Friday, June 30, 2006

Pretty and Shiny

I went to the mall and had my rings cleaned today on my lunch break. Let me tell you, nothing thrills me more than these pretty, sparkly, shiny diamonds on my left hand being even prettier, sparklier, and shinier. I love waving my hands under the light and watching them shimmer and shine. I have jewelry cleaner at home but it just can't do it as good as the jewelry store can. I try to get them cleaned there at least once per month. Since I am toting around 3.5 flawless, certified, colorless, carats on my left hand, they do need to look stunning and gorgeous, dahling!

And on a happy note along with that, the sweet girl at the counter told me how much she liked my rings and how pretty my set was and complimented how nicely my band and engagement ring look together. What good taste she has. Oh I love my rings! I love them almost as much as I love my wonderful husband who bought them for me!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why I Blog

I have a few friends who are older and uncooler than me who ponder, "Why do you blog?" To which I intelligently respond, "Because I'm very insightful and have something to say!"

Is that not a good enough reason? I certainly think that it is.

Here are a few questions I'm often asked:

Q: Why do you put your life online for the whole world to see?
A: Really? The whole world? I'm flattered! I thought my only faithful readers were the 5 a.m. Mrs. S (Hi A!), the darling ex-roomie A (Hi Addy!), my dear hubby who enjoys mocking my blogging(Kiss Kiss Crabcake!), and occasionally my Grandmother in Florida(Hi Grammy!).

Q: Do you really want everyone to know about your personal life?
A: Believe it or not, zoo outings and sofa shopping are not the most personal things that go on in La La Land.

Q: Aren't you afraid of having people you don't want to read your blog?
A: If they're reading my blog unwanted, they need to get a hobby. (See my profile for a great recommended list!).

Q: What if you get a stalker?
A: My very own stalker? Really? SWEET!

Come on people. Welcome to 2006. Blogging is the new cool thing to do. My blog is perfectly safe and mundane, and here are the reasons why, satire withheld:

  1. My blog is private. I only give the URL to people whom I care to read it. In addition I don't use real names for those who may saunter in uninvited.
  2. I love, love, (LOVE!) to write. I enjoy writing. Having a blog is step one for my novel (Well two novels--I have such great ideas it will have to turn into two novels! How about that?)
  3. It's fun to enlighten my friends and family on my day to day life without cramming it all into a phone call. It's a nice way to keep friends and family in the know. (News Flash: If you don't want them in the know, don't blog about it!) Plus, it has proved very entertaining for my four readers. Perhaps I do have others, but I'm getting no love from them if so.
  4. Really, a stalker?

I encourage all of my friends to get blogs too. It really helps to develop your communication and writing skills. It's a great way to express yourself. It's a quick and easy way to communicate with those you care about. It's also a great way for me to entertain myself so go blog already!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Furniture Update

J and I went back to the furniture store on lunch today. Furniture store hours are so silly. Most close at 6 and J doesn't get off work until 6. So at lunch we went to check out the coveted leather furniture again. Sadly though, we didn't like it this time. Yes, I know that if you read the other post about how this furniture was the Alpha and Omega of furniture, you're shocked. So were we. I'm not sure how we went from love, love, loving it, to blah. But we did.

The color and style was right, but when we sat down we felt like it sank too much. We tried out every other leather sofa in the store and all but one sank like that as well. I just couldn't handle it. J turned out not to like it either. Then I was afraid that because the price was too good to be true, and perhaps it was a reflection of the quality. The seams looked good...but how do I know? How many leather sofa seams have I looked at and tested? It's just the old lady in me. I have to ask a million practical questions.

Beyond that, the chair was going to be too plush and oversized for the office. J wants a more sleek look and smaller chair in there. But don't you worry---he found one that will probably come home with us.

So the choices have changed and we're now looking at the others we liked. We're also going to check a few more stores even though we have most likely already picked out the one we're going to get. Again, that's how I am. I want to check every possible viable option before committing.

Good thing I was pretty sure of J though. If I were still going through every possible viable option I could not be worry about this sofa dilemma and could have worse things to deal with.

Monday, June 26, 2006

You and I

You and I were made to worship,
You and I are called to love,
You and I are forgiven and free.
When you and I embrace surrender,
You and I choose to believe,
You and I will see how we were meant to be

A Good Friend

I've been babysitting T-Ho quite a bit since her surgery. For those of you that don't know, T-Ho is one of my oldest friend and she just had surgery on her toe. Her second toe was freakishly as long as my fingers and she had part of it cut off to have normal feet. There are currently screws sticking out of her toes, but she is very excited to wear cute shoes and heels since this was nearly impossible before the surgery.

T-Ho has been stuck on bed rest with there feet propped up in the air for more than a week now. She's thankfully not feeling pain, but is suffering cabin fever. She is beginning to act like a bit of, hmmm, a super pampered spoiled brat!

Last night at something til 10 (hello? nearly my bedtime!) T-Ho decides she needs a little something something sweet. The pudding didn't do it for her. She needs chocolate chunk cookies. Yea, that's it! Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

T-Ho: La La, would you want to go get lil t-ho some cookies?

Me: Are you serious? How about another pudding?

T-Ho: The pudding didn't work. I really want cookies. Or a brownie, but probably cookies.

Me: For real? It's almost 10. I'm ready for bed. Do you have to have it?

T-Ho: (SIGH) No, no. It's ok. I don't need it.

Me: Good.


So I do. I go to the grocery and by the spoiled, over pampered, bratty, miss prissy princess, her cookies. It's 10:00 at this point. My bedtime is, um now! It's dark, on the side of town I don't live on, it's raining and nasty, and I'm going out to get her the coveted cookies. Really I want to pick her up by the screws in her toes, but I don't. Am I a good friend or what?

All I can say is one day when I'm overreacting to the sniffles and I'm piled up in bed--she better be there to bring me something delish!

Furniture Shopping

J and I have decided to do a little rearranging in our house. We've only been in it for about 6 months, but we have already decided we need to upgrade a bit. We use the living space off the kitchen much more than we anticipated we would. Consequently, we use our downstairs living space less than we thought we would.

When we have people over it makes sense to hang out in the space adjacent to the kitchen since we are most likely eating. Of the evenings when J and I are hanging out we tend to use that space as well because between dinner, errands, and other activities, we (I) just don't feel the need to go get cozy downstairs when it's nearly my bedtime.

Ok, so anecdotes aside we have decided that we need a full size sofa in the living room. We're all excited to go sofa shopping (sign number 304 that I'm getting old. I get excited about sofa shopping. I've also been known to be excited about over sized toasters that fit panini bread). We were after a darker neutral color with a strong lasting material. (Where did I learn to be so practical?) Think khaki in a sturdy canvas or tweed. J would love to have a leather sofa and ottoman, but we have dubbed that as unaffordable. However after 4 furniture stores we found a very affordable leather sofa. It's everything J has dreamed of, and we all know how picky my darling husband is! It's dark brown (check!), it's plush yet not oversized (check!), it has a sleek contemporary appearance yet is very classic (check!), it actually has a price tag that won't result in him selling a kidney on the black market (CHECK!). This sofa is the only one that we both totally agree on and think would be a wonderful addition to our home.

So it should be easy, right? We purchase the fabulous leather sofa for our upstairs living space and take it home to love as a first born child (because I know Jl will be particular about it and that's about how much it will set us back!) But then J will be forced to choose between two things he loves most (besides me!). The leather sofa upstairs, or the large flat screen television downstairs. Next to this sofa on the showroom floor is a wonderful matching love seat and chair and ottoman that would all look absolutely lovely downstairs. So our eyes adore the furniture before us and our minds wonder right off track of "sofa only." Hmmmm, now what?

So we think. And think, and think, and think. And think. Could we move the red sofas upstairs and make the entire downstairs sleek with the leather sofas and flat screen with J's beloved entertainment center? He has always wanted a leather chair in the office which is right off of the den and it would look really nice. Since I haven't bought the fabric for the upstairs cornice boards it would be minimal change. The sofas and coordinates will go nicely with the walls. Furthermore it would give us the chance to redecorate a room since most of the house was ideas we already had with furnishings we already had and not much room for change. It could be the nice blue and browns scheme we nearly did in the master bedroom. The whole downstairs could be J's decor with the "man den", office, and garage. While the upstairs kitchen, dining, living room, and bedrooms could be mine.

So we ponder and ponder on what to do. Our upstairs living space is a little awkward so we aren't sure the sofas will fit. So we break out the tape measure and play architect. It just might work. So we think and think and think. Stay focused! You just need the sofa! But.....

So what should we do? It seems so practical to go ahead and get the entire set! One less large purchase to buy. It's a good price, it's classic, it will last for years to come. Right? Our next big purchase will be a dining table and china cabinet as well as a king sized sleigh bed, however, those purchases may not be in this house. (Well---the bed may be...we'll see what I work out!). So if we go ahead and get will be one less large purchase to make, right?

Well, we are still pondering options and trying to think responsibly, practically, and make a good decision. Tonight we are going to visit a couple more furniture stores and then make a decision in about a week.

For me to be so stern on we are only getting a sofa---I'm kinda the biggest cheerleader for buying the full leather set.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Being a B Girl

I'm very excited! This weekend I will be an official B girl. Sjb's mom and sister C are coming to town for her brunch shower I'm hosting tomorrow and for her last dress fitting, also tomorrow. Sjb is very excited to get to spend time with her family, and I'm very excited to meet them. It's just too bad that little Miss C and J won't be joining them.

Sjb has invited me to be an official B girl this weekend. I'm very excited about shopping, going to the fitting, and having dinner with the B girls. I'm so far away from my family that I don't get this often so even if it's in the adoptive sense, I'm very excited to be a part.

Make me a t-shirt: Here's to being a B Girl!

Ursula, the Sea Witch

We all have an Ursula the Sea Witch in our lives. I, however, have found that I have more than one. Most likely everyone has more than one. I feel as if I've encountered several this year. I've encountered two just this week and one was a man!

So, I've tried to put on my girl panties and deal with it the best I can. I've done really well today and hope that I can keep the positive, optimistic attitude. I'm really good at it until I get ticked off again. Believe it or not I'm really sensitive. The littlest thing seems to upset me and make me cry.

But here are my conclusions about the Ursula's in your life:

  1. Some people suck and that's sad.
  2. There are people that you think don't suck, and they suck totally.
  3. There is nothing you can do about other people sucking, it's nearly useless to try.
  4. Sometimes you have to put on your big girl panties/big boy boxers and deal with it.
  5. When all it's fails you can just say, "Screw you! I'm going to better than you today!
  6. In the end, live by my darling Liz's motto: "Initiate Deductive Happiness."


Yesterday after work I had a million errands to run. I don't much enjoy the mall or the west traffic so luckily I could do most everything at the new TC Shopping Center. I do so love the new Pavilion there.

I feel like I'm in a different world when I'm out there. For some reason it feels so beachy to me. I would love to live in a charming seaside town and that's how I feel when I shop there. Also with the 91% humidity in My Town, it really did feel like the beach.

I had a long and semi rough day yesterday so it was nice to feel like I was making an escape while just running errands.

Of course as luck would have it I wasn't able to do all of my errands there and still had to go to the mall followed by the grocery store. When did I get so old? When did my evenings consist of running errands and going to the grocery?

I'm going to need to hush now before I age myself another 10 years by typing.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Today I'm sporting a way cute pair of brown with pink plaid trousers a la E. She's much taller than I but with my wedge sandals I can pull it off, and wow do I look tall! Here's the thing. E is a flat bootied girl, whereas I on the other hand, am bootylicious. The pants are short waisted and have conformed to her flat bottom so transforming them to fit me made me feel like a Fat Bottomed Girl (thank you QUEEN for those lovely lyrics!). So when accessorizing this morning I wore my huge hoop earrings that I usually reserve for going out. Thus balancing out my junk in the trunk! How about that? I think it just might have worked!

So much to Blog About

I don't use my computer too much on the weekends. I use one enough at work that I'm busy doing other things at home. Hence why I haven't blogged about the last several days. It was the weekend and while at work I was actually busy! So, let's begin.

Thursday: Sundown and Marc Broussard

J and I were very excited to go the last Sundown this year and to hear Marc Broussard. But I also remembered why I don't often attend free city sponsored events. Every freak, geek, and redneck comes out of the woodwork to attend free city sponsored events. Especially those who don't have an open container rule. That's right, on Thursday nights April-June you can walk around loudly and proudly with your plastic cup of beer on Market Square. It's like Knoxville's own little Bourbon Street. (Actually that would be New Orleans in general since open containers are always allowed and welcomed.)

So while there were about a million people there, I managed to run into everyone I know. Big O was "here on business" (yeah right, so was I!), I found some camp friends, T-Ho, random college acquaintances, a lovely family from my nanny network, co-workers, and even people who I never care if I see again. Also out in full force were way too many children who needed to be accompanied by an adult. Middle school children have absolutely no business running around Market Square half dressed and wearing too much make up. The kids are very immature and are more of a ruckus. Sure, come here the music, but do just that. But no, these kids are running back and forth wildly like an ape that has escaped the confines of the zoo. It was very disturbing. Did I mention how they were half dressed and wearing too much makeup? Hello? You are in middle school. You have no hips and no chest, your cheeks are round and you have baby fat on your middle. Now cover yourself and wash your face!

(Anecdote: Being the girly girl I am I've always worn make up. Well, always as soon as my super strict parents would let me. I'd always sneak lip gloss, but in middle school I was allowed to wear makeup. By allowed to wear makeup I mean powder, blush, pale eyeshadows, and a little mascara. No 3 inch thick eyeliner rings with gray, smoky, come hither eyes that made me look twenty four. That was so old back then!)

Beyond that there were all of the high school kids. They were either A) half dressed with too much make up or B) over dressed with too much makeup. By overdressed I mean this is not the prom! You do not need your black strapless with sequins and 4 inch gold heels. This is an outdoor music festival on a Thursday night in June. Throw on a sundress and call it a day. I was wearing jeans and a pink halter top. (If only everyone were like me!). Another nuisance of the high school crowd was the running around. Not as obnoxious as the middle school crowd, yes just as disturbing. They were not there to here music but to see and be seen. And for the love of everything good hang up your cell phone! You can't hear anyone and they can't hear you. It's a concert and it's loud.

Parent's need to not use free city sponsored events as babysitters to dump their kids.

The freaks, geeks, and rednecks out reminded me of the town where I went to high school. R'ville has free pool day on July 4th and there is a huge array of events at the adjacent city park all day. There are concerts, talent shows, games, booths, free giveaways, etc. Now if you wanna see some freaks, geeks, and rednecks, just mosey a little northeast and visit on the 4th. People come out of the hills to bathe for free pool day. You wouldn't catch me near that nasty water. Cherokee Lake is cleaner!

Other exciting spottings at Sundown included a number of ladies sporting 6 shades of trailer park in their hair, a comparable number or ladies sporting fake tans that are natural for no body type, old women wearing cut up daisy duke like shorts with their nasty (yet tanned!) flabby stomachs and legs hanging out, obscure, trashy, nasty, and gross tattoos poking out of every body part imaginable, and believe it or not there are people guilty of being all of the above!
Yes--they are out there. That is exactly what I mean about freaks, geeks, and rednecks. Oh and the men, gotta love the skanky old men all roughed up with the aforementioned tattoos, strutting long with a string of smoke trailing behind and holding the plastic cup of hops. Most has obviously had a little "pre-hopping" before arriving.

Oh, the good times. But above the the sightseeing, Marc Broussard was absolutely fabulous! I really enjoyed attending the show and hearing his music. I'd heard so much about him, yet had never seen him. He is very soulful rock and roll. If you like DMB and Hootie (my faves!) he is your kinda guy. But even if you aren't DMB and Hootie fans, he was great! He has the kind of music that I think anyone can enjoy. J and I are on the search for a CD. Marc Broussard is a new must listen to up and coming favorite! (Like Ingram Hill!).

Friday: Wedding Time

Friday was B's bridesmaid luncheon hosted by Mrs. Teresa and was absolutely lovely. We all had lunch at the Applecake Tea Room which reminded me so much of the Norris Tea Room, which we all know that I adore. It's very cute and cozy. The bracelet girls were all in attendance except Missa. Mrs. B and Mrs. Y were also there and I so love those ladies along with B's Nana whom I adore and R's Grandmother from California whom I hadn't met. It was so nice to sit back with the girls for lunch and tea. We simply must do that more often.

That evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Everything went smoothly despite a few things that B was not pleased with. She is so against walking to one side down the aisle, and most definitely the prayer books. I (oh the devil in me!) encouraged her to go ahead and split in the back anyway. What was the Preist going to do? Not marry her? Doubtful! So with my insistent prodding she did it! I was so proud! Way to stand up for yourself B! I also assured her that there are a great number of people out there who have pegged me as going to hell and probably have a handbasket and/or hot plate all ready and waiting, with that being said, I had no qualms with making a little trip to the church to remove all the prayer books and replace them after the ceremony! Unfortunately she declined the offer. You know my love for adventures, that would have been a good one! I'm sure I could have had my fellow bracelet girl Mrs. S to back me up on that one! It would have been a good time.

Following the rehearsal was dinner at BRAVO! Yum! That's all you can say, YUM! It was great to get to spend more time with the bracelet girls and their hubbies as well as the bride and grooms family whom again, I adore!

Friday night was the M Bed and Breakfast! We had guests to fill the extra rooms and it was exciting! If it weren't for wedding madness starting bright and early the next morning I could have made waffles!

Saturday: Here Comes the Bride

THE HOLIDAY IS CANCELLED! Just kidding--but that was a little shout out for Mrs. B. Of all people, I along with Mrs. S, was the calm and collected one. Now tell me, where did that come from? Mrs. S and I are the most uptight, OCD, anal retentive, type A gals you can find. Depsite the high stress everything worked out wonderfully.

I love weddings. Especially those of my best and dearest friends. It was so much fun to do hair and makeup and get ready together. B looked absolutely stunning in her dress! The ceremony was wonderful and the reception just got better and better. Finally--the bracelet girls all together! We partied like rock stars until we shut the place down. It was on the dance floor that I had the divine epiphany that WOW--I think I'm Mrs. Young's daughter!

It was the first time that I hadn't got to join the crowd of "come catch the bouquet" girls. Instead, the bracelet girls stood in front of B and cheered her on. She is the last of us to be married. We were all determined to beat her down the aisle and have consistently been doing the wedding thing since December.

So after seeing the newlyweds off to Las Vegas, we went home to crash. Yeah--we're getting old.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wedding Day Highlights

Here is a slideshow of wedding day highlights. I love, love, love my pictures.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm having another one of those very feel good days, much like yesterday. I'm also feeling very whimsical and nostalgic. So, I feel like making a list (one of my fave things!) of all the wonderful things I love. In no certain order:

my husband
my little brother
vanilla frozen yogurt on carnival cruise ships
having coffee on weekend mornings with my husband
hot showers
long showers
long hot showers
singing loudly in my car
riding with the sunroof open and the air conditioning on high
pretty flowers
the smell of clean laundry
crawling into bed between clean crisp sheets
the color pink
making things
going to the beach
taking walks
having adventures
making lists
mda camp
listening to music
80s and 90s music
big hair bands
watching sex and the city reruns
calling a friend
wearing my bracelet that reminds me of the bracelet girls
looking at pictures
being creative
long weekends
listening to stories
going to charleston
smelling fresh cut grass
knowing the history of cities
golden girls reruns
sweet tea from pal's
giggling with my husband
yard saling
finding old things
cooking from a rachel ray cookbook
eating fruit
chicken and dumplings
having a picnic
talking to my grandparents
happy memories
visiting friends
hosting parties
cherry limeade
decorating my house
playing with kids
reese's cups
having tea
eating off of my china
a real cherry coke with grenadine
feeling accomplished
taking naps on stormy afternoons
lying in the sun
going to the lake
dreaming about the lake house J and I are going to buy
tap dancing
taking pictures
live music
being happy
getting my back rubbed
watching plays
going to weddings
sitting by the fire

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Being A Girl

You know those days when you leave the house feeling rather well about yourself, only to look in a mirror later that day and realize you were wrong? You look at yourself and ponder "what was I thinking?" or "why did I leave the house like this", or better yet, "why didn't someone tell me?" I hate those days. It is so not a good feeling. I feel I often have them.

So I shave my legs this morning fully intending to wear a skirt. Then I realized that the skirts I had in mind were dirty. My darling husband and I haven't done our work laundry in awhile. (Work laundry, by the way, is different than weekend laundry. Since we both dress up everyday for work and our jeans and t-shirt type clothing we lovingly call our "weekend clothes. Yeah, we (HE!) are quirky people about our laundry). So the skirt was out.

I began looking at my pant options I again realize that we haven't done laundry in awhile. I pick a pair of pants that are super cute but not sure of the shirt to wear with them. I find a super cute top to go with it but not sure how I'll feel about the combination of the two on my body. Yeah--a girl thing. J can pick a pair of pants with the right hand, a shirt with the left and inevitably it will match and he will feel fine in it. So, back to my dressing dilemma. I pick two tops and hope one will work for me. The first one, a failure! Too much cleavage for the office and I wasn't feeling very flattering in it. So I mindlessly put on the second and WOW! A success. I could have a new fave outfit. I find a blazer to go with it and I'm all set.

Finishing the morning I curl my "leftover hair" and apply my makeup. I open my armoire to find accessories thinking I have something in mind but choose earrings and a bracelet I haven't worn in forever! Hmm, things are coming along nicely this morning. I finish my morning routine, take down and spray my hair as I run out the door.

So, I don't think much more about my appearance but do receive several compliments. Nice! So later I'm making round two of my morning caffeine getting some coffee and head to the restroom. Back to the looking in the mirror and thinking blah...I don't! Instead I think to myself, Self--you are looking stunning today! How very Ann Taylor you are. The outfit, the hair, the jewelry--fabulous. Have a wonderful day you darling girl!

And so I have.

It's nice to feel so wonderful about yourself, especially when you have a long day as I will today.

All of this brings me to another point which I had originally planned on blogging about until I decided to tell the world how fabulous I was today, but it ties in.

Girls dress for girls. Yeah--not guys, but girls. Girls may not be out to impress anyone, but always feel the need to be impressive. Girls may not be competitive, but still feel the need to be the best. Girls may not judge others, but still stereotype. You can be so proud of your best friend, yet you still compare yourself to her. To sum it all up, girls are insecure. No matter how confident, I think all women have a little insecurity and a need to be accepted.

Why is this? Why are girls hardwired to be this way?

I consider myself very genuine, down to earth, carefree, and happy go lucky. Yet, I catch myself having all of the above tendencies. It's subliminal! I have to stop myself and wonder why am I doing/thinking/feeling that and then make myself stop. Even the most sincere women feel it. If you deny it, you're lying to yourself.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Children Are Such Fun

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So J and I were the picture perfect little family at the Zoo on Sunday. How cute we were with our two curly blonde, tanned, and gorgeous kids. I was flattered that the world thought they were ours (the stick straight brunette with not much color and the extremely white bald guy).

Sunday was my company picnic to the Zoo and we decided it would be more fun if we took along our "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". We adore the R kids and enjoy doing things with them. Girlfriend has some extreme love for J and Boyfriend still says that we are getting married even if I'm married to J--so there!

We had such a great time with them (on our "double date" as Boyfriend informed me!). It's so fun to see things from a kids perspective and watch them get so excited. There was a bear right up next to the glass in the water and the kids were thrilled be right at eye level with it. Later one of the large gorillas kept sticking his tongue out and picking his nose which was a big delight to the little ones. I love watching them run from each exhibit or look intently trying to find where the animal is inside.

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After spending all morning looking at the animals we went to our picnic lunch. Let me tell you--most people know that I'm a newlywed. They didn't know I had two kids. HA! I think I straightened everyone out though. After lunch we played in Kids Cove. We took a carousel ride and then visited the petting zoo (J opted out). The kids played in the sandbox and then on the big playground before spending the hottest part of the afternoon in the water area, which by the way is entirely too small for the millions of kids that want to enjoy it. After that we finished the day off with the much anticipated camel ride. Let me tell you--J and I are way cool and one upped the parents on the camel ride. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were so excited and couldn't get on the camel fast enough. They were darling as they waved at J to take pictures of them. They were so excited when they got off and wanted to watch the other kids ride and pet the small ones. I love, love, love those darling children.

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Now I know what you are all thinking....I'm going to be putting a bun in the oven. Oh contrare my friends! I love kids, and I love the R kids, but I love to take them home and go back to my anal retentive, OCD, simple life with just me and my hubby. I know that the bracelet girls have me pegged as the first to reproduce, and that may be true, but it will be quite a few years before that happens. For now, I just get my enjoyment out of Boyfriend and Girlfriend and the enjoyment of returning them to their parents. I'm young and selfish. I'm simply not ready to share my time and my time with J with children. I'm not ready to put money in college funds or pay a nanny. I just want to be the cute, young, newlywed, career girl that I am, and that girl is child free for the next several years. Besides I need to get my MS to be a stay at home mom...right?

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I'm a List Maker, I Love Lists

Everyone who knows me (or thinks they know me) should know that I love to make lists. There is nothing like jotting down (in outlined, organized fashion) a list of things to do/get/make/buy/etc. and then checking off the list one by one as accomplishments are made.

I take quite a great deal of criticism from my lovely husband and best friend Sec about my love for lists and spastic list-making habit. Good thing my love for lists is strong enough that their teasing and poking fun of me doesn't affect my skills and productivity of making and following lists.

Today, I made a great discovery. I have found a new list making friend. I had know idea that Mrs. KB was a list lover as I am. Mrs. B and I are friends through another best friend (T-Ho, who does not share the joy and love of lists) and discovered this just this afternoon. We have both already made lists today. Isn't that great?!

Here's to you Mrs. KB--my new BFF of lists. We may just form a List Lover Sisterhood.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Date

It's the little things in life that please me. Tonight I have a date with my husband and I'm very excited about that. We're going to dinner and a movie which is something we haven't done in a long time. It's crazy how two people can live in the same house and constantly be going in different directions--which is how I feel this month will be for us. So the "just dinner and a movie" makes me pleased as punch. Really--it's the simple things!