Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's chat about our favorite showers.

PLEASE GO HERE AND HELP ME! The prize will be monogrammed. Does that help?

Continuing with the shower theme this week, let's chat about our favorites. This can be bridal shower, baby shower, any shower at all. Tell me what you like and don't like at showers. What have been your best memories and what neat and fun things have you seen?

I had several great showers when I was getting married. I have to say that my lingerie shower and bachlorette could have been the absolute greatest because:

  1. It was a complete and total surprise. I kinda knew that something could be in the works, but other than that I was shocked!
  2. Everyone came out for it---EVERYONE! My oldest and best friend in the world Mrs. Bex (mother of Pie) made a 5 hour drive just to be there for the night. The wonderful women who I was a nanny for were there. Also, the majority of the planning was done by my dear friend and wedding planner SEC who lives in a different time zone about 3 hours away. She had planned great food and great games.....
  3. The shower was at my house and I still had no clue! I'm not even kidding.
  4. We rocked out the whole night, it was fabulous!

Tomorrow I'm going to give you all the details of the Bachelorette Bash this weekend. Hopefully it will give you some good ideas for your next soiree. Until then, chat amongst yourselves about what you like and don't like as well as some favorite moments. Oh, and enjoy my bachelorette slide show.


JayJenny said...

Thanks for sharing your B-Party photos, those were fun!

Drinks and good friends are always my perfect mixture!

I find that us girlfriends can pretty much entertain ourselves, so don't worry. That and the fact that I'm absolutely sure you've properly planned and how couldn't spending a night with you be fun?!

Alicia said...

I wish I had a bachelorette party like that! It looked like SOOOO much fun! My grandfather went in to the hospital a mere few weeks before my wedding and was in over my "bachelorette party" so really, I went out to dinner with the women in the family and that's it....just incase something happened with my grandfather.
:-( At least I had some sort of celebration! Have a great time this weekend and I'm looking forward to pictures!

Swistle said...

My favorite thing at a shower is pink fizzy spiked punch.