Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm having another one of those very feel good days, much like yesterday. I'm also feeling very whimsical and nostalgic. So, I feel like making a list (one of my fave things!) of all the wonderful things I love. In no certain order:

my husband
my little brother
vanilla frozen yogurt on carnival cruise ships
having coffee on weekend mornings with my husband
hot showers
long showers
long hot showers
singing loudly in my car
riding with the sunroof open and the air conditioning on high
pretty flowers
the smell of clean laundry
crawling into bed between clean crisp sheets
the color pink
making things
going to the beach
taking walks
having adventures
making lists
mda camp
listening to music
80s and 90s music
big hair bands
watching sex and the city reruns
calling a friend
wearing my bracelet that reminds me of the bracelet girls
looking at pictures
being creative
long weekends
listening to stories
going to charleston
smelling fresh cut grass
knowing the history of cities
golden girls reruns
sweet tea from pal's
giggling with my husband
yard saling
finding old things
cooking from a rachel ray cookbook
eating fruit
chicken and dumplings
having a picnic
talking to my grandparents
happy memories
visiting friends
hosting parties
cherry limeade
decorating my house
playing with kids
reese's cups
having tea
eating off of my china
a real cherry coke with grenadine
feeling accomplished
taking naps on stormy afternoons
lying in the sun
going to the lake
dreaming about the lake house J and I are going to buy
tap dancing
taking pictures
live music
being happy
getting my back rubbed
watching plays
going to weddings
sitting by the fire

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