Thursday, March 22, 2007

The. Biggest. Fight. Ever.

My darling J likes to often bring up issues that would presumably cause us to have The. Biggest. Fight. Ever.

The thing is, J and I really don't fight. Now, we're both always right, which is to be expected when two rare and perfect individuals such as ourselves, join in the holy sacrament of marriage. Moving on, we're both rather stubborn, and can pitch a pouty, whiny, fit that I probably shouldn't talk about because, wow, that's kind of embarrassing. Anyway, this results in a few stare downs, pausing only to eat, one of our favorite activities. Oh, and we pause for other favorite activities too. Because I know you wanted to know that.

Back to the. biggest. fight. ever. There are things I do that really (I mean really!) annoy J and he likes to point out that if my behavior would cause a certain effect, then we will have the. biggest. fight. ever.

For example, should I ever get another ticket for rolling through the stop sign on our street, we will have the. biggest. fight. ever. (I kinda admitted that the ticket only changed my behavior for, oh, about two weeks. Guess that was my first mistake!)

Also, should his window ever get broken because I decided to leave my purse in his car, we will have the. biggest. fight. ever. I take my purse everywhere out of habit. However, if we're just running into the gas station that has my favorite little soda fountain, I just throw it in the back seat. Also, when I know he's going to load my arms up at the Home Depot because we presumable need only 2 items yet walk out having spent $100. So, if my doing this results in his window getting broken and my purse getting stolen, (You know, it did happen to one of the women that report on channel 10 when she was driving the channel 10 explorer downtown...) we will have the. biggest. fight. ever.

This always makes me giggle. Every time he jumps high upon his cute little soapbox about such things, I giggle. Like now, thinking about it, I'm giggling! I mean seriously, if the window is busted out of the car, don't think we'll have bigger problems? And if I should get another ticket for blah blah blah....well, I'd cry, and run, and hide, and never ever tell him about it.

I'm currently attempting to throw some things at him that would cause us to have the. biggest. fight. ever.

Any suggestions? I know someone out there has had a funny the. biggest. fight. ever. Please, do share!

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