Friday, March 30, 2007


It's time for a few updates from the M house...

  • I could really use your help here, really!
  • And give your opinion here as well, just because I can't read your mind.
  • Remember this? Well, I'm happy to report I've fully recovered. I went home from work and slept for four hours waking only to eat oreo cookies. Hey--I've got priorities. Then I still went to bed by 10 that night. And still whined for 3 more days. But I'm better now!
  • Remember this dog? Well he's all shaved now except for his head and he looks really funny. And I'm still afraid of him and he makes me want to cry. My husband laughs saying "You're really afraid of the most vicious looking animals." Yes, I know.
  • We'll be spending a little time with my boyfriend this weekend. Such fun!
  • And these, well, I got another one! I know, shame on me!
  • Cookout this weekend! Bring a friend!
  • Lastly, because she's the darn cutest thing ever, here's a picture of our neice Pie who will be spending a nice long weekend with next weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

You should check this out

Splat Designs is having a contest for a custom blogger template! Click the link to go sign up!

Your humble opinion, please

J and I are choosing a wedding canvas. I say "J and I" loosely because we all know I'm going to get what I want. (Sorry honey, but you said yourself that the wedding is really all about the bride!) Yes, I know we've been married almost a year and we still haven't gotten the canvas. Do you know how long it too me to narrow it down? At first I picked out 30 something pictures before going to 20 something, and then down to the teens and I hovered at nine for the longest time ever. So, down to two is rather amazing.

But we (I) still need assistance. So, I'm asking you for your humble opinion PUH-LEEZE!

Option One

Option Two

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's Like A Train Wreck

My name is Mrs. M, and I watch ridiculous MTV reality shows. It's true. I do. That's not all I watch. I enjoy a whole gaggle of ridiculous reality shows.*

Sunday afternoon I sat on the sofa to eat lunch (ok cookies) as I waited for J to return from Home Depot (not sure how this happened as I'm usually conned into going). I was flipping through the channels and I paused on "Tori and Dean: Inn Love." I couldn't help it! It was the one where she has her estate sale. I'd read about it, I wanted to see it. By the way, has she had that kid yet? I haven't made it to People in a while. She was a cute little pregnant thing. Anyway, I saw the new episode would be Tuesday night at 10:30. Hmmph! There is no way I'd watch that. It's past my bedtime (yes, my bedtime resembles that of a third grader.)

Then, last night, I was getting ready for bed and it was like a light bulb went off. Ding! Tori and Dean: Inn Love at 10:30. I couldn't shake it, it wouldn't let go of me. I snuggled in bed and waited up. Yes, I waited up to watch Inn Love. Ridiculous? Yes, I know! I was dozing toward the end of it. But I find myself wanting to watch this show. It's like a train wreck, I know it's silly to look, but I just can't help it!

I've also found myself addicted to Monday night MTV this past winter. I'm just going to throw it all out there, fast and quick, like a band-aid.

(Deep Breath) Atnineo'clockIwatchMySuperSweetSixteen. (Deep Breath) Atnine-thirtyIwatchEngagedandUnderage. (Deep Breath) Atteno'clockIwatchTheHills. (Can I please look like Whitney, please?)

There! I said it. Please don't point and giggle at my already fragile self esteem.

And ok, while we're on confessions I totally loved watching Tiara Girls when it was on MTV. And, shamefully I (still!) watch the Gilmore Girls because I have since I was like 16 and I'm well aware that the show isn't really good anymore.

Hey, stop looking at me like that! It's not like you've never watched ridiculous things. Oh really? Then go ahead, 'fess up! What TV do you watch?

*Really, I don't watch much TV, but when I do, it's ridiculous!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quote de Jour a la My Hubba Hubba

Background: Extreme caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening has been known to keep my husband up late at night. Especially the sweet tea variety of this caffeine.

Tonight I had JLK and Hubs had a business dinner with some associates who were in town.

Me: You didn't have tea did you?
Hubs: No, I had beer.
Hubs: What? There's no caffeine in it.

Well, I guess he has a valid point.

*J also said the funniest thing when we went to The Orangery. It was one of those moments where I said "That's a quote!" And I was so excited to share it, but I forgot it. And (obviously) still haven't remembered it. I know I should have broke out my post its right there with the wine.

Project, Hubby Style

After (nagging, begging and pleading,) sweetly asking my husband to build me a ladder shelf and save me me from donating my kidney to the Pottery Barn, he did! He'd built this one for a friend and finally had the time to make mine. (He is a little busy with work and school. On top of a "honey-do" list that he may never finish, so I can give him a little slack.)

This is just a rough go at the decorating it. The top is a tray picture frame I made that has postcards and pictures from our vacations together. It used to sit on the coffee table which is now the leather ottoman that is J's baby and you don't put things on it that ever, might even, give it a blemish! So, now it's resorted to shelf life. You may also notice the holy cow and flying pig on the shelf. Oh, you did? Don't ask! Please, don't ask about my hubs thing for cast iron animals with wings. I mean actually, I don't even really get it so I certainly can't explain it to you! The basket is necessary for keys and such since the door to the left is our exit to the garage. Then there are the few random pics, candles (which will obviously not be burned on the shelf) and books.

Any sugggestions at decor arrangement? It needs more attention. I haven't had much time to devote to it, but would love some input.

There just might be a monogrammed hair button in it for the best suggestion. Or, maybe I'll treat to this. No, sorry, just the hair button. I'd love to take you along, but that pesky mortgage demands attention.

Pinchable Cheeks, Next 2 Miles

This is Isaac and Luke. I know, I know. You want to gobble them up all in one bite!

Their mom, Bri, is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She came to visit this weekend with the boys so that we could jump start our shower planning for TaTa, who is going to be one lucky girl!

I wish you could have seen the boys with their cute little plaid button down shirts on with their outfits. It was adorable. However some soccer playing in the back yard with my husband left them quite hot. I mean, it was nearly 80 degrees outside. What's up with that? It's just March. And because it is just march, I refuse to run the AC or wear shorts and tank tops. It's one of my own little issues, but I stand by it. Here are more delicious pictures:

It was so nice to have a relaxing visit, the whole weekend was actually much like that. It felt long and lazy and I really needed it. J and I did work on giving a fresh coat of Rustoleom (TM) to our wrought iron patio furniture. I inhaled half of the paint apparently and had black snot and boogers. You wanted to know, right?

Hmm, oh J took me on an ice cream date. To a place called Mr. Frosty. It's two trailers. In the middle of a gravel lot. With a cow on top. And it is absolutely delcious!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Duex Quote de Jour

I love my friends!

Quote de Jour a al Mrs. S:

(after which we had our little hen fest of bickering, whining, and complaining about in-laws (and of which I take great contentment that hers are worse! I know, shame on me!)

Me: We're going straight to hell aren't we?
Mrs. S: You bring the wine, I'll bring the shots!

Quote de Jour a la Ta Ta:

(on trying on dresses to which I informed her the one I was lacing her in was a Naggie Pottero (because I'm not getting paid to say her name!) and that is why it required she sign away her first born)

TaTa: Who?
Me: Naggie Pottero, she's a fancy pantsy and expensive wedding dress designer.
TaTa: Pfft, I don't care if it's designed by Larry the Cable Guy as long as I look pretty in it!

Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars for August 26! The M's are planning their 2007 Summer Vacation and you're all invited. Won't you join us? The more the merrier. I heard Mr. M was footing the bill for wine. Is that a rumor?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Most Recent Projects with Pictures

By popular demand, here is a glimpse at some of my recent projects. Enjoy!

First, I've been having too much fun with artificial flowers lately. I'm not a fake flowers kind of girl, but I wanted to make a replica of my wedding bouquet to keep. For what? I have no idea, I just did. I suppose that after a brief stint on the chest beneath our wedding canvas, it will go in the wedding box. But here it is. Pretty?

Here is the original in the wedding shadow box I made. The roses there should be pink, but it didn't dry so well. I also made all of the invitations (what was I thinking?) save the dates, etc. But the fabulous fan programs were made by my friend, SEC, as a wedding gift.

And that hangs in "my" guest room, which is very shabby chic, (not to be confused with J's guest room) above this bed, of which I made the king sized duvet, shams, pillow etc. And all that pretty little white was my little girl furniture from my Grammy and Pappy and I absolutely love it.
And here is J's guestroom (the nautical room) with the newly monogrammed upholstered headboard that he and I made. We made the headboard about two years ago, but I only recently monogrammed it.


And to match the monogrammed headboard would be the monogrammed valance. You totally expected this, right?

Here is an upclose view.

My hubba hubba recently made this wall long display shelf for the room as well. I'm still working on arranging everything, but this is the beginning. Didn't he do a good job on the shelf? You should see the cute decorative edge.

So, back to my faux flower fun, I also made a replica of my bridesmaids bouquets which included the same flowers as our tables decorations. It will probably sit on the dresser in my room for the spring in then be tucked away in the wedding box.

And I needed a spring wreath. I'd seen several pictures and came up with this. I love hydrangeas and I really like the berry look too. So, until the rain or wind blows it away, this will be on my door for a few months.

I also jazzed up the lamp shades in the master bedroom. Here is the before picture:
And here is the after picture:

Another project with these buttons? Cute little hairbands. Every little girl I know (and several big girls I know!) are recipients of these cute little guys:

There is a pink monogram on the gingham button, it just didn't photograph well. Here's an in the hair view.

I'll post my button flip flops soon, but it's not flip flop season yet. Not for me anyway, I'm spastic and simply cannot wear sandals until April.

And, coming soon (I hope!) are pictures of the (completed) master bedroom window treatments. If you want to see the fabric though, I can totally take a picture of that.


The in-laws are coming for dinner tonight, please send wine! Two bottles if you will.

I suppose it could be worse, it could be my parents coming to dinner tonight. That would be awkward since I don't exactly get along with my uterus donor of a mother in the form of a legal document, and my dad is dead. Yeah, if he comes to dinner would you kindly get one of those little ammonia thingys to wave under my nose and pick me up off of the floor? Thanks!

P.S.* Don't forget to send a little cheese with my whi-- wine!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The. Biggest. Fight. Ever.

My darling J likes to often bring up issues that would presumably cause us to have The. Biggest. Fight. Ever.

The thing is, J and I really don't fight. Now, we're both always right, which is to be expected when two rare and perfect individuals such as ourselves, join in the holy sacrament of marriage. Moving on, we're both rather stubborn, and can pitch a pouty, whiny, fit that I probably shouldn't talk about because, wow, that's kind of embarrassing. Anyway, this results in a few stare downs, pausing only to eat, one of our favorite activities. Oh, and we pause for other favorite activities too. Because I know you wanted to know that.

Back to the. biggest. fight. ever. There are things I do that really (I mean really!) annoy J and he likes to point out that if my behavior would cause a certain effect, then we will have the. biggest. fight. ever.

For example, should I ever get another ticket for rolling through the stop sign on our street, we will have the. biggest. fight. ever. (I kinda admitted that the ticket only changed my behavior for, oh, about two weeks. Guess that was my first mistake!)

Also, should his window ever get broken because I decided to leave my purse in his car, we will have the. biggest. fight. ever. I take my purse everywhere out of habit. However, if we're just running into the gas station that has my favorite little soda fountain, I just throw it in the back seat. Also, when I know he's going to load my arms up at the Home Depot because we presumable need only 2 items yet walk out having spent $100. So, if my doing this results in his window getting broken and my purse getting stolen, (You know, it did happen to one of the women that report on channel 10 when she was driving the channel 10 explorer downtown...) we will have the. biggest. fight. ever.

This always makes me giggle. Every time he jumps high upon his cute little soapbox about such things, I giggle. Like now, thinking about it, I'm giggling! I mean seriously, if the window is busted out of the car, don't think we'll have bigger problems? And if I should get another ticket for blah blah blah....well, I'd cry, and run, and hide, and never ever tell him about it.

I'm currently attempting to throw some things at him that would cause us to have the. biggest. fight. ever.

Any suggestions? I know someone out there has had a funny the. biggest. fight. ever. Please, do share!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So Many Title Options....

I cannot decide which of the following suitable titles best describes how I feel right now:

  • Praying for death, death will not find me
  • I could be a meth head and I'm counting the minutes until I can (safely) take my next sudafed
  • I think my head is going to explode, I wonder what's in there
  • I.....Just.......Want.....To....Sneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze (again!)

I don't make the rules...

A recent conversation with my hubba hubba regarding the fact that he has to buy me nice jewelry for every child I have. (Now don't get excited, I'm so not preggars!) For example, for the first child he can get me that pretty-pretty ring I printed and put on his desk.

ME: Honey, you know you have to buy me pretty, shiny jewerly every time I have a baby.
HUBS: Why do I have to do that?
ME: It's the rules! I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Actually, it's probably more like a law.
HUBS: (blankly) Huh?
ME: I mean, I'll reciprocate and all. When you have the babies, I'll buy you nice jewelry!
HUBS: (thinking...) Well, what if it's not mine?
ME: (getting pouty and whiny) HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! That's not niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Birds of a feather...

fly into my windshield together. There were only feathers in the rearview....

Playing Wedding

Yesterday Ta Ta came to visit me so we could play wedding. We went to a few dress shops so I could dress her up like a doll and watch her prance around in front of the mirrors. I love looking at wedding dresses. I even made her try on a few she knew she'd didn't want because they were so pretty-pretty I just had to see them on. She found the elements she likes in a dress, just not "the dress" yet. I'm excited for when she does because then I can get started making the veil. Can you see how much fun I'm going to have with this?

We also browsed wedding websites and magazines and discussed invitations. I'm going to help her make them and we're going to jazz up a pre-made invite. I only wish I'd been that smart. But, oh no! I had to make them from scratch. I all but cut down the trees and made the paper. What. A. Pain. I don't recommend it.

I'm very excited for my two bestest friends getting married this summer and fall! I know this is first of many wedding entries. I'm super excited to continue helping her plan.

Anyone want to share details of your wedding? Big? Small? Elaborate? Simple? Favorite thing? Biggest pain in the bum?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Why is that?

I had today off from work, WOOHOO! But I have to ask, why is it that on days I don't work I can pop up like toast long before the alarm goes off and be uber productive? For example, this morning I was up, dressed, drinking my coffee, had tidied the house, and was working on projects, all by the time I'm normally dragging into the office. It's not like I hate my job or anything. I mean sure, I can think of a million other things I'd rather do 8 hours a day and be paid for, you know, hobbies, sleeping, reading, things that could make me a hooker if I acutally were paid for them. But still, I just don't get it. Perhaps it's a mental thing? Does anyone else have this problem?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Good Day

This morning J and I woke up early (yes, it's Saturday and he woke up earlier than he normally does any day of the week!) to be part of a team from our church that worked on a children's ministry center. We hung doors, worked on the electric, redid the baseboards, and painted the hallways. There was also an old piano that needed to be demolished and tossed. J and another guy took it apart to get it down the stairs because it was so heavy. I was lucky enough to rescue some of the great wood pieces of it. I'm not sure what to do with them yet, any suggestions?

I really enjoyed our morning of volunteering together. J didn't grow up doing community service as I did. It really makes my heart happy to see him be involved in service involving one of his hobbies, which is anything with tools. We are so blessed and it makes me want to give to others. This summer, we're working on a building a house with other couples from our church. I'm pretty excited about that, as is J. Here's betting no other girl has a kickin' pink tool belt like me!

Now, to have a fabulous end to a fabulous day, I'm going to go pick out a cocktail dress because my darling husband is taking me to dinner here tonight! Bon Appetite!

Friday, March 16, 2007

"La La, You're a BIG FAT LIAR!"

Usually these words would be offensive to me, however when my bestest friend (and made up twin sister) Ta Ta called me last night at nearly midnight screaming them to me, I could only scream and cry with happiness. Because then I knew she had it.

"It" being that big beautiful rock on her lovely left hand! I was with her now fiance, LukeyPookiePuddin'Pie (LPPP), when he bought it and nearly pee'd my pants with excitement that she would be getting it last night.

I assured her that I had no clue what was taking that boy so long and why no, I certainly had not seen him. Thus, he reason I'm a big, fat liar!

LPPP was the cutest thing picking out rings. He was so careful and so nervous, whew was that boy nervous. I nearly needed a glass of wine just being near him. We stared at a handful of diamonds for a good half hour. He swore they were different, but my eyes just blurred them all together. Finally I asked the guy of one more option for us to look at and...LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! The lights shone down, the bells rang, somewhere there were angels playing the harp. It was the one.

LPPP came to eat dinner at the M house while he waited for the ring to be finished. J said, "Eat up, looks like you can't afford food for awhile!"

Ta Ta and LPPP I love you both so much and my heart is overjoyed for you. I can't wait until your big day.*

*And if you insist it be in Hawaii, that's OK! What better reason for me to take a trip there!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So What If I....

  • wear my old soccer socks under my knee boots
  • cannot stand to not have a project of some sort going on
  • can eat cream cheese straight out of the tub
  • secretly wonder if I'll ever get botox for that wrinkle I see in my forehead
  • am scared of getting older and watching my life rush past me
  • really enjoy being sugary sweet to mean people
  • am addicted to hand sanitizer
  • really enjoy organizing and then reorganizing
  • think that a messy piggy tail means I "did my hair"
  • would like to no exactly where the Girl Scout Cookie factory is, especially the Thin Mints portion of the place

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hit By A Bus, Dancing Naked, and Celebrating

Oh, the weekend. I feel like I've been hit by a bus. I was super busy with the fundraiser, as well as having friends in town, squeezing in dinner, concerts, wine, and just a smidge of sleep. Then, not only did we lose an hour of sleep (which makes me happy to see DST) but we had to wake up early to get breakfast to our community group at church. Finally on Sunday afternoon I took a much needed nap (before my husband coaxed me to go to the Home Depot and built me a ladder shelf of which I will show you soon.)

The plus side is that I found some way cute items at the fundraiser and promptly bought them all! I found tons of silver serving pieces that just need a little polish, a few small lamps for the buffet, a way cute picnic basket, fun little napkins that match those we received as a wedding gift, and a few cute bags and purses. (I also found tons of things I didn't need and since my total was looming 3 digits, I put them back. Although those pictures and candlesticks would have went perfectly somewhere, I'm sure of it!).

The best thing was that in one of the cute little purses (that J and Mr. O deemed as ugly and I should give it away) had (drum roll please) FIFTY DOLLARS IN IT! Can you believe that? I know if I lose fifty cents. So how on earth someone loses a crisp fifty in a purse I just don't know. So there my friend, is when I felt the need to do a naked dance as my friend P suggested. It also makes me feel that I should have pushed aside all reasonable thoughts and bought the pictures, and candlesticks, and even that cute little shelf of the basket thingys, yes?

Lastly, do your own little naked dance for me because I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL! Woohoo!

Perhaps J and I will spend our time this fall canoodling with our laptops. Romantic, no?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Memory

Today is three years since my dad died. It feels like so long ago, but like it just happened all at the same time. I think I've pushed the whole thing so far in somewhere that I don't even comprehend it anymore. Or, maybe I just forget about it because I'm so worried about my little brother because our mother (uterus donor is really the term I prefer) is, well, a nut case.

I try to remember happy things and good times and reminisce with a smile instead of crying. Goodness knows (now that's southern of me to say) I filled the sea in the months following his sudden death. I had this happy memory over the weekend and thought everyone should hear it. Oh the fun that (used to be) my family.

My dad once sent me a fifty dollar check in college with a note that said,
"If you don't need it, send it back."

Now why that cracks me up so much, I just don't know. But I laugh out loud
a bit every time I think about it or say it.

I called him immediately and said "I'm rushing to the post office
as we speak, because of course this poor college kid absolutely does
not need any cash, but thanks for the generous offer!"

He claims the check never made it back to him. Hmm, isn't that weird?

I love happy memories.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bottom's Up!

My hat's off to Mrs. S for her little extravaganza last night with the strawberry margarita. She finished the whole thing all by her little ol' self and recieved applause from the bar as she left.

She also forgot about the enchiladas and saved them for home since this took up all the real estate in her tummy.

I only wish I could have been there to partake, I mean witness. I'm also rather excited that I'll be seeing her for a concert soon and we'll be able to relive the sorority, I mean glory days!



I have bags under my eyes so big even I could shop in them. I actually had a discussion with myself that yoga pants were perfectly acceptable office wear, I mean, it is casual Friday, right? (You'll be happy to know I settled on jeans and am still gainfully employed.) Having my third cup of coffee. Contemplating a Cherry Coke.

This is kicking my bum, but I'm actually mostly enjoying it. And I totally found some good deals. (Which I bagged up and and had cash out before they could say "no early shoppers". I plea ignorance. Ignorance is Bliss!) You know how I'm thrifty! My friend and I are attending the preview party tonight for wine, I mean more good deals. I'm prepared to throw back/throw punches as necessary.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

On The Run

Yesterday (as well as the last several) have been positively lovely weather. I set out for a run after work.

First, let's talk about how I look as if I'm ready for battle when I head out to run. I have my phone in one hand, in case someone would try to steal me or if I fall and break something. You see, I'm not very graceful and my thirteen (freaking) lovely years of cheerleading/gymnastics have led to multiple ankle injuries (fractures and breaks). In the other hand is my pepper spray, for the dogs that try to eat me.

(Anecdote: Last fall I was running along when a dog that is usually on the left side of the street in an electric fence came running at me from the right side. I stopped and turned with my palm up to talk to the dog. He snapped. I cried. I turned to walk away and the dog bit at me but only got me shorts which he pulled down, which the idiot a couple of houses down enjoyed. I think his owners must have a dog whistle because he suddenly perked up and ran home. Me? I cried and climbed on the back of a Honda Civic to call my husband to come rescue me from demon dog. And then I happily pulled into the drive way to tell them I hate their dog and although my thighs look quite juicy I am not a side in the deli case!)

Next, I have my mp3 player strapped to my arm. Also, depending on where I am I have keys tucked somewhere or another. In light hours I'll often just leave the back door unlocked, but when I'm going to a trail, etc, I have to carry my keys. I mean, not that I think my car would be the first to be stolen, but still, I don't want to get a new one. When J goes with me I can usually just take the mp3 player since I have him along. But we definately still use our mp3 players. It drowns out our huffing and puffing.

So, I set out for a happy little run. It's been a while since I've went on a long run outside. I was forced to use the dreaded treadmill for awhile when the weather was cold, and since warming up I've been walking more at different trails with my husband, who doesn't quite find the joy in running that I do.

I'm happily jogging about the neighborhood when an about teen aged boy comes zipping by on a little motor scooter. What the....? Are we wondering why children are overweight these days? Where was his bike? Why wasn't he running around playing football, or catch, or tag? In my days (wow, that ages me) if you had a scooter, it was the push with your happy little feet kind. The only thing to top off this picture would have been if the kid were eating a big mac.

He laps me a few times and I keep trudging along. Wow....that hill hasn't gotten bigger since January.

Run, Run, Run. Vroom Vroom! Kid laps me.

Seriously, did they add incline to this? Geesh! Huff, huff, puff, puff. Run, Run, run. Vroom Vroom! Kid laps me.

Victory!! I made it to the top of the hill. We Are The Champions is ceremoniously floating through my head. I turn the curve to (dum, dum, dum) the bigger hill.

I begin to trudge up when I hear....Vroom Vroom!!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Week

I'm selling my soul to the Jr. League as we work on our biggest charity fundraising project of the year. And I have friends in town this weekend. Please send (coffee/chocolate/cherry coke).

Cleaning the Kitchen, Three Acts


(Mrs. M is gabbing on the phone to Mrs. S and cleaning the kitchen from dinner. Mr. M has retreated to the office to study)

Mr. M: Can you go to your room if you're going to talk? You make so much noise in the kitchen.
Mrs. M: Well honey the kitchen isn't going to clean itself and it does smell of taco seasoned beef. You're gonna have to deal.

(Mr. M huffs, puffs, and blows the office door closed. Mrs. M rinses all dishes in sink, wipes counters, decides not to reload dishwasher as to not anger the beast and retreats to the bedroom to continue gabbing with Mrs. S.)


(Mrs. M carefully walks into the office to love on Mr. M)

Mrs. M: Honey, I'm awfully sorry you got so mad about your lovely, darling wife being so fabulous and cleaning the kitchen up so you didn't have to.

Mr. M: I'm sorry my lovely, darling wife doesn't understand how noise from the kitchen is amplified in the office and wonder how she manages to make so much noise.

(Kiss, Kiss)


(Mrs. M is reading in bed when Mr. M strolls in with the computer.)

Mr. M: Cupcake, just so you know I reloaded the dishwasher for you while you were in the shower.

Mrs. M: You did?

Mr. M: Of course, I just know the kitchen was going to spontaneously combust if there was a single dish, much less a sink of dishes left out for the evening, or gasp! overnight!

Mrs. M: I KNOW I KNOW!! I thought it might blow up too! I was afraid to go back in there because I thought it would be smoking by now! You're so brave! I'm glad you understand that it's pertinent to clean the kitchen as soon as the last bite of food and drop of wine is consumed!

(Mr. M rolls his eyes and mumbles something about Mrs. M being silly.....)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Get Your Cocktail Dress...and a Manicure!

Don't forget about the Ultimate Blog Party! (Button to the right...). All blogs invited, wear your prettiest dress and get your hair done for the festivities. And I'm sure with this crowd their are going to be cocktails.

There's an expansive list of blogs so you're certain to make a new blogging friend. Oh, and there are prizes! Everyone is a winner!

Come on over....


Trends, these are the trends?

I've always been more of a classic person anyway, but the 80's look coming back is way out of control! Let me just say that I love the 80s movies, music, and long-haired hotties is where it should end.

First of all, leggings? Leggings?? Are you kidding me? LEGGINGS? My friend Bex and I used to wear those to church with our Easter dresses and dress shoes. (Oh I wish I could find the picture of us side by side with our eggs in our baskets and huge mud spots on our knees where we dove for the one under the branch....)We also had huge glasses that were dark emerald green and hot pink. So clearly, leggings should stay in 1988 where we left our "Paula Abdul lace trim leggings" as we called them.

However, if teens and tweens are going to wear ass-showing denim mini skirts laden with holes, I definitely opt to see the leggings rather than their thongs. Thankyouverymuch!

Belts as underwires? Huh? Belts over every shirt in your closet, what?

Boots with highwaters. This is the worst! I hate it! I hate the look of boots with capri pants. Call them what you want, but they're capri pants. The gaucho style is a cute look that I can see being a little more classic....but put your capri pants back in the closet and wear them with your flip flops this summer.

Leg warmers? Arm warmers? Just wear clothes!

I had a middle school cousin say that she was shopping for "cute 80s clothes" with her Christmas money.

No such thing. They're cute, or they're 80s. They were ugly then, and they're ugly now.

I'm not going ot be surprised when I see a Cyndi Lauper wannabe prance around in neon spandex bike shorts, a huge banana clip holding the crimped side pony tail, and a super over- sized shirt knotted up on the side with an acid washed denim vest over it and an arm full of slap bracelets that proudly say "U CANT TOUCH THIS."

Ok, off my ranting soapbox.

Anyone wanna tell me how they really feel?

Quote de Jour, a la My Little Boyfriend

Last night I had dinner at the R house. Boyfriend was very excited to set the table and make a special place for me right next to him. As we began dinner he looked at me and said:

"La La, I'm in love with you, you're my one true love"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ahh, Relax

J and I had a great weekend. We've been on the go so much that it was nice to relax at home. Don't worry, the madness resumes next week when I sell my soul to the Junior League and also have friends visiting! Yea!

Anyway, because I want to rehash every wonderful minute (well I won't tell you everything...) you must hear about the fabulous dinner we had Saturday night. J fixed ribs. Ribs like you've never had ribs before. Ribs that leave me salivating as I think about them. He started with a little Emeril's dry rub and baked them for an hour and a half. Then they marinated in barbeque sauce for about a half and hour before he threw them on the grill. They.Were.The.BEST!Ribs.In.The.World!

I also made our favorite potato casserole (recipe below because you're going to love it!) and of course this meal would not be complete with out some savory, home-made, baked beans.

We also rented a couple of movies this weekend, something we rarely ever do. After dinner, we cozied up in the den to watch Walk the Line. Have you seen that? I mean, I know it's like a million years old now (seriously, 2 years? I really don't remember) but it was the first time we'd seen it and it was fabulous! The whole movie from casting, to acting, to singing, to sets, everything...great! No wonder it won so many awards.

And now, without further ado, Mrs. M's fabulous potato casserole that you're going to want to make tonight!

1 bag of hashbrowns or diced potatoes. OR 8 medium potatoes boiled and shredded
1 1/2-2 cups shredded cheese (cheddar, casserole blend) more or less to taste
1 cups of sour cream
1 can cream of mushroom (chicken....just about anything)
1 medium yellow onion (I also like to use a few scallions) diced
Salt and Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350 and grease casserole dish.
2. Line bottom with potatos, if using bagged, they can be frozen. You can use the whole bag, but half will do as well.
3. Mix sour cream, cream soup, diced onion (half will work) and half of the cheese with a little salt and pepper. Pour over potato mixture.
4. Sprinkle remaining cheese over the top.
5. Bake for 35-sh minutes.


Hello, Girl Scout

I love Girl Scout Cookie Season. J and I have already polished off a box of samoas. And by that I mean I had 3 of them. Samoas are without a doubt the best Girl Scout Cookie ever, followed by Tag-a-Longs. And I also love All Abouts. And Thin Mints are very good. And this year they have brownies. And ohmygosh all this talk of Girl Scout Cookies is going straight to my hips.

What's your guilty pleasure of Girl Scout Cookie? And while you're at it, share how many you've already scarfed down. You know you want to.

Oh, and remember when cookies were just $2.00 a box? Anyone?

Friday, March 02, 2007

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Since grad school is taking up a great deal (ok all) of my husband's time, I decided I'd jump in on the fun. So, I wrote him a paper. A really good paper. Probably the best one in his class. Now, of course, I'm going to have to write all of his papers so the professor sees consistency and doesn't think that (gasp!) his wife wrote the first one or he slacked off.

I'm just naturally a writer. Once, I woke up two hours before class and cranked out a 7 page paper on a book I'd never even seen. I got a B+. The note on the paper said I would have received an A if I'd have done the actual assignment, but that the paper was excellent so I'm getting a B+. Hey, I'll take it!

J and I had no clue that the MBA Program was going to be a swift kick in the bum as it is. I'm not sure why we didn't expect it since it is an MBA. MBA's in general are pretty prestigious and strict programs. It's not a no-brainer type programs equivalent to underwater basket weaving. I expect that if I choose to attend grad school this year, my program will be quite a bit easier. Well, that's what I think now anyway. It will writing intensive, and hey, that's my thing.

Perhaps the School of Business J is attending will just grant us both MBA's. I am writing the paper's after all. I think they should, that's what I call a dual-degree program!

So does anyone else have the education blues? Did you or your lovely attend school, while having a full time job, while being a newlywed and/or planning your wedding, while also doing lots of other stuff that requires a little time and effort, while......

Tell me your educational stories, good, bad, ugly, grad or undergrad.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dishcloth, A One Act Play

J: That's gross!
Mrs. M: What?
J: To use a dishcloth more than once.
Mrs. M: Not to me.
J: It is to me.
Mrs. M: How would you know? You've not even used it once.

Quote de Jour, a la Mrs. S

Not so long ago, Mrs. S and I were discussing our "trophy wife" status. I was recently out with my husband and had several drink offers (which I graciously accepted). I was clearly with a man who, given the shiny rock on my left hand, was my husband. We were with friends who asked if J cared....hardly. His response: "I'm not paying, load her up! She's still going home with me tonight."

So given this recent event, I get a voice mail from Mrs. S last night:

"I may be old, I may be married, but by gosh I can still get a free drink!"--Mrs. S
I love it! Cheers to you Mrs. S, use your attributes wisely. Can't wait until the next time we can hit the town together.