Thursday, November 30, 2006

In The South

In the South we can manage to take any nutritious, wholesome, great for you foods and turn them into an fattening, sodium enriched, artery clogging (and tasty!!) casserole that will kill you. Prime examples: broccoli and green beans!

Long live the South!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Paper Bag....STAT!

Help! I think I'm hyperventilating! For the first (gasp!) time since admitting my (gasp!) age I had to (gasp!) fill out a form and (gasp!) realized that I had to (gasp!) move up a box in the age category. Oxygen anyone?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You better watch out, you better not cry...

You better not pout I'm telling you why.....

Visit Santa's Village type in your name and see if you're on the naughty or nice list this year!

Here's what Santa had to say about me:

Mrs. M
Much more nice than naughty. Can be very thoughtful. Has improved cleanliness, which I like. Could take better care of toys. Says "thank you" often, but still not as much as I would like. Good mood often spreads to others. Hopefully, will keep up the good work!

Tuesday Top Ten, Christmas Edition Vol II.

The Christmas List.

I'm at a total loss as to what I want for Christmas. Having just had a birthday where I received a plethora of fabulous gifts, I can't seem to come up with a Christmas List. I'm thankful for that because it means that I'm not in need of anything. However, I am curious to what everyone else has on their Christmas List. So for my Top Ten today I need help. Someone tell me what's on your Christmas List this year. Even your Top Ten would be great!

Monday, November 27, 2006

So Much To Be Thankful For

The M's had an absolutely wonderful long holiday weekend and I had a fabulous birthday. It was a great time of family, friends, and celebration!

It all started when….

Wednesday night J and I did some errands and went to the grocery. Did you know that when you go to a crappy eye doctor and he writes a crappy prescription you can't get it filled correctly? I. JUST. WANT. MY. CONTACTS! So basically, I'm blind until further notice of getting (another) eye exam. The grocery was super crowded. We got the essentials and left.

At home we made two Oreo Cheesecakes, one for each Thanksgiving meal we were attending. Neither were the same and both were made up as I went along. Luckily, they were very tasty.

Thursday morning we got an early start and went to have Thanksgiving lunch with J's family and about 50 of his closest relatives. Yeah--there was a crowd. More than half of the people he didn't know and one kid was sporting a gnarly rat tail mullet type thingy. I'm sure he's never been out of the small town of 232 people.

After lunch with the M's it was another couple hours drive to have dinner with my family. Oh how the H house was vibrant and alive. I think I laughed enough to counteract the calories I was taking in. The deviled eggs were a real crowd pleaser. Yeah, I know, who goes to Thanksgiving (twice!) and talks about the deviled eggs? ME! I love deviled eggs! Sadly though, I missed the cocktail sausages until dinner was being put away and I was too stuffed to even consider eating one. Boo! I miss doing Thanksgiving with the B's. However at least I didn't have to participate in the Spades tournament that isn't over until everyone is bleeding!

Saturday night Mrs. O-to-be and her fiancé stayed with us. We had lunch together before going out to shop a bit. No big BLACK FRIDAY deals for us….just meandering about. (J and I resisted the temptation of the flat panel for the living room. I think I'd rather pay a bit extra than fight the madness at Best Buy.) I did manage to get a fabulous dress from Limited for only $10! Yes, $10! It had been $78. Talk about a deal.

Friday night J and I put up our Christmas trees. Yes, trees! One for the living room and one for the den. Well, those are the 6.5 foot trees. I have 2 and 3 foot trees for the bedrooms and stair landing. I love Christmas decorating! After putting up the trees we watched Christmas Vacation. It's my family tradition to watch it Thanksgiving evening, but we failed, so it was Friday night for us.

Saturday morning was MY BIRTHDAY! Furthermore I was TWENTY (drum roll please)…..FIVE! Yes, for the first time in four years I'm admitting my age. For the past four years I've been twenty-one. However, I decided the quarter-of-a-century milestone just couldn't be passed up. Besides, all of my other friends are doing it, and as A says, "Glad you could join us!" (However I will NOT age next year!) I started off the morning with coffee and gifts. J got me tons of cute little things including a four-strand pearl bracelet, a monogrammed locket which now proudly sports a picture of him and of my little brother, and a monogrammed wine carafe and wine glasses. How cool is that? Yes, we're fancy at the M house with our monogrammed wine carafes and wine glasses. He also got me a tea set I'd been eyeing. The rest of the day was fabulous with my husband and I putting up outside Christmas decorations and going to dinner at a fabulous little Italian place where I dined on scrumptious Lobster Ravioli and ended the meal with Tiramasu. YUM! It was a wonderful day of celebrating with my family and friends.

In honor of this milestone I decided to make a list (my favorite thing to do) of:

Twenty-Five Things I've Had For Twenty Five Years

  1. My bright blue eyes
  2. My bubbly, ghetto booty
  3. A heart as big as my aforementioned bubbly, ghetto booty
  4. A wonderful, WONDERFUL, family
  5. The ability to not keep my mouth shut and especially at times when my mouth should be shut
  6. My Eeyore, not quite 25 years, but very close
  7. A strong love for the color pink that once resulted in pink carpet, pink walls, and Strawberry Shortcake décor everywhere
  8. The need and love to shop--retail therapy
  9. My BFF Bex, again not quite 25 years, but very close
  10. My straight mousy brown hair
  11. More creativity and craftiness than I know what to do with
  12. A love of writing and a love reading
  13. My inner nerd---I love to learn!
  14. Freckles, mostly on my arms
  15. A lovely, charming personality (mostly!)
  16. An inquisitive nature that causes me to often ask "What If" in most situations, a trait my hubby could do without
  17. My Pappy wrapped around my little finger
  18. A sunny disposition, this includes the cheerleader living inside me that is always full of pep
  19. White coat syndrome including fear of needles, blood, and pain
  20. Chatty, chatty, chatty, my Grammy says I came out talking and haven't shut-up since
  21. The excitement and thrill of traveling, seeing new things and places
  22. Clumsiness….I used to be called "Grace" for a reason
  23. A desire to please, (this sometimes sucks!) which includes the ability to not tell someone NO!
  24. A love of chicken and dumplin's, and anything containing chocolate and/or peanut butter
  25. My little rocking chair with the red velvet cushion that my pappy had made for me

And one to grow on:
26. The horrible character flaw of making fun of stupid people, hey they bring it on themselves!

Wasn't that fun?

Sunday included more festivities with J and I having lunch with friends. By the time we returned home I was absolutely exhausted. The remainder of the evening was spent attempting to recover from the week's events.

It was such an enjoyable, festive, and celebratory Thanksgiving and Birthday. I love my life!

Just Two More Things

Girl from the South had a point when she said I left out two things. You can visit the entire post, but I'll copy and paste the good part:

Bloggers from the South Last weekend was so much fun! I wish Mrs. M lived closer so that she could visit more often. We had a blast doing the monument thing, shopping and exploring the Smithsonian. She did an excellent recap, except that she left out two things:
1) The Smithsonian has probably now implemented rules about adults playing with toys and/or trying on costumes, hats, etc.
2) We sported Burger King crowns for much of the trip home. In fact, I forgot that I had one on until Mrs. M mentioned that she was taking hers off after several hundred miles. It's great to have friends that you can be completely silly around. Of course, factoring in that we were roomies in college, were in the same sorority and visited New Orleans together, there's really no reason for either of us to pretend we have dignity.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I love Thanksgiving! I could be biased since I was born on Thanksgiving Day. My pappy always told me that that was how it all got started. Thanksgiving was just one big celebration of little La La. Imagine my shock when I go to Kindergarten and learned all of that Pilgrims and Indians stuff.

Teacher: Thanksgiving was started by the Pilgrims and Indians.
Me: Huh?
Teacher: The Pilgrims and the Indians shared the first Thanksgiving feast together.
Me: What?
Teacher: We all give thanks because the Pilgrims and the Indians, blah, blah, blah....
Me: Are you sure? That's not what my Pappy said. Thanksgiving is all about ME! I was born on Thanksgiving and that's how it all got started!

Seriously, who did she think she was? I'm still convinced the my pappy is the best history book and like his version of Thanksgiving. Of course, this is also the guy who would watch me prance down the stairs and say a plethora of lovely things such as: "Look at that pretty girl! That is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. Who is that gorgeous little thing? She is just sooooo pretty!" And I'd say "Pappy, I'm going to go back upstairs so that you can say all those nice things again." And he'd allow this to go on, and on, an on.....

So anyway, J and I are fortunate that we can share Thanksgiving with both our families. We'll start by going to his family for lunch before making a three hour drive to my family for dinner. It's worth it to be with all of those we love. Tonight I'm making cheesecake and truffles to take with us tomorrow. I'm so excited! Yum! Give me some stuffed bird already!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday Top Ten, Christmas Edition

I thought this would be the perfect post with Black Friday this week. I love shopping and buying gifts, and I especially like to do creative gifts. Here are my Top Ten Gift Giving ideas.
(Warning, these require some craftiness!)

1. Jewelry
It's really simple to make great looking jewelry with items found at a craft store. I often bead earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. If you're clueless, look for a workshop at a craft store or purchase a book that's easy to understand.

2. Aprons
You can make such cute aprons from mix-n-match fabric and adorn it with pom pom trim and grosgrain ribbon. For an added touch, add a pocket and/or monogram. You can also throw in something fun like a rolling pin!

3. Totes
You can make cute little bags using the same mix-n-match fabric adorned with pom pom trim, grosgrain ribbon, and a monogram. For an easier version get a pre-made canvas bag and decorate with the above, even fabric squares. These are great for baby gifts too. You can get lots of sizes from tiny purse to large tote.

4. Picture Frames
I get wide canvas frames and jazz them up with lots of items. A fave way is to put a light coat of paint on the top and a checked border around the sides. Add polka dots or stripes to the top layer in a contrasting color. You can top it off with a name, monogram, or phrase such as Family, Dream, Imagine, etc. If painting isn't for you, grab the glue gun with some grosgrain ribbon. Do a ribbon trim, or get varieties of ribbon and overlap them for a woven plaid-type effect. You could use a wood frame too, but when painting especially I prefer the canvas.

5. Picnic in a Bag
Start with a large canvas bag. I prefer to have pockets on the front. Add a monogram of the family name such as "Smith". Adding a polka dot grosgrain ribbon is optional. Fill the bag with goodies such as acrylic plates, tumblers and a pitcher. I also add napkins and a table cloth. Great for families.

6. Movie Night
Get a bag, basket, box, bucket, tin, whatever the recipient would prefer. Fill it up with goodies such as their fave candy and popcorn. Purchase DVD's or a movie rental gift card. Options for this theme gift include pizza delivery certificate, ice cream certificate, or if you're really generous, a Netflix subscription.

7. Romantic Night In
This is definitely for the couple! Fill a basket up with goodies such as pasta and sauce. Add a jar mixed with all the non-perishable ingredients for a dessert with the recipe attached. Add a bottle of red or white wine. Great add-ons for this would be cocktail napkins (monogrammed!), gourmet spices, and a scented candle. You could even put a movie in this one for a date night.

8. Scrapbook
Gather pics of person/people and put together a scrapbook! It can be themed, an event or events, chronological, etc. I'm doing this for someone this year and my only problem is that I can't narrow down the pics to use! This is a great gift because you can even start with a few pages for the person to finish. Add in a few supplies for an extra touch. Check out mini albums at Kolo.

9. Recipe Box
An oldie, but a goody! Start with an index card box that you can decorate with paint, stickers, etc. Write you fave recipes on index cards and leave space for the gift recipient to fill it up. This is a great gift for a birthday if you want to spend a little extra and not really spend much at Christmas. That way, every year a Christmas you can tuck additional recipes in a card for the gift.

10. For the Hostess with the Most-est!
I love entertaining and know that you can never have too many entertaining gadgets. Start with a unique or themed platter or other serving piece, and add on little items such as wine glass charms, cheese spreaders, cookie cutters, unique serving pieces, smaller serving dishes, cloth napkins (monogrammed of course!!), appetizer recipes, ramekins, etc. The possibilities for this are endless! This is even great for someone who doesn't have a great deal of serving items to begin a fun collection.


11. Gardening for Everyone
Start with a bucket, tote, basket, etc. Fill with goodies such as a spade, mini rake, etc. Add a few starter plants, or several packages of seeds. Great fill-ins for this would be gloves, a knee pad, a gardening book/magazine, or small pots/planters.

So does anyone else have great creative ideas for gift giving?

Monday, November 20, 2006


My husband called to tell me it was snowing and I thought he was just getting a good laugh. But I couldn't believe my eyes as I ran to the office window and saw it for myself. It was quite a little blizzard when I left for lunch. Yes, it really snowed here. Of course it didn't stick or accumulate, but it snowed here! We're the anti-snow bubble that never gets flurries, and we did! Let's say some prayers that we have a white Christmas, even a sprinkling would tickle me.

Mrs. M Goes To DC

I had such a fabulous time with A this weekend in DC. It was great to visit the city since I hadn't been there in nearly 15 years. A is such an urban city girl now. She gallivants about the hustle and bustle like a true pro. It was really fun to see the whole city, and not just the touristy high parts. I was able to experience what it's like to be a true Washingtonian. Keep reading for some fabulous details.

By 10am Thursday morning I was wondering why I even got out of bed! It was already one of those days. I didn't plan on leaving until my husband left for work a little before 9, so that I could spend a little more time with him. (Sappy, I know!) We got outside and realized my tires were low. Fortunately my handy man husband has an air compressor so this was no big deal. We leave and I run to the Post Office. As I'm leaving I realize I've forgotten the memory card for my camera. I was debating going back for it since I wasn't sure I'd take a great deal of pictures, etc. However, it was only 5 minutes back so I decided to go. It was perhaps the wrong decision since (drum roll please....) I GOT A TICKET ON MY STREET!! Yes, that's right, I got pulled over on my freaking street. Isn't that special? I'm sure it's going to cost way more than a new camera card would have. Dang stop sign and Dang Policeman. I'd even seen him sitting there. He had someone pulled over on the way out that morning. I'd smugly thought, "Ha Ha! Sucker!" When I left my house and when back down the street (less than 2 minutes later) he was gone. I suppose I'd helped him reach his quota by 9:30. I think it can be easily remedied since my cousin is a county cop as well. I should post more extensively on the exchange since I was quite a charmer, but I have too much to say already. So, after this I decided that when stopping for gas, I definitely deserved a cherry vanilla diet coke, the kind where you make it yourself at the fountain. I pull into the station proudly get my soda and leave. Once on the road I realize I forgot gas. Turn around, repeat. So yes, by 10am I was wondering why I even got out of bed. Since I was running behind, I was just in time to meet my in-laws for lunch as I passed their exit. It was so nice of them to treat me to lunch. They also got a good chuckle about the events that were my morning. After a looooong and slooooow trip across VA that included three potty stops (I have a baby bladder), I made it inside the beltway. Furthermore, I navigated through DC rush hour to make it to A's condo.

Friday morning I got up for my morning run. I ran around DC! Impressive, huh? I was pretty amazed with myself. Of course, most streets are A, B, C, etc and the numbered streets go the opposite direction, so I was pretty sure I could find my way back. It was absolutely beautiful day with wonderful weather to be outdoors. I ran along with a big hearty smile, wave, and "Good Morning!" to everyone out and about. They all looked at me as if I three heads. Rude, unfriendly, Northern idiots! Finally, A and I were out to enjoy a day in the city. We shopped. And shopped, and shopped, and shopped (I heart H&M!) We had lunch and proceeded to The White House, followed by the National Mall to visit the Washington Monument, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, and my favorite, the new World War II Memorial. It was absolutely phenomenal. We walked around it for quite sometime noting how impressive it really was. Their is a registry for all those who fought and I'm excited to add my Granddad's name. It was finally time for dinner so we took the Metro to Union Station. My first trip on the Metro and it was during Friday afternoon rush hour. Wow! Good thing I was wearing bright pink so A could keep up with me in a sea of black. Union Station was amazing! After shopping for a bit inside (I bought my Pappy a George W. bobblehead for Christmas!) we went to have dinner at the Capital City Brewery. Yum, it was so tasty. The congressional chicken and monumental brownie absolutely made my day! Seriously, it was the best chicken ever. After dinner it was rather late and we had a full day planned for Saturday, so we went home.

A's condo is so cute! It's really odd to see all of her things in a different setting. I've seen them in four different places now, one of which where I lived when we were roomies. I'm not sure why but I'm constantly amazed and impressed with the way she arranges and rearranges her very eclectic, chabby chic style. It was adorable! So for the evening we reminisced of college and sorority life, the legendary party we once threw for the second anniversary of my twenty-first birthday, the amount of sleep we didn't get, the stupid (Stupid!) things we did thinking it was a good idea at the time, and realized there is a lot we hope our children never find out! Oh, it was such good times. We also talked about how much we've changed in the last 2.5 years. Such fun to spend time with A.

Saturday morning we were up and out for brunch at Union Station, followed by mid-morning coffee at the trendy little coffee shop, Ebenezer's, her church owns, and then on to visit museums and galleries for the remainder of the day. First, we hit the National Gallery. Oh how I could get lost in that place. It was beyond fabulous. We did the high points of both traditional and contemporary art. I'm often left to wonder how some of it is so famous though. Really, that's art? The traditional stuff in more my favorite. There was a great exhibit of Monet, but only one Van Gogh. They were changing things up a big. The Rotunda's were beautiful and so was the fountain down the glass wall. After a quick stop for gelato, we were on to the next museum. Unfortunately, the Museum of American History is closed for remodelling, but they did have a highlights exhibit in the Air and Space Museum. We toured it to find lots of interesting and entertaining items. The first sigh of Penicillin had been preserved and was displayed, The Seinfeld Puffy Shirt was on exhibit, Minnie Pearl's Hat, Julia Child's recipe, Carrie Bradshaw's computer, Archie Bunker's chair, and Judy Garlands ruby red slippers, were just a few highlighted items. It was rather nostalgic. The Air and Space exhibits were impressive as well. I contemplated getting my husband a bright orange flight suit, but the child's sizes wouldn't fit his 6'2" body. Next it was the National Archives and the Museum of Natural History. There was a huge elephant just inside the door. Not sure why, but I love elephants! The Hope Diamond and bone's exhibits were big hits with A and I. We also managed to have more fun in gift shops that most people! By this time, it was too late to visit the Holocaust Museum, which I'd also missed fifteen years ago because it had just opened and we couldn't get in. However, I plan on a return trip in the spring with Miss C. and Mrs. O-t0-be, so it will be the first stop. A plans on being in DC for several years, and I'm exited about return visits. Especially a visit with my hubby! We walked back to Capital City Brewery for another round of Congressional Chicken for dinner. It was so good, I just had to have it again. After dinner we took the metro to the north part of the city for a little shopping at Loehmann's and Filene's. By then, it was definitely time to go home.

We left by 7:45 Sunday morning to get an early start on the nearly 8 hour drive. Along the way, we saw 10 roadkill deer in VA. Too bad those weren't in TN, we could have picked them up for dinner. We chatted and chatted the whole way home. Among our most interesting topics was how the war is still being fought in the South! Yes, we are still engaging in Civil War here, because we are proud! And...the South Will Rise Again! We chuckled for miles and miles over this. After complete delirium, but an otherwise uneventful trip home, we made it around 4pm. Perfect timing to relax, and have dinner and spend time with my hubby!

I love road trips!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Wish you were beautiful!*

*a paraphrased quote of sorts that my friend T-Ho often says.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Freak Show Part II

J: What are you over there laughing about?
Me: Because this time I married the Freak Show!

Wednesday is my Friday

Today is my Friday, woohoo! Tomorrow I'll be road tripping to see Girl from the South in DC! I'm so excited. We haven't seen each other since she moved last summer, although phone and email keep us as tight as just-out-of-the-dryer jeans!

I'm looking forward to a long weekend away, but I'll miss my hubby. I'm not sure if we've been apart for four whole days since we've been married. (I know, insert gags here!) However I know I'm going to have a great time with Girl from the South.

On the agenda, shopping (H&M here I come!) visiting monuments and other such touristy things (I haven't been to DC in years!), and we're participating in the Help the Homeless Walk around the National Mall. How cool will that be?

Girl from the South and I always have such a nice time together and I'm definitely looking forward to our road trip back. It will be like our Sorority days in college!

All that aside, how great is it that I get two 3-day weeks in a row? Sweet! Maybe it's the cold, rainy weather, but everyone at the office is a crabby pants currently. The few days off will be fabulous!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Freak Show

Me: Why are you laughing?
J: Because I married a Freak Show!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Organ Donation

Are you an organ donor? Do you know how important organ donation is? I can tell you first hand what organ donation means. If there were enough organ donors, perhaps my dad would have gotten a liver and would still be here today. The technical cause of his death is a car crash, but the reason the car crashed in that one man accident was because of his failed liver, leading to a sudden death.

My dad was in a car accident in the 70's, leading to a necessary blood transfusion. In that era, there wasn't nearly the screening for blood donors as there is now. (Have you had intercourse with a monkey from Africa since 1977 anyone??) Unfortunately, he received blood that was infected with the Hepatitis C virus. Thankfully, he lived more than twenty years perfectly healthy and not knowing. However when he found out in 2000, it was a downhill health battle.

You have no idea how frustrating the liver transplant (I'm sure any organ) process is until you've lived it. Patients are given a score based on their overall health and ability to continue living without the liver, and placed on a list accordingly. You're only moved up on the list as your health declines. Often, patients are very near death before receiving a liver.

I remember one particular incident when my dad was at his doctor in Nashville. A lady was there with her husband, who was checked, and released to go home. She was crying, begging the doctors not to send him home with her because she knew he would die in the car on the way. It was that bad, and he was still being denied. However, this story does have a happy ending. He received a transplant that day. Only because he was that close to death. Unfortunately, I don't know how his transplant worked out and how he's doing now.

I just don't understand why people aren't organ donors. Are you afraid? Do you think you're going to need them wherever you're going? Do you know what happens to your organs if you don't donate them? During the embalming process, you're cut open near the navel and a trocar, a long metal tube attached to a suction hose, is inserted. All of your organs are punctured, and sucked out. Isn't that a pretty picture? So, why would anyone not donate their organs to help someone else live? They're of no use to you!

I know another little girl who needs a liver. Annika's mom knows a great deal about organ donation. She wrote a great post in response to a television program that alluded to misleading information about organ donation.

For more facts and myths about organ donation, visit Donate Life.

For more information about organ donation in your state, or to sign up online, visit Share Your Life.

Also visit Gift of Hope, an Interfaith organization honoring organ donation and transplantation.

Lastly, put this icon on your blog, webpage, or e-mail. Just right-click and save, then upload to the place of your choice.

That Game

That was the worst game ever! Really, they should have just given the band cleats and sent them to the field!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fall Photos

Remember I told you I had friends who were some of the best photographers ever? Here are a few pics A. took for J and I. She works for brownies! (Ignore the fact that picture day isn't exactly J's favorite!)


This truly entertains me. It's no secret I have a guilty pleasure for Hollywood gossip.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Thoughts on Election Results

Finally, the malfunctioning machine has been repaired to retrieve the votes that decided an amendment in Knox County. I'm shocked to see the Knoxvillians passed the pension amendment for uniformed officers. While I'm grateful for officers, and all that they do (hey, I have close family who are uniformed officers in Knox County!) they choose to do it. I just don't see how we are going to afford to give them a pension. Save up like everyone else!

As for amendment one, I'm not shocked. I think it will be a cold day in Hell when TN as well as other states in the Deep South and Bible Belt allow homosexual marriage. I almost doubt that it will be in my life time, but I could be wrong.

Which leads me to another point, I'm interested to see what politics and the government will be like in 50 years. I hope I'm blessed to live well into my senior years, and if so, it will be interesting to see the changes that have been made. Will homosexual marriage be allowed nationwide? Will there be one, two, three political parties? What will taxes be like?

Oh, and back to TN election results and speaking of taxes, why, WHY did Knox county vote to raise taxes? I think it's because half of the people can't read through the legal jargon on amendments to know which way they are voting. J and I live in city limits, so out property taxes are already rather high. He swears that we're moving to Anderson Co. now. Hey--at least we already have several friends out there, and it has Git-N-Go!

And on a last note, when my hubby was talking about our moving, I sent him a humorous picture of a very rural home with a donkey in the front yard, not even thinking of the political distintion. He comes back with:

"I'm NOT moving anywhere that has a Democrat standing in the front yard."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Excitement

Stop what you're doing and dance a jig, Bobby was elected to Congress last night. I was thrilled to learn that Corker was won the TN race for the Senate. He'll be filling the seat for Bill Frist, and those are big shoes to fill! Although Corker wasn't my choice in the primary, I'm glad that he was the victor overall. On the other hand, if Ford had won, it could have been worse. As my granddad says, "He's not the first-class socialist as most minorities in Washington." But on the other hand, Harry Jr. is nothing but a whining idiot. If something doesn't go his way, he just cries like a baby! I'd like to follow this with another great quote from A. "Keep all of the corrupt Tennesseans where they belong, in Memphis!"

Now as the House, and possibly the Senate, go Blue, it may not be a bad thing. There is great speculation that this shift of power for the next two years could make the Presidential election go much more smoothly for the Red. Let's hope so!*

*If you want comprehensive coverage and opinions on politics, you're not going to find it here. Go to Southern Girl.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Nice Visit

Last night J and I visited the O's. I love getting to spend time with Mrs. O. Mr. O said it best when he asked:

"A, when you and L get together, who listens? Without J and I in the room there's no one to listen to you."

This is a very true statement I suppose. I do love chatting and hanging out with her. She has such a great perspective on things and can often make me realize that you just need to get over and move past things. I'm not big on holding grudges or anything anyway, but she absolutely holds onto nothing, ever! I see it in her often and realize that I should incorporate a little more of that. I've learned more to not really care what people think of me through Mrs. O. I know she doesn't, and she's rather happy that way.

So we chatted for far too long about clothes, trips, vacations, events, people we know, and all of that good stuff. We, of course, talked about everyone we know! She cracks me up with her very blatant opinions sometimes. Especially her thoughts on a couple we know and the huge "dork" factor of the husband, and she doesn't think so highly of the (expletive here) wife either and never really has. She has mentioned little things to me before, but since learning I wouldn't be offended since I don't speak with them, she let it all out. Actually, I've learned that the majority of my friends feel this way about her/them. Apparently I was the only one who liked her.

Mrs. O, Mrs. R, and Mrs. S, what would I do without them? They're definitely the big sisters/mother that I never had, although they are far too young to be my mother.

Another great quote from Mr. O that night (about my fast talking):

"L, sometimes I work really hard to keep up with you. I mean I've had a few, and I'm about 3 sentences behind, but eventually, I get there."

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tinkle, Tinkle Little Girl

Last night J and I went to visit the R's for dinner. After dinner Boyfriend and Girlfriend asked if I'd make them a special La La Sundae (you know you want one!) for dessert. The kids were chowing down and of course, Girlfriend had climbed up into J's lap, her favorite place to be.

Apparently, after bath time Girlfriend had put on a swim diaper because it had Ariel on it, and well, she wanted to wear Ariel. To her, it's the same as a pull-up, which isn't true. So as she was chowing down, J felt a warm sensation. Next thing I know he picks her up and has her dangling over his lap and I hear "This kid just pissed on me!"

Now if you could only have seen this, you'd be doubled over with laughter the way I and everyone else was. Girlfriend loves food more than anything and was dangling in the air still eating her ice cream and J has two wet legs. It was also more funny because it was J instead of someone who wouldn't be mortified/traumatized by the event. Everyone was laughing with tears. Deep down, I know my hubby finds it funny too. I'm certain of it.

When Girlfriend realized what had happened, she said that the pull-up must have a hole in it. (Ha Ha!). Then she asked J to come help her because her pants were wet. He lovingly replied, "So are mine, you pissed on them!"

It was time to go home after that. And J pushed our child bearing years back, waaaay back!

Quote de Jour a la J

J and I went to see Marie Antoinette, and upon leaving the movie there were two young girls in front of us commenting on how sad the ending was (which only showed Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI leaving France, not in prison or being beheaded).

My darling husband: "Sad? It's freaking history people. Are you pissed about Pearl Harbor too? You're probably going to get in your Honda* and drive home!"

*No offense to anyone driving a Honda or any other foreign car.

Friday, November 03, 2006


It is time for J and I to update our phones. We moved to a family plan about this time last year, and now only get one upgrade for the principle user of the line. Lucky for him, I couldn't really care less about phones. He, on the other hand, loves techy new toys.

He picked out a fancy pants phone (the Chocolate) that does everything but make breakfast and walk the dog. However, for what it cost it should make pancakes with a side of sausage and Virginia maple syrup. Luckily he received the Verizon $100 credit, but still had a balance on the phone. It is rather nifty I suppose. It's a phone, camera, and mp3 player and largely resembles and ipod. The name just makes me want a Reese's.

I, on the other hand, didn't even get a flip phone until after camera phones were cool, and still have that one. I could carry a rotary phone in a bag and be fine as long as it serves it purpose to send and receive calls. I would be quite content with that little firefly thing that's for kids, but it would suck if I wanted to call beyond twenty numbers I suppose. I do like flip phones though. With my other I would always manage to call people from my purse or call and leave myself voice messages of me walking through the mall and shopping. I do largely rely on caller ID as well. However, I think all of the other fancy stuff (camera, music, washing machine) is just more that can break and go wrong.

Anyway, I suppose I'll never understand why fancy phones are important and why he'd pay for one when you can get the little freebies. On the other hand, I'm sure J cannot possibly understand why just this week I paid nearly $50 for a new bra.

On the bright side, I can use my darling husband's phone as an ipod when i work out.

Today is...

the last day that I can say, "This time last year I wasn't even engaged!"

Holiday, Celebrate

I'm so excited for the Holidays. I've got all of the cute autumn decor out and am getting organized for Christmas. This weekend I'll be breaking out the Holiday dishes to use through January. I love my Holiday dishes. It's a very cute blue and white mix and match set with snowmen and snowflakes.

Last year J and I bought all sorts of new goodies to decorate our home for Christmas. I'm not even sure what all I have stored in the Holiday closet. I'm sure there will be some surprises to what we actually bought that we forgot about. I do remember a great assortment of wreaths for our front windows and extra little Christmas trees for the front porch and guest rooms. Plus, we have two large living spaces so we have trees for both. I don't do real trees, I'm far too allergic for that stuff.

J and I have our Christmas cards all ready to go. In the next week I'll be getting them all addressed and stamped to mail out. I'm playing Mrs. S's game of be-the-first-card-t0-arrive!But the rule is, it must be postmarked after Thanksgiving. I've already called to talk a little smack to her about having mine all prepared.

J and I have also completed our Christmas shopping. Yes, it's true! They few things that I do have left are just extras and I know what they are and where they are, it's just a matter of actually going to get them.

I love the holiday season. Thanksgiving is such a special time for my family. It's also fun because I was born on Thanksgiving day. My Pappy had always told me that's how it all got started. Imagine my surprise when I got to kindergarten and learned all of that Pilgrim and Indian stuff. My birthday falls on Thanksgiving about every 8 years I think. Thanksgiving Day begins with gathering family for chatting, visiting, and cooking. We usually eat Thanksgiving dinner mid afternoon. Once we are all sufficiently stuffed it's time to play spades B family style. That means the game isn't over until all participants are bleeding. Then it's another round of food and gathering to watch Christmas Vacation.

I love getting ready for Christmas too. I love all of the decorations. I love the songs and stories at church. I love the Christmas music station. I love buying gifts for my family and friends. I love the movies. I love having parties and spending time with my family and friends. Christmas is by far one of my favorite times of the year. I also really love that J's grandad always reads the Christmas story. I look forward to us doing that for our kids one day.

I look forward to New Year's, too. It is the one year anniversary of J and I moving into our first house. I'm excited about hosting a cocktail party to celebrate that, and all the wonders of the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and most of all, love and friendship.

Doesn't that just give everyone a warm, fuzzy feeling?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Attention! Attention! May I have your attention please?

Mrs. M will be celebrating a milestone in T-25 days. Mark your calendars for November 25th. It's sure to be a good time!

The CEO Visit

Everyone is in such a tissy here. The CEO is in the house. This means I sat in a folding chair for two hours for a "strategic planning/update" meeting where they danced around all sorts of questions. However, I did very much enjoy the dried fruit and diet coke.