Friday, November 03, 2006


It is time for J and I to update our phones. We moved to a family plan about this time last year, and now only get one upgrade for the principle user of the line. Lucky for him, I couldn't really care less about phones. He, on the other hand, loves techy new toys.

He picked out a fancy pants phone (the Chocolate) that does everything but make breakfast and walk the dog. However, for what it cost it should make pancakes with a side of sausage and Virginia maple syrup. Luckily he received the Verizon $100 credit, but still had a balance on the phone. It is rather nifty I suppose. It's a phone, camera, and mp3 player and largely resembles and ipod. The name just makes me want a Reese's.

I, on the other hand, didn't even get a flip phone until after camera phones were cool, and still have that one. I could carry a rotary phone in a bag and be fine as long as it serves it purpose to send and receive calls. I would be quite content with that little firefly thing that's for kids, but it would suck if I wanted to call beyond twenty numbers I suppose. I do like flip phones though. With my other I would always manage to call people from my purse or call and leave myself voice messages of me walking through the mall and shopping. I do largely rely on caller ID as well. However, I think all of the other fancy stuff (camera, music, washing machine) is just more that can break and go wrong.

Anyway, I suppose I'll never understand why fancy phones are important and why he'd pay for one when you can get the little freebies. On the other hand, I'm sure J cannot possibly understand why just this week I paid nearly $50 for a new bra.

On the bright side, I can use my darling husband's phone as an ipod when i work out.

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girl from the south said...

Phone memories. All I can say is Beta mixer and "Family Traditions."