Thursday, May 29, 2008


The boy is ours until July 10 when the real hearing is. Apparently this hearing was fake. Hmph! We weren't informed that there would be a preliminary hearing then another hearing whatever it might be called.

I have complete faith that God did not orchestrate these events to undo it all on the July 10 so it will work out for us. Keep praying for us though. It's quite a transition from cool big sister to cool big sister and "mom" so to speak. Pray for brother's strenght. He's done so well and I know it's hard for him.

I promise to catch up on details later but right now I'm exhausted. I do have to brag on my fabulous husband though. He's totally stepped up to the plate and taken on a dad role. He's definately taking care of brother and treating him like a child. Geesh--he's starting an education account as we speak. He said he has to save in four years what most people save in eighteen years. I'm really enjoying seeing them be able to form a relationship. The two guys I love most are with me! Even in the hard times this will be beautiful.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So far...

so good! The final hearing is on Thursday at 1:00 pm. There is no indication that anything will be undone but instead that it will be final. FINAL! Pray Internets! This is an answered prayer of four years!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Story(ies) Short

I got a job. It's a good one too. I should start June 9 but I think I'll push it back to June 16. I don't want to rush in to anything.

Went out of town for the long weekend and saw the family and the darling Pie and Tart. The car alternator (sp?) died and we drove the last half hour without headlights. It was as awesome as you'd think. The nice cop who helped us was orignally from near MyTown and also knew where my family's Greyhound Farm was. Small world.

Oh, and by the way I was granted overnight custody of my brother and will be in Juvenile Court at 9am tomorrow for temporary emergency custody until they'll finally flipping do something to keep this child safe and away from our mother who has more personalities than a three ring circus. This has been four long years. Pray for all of us. It's not easy. Especially the child.

More on the excitement of the job later.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mexican Fiesta

If there is one thing a Southern girl can do it's throw a party!

Here are pictures from last week when I hosted Bunco. The host prepares all the food and everyone brings their own drinks. We all, well most, come ready to eat dinner (everyone works except one girl, and now me and the other but currently not by choice) after a long day and get annoyed at those who put out pretzels and hummus. Therefore, I aim to please. The fiesta was a crowd pleaser and economical to feed a dozen women.
You can see I used my cute monogrammed M plates, perfect for get togethers like this. I assembled the food around the counter so that we could graze all night while using the table to play. The line started with the three tiered tray of taco shells and quesedillas. The moved on to the filler bar of refried beans, cheese, and taco beef. Next was the tray off add-ons such as lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream.

The buffet ended with chips and salsa and also a tasty crock pot of queso blanco. Not to forget about the sweet tooth I had several trays of double chocolate fudge cupcakes with whipped chocolate mousse icing. Divine!!
(You may noticed from the pictures that people had already been eating by the time I began snapping!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things of which I'm not ashamed

I--who is lover of all things wholesome, organic, natural, healthy, fiber rich and vitamin laced--am currently addicted to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Ok, actually I'm currently addicted to the Kroger Cinnamon Swirls which are only $2.11 and the best two dollars and eleven cents I spent at the grocery store. I've had two bowls of this stuff a day and it's my new crack. In my defense the box says it's made with whole wheat. I'm sure this isn't much sugar in it, well at least not more sugar than you'd find in a birthday cake, right?

This weekend I downloaded the complete collection of New Kids on the Block for the Lalapod. Don't look at me that way! How will I ever be able to recite every single word at the concert I plan to attend if I don't brush up? Well, not that I ever forgot because I am a true fan I tell you. I can even do the dances. Oh yes I can! If you need me, I'll be hangin' tough over here.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Poor Pitiful Me

J is out of town again.

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoooooooooooo!

I always look forward to a little alone time, and I enjoy it for approximately 31.6 seconds and then I'm over it. Over it I tell you.

I did take a nap when he left Sunday afternoon. We'd had a super busy weekend with early mornings and late nights and I needed a little beauty rest. But when I woke up I was ready for him to be home.

Since he wasn't this is how the rest of my day went: channel surf to no avail, let the dog out, eat ice cream, check locks on doors, check email, write letters, check locks on the doors, let the dog out, dust, sweep and vacumm floors, shut blinds and check doors. have a glass of merlot, watch Desperate Housewives, have a glass of merlot (hey--I've got to be able to sleep!) tell the dog to hold it til morning because it's dark out there and check all the doors again, finish off merlot and call the hubs to tell him how brave I am and that I'm sleeping with the gun.

I think I handled the whole thing quite well.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another one down

One of my friends was laid off from her job today, effective immediatly. Blesser her heart, she had no clue and never saw it coming.

In addition to that so sucking for her it also sucks that we're now both looking for the same kind of job.

Maybe it's time to skip town.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Birth Date

In addition to being born on Thanksgiving Day (which my Pappy told me was how it all got started, kindergarten was a real shocker with the pilgrims and indians stuff) I also share a birth date with JFK Jr. That's kinda neat.

But this week I found out I share the same exact birth date and year with the Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, which I think is so cool because I love me some W and his family.

Who do you share a birthday with?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holly Housewife

I've completed phase one of my Sabbatical, which was; Operation clean the house from top to bottom and make it sterile.

My friend LL came by for lunch the day before she moved (so sad, she was our pooch sitter) and summed me up best: "Wow! Most people would just channel surf, but you, you bleach things. Everything!"

Each and every room in the house less the office because I'm going to make let the husband do that, I think he'll, umm, appreciate it more that way) has been completely cleaned and bleached. I've swept the ceilings; cleaned the blinds; cleaned the windows inside and outside; cleaned light fixtures and ceiling fans; dusted each and every peice of furniture and item placed in, on, or around it; vacummed the furniture, cushions and window treatments (they're mounted); swept, mopped, and vacuumed floors even moving furniture, rugs and appliances to get every square inch; dusted and cleaned trim; washed mirrors; scrubbed toilets and bathtubs; washed bed linens and flipped mattresses; and, well I think that's it. I'm tired just typing it. The only rooms left are the office for J and also the third bathroom which still is almost complete. J has to seal the tile and add the vanity and toilet.

I love that my house is so clean. It would have been done sooner but I've been spending a lot of time with my kiddos who are moving (moving....boooooo hooooo hooooo!). Now that phase one is complete I can move on to phase two which is; finish all those half-done projects that are sitting in the studio closet.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Interview Update

The interview was rather blase. I feel like they think I'm overqualified, and truthfully I probably am, but the job would still be fun. Although they didn't give the specific pay, I got the impression that it wasn't as much as I requested, nor is it as much as I think the job should pay. The vacation was horrible. Geesh! Mama needs her vacation people! And also I'd have to wear a lot of polo shirts, and as much as I think polo shirts are adorable and preppy and look so hot on my husband, they look horrible on me. To beat it all these are more of a men's type polo which looks double horrible on me. At least give me a nice, soft cotton, women's cut polo shirt.

I should hear something next week. I don't feel like I'll get this job but with the new information I think that's ok. Unfortunately it's back to the drawing board.

Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Tomorrow I have a third interview for a job I really, REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY want. I mean, I REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY want this job*. I'm one of four at this stage and they're picking after this interview.

When I found this job and first applied I wasn't sure about it. Once on the phone with more details, I really liked it. I talked with some people who knew some people and it really felt like this was meant to be. I felt such a peace that this combined all the things I loved into one and that perhaps I lost my job at the perfect time so that I'd find this job and could have it.

I was hooked after the interview(s) and was excited to find I'd made the short list. I really want this job. I think it would be perfect. I would start June 1 which would give me a nice break to finish the things I want to do and also love on my kids before they leave.

So if you're the praying kind, please pray for me tomorrow at 1:30. Pray that these people see I'm the rockstar for this job! If you're not the praying kind, well now would be a fabulous time to start, don't you think?

*details later!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Overdue Pictures

Enough of the pity party. Here are pictures of my exciting and busy weekend, last weekend.

Here are a few shots of the Derby Party. Clearly on the hat my motto was "go big or go home!" I whipped up the little sash and scarf for the dress and hat and think it turned out quite darling. I have some great pictures of the lavish property the party was held on but alas it's taking too long to upload. The centerpieces were large red roses in silver mint julep cups and they were darling. I should have taken a picture of the buffet where I ate three helpings of cheese grits with the trimmings. I'm nothing if not Southern.

Saturday night we party-hardy'ed for Mrs. O's graduation from PHARMACY SCHOOL and her sister's birthday. Her sister just got pinned from pharmacy school and will graduate next year. Check out the cool monogramed drink umbrella coozie they're sporting, ahem! The middle shot is the group of girls and the lovely Addy joined us! I'm so glad she's back. The last shot is because I have no idea what J and JA are doing, but isn't my husband hot?

The above are from my cute little friend S's baby shower tea that R and I hosted for her at my house last Sunday. Isn't she the cutest little preggo thing? This is her first baby and she is being suprised with the gender. Therefore I monogrammed all neutral items. My favorite was the burp cloth that said "if you think I'm cute you should see my mommy's bunco friends." I'll have to find picture of it, surely I have some. The other pics are of the food, drink carts, etc. I think the whole thing turned out darling and I was so pleased with it, as was S and the guests. We didn't do much for games. We each brought a baby picture of ourself and everyone had to guess who it was and the winner recieved a prize. The other game was a baby pool. Everyone put in $3 (keeping it real with bunco!) and took guesses at height, weight, date, and gender. The person who gets the most correct or the closest wins the pot. Now that's a baby shower game I can get on board with.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The parents too.

I'm going to miss the parents too. Papa R is rather entertaining, especially when he's been overserved. Although he can be a total jackass, he is loads of fun. No to mention all the times I was afraid to go home to my apartment late at night and alone and he offered to take me. Yes, his drunken self who couldn't walk a straight line, er uh, any line was going to drive/follow me home and protect me. I decided to tough it out with the bad guys. Still, a nice gesture.

Mama R...what will I do without her? She gives me all the best advice and greatest tips on cooking, entertaining, decorating, being crafty, and not to mention she's tried her very best to give me a green thumb. She's the closest thing too a mother/sister I've had and she's supposed to be there when I have my babies.

Seriously, I think we're going to have to move and follow them. When we were pretty sure I was going to lose my job J suggested that he could always just get a new job and we'd move. Maybe now is the time so I can follow my kiddos.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And also,

Who's going to give me flowers, fresh picked from his own little garden? Who will I do the silly wave with? Will anyone else do the tickly bath and play with their piggies as a treat if they wash their hair good? Who will do our special bedtime routine?

No more calling asking me to come visit. No more random visits and long walks on the boulevard. Will they remember all the races we had from tree to tree on the boulevard? Who will take them to the library on cold winter Saturday mornings? Who will walk them to the playground only to walk to the other playground on the other side of the neighborhood just because they want to?

Who will watch the animal planet just so they can wind down? And then ten minutes into it be glued to whatever ridiculous show is on and hold the sleeping child for an hour? Who will teach Bear and new baby the baby sign language that I taught boyfriend and girlfriend? Who will let them bake and decorate holiday themed cookies with wild abandon?

Who will go to soccer games to cheer them on? Who will watch gymnastics shows? Who will take them to the ball field to practice their throwing and hitting? Who will let them feed the ducks on the river? Who will cuddle up and have a sleepover with them just because they ask and then let them eat brownies for breakfast before their parents wake up?

Who will create fun art projects for them to do? Who will take them to the movies? Who will let them eat popcorn and candy for dinner and call it nutritious? Who will teach them fun made-up songs? Who will paint girlfriends fingernails and toenails? Whose hair will she do with her new beauty kit? Who will read them the same dumb, annoying book roughly 376 times in a row?

Who will take them to play in the huge water fountain at the museum park? Who will make special picnic lunches for the treehouse? Who will go to Target the day after Halloween and stock up on dress up clothes for them to play with? Who will ever take care of and love these children like I do? Well, except maybe for their parents.

I feel like they're my babies. I'm their La La. Will they ever have another La La?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I recieved some very sad news yesterday. I was warned it might happen, but kept telling myself it wouldn't happen, of course not, it can't happen!

Some of the people I love most in the world are moving. Moving! Five whole hours away. Moving!! How will I make it without my boyfriend? And J without his girlfriend? And of course their darling baby sister Bear. And did you know that Mama R was preggars again? Yes she is. I will never know the 4th R like I know the others and that makes me sad. Also, she keeps having babies so that I don't have to so what the heck am I supposed to do now? Huh? Answer me that!

Words cannot express how sad I am to see the lovely R's go. Who on earth can possibly take care of those kids and love them like I do? No one! That's who!

Also, how selfish is their mother to move and then take the kids with her? She doesn't need all those kids? She's having a fourth and therefore can leave the others with me. I've already forwarned her that I very well may lie across the driveway and forbade them to get out on moving day. Or, or, or....chain myself to the children's legs. It's going to be pretty hard to put them in carseats with me on their legs now isn't it? Bet she didn't think of that.

In the wake of my sadness J and I went to our favorite Old Mexico or Cinco de Mayo. Like any good sad Southern girl would do I cried in my beer and ate two baskets of chips. Yessiree. We're happy? We eat! Sad? We eat! Mad? We eat! Excited? We eat! You get the picture. Can I get an Amen Addy and Mrs. S?

If you're a long time reader you'll know that there are approximately 4,623 references to these children on here and that I spend many a weekend night at their house. Now what will I do?

I may never have a double date again.

Who will my boyfriend dye Easter eggs with next year?

Who will we take to the zoo? We always took those kids to the zoo. A few times a year. That will never be the same.

And who will take Christmas limo rides around town with my kids? Huh?

My darling boyfriend, I hope you never forget that I'm your one true love, and you, mine.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Mission Yoga Pants: SUCCESS!

After eight stores and three days I'm proud to report that Misson Yoga Pants was a huge success!

Day One:
First stop: Target. I didn't like that the pants were too spandex-y. My thighs and rear looking like cottage cheese isn't fabulous,

Second stop: Old Navy. For the love of all things good clean up that hell hold Old Navy! Would you? Please? I broke in hives in the first 1.8 seconds inside and ran for the door while breathing in a paper bag.

Day Two:
First and only stop: Kohl's. The ad said they had Danksin pants and as a life long cheerleader I do love me some Danskin. They can make a mean sports bra for those of us who have been growing their girls since they were nine, FYI. Anyway, after finally finding that athletic wear section none of the plants met all of my criteria. And I only half looked as it was a hot mess too and I can't deal with hot messes people! Can. not. deal.

Day Three:

I meant business on day three. I'd find the damn pants or else.

First stop: TJ Maxx. Too long, too short, too tight, too ugly, too much like a tent on my petite body.

Second stop: Ross. Same bad story, same bad channel: Too long, too short, too tight, too ugly, too much like a tent on my petite body.

Although both of the above store had some great shorts, which I don't really wear, and a fabulous golf and tennis skirt that I must have but sticking too the mission I was finding yoga pants! Yoga pants it is!

Third stop: The dreaded Wal-Hell that makes me want to cry real tears. I was told they too sold Danskin so I relented to a quick visit. The pants didn't do it for me, too spandex-y. However I may make a trip back to see if they've gotten any cotton pants or crops. Also, where on this earth do they find the special breed of people at Wal-Hell? Where? I should have insisted they stamp my passport on the way out as it's totally a foreign land.

Fourth stop: Old Navy 2. This is a larger and nicer ON and was actually tidy. I found a great pair of capris and I liked the pants, but they were a little off. And as I said I had to find the perfect pants to work it! (Que RuPaul: You better work (work it girl!) do yo' thang!" Oh, was that just me?). So although I loved the capris and the pants even came in brown, I was sticking to my mission of the perfect black yoga pant.

Fifth stop: Target 2. This is a larger Target as well and for some reason it seems to occasionally have different items than my normal Target. In this case they had the perfect pant only more cotton than spandex. AND! AND! AND! The yoga pants come in lengths! Length sizes I tell you! How is that for fancy? The petite lengthwas perfect on my short little stems and make me feel like a rockstar. Although full price (shudder!) at $20 I see them as a worthy investment and an economical choice to need on short notice.

Later I decided I needed the matching jacket to look totally polished and to totally work it and made a quick swing in Target of the Scenic City on Saturday night for the purchase. My, my, my what an impulsive Mrs. M I've become. I'll be back to the Clearance rack now if you need me.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Derby Party and Mint Juleps

Tonight J and I are attending a Derby Eve party this evening. It's in a garden on the lake and you know what? There will be mint juleps galore.

Hi I'm Mrs. M and I'll be the one with a Mint Julep in each hand, and one in my purse for good measure.

I'm also excited because the invite states "hats and chic attire." Yippie I get to wear a big hat!

Remember this dress (the blue one)? And do you see this hat (the big tan sunhat)? Well imagine them with a fancy polka dot sash and scarf and strappy kitten heels. Oh and chunky pearls because we are in the South don't ya know! Darling, yes? And you know what? I made the sash and scarf. Oh yes I did! I'm rather proud of this ensemble as it is tres bargainista friendly!

Oh, and J is wearing seersucker...purrrrr!!!

I'll be sure to share pictures.

Good thing I'm on Sabbatical as I'd never have time to do my hair and nails if I had to be in the office all day.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Today I officially start my Sabbatical. And that my friends is a fancy, more glamorous word for unemployed.

I've known for a while now that my job was coming to an end because the company was unwinding. And that my friends is a fancy, more glamorous word for going under.

Entire departments have been let go. Not pleasent to find out at five til five on Friday to pack it up and move it on.

Even though I was told that I was totally safe and would totally have a job and basically own the company one day. I knew it was a pack of lies as I've seen it before. But I was riding the wave.

Therefore when I received a two weeks notice, er, two weeks ago, I wasn't surprised. Well, I was surprised I got the two weeks notice actually instead of "enjoy vacation, don't come back!" My boss fought pretty hard to give me some notice, and also to do six months of work in my last two weeks.

Oh wait, they did give me an offer the day after they gave me the notice. It was to work in their other office, forty five miles away, and also could I take a paycut?

Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha ha! I laughed all the way to the bank with my expense report because um, NO! Mama doesn't play that game. And also because I'm a rockstar.

So here I am, on Sabbatical. I'm thinking this should last about a month. I have three pages of projects I've been squirming to do and now is the time. Of course that's just for the first week, after that I'm just going to sit around and read magazines. Well, after my spa appointments. But let's not tell my husband that part, ok?

Here I go; Holly Housewife meets Tazmanian devil, on crack!