Friday, May 16, 2008

Another one down

One of my friends was laid off from her job today, effective immediatly. Blesser her heart, she had no clue and never saw it coming.

In addition to that so sucking for her it also sucks that we're now both looking for the same kind of job.

Maybe it's time to skip town.


Kas said...

Yikes. That really stinks. I hope something great is in store for both of you.

Platinum Rose said...

That really sucks! I'm sorry for both you and your friend. I hope you both can find great jobs soon!

Zoe D. said...

UGH! We've had "consultants" hanging around lately! That's never good especially since I work in retail:( OOOOH! I bought a super cute lunch bag from our fave Tar-jay! It needs some Mrs. M monogram attention:)

girl from the south said...

Our field is the first to be cut, and the last to be funded. It seems as the economy speeds up enough to fund our field, something happens and the stockmarket takes a plunge.

Things Prof White should have told us in the 101 days.

I'm sorry!