Monday, February 27, 2006

And then I got engaged.

I used to be a calm, thoughful, well-organized, and rational person.

Then I got engaged.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Reason #307

Reason #307 I love my fiance: who else would go to Home Depot to get lumber and supplies to build a work bench and pull out the list on their handheld? My professional little handyman--that's who!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

"Mrs. M looks like..."

So this is too much fun! Google "(your name) looks like" in quotations and see what you get. It will no doubt give you a good chuckle.

Mine said: "Mrs. M looks like a human with an overcooked omelet glued to its head." Not the most flattering compliment I've ever had. Thanks Google!

Check out some others of my friends:

"SEC looks like a rockstar with slurpees."

"T-Ho looks like a donkey that has not eaten for many months because she is skinny! She is a skinny *****!" (wowza! Keep it G-rated Google!)

"CD looks like one of those insects that are attracted to certain lights."

"Ta looks like a hot pickle." AND

"Ta looks like she's about to eat Nina alive, but she is very gentle."

"Miss C, looks like a little hooty owl snuck in there"

"Mrs. S: Looks like she's about two rhinestones away from a wardrobe malfunction." AND

"Mrs. S looks like a bouncer in a drag bar."

"Mrs. Y looks like a corner store tramp" AND

"Mrs. Y... Looks like you need to get down to business on the name thing!" I think this is telling you something B. But didn't we decide your soon-to-be new name already?

"LN looks like she’s wearing a curtain… a red, long curtain."

"Mrs. G looks like the girl from 16 candles, Molly Ringwald?" Hey,
I can kinda see that.

"Addy looks like a young Jennifer Lopez" Definately not, the fair skin and blonde hair throw that one way off!

"Addy looks like she's been shot out of a cannon" Well, I did see her during some early mornings when we were roomies.

But perhaps my favorite is J's. I've substituted my name for the added humor.

"Um well I am pregnant," says (Mrs. M), J looks like he is going to faint. Maybe (Mrs. M) didnt discuss this with J."

This is particularly entertaining for us because last week in our pre-marriage class one of the guys said "don't try to get pregnant without me knowing." To which all the other men in the room responded with a big hearty Amen!" That's right they concluded, "NO SURPRISING THE HUSBAND!" So, that said, the above comment gave us a good chuckle.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So LaLa, what exactly do you do at P?

Tonight my lovely fiance and I were having dinner with his brother. His brother asks me "so LaLa (well he called me my real name!), what exactly do you do at P (where I work)?" Before I can consider answering my aforementioned lovely fiance pipes up with the following; "oh she drinks coffee, sends personal emails, maintains and exquisite blog, and plans our wedding---really busts her butt for the company."

Now I have to ask, is my lovely fiance, still lovely?

Total Request Bride

There are so many fun details in a wedding! I have a few big things to work out (yes I'm aware I'm getting marred in 9 weeks!) and tons and tons of details. I just can't seem to stop with the details! I'm constantly finding bright ideas that I want to incorporate.

So currently, I'm working on the music. I can't decide what I want T2 to sing during the unity candle. Also, do I want another solo or two (the H girls have beautiful voices!) while guests are being seated and waiting? What do I want to walk down the aisle to? And what are we going to exit to? Do I want to do the first dance as we enter? Do I want to do the first dance after dinner? What do I play for the second dance when we invite the wedding party, family, and guests onto the floor? What do I want to hear during dinner? Cake cutting? Bouquet toss? Garter toss? (not bow-chicka wow-wow!). What do I want to be the fun music? The last dance? There are so many endless possibilities.

I have my vision for what I want the music to be for each part of the night, but I can't decide on individual songs. I have pages and pages of potential songs listed for all of the above categories. If I have more soloists besides the unity candle and memory candle, I have ideas for those songs. I know our exit song is going to be really triumphant. I want a jazzy feel during dinner, and some exciting music during the bouquet and garter toss.

So many decisions. This weekend I'm nailing it down. Get ready for...Total Request Bride!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Home Sweet Home

It's almost finished...My Home Sweet Home.

Moving in was a slow process for J and I. We got the big things done, but before we could fully unpack, we wanted to paint nearly every room. The colors in the house were all creamy, but we wanted a warmer neutral tone in the common areas. We also opted for a splash of color in the kitchen, one of the guest bedrooms, and soon to be the bathroom(s).

We were able to paint the kitchen, office, master bedroom, and one guest room before moving in. (With the help of his parents and T2!). Unfortunately there was still the large upstairs common area untouched, as well as a bedroom, the den, and the bathrooms. One weekend we tackled the den and the guest room (with the help of T2 of course!) but that still left the upstairs. There were still boxes piled high to one side of the living room because until everything was complete, we couldn't hang anything up. Merging all of our stuff, we weren't sure what to hang where and what we were even keeping.

So a couple of weeks ago our Friday night was pizza and painting. We started around 8pm and vowed to paint until it was complete. (Well I vowed to paint until it was complete, I just drug J down with me!). Alas--at midnight, the mission was complete. The house was fully painted and we were fully exhausted. My handy little J had even managed to build this lift thingy to put his ladder on so that he could reach the top of the cathedral ceiling to trim. I just shut my eyes!

The next day was so exciting because we finally got to decorate! We were able to hang pictures and prints and mirrors and shelves and OH! I got to wear my new pink tool belt. It's crazy the amount of stuff that just two people have! J took minutes (make that hours, ok a a year!) off of my life when he scaled the ledge next to the stairs (where the aforementioned cathedral ceiling is) to hang a mirror. I had the ER on speed dial. Luckily, we made it through that without injury. However, when J was back to the safety of the hardwood floor, he decided that mirror would go with the house! It was so nice in the end to look at our pretty little house all put together.

There are still some questionable areas. For example, I'm still not sure how or where to hang things in my guest room, so I just look at it everyday and contemplate. There is also an area in the den that makes somewhat of an L shape as it goes to the French door leading to the patio. I'm still not sure what to hang there either.

Then of course there is the ever present debate of the diploma. J's is proudly framed and hanging as it has been for a year. ETSU make their degrees a more manageable size to nicely and affordably frame yourself. However, mine is still in the tube. I want to get it framed, but it's so crazy expensive to do it the way I want. The current conclusion to this previously discussed issue, by fellow UT Grads who shall remain nameless to protect their identity from having been part of this fanatical and somewhat ridiculous conversation that was carried way too far, is to put up a nice set of wrought iron hooks, and gingerly lay the tube containing the diploma across it for a proud display. Hmmm....

Another good note of that weekend was that J finished putting in our closet shelving system in the laundry room and in my guest room. Oh, how that makes me giddy! It's so exciting. All of my sewing/crafty/stuff is so neat and organized. And there is plenty of space for my purses and shoes. (Well, the leftover shoes that wouldn't fit in the master closet--I like shoes a lot!). So, with all of the above being finished, we just have to order a few new pictures that we want to frame or replace others in frames. Of course, several of those will change after the wedding.

All that is left to do is the garage. One corner is most of my childhood in boxes while the rest is a shamble of J's tools, etc. He's working on building his work bench so he can clean that up. Once that's finished, it will just be changing out things as more wedding gifts arrive. That and removing everything from the "storage room" for the post wedding garage sale we are having in conjunction with a few other soon-to-be newlyweds.

How does this sound for an ad: "We just got married--come buy his stuff!"

Friday, February 17, 2006

What to do with that pretty little dress

So I've already been thinking of what I will do with my beautiful bridal gown when the Wedding is over. I used to think that I'd sell it because I have no need to keep it. However, as previously mentioned in the blog, things change.

I don't think that I will preserve my gown. What good is it to me if it's sealed in a box and I can only look at it through a window. Plus if I ever want to get it out, the preservation is no good and I'd have to have it redone. If I'm going to keep it, I want to be able to get it out and look at it.

I know that my kids/grandkids/nieces/cousins/etc. are not going to want to wear my dress! It's going to be old and ugly to them. So, I'm not keeping it for that reason.

A friend said when she was little that she used to love getting out her mom's wedding dress and play in it. That sounds sweet and I like that idea...but do I really want to let my kids play in something that expensive? Plus, it's pretty heavy with a long train, not exactly easy for a little one to prance around in.

I was thinking I could make my children's christening/baptism gowns out of the fabric of the train. That would be really special, but then I'm cutting up my dress.

So, if I'm not going to sell it and I'm going to preserve it, do I just keep it in a bag in the closet? That seems as if it would be a waste. Plus, J and I are very meticulous about the dividing of closet space, and that just might put me over quota.

Perhaps I'll just dress a mannequin in a glass case and put it in the formal living room right next to the wingback chair.

Allie has suggested that proceeding our nuptials we have a little tea party in our dress. I like that idea. With all the blissfully wedded and to-be-wed friends I have, we can have a big tea party!

Brooke says she's going to bring hers out on Friday nights to watch TV and have a beer.

I was thinking that as we tailgate this fall, Brooke, Amy, Malissa, Ellen, and myself would be cute sitting down to a barbecue with our hubbies all decked out in wedded glory! (Don't forget the veil ladies!) Actually--if you see an entourage of blushing brides flouncing around Neyland this fall--don't' be surprised! It will just be us, being pretty, pretty princesses in our pretty, pretty dresses.

So perhaps there will be a few other occasions that I can enjoy my Wedding gown.

Girls--what else are going to do in them?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pretty, Pretty Princess in my Pretty, Pretty Dress

I'm so excited. Tonight Steph and I are going to go play dress up in our Wedding Dresses at White Lace & Promises. I can't wait to get it and put it on. Of course, I do have an ulterior motive since I'll go wielding scissors!

My dress is called "pearl" which is such an ambiguous color. It's not white. It's not cream. It's not ivory. There is a wide array of "pearl" and "candlelight" colors depending upon the designer. So in order to match my veil et. al. with the dress, I'm going to get snippy on the inside a little bit. I'm letting the boutique store it there since I've not had it altered and it's better than shoving it in my closet.

But other than that...I just want to play dress up!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I AM Bridezilla. I've decided to embrace that and move on with the wedding planning. I'm not sure why anyone will be shocked to know this. If you know me and my nearly obsessive, compulsive personality and my desire for perfection, you'd have seen this coming as I did.

On the other hand, I'm not sure why anyone is shocked that, this being MY wedding, I'd like to do things MY way. I'm not a selfish or conceited person, but for this one day let's all get something straight: it's all about ME! ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEE!! (and J! :) )

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy input from friends and family. But don't be upset, angry, or saucy to me when I don't take your suggestions or I have already planned something without consulting you. (This does not apply to my wedding planner, Liz--you're the best!) Also, don't attempt to change my mind because it's not to your preference or liking. This is not about you, whoever you may be. My wedding is about pleasing no one but me and J. If someone doesn't like that, then you probably aren't invited anyway! This especially applies to those aspects of my wedding that I really want or have already planned in stone. Refrain from nasty/hurtful comments no matter how "sweet" they may be delivered.

Although I'd always talked about having a private destination wedding, once J put the ice rink on my left hand, I knew I had to have a ceremony! J, who would prefer the private destination wedding or even eloping, agreed a ceremony would be nice if that's what I want. His one request was that is would be a small intimate affair and nothing over the top. So we agreed that this would be a small event of about 100 people, and it would be a casual evening for our family and close friends.

By casual I don't mean that I'm wearing a gap sun dress and carrying a dandelion that I'll pick up on my way down the aisle. Casual as in outdoors and relaxed, yet extremely elegant. We want the ceremony and celebration of our marriage to reflect us and we are just not fancy uptight people, and this wedding is about impressing no one! I'm very shabby chic in various aspects of my life, and this wedding will be no different. It will be very country chic and rustic elegance.

I do appreciate traditions, but that does not mean that I will be traditional in every aspect of my wedding day. J and I may see each other before the wedding, and we may not. I (obviously) won't have my dad walk me down the aisle, and I don't want a "bride's side" and a "groom's side". We will not get married in a church because we both want to get married outdoors. We will have a rehearsal and dinner and it will be a barbecue because that is a favorite springtime activity for the both of us.

J and I want a natural and outdoor scenic location and a gazebo. We want an indoor and outdoor reception area with good food and good times. (Lucky for us, Liz found the perfect location and J loved it immediately!)

I want antique flower planters full of spring blooms and branches of dogwood blossoms arranged in antique milk cans. I want a bouquet of mixed flowers such as tulips, lilies, roses, and gerber daisies all in shades of pink and white. I want my junior bridesmaids to carry pomanders and my bridesmaids to carry hand tied bouquets.

J wants to wear a khaki tux and a blue with a pink something bowtie. The groomsmen will wear matching neck ties and the little boys will wear bowties with coordinating attire.

I wanted a certain type gown and am very happy with finding the perfect one. I want my girls to wear pink tea length dresses and they will all be beautiful in them. The junior bridesmaids will match the bridesmaids and flower girl in creamy satin poofy dresses.

I want a buffet dinner and a mashed potato bar that includes sweet potatoes. I do not want fried chicken and I do want vinaigrette. My cake will be yellow and strawberry layers with buttercream icing and will have a surprise cake topper. J wants turtle brownies in lieu of a grooms cake, so turtle brownies it is! Give me punch, give me tea, and hold the soda "pop".

The reception will be decorated with candles and a few select blooms and there will be a DJ and the few children invited and in the wedding will be invited to stay and party it up until way past their bedtime.

So why did I choose to have things this way? Because it's what I want, and it's what I like, and this is my wedding. I know that it will all be perfect and beautiful.

I'm glad we all understand and are as excited about this as I am. :)
Bridezilla will now return to her day job.

Friday, February 10, 2006

One of those special people

Me: Why do things like this always happen to me?
Steph: You're just one of those special people honey, that's all.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

One is silver, and the other gold

My grandmother (the dead one) used to sing this song all the time: "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold." (Of course she was always singing something!) I don't think I quite understood the value of these words until I reached my twenties.

I found one of my oldest and dearest friends on myspace today. We've emailed over the years, but looking at someone's life on a page is different. It's nice to really see what's going on besides just a few paragraphs of an email. Plus it seems the longer you wait to speak with someone, the less you share with them. I hope that Ash and I are on our way to changing that.

Ashl and I were closer than close since we were in headstart and up until I moved to TN. Even after that we remained pretty close until our teens. Then, unfortunately, keeping in touch and visiting became much more of an effort. Now I know that's a horrible excuse but we were both busy girls. My visits to "home" in WV became fewer and far between as my summers became filled with work, cheerleading, and various summer camps. When I did get a chance to visit I tried hard to spend time with my grandparents who I missed more than you can imagine! The raised me (and my mom) until we moved to TN. That became even harder once they divorced and I had to split up my already short time there.

I remember we used to have sleepovers and eat brownies right out of the pan and thought it was the biggest deal ever. We'd crank up the radio and do the YMCA (she taught me the whole dance! There's more than just the Y-M-C-A part!). We used to dress up and pretend we were marrying Jordan Knight and Joe McIntyre from New Kids on the Block. We had big plans of living in matching side by side mansions on a huge horse farm where we would ride horses everyday. Ashlee was going to be a veterinarian and I was going to be a lawyer. We would watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit over and over again. I was always jealous of her amazingly detailed and intricate Halloween costumes that were made by her grandmother. I remember her marvelous Rainbow Bright costume as well as Sacajewea in the third grade, which meant she got that part in the play because of her costume. When I moved we both got a special Babysitter's Club postcard book to write to each other. We loved those books! We'd often mail our new books back and forth when we were finished reading. I remember a postcard she sent me that said "you will always be my best friend, even if you moved to Japan, you'll still be my best friend." Knowing how I keep everything, I'm sure I still have it! When I cried and cried on the car ride home after watching My Girl and she just didn't understand why "because it wasn't like any animals died." A comment that my dad remembered for years to come.

Which brings us to another point, our dads went to school together and were good buddies in high school. I can't imagine that gray hairs that gave our grandparents. Growing up in Man, WV in the 70's I'm sure is something to talk about. I remember how excited we were to spend the whole weekend together at their class reunion shortly after I had to move. Unfortunately though, Ash and I both lost our dads at a young age. We both know how it feels to have a hole in your heart that you could drive a bus through, and how no matter how hard you try, holidays will just never be the same.

Ash and I also headed down the same career path upon entering college. We were both always natural writers, and both received Communications degrees and Journalism and PR. I thought it was so neat when I found out we were doing the same things and could talk about our internships etc.

Ash is definitely a kindred spirit. We have more in common than I think even we know. My friendship with her definitely makes me realize the meaning of those words.

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

No matter how many hours and miles are between us, and how many wonderful people we meet along the way, Ash will always be like gold to me. I think you learn in your twenties who your real friends are, who is important in your life, and who is worth spending your time on. You don't need to hold onto dead weight of those who don't enrich your life and have significant meaning. You don't need to have loads of friends who are merely just acquaintances. I'm glad I've learned that lesson early.

I shut out on a group of girls in college and my life has been so fulfilling since. It was hard because I thought they were my 'best friends', but really, they were just girls I'd met who I had very little in common with. I was so over fake personalities and judgmental acts. I knew it wasn't me, and then I finally realized that I was a strong person, I knew who I was, and the LB doesn't put on an act for anyone. (So if you didn't know, now you know!) I considered trying to sugar coat the whole thing and still be friendly with them, but no, that was absolutely not necessary. I was getting away from the fake, catty, immature behavior and moving on. Since moving past them I've actually found my best friends who are real, genuine girls! It was so liberating and relieving to get out of the world of cookie cutter images and be free from watching people switch personalities to be whatever fit the moment. I've now found true character in beautiful people who I know will remain my friends forever. (Who else would drive for hours across states, hop planes, and plan road trips to attend a wedding you only knew about for two weeks?)

I know that I will maintain friendships with those that are important to me, those who I've developed a relationship with and who are certain to be friends forever. I've learned that it's not important that you be friends with everyone you once were. Most friends are situational and will come and go in your life. But I'm happy that I have several of silver and gold.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What to wear, what to wear

Just when I think I have everything figured out, I want to change my mind! I have the hardest time making decisions, and especially when it comes to wedding planning. One would think that deciding upon flower girl, ring bearer, and bell ringer attire would not require so much thought, but I endeavor to make things as thought consuming as possible.

Do you have any idea how long it took me to decide on my dress? Nevermind that as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. Nevermind that with every button/clasp/strap/pin I loved it more and more and it looked more and more beautiful on me. Mrs. R and Mrs. O were in awe over it. (Actually I think "Oh my god LaLa, I'm going to pee my pants!" were Mrs. O's words). I loved it too. So after 2 fittings of it with Mrs. R and MRs. O, I took back TH. Followed by emailing a picture to Mrs. A, Ta, CC, Amy, Brooke, and even my little brother. (As if he cares!). Then, I took Ta and KT to look at it as I bought it. I knew there was no way I was leaving that beautiful garment all alone hanging on the rack for grimy hands to touch for another weekend. I had to have it!

Finally! A decision. I thought from that point it would be easy to move on. I'd picked out a handful of bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids dresses that I really liked. All I was waiting on was deciding on my dress so I would be able to coordinate styles for a cohesive look. But was it really that easy? Absolutely not! Although I found the perfect dress to compliment mine, in the perfect shade of peony pink, with both bridesmaids and age appropriate junior maids styles, I still could not commit! After much debate over the course of a week, I relented. I knew that it was the one, and everyone loved it!

Besides these decisions, there is one that I've not had much luck at being part of: bow ties. The plan is for J and the little boys to wear bow ties and the groomsmen/ushers to wear neckties. The vision is a blue with a pink something accent, preferably stripes. (Although, at this point I'd take polka dots, flowers, flamingos....) However, we've yet to find that perfect color blue. You can't name a place that we've not looked for ties/bowties. It appears that Brooks Brothers is the leading retailer of choice, yet they still don't have that perfect color of blue. J had an epiphany just yesterday that perhaps he'd just wear the one that came with the tux. After all the trouble of incorporating blue and him being adamant about having blue in this wedding, he thinks he will just wear the one with the tux. I politely told him that we would find a blue bow tie, and he would wear a blue bow tie if it meant me drawing one on his neck with a sharpie. Come on spring line--bring us the perfect color of blue with pink accents.

So back to the children's wear for the occasion: It's not that I question that they will be beautiful in anything they wear, they're just beautiful children. It's just the decision of what you want and choose for the biggest, most important day of your life. I suppose I've succumbed to the high pressure, media hyped, retailer driven, vision of having the most perfect, magical wedding focusing on having flawless execution as if it is opening night of a big performance. I'm sure I'll just go back to my first decision as I have all along. I should really learn to go with my first instinct and be happy with that.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Disappointment

Most of you that know me, know that I'm not the biggest sports enthusiast ever. There were no teams I cared about in the Superbowl, so my main concern while watching were the commercials (I am an advertising coordinator you know!), and of course, the half-time show.

Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the half-time show or much of the commercials. When I heard the Rolling Stones were playing, I thought it would be rather entertaining. I was excited to see who/what they did with it. So J and I sat down in front of the TV with our Superbowl feast (chips and salsa, bbq chicken, stuffed potatoes, apples and caramel...) to get some good entertainment. Much to my surprise, it was nothing! It was just some old grandpa's singing three songs. I was expecting a few other artists or guests to have a blow out show. I can't believe that was all Sprint could come up with. It was very disappointing.

Though we were super busy doing some finishing touches on our house, (and me running into walls), I did sneak in a few commercials. I really enjoyed the Dove-Campaign for Real Beauty spot. I'm definitely a fan of promoting self-esteem among young girls and teens. Society and pop culture have made it increasingly hard for this demographic to feel good about themselves. Although I fear that it's not just girls anymore. I see it moving on to male youth as well. Dove is partnering with Girl Scouts in the Campaign for Real Beauty. I think it could be a real success with the right coordination and effective planning of proposed programs.

Although most commercials did rise above chauvinistic, sexist humor, there were a few who cannot take the high road. GoDaddy and Budweiser were two of them. Then there were the "been there, done that" spots. Diet Pepsi is running the rap concept into the ground. Renaming to "D. Pepsi" was not clever. Renaming "D. Anything" is rather old and cliched. Why don't you just continue to play on "Got Milk" and come up with "Got Pepsi". Or, in times of desperate creative droughts just combine them and use "Got D. Pepsi". Come on Pepsi, just because your P. Diddy (daddy, puff, whatever his current name is) and Carson Daly commercial was a bright idea last year, doesn't mean you can keep it interesting and entertaining this year. DDB New York let you down, move on!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Shiny, So Shiny!

I got my ring back today and it fits perfect! And wow is it shiny--so shiny! I'm blinding everyone that walks near me.

My Town Signs

There should be a sign at each end of My Town:

"Take your time driving through our constructions, we're taking ours!"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's Not About You

Credits to Liz for the following:

It’s Not About You.

"The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, or even your happiness. It’s far greater than your family, your career, or even your wildest dreams and ambitions. If you want to know why you were placed on this planet, you must begin with God. You were born by his purpose and for his purpose. "

R. Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

Missa Is Married

Malissa is married! Can you believe it? She sent me the link to her pictures last night and they are gorgeous. She was such a beautiful bride!

The last to be engaged and first to be married (other than Amy who well beat us all on the diamond! However, we were all engaged by the time we were in her wedding!). I'm not sure why but Amy, Brooke, and I were so emotional. It's like we were watching our little girl or something. Missa is a little younger than us, but not a great deal. I think it's because we've seen so much change in her. We used to get all dressed up to go out and were making Missa do her hair and putting make-up on her. She was our little ragdoll at times since we didn't give her much choice in the matter.

And then there she was...looking so elegant and sophisticated in her gorgeous gown and veil. Her dress was white with lots of red accents. It was so perfect for her. She had cute straps made for it that looked amazing on her. And the bustle!! Oh my the bustle! A soon-to-be bride and quick becoming wedding extraordinaire such as myself should know about this bustle, but I digress. I think it was some combination of the French and American styles. I certainly hope we can do that with my dress when I got for my fitting this month.

So Malissa's wedding was so perfect and beautiful, did I mention she did all of this in FIFTEEN DAYS? Yes, Malissa is my hero! She planned an absolutely beautiful wedding and reception in a mere fifteen days. I had just under six months from my engagement date to what will be my wedding date. I'm only about halfway through with two and three quarters months left to go, and I'm a little stressy over something things coming together as I want them too.

I'm wondering what Missa's flightmates and friends from the equestrian team think of those Tennessee girls in the corner crying like goobers as she was dancing with her Dad and Jess. Followed by us starting the party by tearing up the dance floor (again, probably much like goobers!) I can hear them now--"you know the ones--those silver bracelet girls."