Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Someone is going to Hilton Head tomorrow


I hear ocean air turns a cell phone right off. Yes it does!

See ya'll sometime next week.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clean out my closet for me

Things in my world are topsy turvy at best. It's one of those days where you need a good cry. I've had one, but I'm feeling another one at any moment.

That said I do have the new job looming and for those of you playing along it is the job for which I needed the yoga pants. Although my meeting today made me want to vomit because it is the worst schedule in the world, I've still accepted (although might still be looking.)

That said I no longer need my oodles and oodles of dress clothes. This works great because with the addtion of my brother (please keep praying for that situation!) we need to clean out closets anyway.

Here is what the master closet looks likes after I cleaned out about 25% of my belongings when spring set in:
Yeah, seriously, right? You wouldn't believe the items I purged of both summer and winter clothes that I didn't wear or didn't feel good when I did wear them. Even J purged clothes and we're still left with the above. This doesn't even include clothes that go in the dresser.

Here's the fun part for you guys. I still have way too many clothes even if I were going to work an executive job where I would be required to dress up. I've pretty much streamlined my pants and skirts to a minimum as well as my dresses. So beginning with button downs and sweaters I'm going to let you decided what I should keep and what I should purge. Who doesn't like going through other people's closets??
I'd like to keep less than half of the items below so tell me what to toss and what to keep. By next Tuesday I plan on taking all the items I purge to the consignment shop because they are in excellent condition. Of course if you see something you can't live without let me know and it just might make it's way to you! I'm sure Addy and Mrs. S will jump right on this. (Of course maybe they'll tell me to purge just to have it! HA! It's ok--I still need to purge!)

Let's get started, shall we? (I apologize for the patchy pictures. My camera was doing the funky cold medina!)
Picture one (L-R)
1. Old Navy blue stripes with a line of burgandy in there. I have a blue sweater vest I like to wear over it and I like the menswear look to it.
2. Isaac Mizrahi for Target white with black pinstripes. It looks good under a black sweater or sweater vest but I don't wear it alone.
3. Basic white from The Gap. It's a classic!
Picture Two
1. Button down type but pullover. It's pink with gray and white stripes. It's a target shirt and I think it's fun but mostly because it's different. I definately have dozens of pink clothes.
2. White rouched front shirt from Guess. I love this shirt. It's so fun and flirty for a button-down.
Picture Three, aka The Limited Collection
I love these shirts because the front is a hook and loop bra strap type closure which keeps the spaces from popping open. They are great quality and comfy. I wear a cami beneath them all because it's a deep V in the front.
1. Pink with black stripes and a small white stripe. Looks great when paired with black bottoms worn alone or with a vest. I feel great when I wear it.
2. Multi colored but mostly blue and green. Looks great with the blue sweater vest seen (somwhere) below and also the long sleeved argyle sweater (also somewhere below). But maybe that's just me.
3. Multi color but mostly red. Would look great with a red sweater over it but I don't have one. I like the mix of the pink and red in the shirt.
Picture Four aka The Gap Collection
All of these were purchased at The Gap (circa 2005 I think) and I have coordinating sweaters (somewhere) below. I happened to have a friend who worked there and I got a killer discount to build a new wardrobe that year.
1. Turquiose and Lime stripe with a bit of charcoal. Looks nice under the black sweater (somewhere) below and also the black sweater vest. Can be worn alone.
2. Mostly pink but with charcoal and white. Looks good under a black sweater or with the pink sweater as well. Can be worn alone.
3. Solid pink and worn under the argyle pink and purple sweater (somewhere) below. Not really worn alone.
Picture Five
1. From The Limited. I bought the black with white pinstripe shirt to go specifically with the vest pictured next to it. It's a favorite combination and I get tons of compliments. I wear it with trousers, skirts, or denim.
2.Pretty stripes by The Gap. It's pictured with the seafoamy green sweater I like to wear over it. The sweater is short sleeves and I like that look. But I'm totally uncool so who knows if that's a good thing or not
3. Basic black 3/4 lenght from Target. Don't remember when I last wore it but seems like a staple I should have. Perhaps I should do away with it and look for one that I will wear.
Picture Six The Gap Collection
1. Black boat neck. The sweater was a whopping $3.00 on Gap clearance. I wear it all the time. It's apparently reversible although both sides are the same. One side finally got a little whole in it so now I wear it on the other. Keep it and love it forever or let it bow out gracefully?
2. Black with four buttons diagonally from the shoulder. This is the sweater that I wear the with pink and turquoise button-downs above.
3. Pink with four buttons diagonally. I wear it over the pink button down above.
Picture Seven More Gap
1. Yellow creamy that faded to creamy and was also $3! I layer it and it's lightweight which makes it very versatile.
2. Just purchased it so it needs to stay. It's such a cute shirt over a cami and I live the little delicate button detail at the top. It's great for dressing up occasions in hot weather.
3. These were recenly purchased at the church garage sale. I think they're keepers this season.
Picture Eight: Turtlenecks, I find turtlenecks so cozy in the winter and they look so nice.
1. Black from Express. It might have seen its better days. Perhaps I should look to investing a new one or moving past it if I keep other black sweaters.
2. Ralph Lauren burgandy. This too was a recent purchase and I love it!
3. Pink by The Gap. I wear it often. It's an oldy but a goody.
Picture Nine
1. Argyle from The Limited. I wear it with a light green cami or over the striped shirt I mentioned above.
2. From JC Penney. It's only a year or so old and I do like it but it's not a favorite. It does look nice with brown trousers and a brown cami. I don't have anything else like it so that's a plus.
3. Light green from Express. So old I can't even remember. I mean, college old. It looks nice with jeans and moc type shoes on a casual day. I didn't get to wear it much this past season though. I do love it.
Picture Ten: The brown collection
1. I purhased this brown v-neck at The Gap in the past year. It's totally a keeper becuase it's so versatile.
2. Turtleneck from The Gap. It has flecks of color in it so that's really fun. Looks nice with my pink trousers and also jeans.
3. This is Banana Republic and came from the church garage sale above. It still has the tags on it for $55. Wow!
Picture Eleven
1. American Eagle. I like it because it's orange and good for football games. But it's kinda itchy and not my favorite. I'd like it if it fit better but it doesn't fit that great over twin peaks.
2. American Eagle orange turtleneck. Totally a keeper I believe!
3. Gap cream turtleneck. I got rid of my other cream sweaters so this should be a keeper I think. It's so versatile and looks great with a brown and cream wool skirt I have. Also with long layered colorful necklaces and denim.
Picture Twelve:
1. Blue cowl neck from Express. I love, love, LOVED this sweater. It hasn't seen much wear recently but I did wear it in our engagement pictures.
2. Turquoisey sea blue turtleneck from The Gap. Love it! It gets good wear!
3. AE blue turtleneck. I wear this often too. It looks great with black, brown, khaki, or denim.
Picture Thirteen: Back to The Gap
1. Rosy pink crew neck cable sweater. I loved this shirt but haven't worn it as much recently. I have a fun scarf to tie around my neck with this one. Cute outfit with denim and flats.
2. Hot pink just like the above. I have fun scarf to tie around my neck with this one too. Cute outfit with denim and flats. I definately don't need them both.
Picture Fourteen: The sweater vest collection
1. Black from Target (only $6!) I wear it often over button downs or just long sleeved t's.
2. Blue from Target (only $6 too!) I wear it often as well.
3. Orange from The Limited. Would be a great shirt if I'd have gotten a job at my alma mater (as I was hoping when I purchased it) but the cable knit-ness of it is a little much for me. I wear it because it's orange but perhaps should find something I feel better in.
Picture Fifteen: Cardigans
1. Charcoal gray from AE. I like it but it is a bit drab. Does fit nice and look nice over camis.
2. Turquoise from The Gap. I was wearing this the night J proposed. I had the matching turquoise cami on (which I think is getting holes in it now). It's thin and a cute color.
3. Cream from AE. It is a good staple and can be thrown over just about any color. I like that about it.
Picture Sixteen:
1. Short sleeve brown from Rue 21. It is great for strapless dresses to class them up and wear to church. I get lots of use out of it.
2. Brown 3/4 TJ Maxx. It was cute for a bit but is worn quickly. I've recently gotten rid of the pink and brown polka dot Express cami I got it to wear with. I wear the first brown more often.
3. White short sleeve from Rue 21. Same as number one! It totally gets use and look cute despite being form a cheap store.
Picture Seventeen.
1. This is a black cable knit zip up from The Gap. It has pom poms on the ziper and a turtle-ish neck. It also has little pockets. This sweater is so old but I love it! It's very casual but so cozy. I wear it over long sleeved t's.
Picture Eighteen: More cardigans
1. Pink from Old Navy. Didn't wear it too much this year but I use it over a lot of black and white printed dresses for a pop of color. I have hot pink kitten heels that match it.
2. Brown from Target. It's ok but I mostly got it because I needed a long sleeved brown cardigan for work and it was a good clearance! Now that that's not the case perhaps I could live without it and only get another one if I find one I love.
3. Same as above. I did get rid of my two other black cardigans earlier this year and it's such a staple. Can I live without one? Do I keep it as a fall back? It does match a lot of dresses. Probably more than the brown. Should I just keep one of them?
Ok!! Get to work. Tell me what to toss and what to keep, even if it's just your top five of each.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Catch Up

I'm going to catch-up one day, really I am!

Until then check out the recent goods at The Bargainista. It's been neglected a little lately with all the busy-ness but there are some good things up now.