Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh, Oh, the O's!

They're married! My childhood best friend and the love of her life were married in the most beautiful ceremony I'd ever witnessed on Saturday. In fact, the entire weekend was just perfect. There were an abundance of festivities from the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner to the Celebratory Cocktails afterwards to the Bridesmaids Luncheon, to the Pre-Wedding Preparation and Champagne Toast to the actual Wedding Ceremony. I think it was more special for me because both J and I were part of it. The weekend was perfect. It was a nice little get-a-way for us in a cute and cozy little bed and breakfast and also a time to reconnect and rejoice with friends. Words just aren't enough. Here are a few pictures. I'll post actual wedding pictures when they're available.

The cutest little Bed and Breakfast where we stayed. Isn't it darling?

The tablescapes I helped create for the Rehearsal. It was at an historic inn that was just darling.

Out on Friday Night after the Rehearsal and Dinner (yes, my boobs were out too!)

The fine looking groomsmen The lovely ladies (don't look for me, you can't see me).

The ladies at the Bridal Luncheon.
Hubs and Mr. T found something to do while Mrs. T and I were at the Bridal Luncheon. Yes, quite a bit of this during the weekend. They found 40's of beer. What?
Us, with the T's, also the other married couple in the wedding party. We absolutely love them. They make moving to middle of nowhere GA look appealing! We met them through the O's and they are wonderful!
Me and J. (Christmas card?)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


J and I purchased passports as our first anniversary gift. We like tradition, it is paper, and we needed them. Oh, I also let him buy me dinner. However, I also told him that the certified piece of paper with the 2 carat diamond earrings would be considered paper and I would not be mad at him if he bought them for me. No siree, not me! I wouldn't be mad at all. He didn't take his chances though.

Anyway, we didn't apply for our passports until the third week of June. We need them the last week of August. Holy cow what were we thinking? We went to the post office and got the "your passports are due back on August 17, but that is a big fat lie and you won't get them in time and when you call us crying because you can't take your trip we'll laugh. However for a kidney and your first born they are due back on July 9. That too is a big fat lie and you'll have to call your state reps and cry like a baby and beg and plead. What would you like to do?" (Seriously, exact words.)

J and I coughed up the extra cash, signed over our cars, home, and first born, forked out our kidney, and hoped for the best. Now what I'm about to tell you will truly be a shock.

Our passports were back in less than two weeks. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!

Can you believe that? I want a my 2 carat certified diamond earrings! Oops, I mean a refund!

(On the bright side: Vacation, here we come!)

But it's the truth.

Can I call my boss an asshat to his face? It's not words I'm throwing out maliciously it, but it's the proven truth. And I'm a firm believer that the truth will set you free.

And if it doesn't, I'll be blogging to you lovely readers from the unemployment line. Either way, I think it will be worth it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Where can I find this?

I try not to be a multi-poster, but I do have a burning question. I'm looking for 2 swimsuit tops. I prefer tankini style and I really need a black, and would also like to find a turquoise blue. Target has let me down. My boobs won't fit in the tops at Old Navy, and I couldn't find anything solid at Kohls. I don't mind ordering online. Any suggestions?

I'm just bragging

I only had a quick errand to run and didn't even mean to shop yesterday. However, I was in tar-jay for five minutes and found a deal I couldn't pass up. I got these capris for a whopping $3.74. Allow me to repeat that, three dollars and seventy four cents.

I'm pretty adament about not shopping in or wearing clothes from the juniors section, but for $3.74, I broke my rule.

The Cosmetics Counter Girl

First of all, I didn't forget, and the winners are (drum roll please) Platinum Rose and Swistle! I'll be contacting both of you discuss prize arrangements.

Second, what do you lovely readers think of being a cosmetics counter girl? There is an open position for one in my town and an upscale department store and I thought it might be a fun job. It would definitely take me off of my current career path, but I'm not sure that matters. It could be an awesome job for going to grad school, so that totally justifies it, right? Otherwise, I think the schedule would suck. I wonder what the cosmetics girl gets paid? I know managers make commission, but I don't think the others do. Hmmm, wonder if I could roll my 401k?

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Motherload

I normally don't do complete weekend updates, but due to all of the excitement that was my weekend, I'll do it anyway.

First, I could still be hungover. After a whopping six---ok, seven---Fine! Ten! You happy? I had ten margarita's. In my defense It was over the course of about six hours. And I did sop myself up at the IHOP with the little hammered bride-to-be. It was practically my duty to induldge in alcohol and be a lush with her. What kind of friend would I be if I let her look like an idiot alone? The bachelorette party was a huge success. The games were fun, the food was good, the company better, and the margarita's were divine. Internet--I'm one hell of a margarita maker. Mrs. O-to-Be recieved some great gifts, including a few, ahem, novelties bought by a great friend who made a scary trip to the s*x shop at midnight on Friday. Enjoy the pictures, then keep reading.

Remember that nasty allergy test? It sucked! I had 151 pricks on my back and then 15 shots in the arm--both arms! And as an added bonus I get to go back three times a week for allergy shots. Oh, and I'm allergic to the pooch. Go figure. But don't worry, I won't be leaving Mr. M over it, which would be the only option for me being away from pooch since I know that come hell or high water, he'll be keeping his pooch.
On a bright note I hit the motherload while indulging in a bit of retail therapy. Tar-jay did not let me down with the cute shoes. Behold, my new $4.48 shoes!

I'm not an animal print kinda girl, but I do love these shoes. It's just enough punch without being tacky. The straps are suede and the heel is patent. It's rather cute. I've been wanting some leopard shoes because Allie has some and does such cute things with them. Last month, I found a pair of peep-toed heels (also at Tar-jay) in a leopard print for only $7.48. I brought them home to love them forever but they were a half size too small and my piggies looked like pepperoni's in them. Boo! They're is another pair of small wedge peep-toed leopard print (also Tar-jay) that I need. Yes, need. They're currently $12. We know I don't pay $12 for shoes, so when they discount to a satisfactory amount, I'll be purchasing them. Normally I stick to a one-in, one-out rule so that I don't crowd my wardrobe and be sure I'm actually wearing the things I have. In light of recent shoe finds, I've chucked that rule.

Also at target I found some cute ribbed layering tanks for a whopping $3 each. I bought four of them (some solid, some striped). I'm thinking I may get an additional white one and do a cute preppy monogram on it. Thoughts?

As if that wasn't a good enough deal, I also found great deals at Ann Taylor Loft. I flipping love that store. I could kiss the doors everytime I pass through them. I bought these capris (which I'm wearing today with my above shoes):

The picture isn't that great but they're a chocolate brown with button accented pockets and a cute split in the back. Get ready for this: they were originally $44 and marked down along with an additional 40% off. I paid a mere $15 (yes, fifteen dollars!). I also bought these for $15:

The didn't have them in petite so the length is a little funny on me. However, I cuffed them up and they looked great. It made them a more city shorts look and not such a wide leg. I'm going to hem them a couple of inches this week so that I can wear them this weekend while we're getting ready for the wedding.

Other great finds there included a cute white skirt with a black paisley-esque print on it. I couldn't find a picture of it. I think it had been $54, was marked down, and then an additional 40% off. My final price? $9.00! Nine dollars! Repeat: nine dollars! I also found a cute red scoop neck shirt. I've been looking for a casual red shirt and this fit the bill. It was also 40% off. I left the store spending only around $50 for everything above. I think the red shirt will look cute with the skirt and these red shoes. I do believe that will be my outfit for the bridesmaid luncheon.

I've decided it's imperative that I start a bargain blog. I've registered a name, I just need a fun banner and tagline. Any suggestions?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Time Capsule

As I've been cleaning out my childhood trunk I've found a plethora of items that I suddenly feel are ancient. Tapes, film cameras, and floppy disks to name a few. All of these things have led me to think I should create a time capsule. Nothing fancy, just a small box full of things that are so rapidly changing so that I have items to share with my kids and grand kids. Wouldn't that be neat? I could add items every year as out ever evolving world continues to change. I mean, at this point with MP3 players and flash drives, a CD could nearly go inside.

Has anyone else ever though of creating a time capsule? What would you put in the box? Throw out suggestions and give your fellow bloggers some ideas for their own time capsule project. Oh, and let me know if you create one.

Casual Friday

Go Big Red! Certainly if this and this didn't land me in HR, then this little ditty above should be no problem for "Casual Friday", no? Hope the picture made true on it's promises. Also a big, fat thank you to those who helped. I'll have a grand winner next week. Oh, and this picture may disappear soon because I can only stand so much embarrassment of my stuffing myself in a size 7 cheerleading uniform that I wore ten years ago.

While cleaning out my childhood trunk last weekend, I found one of my high school cheerleading uniforms. (Yes, I was a cheerleader, for thirteen years, shut up!) I should have totally went all clad with the bloomers, pom poms, and shoes (all of which I still have) but I'll spare you. Let's just say that once I finally wedged the skirt on, I wasn't sure how I was getting it off. I finally decided my boobs were more malleable than my birthing hips and ghetto booty, so up and over it went stuffing down one twin peak at a time. Awesome, I know! Who wants to hang out with me? On another note you may be disheartened to know that my case of tapes didn't make the cut. So goodbye to Boyz II Men, All For One, and Mariah Carey Unplugged among about two dozen others.

All of this cleaning out started when we hubs and I thought we might move. A big move. As in another state in another time zone. While it would have been nice because he'd be making bank and I wouldn't have to work, and I'd get a hefty discount at a very nice upscale retail establishment that sells home and kitchen goodies (ahem, get my drift!), he instead received the raise and promotion at his current gig which suits us fine. We're happy here. (And I'll continue to work in media hell with awesome benefits.) Anyway, we moved forward with the cleaning out and had a garage sale. Let me tell you Internet, people will buy anything!

Speaking of hubs fancy new job, he's jet setting all over the place. Today he is in Dallas. He left before God awoke this morning and will be back about 7:30 tonight. That gives me plenty of shopping time. I. simply. must. go. shopping. For several reasons actually.

  1. Hubs is out of town, well for the day and I will be doing the shopping while he is gone.
  2. I need to run errands for the party tomorrow.
  3. I won bunco again last night! Woot! The gambling cash is burning a hole in my pocket.
  4. I have to go to the allergy doctor today where I think they are going to give me the million needles on the back test and for that I will need retail therapy.

Hopefully I'll come back with some bargains to brag about and make you all proud. I mean, I wouldn't' want this trip to be in vain.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All of the Party Details

I hope the Bachelorette Bash turns out wonderful! Here's what it's going to be thus far. Maybe it will help you lovely ladies in your next soiree. (And as promised tomorrow you'll have the chance to laugh til your side hurts and poke great fun at me. Until the, go here and help girl out! Please?)

The Atmosphere
Smelly good candles burning and a bachelorette mix just for Mrs. O-to-Be in the background.

Orchids--Mrs. O-to-Be's favorite flower. I bought a couple orchids and painted clay pots with a dry brush technique and monogrammed them with an "O".
Pictures--I also have a couple of very cute pictures of Mr. O and Mrs. O-to-Be that I've matted with a cute khaki that's adorned with khaki and green rickrack and ribbon. It looks very cute with the sepia toned photos.

The Table
I've set the table with a white tablecloth and a ribbon runner in clover green. The napkins are all rolled up and tied with a pretty clover green ribbon (Mrs. O-to-Be's favorite color!). The silverware is tucked away inside. I have the clear glass plates (fabulous for all get togethers! They're very elegant and they match everything.)and wine glasses ready complete with little charms on the stems. I have to admit, I love having parties because I get to bring out all of my fun serving pieces. I love using my different trays and platters. The majority of my pieces are white ceramic on wrought iron stands or glass. I'll be using a 3 tiered tray, a round serving collection with different pieces that fit inside the round platter, a 4 piece platter set that can be mixed and match in a variety of ways on the wrought iron stand, a glass covered cake pedestal and then the glass chip and dip set, serving bows, plates, etc. I've adorned bits and pieces of the knobs/handles/etc. with a tiny green ribbon.

The Food
Lemon artichoke chicken pasta, hot artichoke dip (with crackers and veggies), Hawaiian bread and spinach dip (also can be used with crackers and veggies), a cheese and grape platter, cocktail sausages, black bean and feta dip (used with frito scoops), strawberries and brownie bites, and lemon poppy seed bundt cake

The Drinks*
Pitchers of Margaritas, A punch bowl full of The Bachelorettini-a mojito flavored wine punch (with more on reserve), An iced tub full of beer (with frosted mugs), and a couple of bottles of wine on reserve.

The Games
Mystery Panties: Guests bring an unwrapped pair of panties for Mrs. O-to-Be that describe their personality. They are all put into a basket and Mrs. O-to-Be has to guess who they're from when she pulls them out.

Things You Might Hear: The old favorite of writing down what she says when she opens her lingerie, then repeating as things you might hear on the wedding night.

The Question Game: I ask Mr. O a set of questions and ask the same questions of Mrs. O-to-Be. For everyone she answers differently, she has to stuff a marshmallow in her mouth.

The Chore Game: Guests are handed slips of paper that say: I hate (chore) because ____. After everyone has filled in the blanks you read them around the room. However, you omit the chore they've written and say sex. For example if I wrote "I hate cleaning bathtubs because I don't like soap scum", I'd have to read it as "I hate sex because I don't like soap scum". This game is good for laughs.

The Food Game: This is much like the chore game. Slips of paper are given our that say I hate (food) because___. When guests read it they omit food and replace with oral sex. For example: "I hate pinto beans because they make me gassy" would be read as "I hate oral sex because it makes me gassy". Again--good laughs!

The Lights Go Out: The lights go out on the wedding night! Bride-to-be is given a bag full of items and blindfolded. She has one minute to put on as much as she can. Items can include anything good for laughs: granny panties, boa, work gloves, ski boots, thong, tiara, tie, etc.

Painting the Town
For the night out we're headed downtown to bar hop and shake our groove things to 80's music. I have a few item of entertainment for our night out as well. I'm sure Mrs. O-to-Be and Mrs. S will be, ahem, inebriated (fine, maybe I will be too!) but that makes these games all the more fun!

Scavenger Hunt: A list of 10 things Mrs. O-to-Be must find and have a picture of: guy with a tattoo, guy with same name as the groom, guy who buys her a drink, guy with belt buckle.....etc.

What I Did Before I Said "I DO": A list of tasks Mrs. O-to-Be must complete on our night out. For example: Order a "blow job shot" and yell it out! (there is nothing like a drunk girl in a veil yelling "Hey Bartender, Can I get a blow job?" while her friends gaffaw and laugh), get a guy to dance with you, have a stranger serenade you, have someone tattoo your butt (in pen) with a funny saying (relax, we're not mooning anyone, just the upper hip area), etc.

Touring the Town: A list of five different locations with fill in the blanks: where it was, who it was, what it was, signature. Mrs. O-to-Be has to write down where she goes, who her bartender is, what they served her, take a picture, and sign her name. Location five is usually not very readable. Truthfully 1-4 won't be in this case!

If anyone is interested in the full versions of the above games email me and I'll send you the sheets I've made for all of the above. I use them for every bachelorette party. They've been crowd pleasers for a handful so far and I still have another one this year.

*By far, the most important detail for the lovely lush of Mrs. O-to-Be.

Let's chat about our favorite showers.

PLEASE GO HERE AND HELP ME! The prize will be monogrammed. Does that help?

Continuing with the shower theme this week, let's chat about our favorites. This can be bridal shower, baby shower, any shower at all. Tell me what you like and don't like at showers. What have been your best memories and what neat and fun things have you seen?

I had several great showers when I was getting married. I have to say that my lingerie shower and bachlorette could have been the absolute greatest because:

  1. It was a complete and total surprise. I kinda knew that something could be in the works, but other than that I was shocked!
  2. Everyone came out for it---EVERYONE! My oldest and best friend in the world Mrs. Bex (mother of Pie) made a 5 hour drive just to be there for the night. The wonderful women who I was a nanny for were there. Also, the majority of the planning was done by my dear friend and wedding planner SEC who lives in a different time zone about 3 hours away. She had planned great food and great games.....
  3. The shower was at my house and I still had no clue! I'm not even kidding.
  4. We rocked out the whole night, it was fabulous!

Tomorrow I'm going to give you all the details of the Bachelorette Bash this weekend. Hopefully it will give you some good ideas for your next soiree. Until then, chat amongst yourselves about what you like and don't like as well as some favorite moments. Oh, and enjoy my bachelorette slide show.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm Needy This Week, But It Could Be Worth It For You.

I think I might have this week under control, of course it is only Tuesday.

I do have a pressing need and this is definitely one you can all help me with. The big party this weekend is a Lingerie Bachelorette Extravaganza for one of my oldest and best friends, Mrs. O-to-Be. (J and pooch will be out of town at Mr. O's Bachelor part this weekend. Good grief I can only imagine what it will entail!)

Anyway--back to my need. First let me say that I will post all my lovely ideas and planning right her on this fancy little blog so that you can all copy and save for future reference. And at the end of the week there is going to be a treat of a picture of my being a total dork that you will not want to miss. So all of my incesant begging will be worth it.

I'm going to play the game where she has to answer questions that I've already asked her fiance. I've done this one before, but I need some new, updated, and fun questions. Please dear readers--help me! Leave me one, two, or ten questions I can throw at him. Also, if you want to post my plea on your blog, your readers can email me a response and also for an invite (themrsm at gmail dot com). I promise to post pictures of her with a mouth full of marshmellows or bubblegum, or whatever I decide.

WAIT! Don't Leave! It gets better. I'll randomly select a winner for a little door prize if you help me! So go ahead, put your name in the drawing. I'll even give you one entry for every question, up to three. Sound fair? I need at least 25 good questions. So go ahead, you know you want to--all the cool kids are doing it. (Nope, we're not above peer pressure at the M Bed and Breakfast!)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Help Wanted--Inquire Within

People--I have quite a week ahead and my pretty little head just might spin around and explode completely off of my body. While that could be nice because there are so many lovely things up there like harmony, love, and world peace would totally mess with my nose. And my husband thinks I have a cute little nose. And putting this cute little nose back together would make it look like some weird, distorted, Van Gogh mosaic done by a beginner and well, that would be bad. I need help!

First of all, I'm hosting a huge party here this weekend and that in itself makes all the crazy in me come out. Everything had to be perfect because I'm anal retentive and OCD. There! I said it! Cleaning and preparing wouldn't be a problem except that I'm way behind on my sewing and monogramming. Remember how I had that lovely little eye funk last week? Well the runny, itchy, watery, bloodshot red, sandpaper feeling eyes didn't exactly allow me ability to do such projects as sew and monogram. It was also my right eye, which is my good eye as I'm legally blind in the left. (Yes, I was still driving, and don't worry, it only interfered with work for a half day. I can pretend to work with the eye funk as well as I can pretend to work without it.)

Ok, back to the subject matter here. I'll take care of the sewing and monogramming and you lovely readers can divvy up these tasks:

  • Ride my husband like a bull to get his schoolwork done! (Gutter minds!)
  • Scrub my tubs using these wonderful suggestions.
  • Do my laundry, hubs laundry is optional.
  • Go the the grocery--don't forget the party menu.
  • Stop by the liquor store. Get whatever you want--we'll love it!
  • Clean the rest of the house: sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, and be certain there are fresh bedsheets for the guests. Oh and towels. You may need to was and fold the guest towels.
  • Ride my husband like a bull-Round Two: make sure he does the to-do list I've made for him. This should be a different person as both tasks involving J will be full-time jobs.
  • Get the sangria ready! Yum-Yum! On second thought, maybe I should do this task.
  • Prep the party food!
  • Bake the cake! But it is a super secret recipe so I'm not sure who is going to get it.
  • Decorate, set the table, arrange the flowers, roll the napkins, tie the ribbons....
  • Oh wait...who's picking up the flowers?
  • Someone give me a manicure, a massage, and a mojito!

Come on over, I'll be waiting.

P.S. Bathe the dog, water the plants, go to the post office.....

Friday, July 13, 2007

You've Got Mail

Dear Dove,

When shall my underarms begin feeling like cashmere?

Bumped and Rashy,
Mrs. M
Dear Home Depot,

Do you think you could train your employees to know that they work in a home store and that you sell most things for homes and perhaps even a general idea of where these items might be? Just general, such as "in the store somewhere!" would be better than what I'm currently getting.

Also, the nice young man who rushed to our assistance when loading a few extra pieces of patio furniture, well, he could have been more helpful if he'd have quit playing on the radio with his friend (I see you! hee hee hee!) and actually, um, helped. Although he did a great job of watching me help my husband while I was wearing a dress.

Using my big muscles,
Mrs. M

Dear Neighbors at 6109 and 6111,

Was that animal control I saw at your house? Neener, neener, neener!

Always On a Leash,
Mrs. M and Pooch

Dear Driver on the Pike,

Although very kind of you to think if you tailgated closely enough you could push my little coupe into going faster, it was also rather annoying. Did you enjoy seeing my brake lights flash as I slowed to a meager 30 miles per hour when you couldn't go around me. It appears that you noticed by the way you flailed your arms about. Go ahead, park in my backseat if you like. Then you can be the one to buy my new 08 Escape Hybrid, and Mr. M would really like that.

Vroom Vroom!
Mrs. M

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You couldn't pass this up either.

Wowza-I got another great deal yesterday! Last week I'd picked up a little white skirt at my favorite store, Tar-jay. I'd been needing (or wanting) a little white skirt since I moved past my previous one a couple years ago. As always, I purchased the skirt to take home and try on with everything I own. It really didn't do it for me. I tried to like it but decided that it wasn't worth it for the price. That night I also picked up 2 little summer dresses, so I decided the white skirt had to be returned.

Last night I was running a few errands and of course, found myself at Tar-jay. I was returning the skirt and the lady at the service desk (who was lovely by the way) commented what a good price the skirt was now. Ding, ding, ding! I heard bargain words and I perk up! The skirt (are you ready for this?) was $4.98. I said it was four dollars and ninety eight cents!

I bought it back! I rebought the skirt I had just returned--for four dollars and ninety eight cents! It suddenly looked fabulous on me and I found I could wear it with several items in my wardrobe and ohmygoodness it was perfect! The power for five dollars, amazing isn't it?

Maybe I should start a bargain blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top Notch Employee--That's Me!

Remember the small occurrences of my awesomeness with the CEO? I've had yet another strikingly awesome moment, but in all fairness, it can be blamed on my eye funk.

I've had to wear my sunglasses inside some for the past couple of days because my eye is really light sensitive. (Yes, I'm totally Hollywood. I think I'll carry my dog in a purse tomorrow). I was joking about my condition with co-workers and conveniently piped up the following as Mr. CEO gallivants by my desk.

"The lights are so bright because I smoke too much pot. I'm going to have to quit taking morning hits before work and start limiting myself"

If you'll excuse me, I'm just going to take myself to HR.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The one where I rant and rave about idiots.

Do you know what bothers me? Currently, there are two things (but the day is young).

First, people who cannot spell my name no matter how many times I put it in front of them. I have a semi-common name with a rather unusual spelling. The spelling is because 1) the name I'm called is short for another name that is rather old-school and was also after my grandmother, and 2) my parents had me at 17 and smoked a lot of pot. Hence, I have a name that no one can pronounce or spell. However, when I send you an email and the correct spelling is both in the email address and also in the signature, then get it right! Idiot! This is especially true if I'm perhaps volunteering to boost your organization.

Second, idiots with dogs who try to eat me. For the love of all that is good and right in this world control you stinking animals! I have my mutt on a leash, do the same with your damn dog already! Yesterday while taking a stroll a boxer got out of his backyard and came barreling down the long driveway toward us. Luckily J was with me (and pooch!) and was ready to take him. I was scared to death. I froze, then turned my back and started to cry. (Hey, if he's going to bite, it probably wouldn't hurt to take a few inches off the ol' bum rather than my face.) Well, when J told the dog he'd "mace his ass" the owner, who was chatting on his phone like it was not big deal yelled out "he don't bite" (idiot--it's he doesn't bite, not don't--doesn't!). I replied, "I'm not convinced, get a f*cking leash!" (Internet- I really am attempting to clean up my potty mouth, but times like these just bring it all out!). The dog linked above hasn't tried to eat me since a near encounter on Saturday. Above mentioned neighbors may realize I mean business when animal control shows up at their house. I mean, not that I had anything to do with that (evil laugh!).

Ugh, I just don't like animals. I like our pooch, and I can deal with dogs that don't try to eat me, touch me, lick me, or jump on me. For instance, I like Hardy and Jerry, two dogs owned by our friends the O's and the O's. But I don't even like a cat if it's asleep in a closet. And, in case you were wondering, I especially don't like idiot people and their idiot mutts that try to eat me and preshus weshus poochie woochie puddin' pie, in case you didn't know.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Shoe Shopping: Take it how you can get it! (and the Eye Funk Returns!)

Lately, my husband going out of town for work hasn't kept him overnight. The company has been taking the private jet and making day trips rather than one or two nights. I'm loving that J isn't kept away from me, especially overnight. And also since I'm not sure our pooch is exactly vicious and attacking.

However, it has put a damper on my "But honey, I missed you" shoe shopping. So as I was running quick errands to wrap up a shower I was hosting on Saturday, I spotted these darling shoes that I'd had my eye on for some time. They were 75% off Internet. SEVENTY-FIVE! The total on these cute little things was a whopping $4.48.

I decided to call these "WOOHOO You got a raise and I got new shoes!" shoes. I mean, at $4.48 they don't really need a name besides "Ohmygosh they are cute gold shoes and are only $4.48" however, I like to point out that I can justify anything.

Also Internet, my husband is out of town on one of the trips today. So a trip by Target on my way home may be in order for another pair or clearance shoes. They can be the "but I was afraid for you being on that little plane and I had to buy new shoes to console me" shoes, yes?

In unrelated news, I have the eye funk again. I was fine all day Saturday and then woke up three times in the middle of the morning Sunday with the clowns, camels, and carnivals in full swing. Why me? How do I get it and how does it come back? I suppose I'm going to have to toss all my eye make-up just in case. On the bright side, I can peruse the cosmetic aisle when I'm purchasing shoes. I took a picture and was going to show you all had bad it was, but Ewww!, no one deserves that, so use your imaginations.

Friday, July 06, 2007


My hubs just got a big, fat promotion! A BIG, FAT, PROMOTION! And it includes a raise. A BIG, FAT RAISE! A number that neither of us expected! Go ahead and keep dancing...I think I just peed my pants. (It's ok, I've peed these before!)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Conversing and Quote a la J

J and I have very different communication styles. I think quick (or not at all) and speak quickly too. However, when I ask J something I get no response. Especially if it's an open ended question. For example:

Me: What do you want to do for dinner?
(silence. waiting. silence. me getting annoyed.)
J: I was thinking....

This really annoys me! If he asked me what I wanted for dinner I'd start spouting things out. For example:

"We haven't had pasta in awhile, do you wanna do pasta? We can add chicken or shrimp. Or do you want to grill tonight? You can grill and I'll make broasted potatos and salad."

I'm just more interactive and I easily lose patience when he's pondering and not speaking back to me. I know we just process things differently and I'm an outie and he's an innie. However he said it best yesterday.

Quote a la J:

"Sometimes I feel like I'm a 386 married to a Pentium"

This is true.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meet Mack

Our new "creole terrier" (I'm afraid the word mix will give him a complex). I've put J off on getting a dog for nearly two years, but this little guy won his heart (and ok, maybe mine too!). The real kicker was when he said it was all he wanted for his birthday. I offered a new digital camera, a new miter saw, a hammock, and nearly a mac laptop but all that he would have is the pooch. So, two months early, here he is as J's birthday gift.

We visited him on Friday evening when we first saw him. Then we went back on Saturday. Then again on Sunday and we finally filled out the application to bring him home. It usually takes about 2 days but we were so excited that they rushed us through and let us pick him up last night. We adopted him from a rescue which saved him from a shelter where he was about to be put down. Can you believe that? How could someone not love this dog?

He's super sweet, but a bit fickle which was further proof he fit right in with us. He's one to two years old, house trained (score!), he doesn't really bark, and doesn't appear to chew. He's so lovable and seems to be happy to be at home with us and not in that little metal kennel. Plus, he's not tried to go upstairs since I let out a big, monstrous "NO" when he ventured toward them. It's a HUGE deal that I'm letting him in the house at all since indoor animals go against every fiber of my being. I did relent to allowing him in the den of the evenings when we're at home. Plus, the office is right off of the den so he can hang out with J when he has to study. So in essence, this dog is going to make him more scholastic, no?

He's certainly living the good life now. He came home in a monogrammed dogdanna, and has a new fluffy bed (monogrammed!), a fancy pancy crate (which thus far he is not fond of), tons of toys and bones, pretty food and water bowls (with his name!), and lots of stuff coming in the mail for him. For example, he simply had to have the Burberry print collar, harness, and leash (all of which will be monogrammed) ! He just had too. He's one preppy (monogrammed) puppy. Plus how cute will he be with that stuff when I'm carrying myBurberry purse or monogrammed Burberry tote? He has a fancy, classic, brown, leather leash for his time with J. We've also spotted a fly fishing outfit that he must have for his trip to the lake.

Internet, I'm afraid that I'm going to become one of "those people."

So come on over to the M House where we're currently playing rounds of Pimp My Pup!

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Date to the Zoo

On Saturday morning J and I took our little boyfriend and girlfriend on a date to the zoo. Do you know how much I love these kids? I was their nanny in college since boyfriend was 9 months old, he's going to be six this year (real tears!). Girlfriend has been with me since she was born and new baby sister (6 months) as well. Their mom (and dad) loves when we take them on dates. She gets a day off and the zoo is a little harder for them now with new baby sister too. J and I love spending time with them and spoiling them as much as possible. Do you not just want to gobble them up in one big bite? J often reminds me that we can retire early and have a lake and mountain house as well as a condo at the beach if we just keep spoiling these kids and don't really have our own. Plus, we don't have to worry about their college funds. That J--what a thinker! I do love seeing him with them. I know he's going to be a rockin' dad when we choose to reproduce. Enjoy the pictures of our wonderful day!

Kiddos love them some J, can you blame them:

So stinking cute I just can't stand it. I hope my kids are this adorable:

Caged Animals:Ride, ride, ride, hitchin' a ride:
"Pwease Wa Wa? Can we wide da cam-ool PWEASE?"
(La La was putting them off, J gave in!)

Egypt is beautiful! Wish you were here:
And last but not least because when I'm slightly crass and found such humor in this that I still cackle over it.....



Mrs. S got a live camel toes pictures message on Saturday. She thoroughly enjoyed. As I continued to cackle the kids started wondering, "Wa Wa, why do you like camel toes? Why do you keep talking about camel toes?" I'm sure their parents are going to appreciate explaining that one.