Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Three day weekends--I love them. I was so excited for this past weekend because I had a project for J and I. When we moved into our house we painted every room except for the bathrooms. We decided to hold out until after the wedding. So this past weekend was the time. First I want to say that I was very disappointed that I was not lying lazily by the pool for most of the weekend, or any of the weekend. With that being said, I do think the hard work on painting paid off and was well worth it. Although I'm glad to have it over and can't wait for the next beautiful sunny weekend to enjoy outdoors.

So we painted the master bath with a tone on tone green glazed stripe. We have white textiles and linens with stainless steel accessories. It looks amazing. It's very spa-like. The painting itself didn't take too long, but taping off the stripes--wow! Who new taping 6 inch stripes would be so laborious and time consuming. We sure didn't. I'm happy about that though. If we had known we may not have done it and I do love how it looks. I'm sure it took longer for us since I'm OCD and had the laser level on all of the stripes to make sure they were perfect.

I liked the look so much that I did the bottom half of the dining area beneath the chair rail the same way. It adds such an element of cozy to the room. When you walk in it just feels like a place that is well kept and precise. I love it.

For the guest bath we did a two tone textured look. The basecoat is a golden undertoned neutral that is in our common areas. The bottom half of the wall is a darker khaki that is used in the master bedroom and office. We did a dragging technique that makes it look distressed and textured. It's separated by chair rail. It looks so nice! It makes that room feel very inviting and I can't wait to have guests--which is this weekend!

So although this dominated our day off, the end product was worth it. If we put it off to enjoy the outdoors it wouldn't have happened until next year. Our weekends seem so busy! Plus I was just super anxious to get it finished. I love making our home feel cozy and inviting. We're lucky to have found a home that will be more than a 2 or 3 year started home. Hopefully it will last at least 4 years. I think it could last longer but I want to be in a neighborhood with a community pool. Of course J would like to be on a golf course. Either way--the quicker we do projects, the longer we have to enjoy them in our home no matter how many years we stay there. Up next for the indoors: cornice boards and new window treatments in the master bedroom. Up next for the outdoors: a deck, more landscaping, and painting our gardening shed. This should be a fun and interesting summer.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wedding Registry Pet Peeves

We all have our pet peeves, and one of my (new) big ones is wedding registries. I know that I'm anal, picky, type-A, and perhaps no one else really cares about wedding registries. I hope no one takes offense to any of my thoughts because nearly all of my friends are guilty of my wedding registry faux pas.

First I want to say that I love registering! It is so much fun and you can get carried away running through your favorite stores with that little clicking gun in your hands. I was hopping around like a bunny at Easter with all of my excitement! But I also thought of my friends and family and what they would realistically buy me (us) and what I really needed with just a few wants. Being the anal, picky, type-A, that I am I was adamant that J and I make a spreadsheet of our wants and what store we wanted it at before we left. (Don't act surprised, we all know I'm type-A.) This way we didn't get click happy and forget anything essential or not even know what was on our registries. In conclusion, we received nearly everything we'd registered for. What we didn't receive we got gift cards and cash to purchase.

Wedding registries are essential for you to make a wish list of things you need to set up a home and begin your life together. Mostly this seems to be kitchen items, at least it did for J and I. We enjoy cooking/baking/grilling/entertaining and were excited to get new and improved gadgets. Other common items include shower curtains, towels, and bathroom accessories. Most couples needs duvets or comforters and sheet sets. Occasionally there are couples in need of furniture. But I think this is about where the registry should end.

Let me repeat: Wedding registries are essential for you to make a wish list f things you need to set up a home and begin you lives together. You do not need play station, x-box, any other game system paraphernalia and games to do that. You do not need the boxed set of all of you favorite sitcoms from MASH to Friends. You do not need garden ducks, stationary, CD's, board games, cameras, aromatherapy massage tables with robotic masseuse and other such ridiculous items. No! No! No! These items are not for you as a couple to start your life. If you want the entire boxed set of the Golden Girls then as your honey to buy it for you for your birthday. It is not a wedding type gift. Besides, it's on the Lifetime Network about 10 times per day.

Another pet peeve are those who register for a vast amount of ridiculous crap, when they don't even have the essentials. Why on earth would you register for cocktail plates, party plates, Easter platters, and other such useless items when you don't even have everyday dishes. Start with the basics people. I personally would rather have my everyday dishes, glasses, and completer set before getting a 4th of July or Birthday Party platter, cake, stand, and plates. Likewise I'd rather have my standard utensil set instead of random candles and stationary. Are you seeing my point?

Lastly (at least I think it's last), is greediness. J and I did register for wild card items like our Kitchen Aid stand mixer and matching food processor, (which we happily received both!). We also registered for China. But we were also very reasonable and sensible. We didn't register for $30 teacups. We didn't register for silver so expensive that someone would have to break out their 401k to buy a set, and we didn't register for super overpriced picture frames and candlesticks that are only that way because they are Vera, Kate, Waterford, or other such labels that no one really sees. We didn't register for multiple duvets so we can change it out weekly (but I'm sure I'll make more than one for our bed(s)). And we didn't think a kayak, horse, zoo, or small country was necessary. Again, are you seeing my point?

I believe that some people just get big eyed and greedy at the thought of people buying them all of this stuff. And the sad part is the expensive stuff is probably what they never use, and eventhough they will receive items, will never complete the sets. No one wants you buy you two full sets of China for you to store in boxes under the bed. J and I use our China often just because I feel we are special enough to deserve it. Everyday is good enough for China. In fact, I believe we will use it tonight for our hamburgers and french fries. (I just hate that handwashing part!)

So call me Emily Post if you will (well, that's actually Addy or her mother!), but let's recap Mrs. M's Rules of Registering:

1. Stick to the basics, what you need to set up your home and begin you life together.

2. Don't register for random, senseless things that are unimportant when you don't even have the everyday essentials. Basically, don't be an idiot and use common sense.

3. Quit being so greedy. Enough said!

There, I've been waiting to say that for a very long time. I hope I still have friends.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

When I Get Old

When I get old I want to be a cute and trendy old lady. I still want to wear little heels and have a trendy cut pantsuit with a scarf. I want to wear jeans and appropriate sandals with a festive top and the appropriate jacket/shawl/wrap. I want to wear flouncy skirts about my knees with sweater sets adorned with whatever the trendy thing is. I hope I can still be very vogue as an old lady.

What I do not want is to fall into that I'm-an-old-lady-rut. I will not shop at old lady stores, I will not wear horrid old lady shoes, and I will never sport the skirt as an underwire look. Furthermore I will not wear pantyhose with open toes under any circumstances. And I will not trick myself into thinking that sandlefoot pantyhose with open toes are ok, because it's not. You can be old, wear age appropriate clothing, be comfortable, and still look nice. By the time I get old, I hope that Cosmo has developed the old lady edition to keep all the young sides of old ladies hip and trendy, even in the upper years.

A Sorority Sister

Most everyone knows that I was a proud member of Sorority and that I love it. I gave a great deal of my time and energy to Sorority during my tour of UT. Some loyal sisters who are great friends of mine and I are in the process of founding an alum colony. Addy and I have been working on it for quite some time.

So, knowing my love of Sorority, imagine my excitement when I found out that the intern on my team is a sorority sister. A sister! It has been fun chatting with her about what's going on and things the sorority is doing differently. She is as enamored in the sisterhood as I was.

I love meeting sorority sisters, new and old. I love talking about and reminiscing of college sorority days with my sisters--well those I remember. (That's for you Addy and Mrs. S!)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An Obsession

I still have an obsession with weddings and all that surround them. I'm especially enthralled with bridal magazines. There's nothing more I want right now than to go get the new Modern Bride. I love Modern Bride! It, along with Bridal Guide, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings were by far my favorites. In fact, I wanted to buy the new Brides in the airport when J and I were going on our Honeymoon. J, however, it totally over wedding madness (not that he ever loved it as I did) and basically forbade me to look twice at it.

I don't know what it is though, I just love weddings! I want J and I to plan and have another one. There are so many great ideas and limitless possibilities, and I absolutely loved figuring everything out. I know so many people want to be wedding planners, but seriously, I'd love it. I'm certain that I could never have a career of it in Tennessee, East Tennessee especially. It's so trendy that you can probably do a mail order course to be a certified wedding planner. I'm just patiently waiting for the rest of my friends to be engaged and hopefully let me enjoy the planning process with them and help out. Until then...I'm busy planning shower for all of my sweet summer brides.

I love entertaining and hosting/attending parties. That is another great thing about weddings, all of the parties that surround them. There engagement parties, showers, couples showers, lingerie showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and all with such fun themes! You can do brunches, tea, cocktails, dinner--what can you not do?

In addition to all of the parties there are so many fun details. I loved picking out dresses, bow-ties, attire for the little ones, flowers, ribbon for the flowers, cake designs, cake topper, table set-up, alter decor, candles, etc. I'm a details kind of girl and it was fabulous. Luckily, I had Sec by my side to remind me that big things make it happen! I really needed that.

I loved being able to be so creative too. I made my veil and my ring bearer's pillow. It was made out of my grandparent's handkerchiefs which was really important to me to have a part of them included in my wedding. I also made nearly all of the gifts for friends and family. I made monogrammed handkerchiefs for the parents and grandparents monogrammed purses and totes for the bridesmaids, make-up artist, hair-dresser, soloists, junior bridesmaids, and personal photographers (they were my friends!). I also made cute little monogrammed diaper cover panties for the flower girls and monogrammed the ribbon on their baskets. I made cute little stationary cards when I asked everyone to be in the wedding and also thank you cards. Not to mention making the save-the-dates and all of the invitations. (I'd love to take credit for the amazing programs--but alas, that was Sec!) The list of creative personal touches could go on and on.....

There is no doubt that I could be perfectly happy being surrounded in the world of weddings for several years to come. I was so serious that I nearly applied for a position at the bridal boutique where I found my dress. Then of course, reality set in and I knew that the money wasn't nearly going to be comparable and that although I would love it, I would want to do more. With my PR and Event Planning background along with my uncanncy organization and the creativity I've been so blessed with, I know I would be awesome as a wedding planner/coordinator/director. Perhaps by the time the rest of my friends get married I will have fulfilled my wedding planning dreams and be over it. Until then, I think I'm going to sneak to Target for that new Modern Bride.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Changing Boxes

I'm changing boxes, a lot of boxes.

You know when you fill out any sort of (form/application/document) and there are always several standard boxes to check. Well, I'm changing them.

I've went from a Miss to a Mrs., I've went from single to married, I've went from 21 to, um, well, 21--but you get it! I have a different income box, age box, marital status box, prefix box, employment box, and soon to be education box.

Isn't it crazy how you can track you life in boxes?

Monday, May 22, 2006

A New Job

During the midst of all the excitement surrounding the wedding and honeymoon--I also got a new job! I started the Tuesday after my honeymoon and I couldn't be happier. It was definitely a good move for me. I was ready to move on to the next phase in my career and find a position that put me in my element and allowed me to reach my potential.

I'm an Account Executive for an E.W. Scripps Network and thus far, I really like it. The people here are wonderful, the atmosphere is wonderful, and the benefits--phenomenal! I get 15 days paid vacation per year, 10 sick/personal days per year, 8 paid holidays (plus my birthday), and wonderful insurance that's super cheap. I was shocked at the difference from what I had been paying. The facility is very new and very nice. It's still very close to home and my commute is only about 15 minutes. J is only 7-8 minutes away so we can still have lunch together regularly. That makes me happy.

I definitely enjoy the pay increase and the potential for growth options is excellent. There are more challenges to this job, but that is something I was anxiously seeking. I'm learning alot and gaining great experience for the communications industry, which is very wonderful for my career.

Another high point is that the E.W. Scripps company has postions in several cities and several communications sectors. There are newspapers in 18 markets, 10 television stations (NBC and ABC affiliates as well as an independent), and several broadcast networks including HGTV, Food Network, DIY, Fine Living, GAC, and HGTV Pro. They also own and operate a number of websites. If and when J and I decide to move, it's nice to know that I could have a great start with searching for a new job.

My company also pays for grad school, and we all know that is where I'm headed. I'm so happy to have landed a position in this company. Raise your glasses ladies and gentlemen--here's to new jobs!

Friday, May 19, 2006


Now that I've sufficiently covered the wedding, I will give highlights of the honeymoon. Saturday and Sunday night J and I stayed at a very charming bed and breakfast, Maplehurst Inn. I love old decor and architecture and it was lovely.

The destination was a surprise for me so I didn't know about it until we arrived. It's in an historic district and there were some guys (very frat boy-ish) in an historic house beside of it when we got out of the car. I'm still full clad in dress and veil, and one of the guys on the porch asks, "Hey--did you just get married?" We both say yes and in true frat-boy style he says, "That's awesome--do y'all wanna come have a beer?" HA! Now that's a memory. We did, however, decline the gracious offer. Only in East Tennessee do you get hospitality like that.

Bright and early Monday morning our plane left for Florida and that afternoon we boarded our ship and disembarked for a tour of the Caribbean. It was amazing! I had so much fun just being able to relax and hang out with my new husband. I laid in the sun, J laid in the shade, it was good times!

While on the ship we played putt putt, ate, tanned (again, I tanned, he shaded), ate, went to shows, ate, shopped, ate, sat on the decks, ate....you get the picture? I love cruise ship food, and so did J. I had sushi every day, ice cream sundae's with cookie on the bottom, and chocolate cake! YUM! J just enjoyed grazing the Pool Grille and the midnight buffet, whether he was hungry or not! I love getting dressed up for dinner, especially for the formal night. Of course, we dressed up every night in cocktail attire. We also went to a couple shows and saw a couple comedians. We (I) really enjoyed the Broadway and Hollywood shows.

While at our ports of call we enjoyed catamaran rides, snorkeling, kayaking, sightseeing, visiting lighthouses, shopping, and being away! The snorkeling trip was slightly disappointing. Hurricanes and storms have majorly damaged the reefs so it was different than what I had experienced before.

Overall, we had a wonderful trip. I'm hoping we take a cruise next January to visit the USVI, Ochos Rios, Jamaica, and Aruba. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I've found a great itinerary that I'm ready to go for!

So when J and I returned home late Friday night we were expecting to see the mess that had been left. We had guests in town that week, we had a madness of gifts, decor, etc., that had been returned to the house, and we had been so busy with last minute wedding preparations and honeymoon preparations that we had been messier than usual and hadn't cleaned. I was dreading not being able to make a path from the door to anywhere. But, when we did open the door, our house sparkled! All the gifts had been neatly stacked in one of the spare bedrooms, everything was put back where it belonged, the dishes had been washed and the dishwasher reloaded, the carpet vacuumed, the floors swept and mopped, and the trash taken out. The only thing to do was laundry (and knowing how picky J is, that didn't dare!) My lovely girlfriends, Sjb and T-Ho, had came and cleaned out house so we could come back to a nice clean space and continue to relax and enjoy the weekend. It was wonderful. They even cleaned the pottys--now that is a true friend!

I love honeymoons--I think J and I should take one every year.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wedding Day

It is finally time for me to catch up on my blogging and post wedding chatter. First I'd like to ask a very important question: Did everyone know that LUKE DUKE was married and had his reception at the same location in 1988? It's true!

Now, moving on, I want to say that my wedding would have absolutely not happened without the one and only SEC. She took care of so much of the planning/coordinating/directing and made the cutest programs ever (more info below). My photographer was phenomenal. In addition, I loved my extra photographers (Sjb, AF, Irish Guy) who also took some great pictures for me. She did such great work and my pictures turned out amazing. "DJ D-Lo" was fabulous at pulling all of the music together (ceremony, special requests, reception dancing, etc.). My aunts and cousins made a wonderful reception dinner (details below) and did pretty good packing the show on the road. They cater events in West Virginia and now Tennessee! And my flowers---oh the flowers! I loved my flowers so much! I could not think my florists enough for the wonderful bouquets, arrangements, and hard work they did (they were family friends, not an actual flower shop). Also, a friend packed up shop and came to the cabin to do everyone's hair, and JC (Miss Elizabeth Arden) did our make-up. We were all pretty, pretty, princesses! Read on for exciting stuff.

First, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were lovely. Most everyone made it to the Friday evening festivities. Those who didn't really missed out! It was so exciting to see everyone since nearly my entire wedding party is out of town. SEC was on top of things with a 2 page typed itinerary of Friday and Saturday with everything scheduled down to the minute. Amazing! J's parents had the dinner catered and it was delicious. Everyone loved it. The kids especially loved it, with every bite they kept saying it was the best food they'd ever had! It was too funny. They are precious! The dinner was barbecue picnic style and barbecued pork, marinated chicken, corn on the cob, broasted potatoes, potato salad and cole slaw (I think), sweet tea! Pecan pie and cheesecake were for dessert. I still owe my loving husband a bite of my pecan pie, oops!

On my way to dinner I met the Deputy, my security. Yeah, you know I had to keep the paparazzi out. After all, Luke Duke got married there in 1988. I absolutely LOVE Deputy W. She went far above and beyond my expectations and made the day really work out for me.

After the festivities on Friday night, my maids and I went to our cabin (and wow the "cabins" there are nice! We absolutely loved them. We're all going back for a weekend away this fall) to rest. It was nearly 1 o'clock am by the time I went to bed. I'd already decided a week before the wedding that I'd be getting no sleep until well afterwards. I was right. I was afraid I'd be so anxious that I couldn't sleep. I was wrong. I passed out quickly and slept so well that night. I woke up about 8 o'clock am on Saturday morning ready to go! I sprung up in bed and sang to everyone! I'm sure they loved that.

Being the sweet little bride that I am, I had arranged to have brunch for my attendants and friends (my fabulous and lovely honorary bridesmaids!) that would be joining me in getting ready. We had bagels, donuts, fruit, juice, soda, coffee, and of course, mimosas! However, my lovely aforementioned aunts and cousins made homemade biscuits, sausage, bacon, gravy, eggs, etc. Needless to say my entire cabin had breakfast there. Followed by J's entire cabin having breakfast there after us with second helpings, followed by cute little CC going back for seconds! J's parents really missed out by going to Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel has nothing on my Auntie B!

So the morning resumed with everyone getting their hair and makeup all pretty. It was fun for all of my friends to get to meet and know each other. I loved that I had such a large space and my close friends were able to come hang out and get ready there too. Our wedding was small so I couldn't ask everyone I wanted to be a bridesmaid. Luckily, there were other jobs and my honorary bridesmaids since I love all of those girls so much. There was a lot going on that morning. I hope BJ (my eight year old cousin and jr. bridesmaid) didn't pick up any new words to take to my Uncle. I also hope she didn't learn too much from the Glamour and Cosmo she was reading, hmm...

It was so fun putting on the finishing touches when my photographer arrived. I loved having all of my friends there to help me with all of the buttons and latches and ribbons and snaps and you-name-it on my dress. Oh, and nothing like your girlfriends checking out your petals and putting on your garter! AF pulled up in my chariot to take me to the Tea Room where J and I would see each other for the first time.

I saw J walking in the Tea Room from AF's 4-runner. He couldn't see me through the tinted windows. He looked so cutie patooty in his khaki suit. I love seeing him all dressed up. Instantly I get emotional. Which is different from, well, nothing since I often get emotional and it's often instantly. He was there waiting for me as BJ carried my train down the tulle-lined, stone path. It was so sweet to get to see him like that. It was a very nice private moment with just he and I and the photographer in the background. Oh, and then about 20 other people including my aunts, cousins, and bridesmaids as they all fought to push their faces in the tiny window from the kitchen to the dining area. Oh, except for Ta and BJ who found front row access just outside the window. It was indeed an intimate and private moment.

After the private moment everything just went so quickly. We took pictures. We did a variety of posed and candid shots (which all turned out splendid!). After most of the pictures the kids showed up looking so pinch-their-cheeks precious that I could hardly stand it. The were darling. We took more pictures with all of the kids (again, they turned out splendid!) and then it was nearly time for the ceremony. But first, more details.

My flowers were absolutely amazing! My bouquet had beautiful blue hydrangea in the middle surrounded by calla lilies and pink roses with tiny pink rosebuds popping out of the hydrangea. It was tied with a tone on tone pink polka dot ribbon that streamed down. The bridesmaids had bouquets of stargazer lily surrounded by white roses, gerber daisies, and shasta daisies. The boutonnieres were all pink or white roses and J's had a little blue hydrangea behind it. The corsages were either white roses, or pink gerber daisies. The centerpieces on the tables consisted of mason jars (too cute in the Tea Room, much more charming than the regular vases, it worked with the whole set-up) with blue ribbons tied around them. They were filled with stargazer lilies, gerber and Shasta daisies, and roses. It was all a mix of pinks and white. (They were sent home with my friend and honorary bridesmaids.) It was darling! There were also hanging ferns in the windowed openings between the tiers.

Guests were greeted by my wonderful friends to sign the book, frame, and get a program which were made by SEC. It was twelve 8x3 pages (because we wrote something about everyone) that were tied together with a pink ribbon and separated out to make a fan. Isn't that clever? Since it was an outdoor wedding that was a special and unique touch to keep our guests comfortable, as well as be pretty! SEC did an excellent job and I loved the idea!

I went back to the cabin with BJ where we loaded in our horse drawn wagon and waited for the ceremony. We could hear all of the singing and pre-wedding music. I was so excited, and again emotional. I kept thinking of funny things that would make me just happy and less emotional, and it finally worked. SEC's dramatic moment of the music ending, having a brief pause, and then hearing the horse hooves before you could see anything worked out perfectly! She said it was very dramatic. I loved seeing everyone' excited eyes and jaws dropping as we arrived. It was a very princess-y and fairy tale like entrance (as I was told by many people).

The ceremony was beautiful. The decorations were gorgeous. (Thank you SEC!) There were shepherd's hooks with white rose pomanders hanging from them, ferns with white hydrangea in them, cute bows on the aisles, pink flowering baskets hanging from the stands the candles were on (which my crafty husband made!), and then it was just the natural beauty of the stone path and stage of the amphitheatre being surrounded by the trees and plants in the park. Wow...It was perfect! The ferns were in memory of our grandparent's and my dad. They were given as gifts to some people special to us, and the hydrangea will go on my dad and grandparent's grave.

Our minister, the Rev. was great. This was his first wedding. That's right, his first wedding. The Rev. and Mrs. love me (their 4th daughter) and he was ordained just so he could do my ceremony. It made the day very special for all of us. I couldn't have had a wedding without the Rev family. I'd have had no singers or officiant.

The ceremony went really well and the kids were an added bonus. Girlfriend made her grand entrance by running up to join us (with "ba" (pacifier) in mouth) as it was nearly over. She loves her some J. I think she was trying to object.

And yes, that is my right breast that is nearly popping out as I kiss J! Then we walked out to "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." It was darling! I knew I wanted a triumphant exit and that song was perfect! CC said it gave her chills!

After the ceremony J and I left in the horse drawn wagon for a little ride around the park. We came back to a large receiving line of guests waiting for us. It was time to announce Mr. and Mrs. JNM so we could get the party started! Let's eat!

Let's talk about food. What did we not have? The menu consisted of roast beef, baked ham, fried chicken, mashed potato bar, sweet potato bar, green beans, corn, rolls, potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, garden salad, cole slaw, a large veggie tray with three different dips, a large fruit tray with three different dips, 2 large chocolate covered strawberry trees, turtle brownies (the grooms cake), and of course, the wedding cake! Yum, the wedding cake was the best cake I've ever eaten. It was alternating strawberry and yellow mixed layers with buttercream icing. It had a little ruffle around the top and clusters of pale pink dots on the tiers. A silver scrolly "M"topped it off. Wow--it was amazing! My aunts and cousins totally outdid themselves. Bringing their catering business to me and doing my reception was their gift to me. Is that the most amazing gift ever or what?

After we had all stuffed our yums, it was dancing time! We got the party started with Prince and Jagged Edge. (You HAVE to play "Let's Get Married" at a wedding reception!) The dancing was good times with classic line dance songs for maximum crowd involvement and fun songs like the Hokey Pokey, The Chicken Dance, Celebration, YMCA, etc. I felt like the reception ended early, but then I realized how late it was, and it was definitely time to go!

My wedding day was the most wonderful, perfect, princessy, beautiful day ever. The weather was awesome for everything to go well. The forecast went back and forth so it was slightly stressful. However, I think God knew I couldn't handle anymore stress so I just told Him that it had to work out, and trusted that it would. It was perfect!

I think one of the very special things you get to do as a bride is toss your bouquet. I was very excited for this moment. I hoped that I wouldn't have to do a repeat like some friends did. (Mrs. S hitting the ceiling, then the wall, LN not reaching the crowd and the flowers falling---oh but she made a comeback with a handful out of a vase---and I caught it! How appropriate that was!). T-Ho was bound and determined to catch the bouquet and I think once she instilled the fear of God, the other ladies didn't even attempt. Nonetheless--she was the proud owner of the bouquet in the end! I love the bouquet toss! It was good times! The music choice for the occasion was great too: Another One Bites the Dust!

I think J was excited about getting the garter and tossing it! (Another good music choice: Hit Me With Your Best Shot). What does it mean for a guy to catch the garter? Next to be married? Or the unlucky one who didn't move quick enough?

So now the planning and execution are all over. It's so sad. I love weddings, I love wedding planning, I love reading the magazines, oh how I love reading the magazines! I loved our wedding day and I love the Tea Room. In fact, I've decided we are having an anniversary party there in like 5 years! How fun would that be? There would be no stress of pulling off the perfect day again, just good times and reminiscing--good music, good food, good wine, it sounds great to me. I think I'll start planning now. Perhaps I'll need to continue to buy bridal magazines to do so!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I Will Survive

Yes, it's been a while, quite a while. I have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken since my last blog. I was quite a busy bee with the wedding planning and last minute details. On top of that, I got a new job! (Yippie!!) So I was also superbusy squaring away paperwork, getting bloodtests, etc. so that I could start immediatly following my honeymoon.

I was hoping to blog more of my wedding planning but didn't realize how busy I would be during that last week. I do plan to fully document the wedding in the semi near future (hopefully this week) and won't leave out or sugarcoat any of my Bridezilla-ness.

But for now I will just leave it as it was an absolutely perfect day...as cliche as that may sound. I can't wait to write all about it.

I officially changed my name today so I'm Mrs. LBM.

It's time for bed now, I want to be well rested for my first day of the new job tomorrow!