it.
  8. He's smart. I love that he is so business oriented and savvy. He's good with numbers and all of that accounting/financy stuff that I could care less about! I love that he can read those smart magazines and understand and enjoy them.
  9. He has goals and dreams and is driven. (Perhaps lacks motivation occasionally--but that's why I'm here!). I love his ambition and what he has planned for the future. I love that he cares about my goals and dreams and pushes me and supports me to reach those.
  10. He's so cute! Have you seen him? Oh my goodness what a doll. And strong I tell you! That boy has muscles.
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Monday, August 07, 2006

What the Croc?

I can't hold back any longer. I. HATE. Crocs!

Crocs are perhaps the worst trend ever formed. Who can comfortably walk around in rubber in a pool of sweat? Isn't that why "jelly shoes" were a bad idea? Crocs are large, ugly, tacky, and I will make fun of you if you were them.

But crocs are sooo comfortable and feel so good on you feet. Yes, well, so do tevas, chacos, new balance, nike, etc.

Kids in crocs can be ok, because they're kids and they're cute. But again...who can effectively walk around in a pool of sweat at your feet? Probably not a toddler.

Yes, perhaps crocs are good for those little swim team kids because they are water resistant. Who cares!? Get some flip flops and you'll be just fine.

I'd like to give a few shout outs to the worst croc wearing recipients:

1. Big Blue Crocs I saw on Sunday--you're already big feet in even bigger blue rubber shoes made you look as if you were wearing waterskis to church. This could be hazardous to those who are trying to walk around you. Not to mention that your big blue crocs match nothing! They especially didn't match your nice khaki shorts and button down shirt. Go buy some birks.

2. Snow Blinding Crocs Frat Boy--just because you're a frat guy doesn't mean that you can look cool in any trend that comes along or any trend you choose to wear. On the contrary you looked ridiculous in your semi-filthy bright white crocs. As I watched what a ridiculous fool you looked like I pondered offering you a life preserver since I know that at any moment you'd be drowning in the pool of sweat that was forming at your feet.

3. My last shout out is my favorite. I've been harboring this since March!

Here's to you Mr. Man Who Wears Socks with Crocs. The temperature outside is a mere 51 degrees but you my friend will not be separated from your big, ugly, stupidly trendy crocs. Oh no--you will find big stark white fluffy socks to warm your piggys as you slide them into large round rubber shoes with holes in the middle of winter. Oh the feeling of being trendy has always been foreign to you and it still is! You proudly wear your socks with crocs with your ugly pleated chinos and overloaded cable knit sweater, that's right Mr. Socks with Crocs, the rest of us have nothing on you! Well, except for a wardrobe that is fully functional, aesthetically pleasing and free of car tires and food storage containers. Don't you worry Mr. Man Who Wears Socks with Crocs--we'll all be here to chuckle at you when you fall on your rear from the unsteady walking on big rubber feet.

The Weekend

Well my weekend was eventful to say the least. Here's a rundown.

Worked all day except for the two hours in the afternoon we were without power due to a horrible storm that came thru. It was stressful thinking about completing everything for the weekend, but turned out not to be painful once the power was restored. Once I finally got home it was nearly time for LR's (C to Be) Lingerie Shower. I love having people at my house and hosting parties, and we had such a good time! I didn't think the fun would ever end. Ta did such a great job with the games and everything. I loved getting to spend time with LR and BH. It felt like high school except we weren't changing into cheerleading uniforms in the back of the car while visiting every fastfood place High School Town had to offer because we all wanted a certain item at a certain locale. Oh the memories. I love those girls. Once the party was said and done, Ta and I sat up and chatted. It was way, WAY, past my bedtime by the time I went to bed.

Saturday was my brother's birthday, but I didn't get to see him. Instead I got to go to Boyfriend's 5th Birthday party. Boyfriend is one of the darling children I was a nanny for. I've known him since he was about 9 months old. Let's move on to talk about this party. It was by far the coolest child's birthday party I've ever been to. (Even cooler than his 3rd birthday with the horse and Indian teepee and his 4th birthday with a field trip to the fire department....yes--this kid has amazing birthday parties!).

So this year was a slip-n-slide racecar theme. Uncle J works for Dewalt Racing and Boyfriend thinks it's the coolest thing ever. So this was a Matt Kennseth party. It started with a life size stand up of Matt Kennseth greeting you at the driveway. Various checkered flag decor were about including three other Matt Kennseth stand ups. And then of course, there was the slip-n-slide. This was not the out-of-the-box-from-a-store-slip-n-slide. Oh no my friend! This was a 12x50 downhill extravaganza! Yes it was! You should have seen the kids flying down. It was such entertainment. Well of course I decide to try my hand in the giant slip-n-slide. The only big kid around to venture to such things (later one of the moms decided she had to do it too. Boyfriend's mom was on her way but seeing the fate of others decided this wasn't safe for the baby in her belly!).

Girlfriend wanted me to go down with her so I put her on my lap and here we goooooooooooooo! Let me tell you--it was a wild ride. We totally wiped out and while it was fun--it was a little frightening even for me. No wonder she was concerned. You can pick up quite a bit of momentum on that hill. The way the hill and the water was running you'd slightly veer to the left and could go off in the grass. Understand one thing people: GRASS BURN HURTS! Yes, you can get grass burn. I saw the big red marks well upon my legs but decided it was no biggie and continued to slip-n-slide with Girlfriend.

On one particular "0ff-sliding" incident my swimsuit bottoms managed to make there way up my bum so far I was nearly wearing them as a hat. When I tried to gracefully dig them back to their proper locale I think I could have gave a nice moon to all the onlookers below. Hope you all enjoyed! So again, despite the flaring red marks I slide a few more times with little Girlfriend . Love that child I tell you!

J and I ran some errands on the way home so it was a bit before I was able to get there and change. When I did I realized there was grass in places I didn't know existed. It appeared that I could have had sod implants on my bottom. Not to mention it was dry by now and not so easy to get off. I was scrubbing my already aching bottom and legs in attempt to rid them of all weeds. It was then I realized the battle wounds were not only on my left leg, but also on my right leg, and also all over my bum. Yes, the aforementioned incident with the swimsuit shifting about left my bum exposed on the crash in the grass thus giving me grass burn on my derriere. Ouch! My darling husband's response to my battle wounds, "I told you you were too old!"

Saturday night J and I went to the drive in with some of our good friends, the Y's. We had so much fun packing up a tailgate/picnic and having a little party around the car. It could have only been better if the other bracelet girls and their hubbies could have joined us. It was quite entertaining to people watch, but we laughed that we too could be entertainment. However the suburban with the nasty old mattress, the half drunken granddad singing, and the load of rednecks around beat us out. However the guy with the subwoofer rocked! We could hear great from him.

Again, I was out WAY past my bedtime.

Sunday was a semi relaxing day for J and I. After church we had lunch at home and went to visit my cousins for a bit. It was so hot that you'd melt just standing outside, so we opted for our cool and cozy den to relax for the afternoon. Later that evening we had a little photoshoot of me in my pretty, pretty wedding dress with the Bell. What a cutie she is! After a visit with the S's we picked up some take out and went home to cuddle up with our grub and a little TV before bedtime. It was fabulous!

Here's a little pic of me and the Bell.
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Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Eve Little Brother

Tomorrow is CDs (gasp!) 13th Birthday. You know what that means? Yes--I'm old. Dirt was made when I was three.

I can't believe he is thirteen. He's such a sweet, caring, generous, and kind hearted young man. He's very mature and I'm so proud of him. I know that Dad, Grandma, Grandpa are too.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DIY Update

I know that many (Addy!) of my faithful readers enjoy hearing updates on the adventures of DIY projects of Mr. and Mrs. M. Most notably-what could have/did/might have/almost/went wrong and were there any lost limbs/lost phalanges/abrasions/trips to the ER/etc.

Our current project is pretty mundane. We're giving a facelift to the potting shed in the back yard. We're painting it to match the house and J made cedar window boxes for flower to hang on the front. It will be so cute!

J has worked hard to paint it for the past 3 nights and I joined in last nights festivities. We have the door painted (a great shade of blue! We're also repainting the front door and shutters this color) and the bottom three quarters of the building itself. J is going to trim some limbs (God be with him!) and get on the ladder (God watch over that too!) to paint the top quarter of it. Then we're going to second coat the whole thing.

After the potting shed is complete we're going to paint the front door and shutters the same shade of blue as I mentioned earlier. That should conclude our outside tasks for a bit. This fall J is going to kill the bad grass and reseed the good grass. (It's all just weeds to me!)

A few indoor projects are my picking out the exact perfect fabric for the cushions in the den. We also need to recover the top of the trunk to match and make a drop shade for the french door. We're also refinishing the mantle for that room.

Upcoming projects of this fall include (but are not limited too): cornice boards (we've bought some of the wood....we're getting there!), balloon shades for the master bedroom, a little touch up paint action here and there, getting the trim and moldings painted (this will be contracted out!), and refinishing a dresser and nightstands for the master.

That list, of course, is subject to change (by additions only!).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten

To move on with the theme of "Where-am-I-going-with-my-life?", today's Top Ten will be.....

Top Ten Jobs I'd Very Much Love

Well, first and foremost I want to be a mommy--but that job will co-exist with any combination of the following.

1. Magazine Writer
How cool would I be as a YM or Seventeen correspondent?
2. Columnist
My husband said I should take my blog one step further and write a weekly column about
young, married, city life. Oh yeah, that's me: Carrie Bradshaw--married style!
3. Grand Writer for and Education Foundation
Oh wait, I just missed that position last fall! Sucka sucka!
4. Grant Writer for a Non-Profit
I'd love to be a grantwriter/fundraiser for a well established nonprofit that I believe in. For
example, I know that ETCH is hiring right now and I have an inside connection through a
friend. However, I'm happy where I am.
5. Event Planner/Community Relations for a Non-Profit
See number four.
6. Child's Counselor
This can go so many ways. I love children and would love to have a job to make a difference
and enrich the lives of children. I have two friends who aspire to be child life specialists and
work in a hospital. They'd help children understand about their or a family member's illness
and provide counseling. My cousin works for an agency that helps low income families get
childcare and pay childcare expenses so that the parent(s) can work. A social worker or
family rehabilitator falls in this category as well as the aforementioned school
counselor/guidance counselor. I have a feeling that as a school counselor I'd see a little of
7. News Anchor
How cool would that be? When I was little I used to want to be Barbara Walters on 20/20
and by high school I was totally aspiring to be on the view.
8. Marketing Director
I just love the world of PR and Marketing. I love it all: planning events, organizing
campaigns, overseeing art productions, writing press press kit materials (news releases,
features, fact sheets, psa's, etc), designing brochures, making media calls, etc.
9. Teacher
I'd love to teach kingergarten and be the foundation for children's educational experience. I
love little ones! (Hence I was a nanny for a million years!). I'd also like to teach middle
school. I'd love to be an English teacher so that I can have a substantial amount of creative
writing in the class. Of course at the high school level of English I could teach about
media/newspaper/magazine writing and incorporate PR in there. Sweet! I do not, however,
EVER have the desire to be a professor and teach college.
10. Small Business Owner
I'm actually (ever so slightly) working on this. I'd love to have a small out of home business
that does custom made bags, jewelry, monogramming, custom made gifts, hand painted
canvas' and windows, a children's shop, etc. That would be my forte'; a boutique!

Quarter Life Crisis

It's fabulous to know that I'm not the only girl out there with a "quarter life crisis." I'm not the only mid twenties, well-educated, has-a-professional-career, suburban, yuppie young lady who has no idea where she is going next. I know at least that the Bracelet Girls can relate as well as some other dear friends (Liz, Alice, Addy).

Although I can be a little melodramatic and small obstacles and issues tend to amplify with me to the point that I stress and worry for no reason, I'm such a lucky girl! I have the most wonderful husband in the whole world who loves me even when I'm a spaz. I know that he supports me and will help me through anything I choose. I have fabulous friends who are always there to listen to me and give me their girlfriend wisdom. I have a wonderful family and the cutest little (almost 13--holy cow!) brother on earth. Seriously, have you seen him?

With that said, I'm much closer to making decisions than I was. I'm praying about my next move, discussing options with my husband, and covering all the bases for my educational options here. I hope to have an update soon!