Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend? Weekend?

Hey, did anyone see my weekend? It appears he skipped through town without even saying “hello”.
I did manage to paint the majority of the new bathroom and also monogram a swimsuit.

“What? You monogrammed a swimsuit?”

Of course I did. I’m Sourthern and obsessed.

And as Mrs. S puts it at least she will be able to easily identify my hungover self when I’m face down on the sand basking in the sun on our beach trip in September.

Oh, and J and I are heading to Florida for a long weekend in just a few short weeks. Yippie!

I also drank a coke on Saturday night. I’ve basically quit daily injections of caffeine since I gave up soda for Lent and was forced to drink water and only water for a week when my bladder was bitterly rebuking my body. I decided that I can do without it and to drink it only on occasion.

Note to self: on occasion should not be a Saturday evening or else at 2am I’ll be doing jumping jacks and cartwheels through the house with no signs of stopping.

This will make for an unpleasant and tired day when you rise at the crack of dawn on Sunday for a roadtrip to visit the in-laws. Well, at least until you eat a few of your mother-in-laws double expresso brownies and then WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

However I crashed quickly and it wasn’t pretty.

Now if you’ll excuse me I must make it through the remainder of my day with my good ol’ H2O.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pictures! The Benz and The Check List

The grand finale of all the promised pictures is here!

Here it in all it's glory! The Benz! Still pondering a good nickname for it, but I'm sure it's a him. Suggestions welcome!

(above left: full shot, fancy controls on the door that adjust the seat to about a million different ways. Below left: the awesome third row seat that pops up backwards, the fancy interior console, and Pooch ready to go for a ride.)

Here are all of our landscaping efforts from last weekend: mulching, planting mowing the lawn.

(above left: the "Charlie Brown" peach tree, the fancy pancy tree that I always forget the name of, and the dogwood, all with fresh mulch. Below left: our pretty mowed lawn, the front landscaping. There are about 2 dozen flowers there in the front but a bit hard to see.)

Behold, my planting efforts:

(Above left:the eggshell garden in the kitchen window. I'm starting most of my herbs, poppies, and gerber daisies. Once they sprout you pant the eggshell and all and it provides calcium. I know how to garden, I just have problems with execution. Dying sleeping jonquils, the mint in the herb garden that doesn't look so good. Below left: green onions in the herb garden that are coming back, flowers planted in the window boxes on the garden shed, the small container garden of wildflowers packed with compost. Apparently something in the compost is appealing to pooch as he sniffs it out.)
The herb garden containers are bolted to the banister of our kitchen porch. In the winter I use it as my compost pile. I toss out tons of organic items in it such as coffee (the acid is good for roses, tomatoes, and holly bushes), eggs, apple cores, veggie peels, etc. When it's time to plant the herbs I rake out all of the compost and put it on the fresh plants as a little springtime feed. Throughout the spring and summer we take out compostable type items straight to the plants daily. I know all about how to garden properly, but plants come to me to die! Here's hoping we change that this year.

Now I leave you with one of my favorite parts our home, the patio:

I realize from the picture that it needs pressure washed. I'm going to get Hubs right on that. You can't see the firebowl from this picture but it's a spring, summer, and fall favorite. We roast marshmallows on it and make s'mores. We also just sit around it with wine and beer and call it a Southern Saturday night. It's a big hit with friends and guests.

Also, I must brag that the fabulous patio furniture you see here was all garage sales or, even better, free! The chaise lounger and the glider were purchased at the end of last summer but with wedding gift cards (yes, we held onto some a year and a half in). The tables and chairs were all garage sale or craigslist finds. We sanded with a wire brush, painted them all black, and spayed on healthy coats of polyurethane. We also have a smaller circular table but it's stored in the garden shed currently. It will go on our deck should we ever decide to build it. The grand total for a round table and four chairs ($40 at garage sale) and the oblong/oval table with six chairs and a bonus chair and side table ($125 on CL) was $165. You can't even purchase the small set for that price! We love having plenty of room for drop-in spring guests.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Services Rendered

It was high time I go to the market. Even the dog agreed!

I really, really dislike grocery shopping. It’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back. There are 43,628 things I’d rather do than grocery shop.

Yesterday evening I came home from work, prepared rice to steam, changed clothes, and did a little workout. I returned to the kitchen to prepare dinner (stir-fry, yum!) as Hubs arrived home. We ate and cleaned up. I watered my dead/dying plants and played fetch with pooch until he made me fetch the ball three times and I realized he was over the game.

Then, I prepared to go to the market.

Hubs proposed an interesting trade. He would go the market for me if I would perform a little service for him. Hmmm.... I weighed the pros and cons and wondered if I should take his little offer. I decided it was indeed worth the trade as the service wasn’t that bad.

I happily agreed and sent him off to the grocery store.

Then I went downstairs to the office and did his powerpoint presentation for his International Management class.

Services rendered indeed!

Monday, March 24, 2008

To-do lists and half-off eggs

Today is a good day. I’m able to drink soda again (gave it up for Lent) and the Reese’s eggs and Cadbury crème eggs are half off! I purchased no less than a half dozen for a whopping $1.64. I may go back for more, but I'll never admit it so don't even ask.

What a way to wind down an already fabulous weekend. As I told you I took Friday off (by the way, I think it should totally be a rule that everyone gets Good Friday off as well as the Monday after Easter. All in favor raise your hand!) since Husband’s work was closed that day. I rolled in late Thursday night from bunco but I was up with the sun and ready to roll on Friday. I’m very proud to report that we finished nearly the entire to-do list. Oh nothing makes me swoon like the completion of a to-do list, and on the scheduled timeline as well. I get so high that even Jack and coke can’t match the feeling. But don’t tell Jack. He’ll take offense. J doesn't understand the timeline I have attached to all projects. It must be a man thing because Mr. S doesn't get it either. However Mrs. S and I as well as all good women know that finishing projects in a timely manner is the only way to do it. Things we did this weekend (without bullet points because it's not working properly for me):

Covered four chairs
Mulched landscaping
Planted peach tree
Mulched trees in yard (four)
Planted 6 dozen flowers
Planted herb garden
Painted laundry room
Super cleaned and organized all contents of said laundry room when replacing
Painted and installed trim in den
Primed new bathroom
Began digging garden

Mowed the lawn

That's right! Give mama a day off work and watch her go! Oh the things I could accomplish if I didn't have that pesky 40+ hour per week gig. Said gig does finance trips to Target and health insurance though.

The only items not completed were painting the new bathroom and decorating. There were unforeseen hold ups with the dry wall mud taking a long time to dry, and then my overzealous cleaning removing a chunk of it from the way of which husband had to redo. Oops. However, that is all finished and I can paint this week.

This weekend we’ll finish the garden area (J is going to frame it out all pretty like landscaping). We ususally have a few pots of tomato plants but this year we're branching out to an entire 4x8 garden because we live off the land like that. We're also getting crazy with some blueberry bushes.

Since it is freezing here today and there are snow flurries twirling about, I’ll spend this evening on a much needed thorough house cleaning. It’s became quite the disaster area after the week of construction and weekend of home projects.

If you’ll refer to items five and six on the list and you know my sad history with plants, then let us pray. I planted about 4 dozen actual plants and then a couple dozen seeds in addition to a wildflower container garden in which I just threw in a handful of seeds, covered with soil and added compost. The herbs, except mint which was given to me, are all seeds as well. May the gardening gods be with me.

I was going to take pictures off all the productivity and gloat share my to do list success. But alas I did not. Perhaps I’ll snap a few in the semi-near future. And I promise there will be pictures of Ridin’ Dirty: White & Nerdy.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's been slim pickins' around here for the past few weeks now hasn't it? I've been working on a few new projects and they've taken more time than I imagined. With the nice weekend weather we've been having I've not felt like sitting at my computer, even outside. Also I was finished with one of the projects and now I want to change the name. I've found two additional names so I'm debating between three and trying to figure out which is me "in a nutshell."

Also work has kept me moving. I've been out of the office for meetings and in additional meetings while in the office all while trying to keep all afloat. I had a meeting with my VP and the two CEO/principles yesterday. You know, I'm not sure I'm ever going to feel like I fit or that I belong. I'll always be nervous when I'm the lone girl in a meeting of middle aged men. I feel so inadequate. I guess that's better than being overconfident and conceited. I think (hope!) I hide it somewhat well. My goal is to always throw out two very good points or ideas and then I stay mum. Me! Staying mum! That's a hoot.

I was given four large projects yesterday that are repeating. Meaning as I finish it for one week I work on it for the next week. My deadline for the (12 page +) newsletter is on Tuesday. I'm taking Friday off because my husband has it off (I'm appalled it's not given to me, but whatever!)and I'm itching to spend the day with him. We have a plethora of home projects planned (recovering chairs, redoing trim in the den, painting the new bathroom, painting the laundry room, mulching, etc.). I'm very excited to be with him all day and to have a nice long weekend. We may even head to the mountains one day. Yippie!

Given all above in the previous paragraph I very well may be at work at midnight tonight. Wait! It's bunco tonight so I'll definately be gone by 7:00. Please send brownies. And ice cream. And perhaps some Hibachi because that sounds tasty right now.

I promise I'll get pictures of Ridin' Dirty:White & Nerdy up here! Wait in anticipation!

(In the meantime, head over to The Bargainista. There are like 6 new posts up there!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ridin' Dirty:White & Nerdy

As my husband and I were returning from our favorite thrift store on Saturday morning, he saw it.

By it I mean a car he fell instantly in love with.

It may be safe to say that he loved this car quicker than he loved his wife, but I won't because that would hurt my feelings.

He talked about the car. He researched the car. He ran the numbers on the car. He went to look at the car.

I returned to the dealership with him last night and after negotiating to my liking, he bought the car.

What kind of car you ask?

Prepare yourself.

Are you prepared?

I mean really!


My husband bought a Mercedes Benz.

Pick yourself up off the floor.

Put your tongue back in your mouth.

Pop your eyes back in your head.

It gets better.

Indeed it gets better Internet. I wouldn't toy with you about such a thing!

The car is fabulous! Leather interior. Sunroof. Shiny woodgrain dashboard. Fancy schmancy radio/cd player. Power everything. Things I didn't know could be power are indeed power. Third row seat, seating up to seven people. Rides like a dream.

Now you think I'm just bragging don't you?

Are you ready to really have your eyes pop out of your head? To really have your jaw hit the floor?

Did you notice the third row seat?

Yup, it's a wagon!

Now you're confused, aren't you?

Wanna know the even bigger kicker to it?

(Drum roll please!)

The brand spanking new (to us) Mercedes Benz Wagon is a 1989!

Yes, you read that right: nineteen eighty nine.

My husband's dream car is an old wagon and it's now his.

I'll post pictures later as my cell phone pictures do not do justice for this lovely vehicle.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Romantic Dinner

Among other things this weekend my husband fixed me a fabulous dinner on Saturday night. He worked really hard to make a delicious steak. It was soaked in a Cabernet marinade and stuffed with fontina cheese, procsuitto, fresh basil, spinach then grilled to perfection. He served it with a fresh spinach salad and vino. Delightful!

I'd share the exact recipe but I'd have to pry it from his cold, dead hands and well, we don't want that!

The table was set all pretty and I enjoyed a delcious meal made by my sweet hubs.

A meal I don't prepare nor clean up is uber romantic in my book!

I think I'll keep him.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dinner Table Topics

Every evening my husband and I sit down to eat dinner together. No TV, no phones, just us and the fruitcake puppy and usually some background music. Also, often by candlelight because I'm so fancy like that. Really, I feel it's a great time for us to stop and rest from our day and really connect with each other before he has to begin school work and I run errands, clean the house, make a lot of noise, go crazy over something entertain myself.

We discuss our day, our thoughts, upcoming plans, etc.

So I'm left to wonder, what do ob/gyn doctors talk about at the dinner table?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Grand Opening

Today was my Britney’s grand opening. Oh how nervous I get over this little exam. And you know what was even worse? I went to a man doctor. Yes, that’s right. I took my Britney to a man. I’m not sure what’s worse: having your foot in stirrups and just letting your “knees fall open” with a man all up in your hoochie coochie and company, or having your foot in stirrups and just letting your “knees fall open” with a woman in your up in your hoochie coochie and company. Both disturb me but I did like this doctor. I think it’s true that men doctors are more sympathetic than their women counterparts.

I arrived for my appointment and was all frustrated and turned around and just wanted to get a milkshake (at 8:00 a.m.) and go home. I had, in fact, already discounted this doctor before I met him. I had a complete altercation of comebacks to snap in case the staff had any remarks of my tardiness. They were all very friendly actually. The nurse was sweet and thorough, and the doctor actually sat down and talked with me about every issue/symptom possible before I got nakey. My old doctor merely nodded her head and said it was no big deal as she shoved her fingers in as if she were pulling my teeth through my va-jay-jay. Um, ouch!

Due to frequent bladder infections and the sugar coated tinkle sample I’d given recently, Doc thought he should check my electrolytes and a bunch of other big words. And wouldn’t you know he wanted to do this by sticking a needle the size of a lightpole in my arm? I turned pale and nearly hit the floor at the thought. I told him that wasn’t a good idea and I was a bad patient. He didn’t mention it any further until I was about to leave. The, oh then, he had me come back! Oh the trauma. I lied down and began to cry big alligator tears because I’m a really mature mid-twenty-something you know. Oh the anxiety I feel at such thoughts. Tears are inevitable.

I’m as shocked as you when I say the worse part was when she tied that little thing around my arm. This was the gentlest nurse I’d ever had. Despite the fact that I have a bruise on my itty bitty wee little arm that is roughly the size and shape of a Boeing 747, it could have been worse. I know, I can’t believe I said it either. It still sucked, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t pass out so that’s a big step.

Oh, and I had three boxes of Girl Scout cookies to console me. God bless the Girl Scouts for being their in my time of weakness need. Unfortunately I only ate 5 cookies, but I had lofty aspirations for all three boxes in one sitting.

So I left the doctor with my juice box (don’t judge me!) and handful of prescriptions. Seriously I thought he might run out of paper if he didn’t quit writing. That and I’m sure I’ll be adequately billed for the new prescription pad.

I’ll be gallivanting off to the Target pharmacy this evening and also to console myself in a good bargain somewhere in the store.

And then I have homework from the doctor. I’ll bet my husband is going to enjoy said homework, ahem.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Four years ago today

I was on a blind date with my husband.

He had amazing blue eyes.

A contagious laugh.

A handsome smile.

Nice dresser.

Good conversationalist.

And he didn't open my car door.

I won't let him forget that, but I did give him a second date.

Then I fell in love.

Hard, fast.

And I married him.

I've never been happier.

Monday, March 03, 2008

An Unexpected Visitor

What a lovely weekend J and I had with our friends. A few extra guests were added last minute, but were a delight to the group. Great times were had by all; and all were over-served on Saturday night, ahem.

In the midst of all the fun and festivities this weekend, Murphy slipped right through the door. That Murphy, he has some sense of humor. I woke up Saturday feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. Our overnight guests were spending the afternoon visiting a grandmother for her birthday so we had a few hours alone at home. J loaded me up with orange juice and medicine and put me to bed for a couple hours. I woke up feeling like a new person...or so I thought!

I was able to prepare everything in record time with the assistance of Mrs. O and everything was fabulous Saturday night. We had great appetizers, a tasty dinner, a spread of desserts, and a ten gallon galvanized bucket full of spirits. Now that is a Southern Saturday night.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling as if I'd been hit by a bus full of smelly high school football players who don't change their underwear. Then it backed up over me again. And then went forward. And you get the picture, yes?

Let me give you fair warning Internet: boast not about thy great health, and all thy vitamins taken regularly, and how much water thy drinks, and all the healthy goodness in thy diet, and how thy washes thy hands, uses hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes; lest thy get both a sinus and bladder infection simultaneously.

How did I do this you ask? Well clearly I'm an overachiever and I don’t half-ass anything.

Should you choose to ignore my warning, beware! You may find yourself being gung-ho the first one in line at the doctor’s emergency clinic. In order to do this on Monday morning and get to work you may get up and do you hair and make-up just before deciding “to hell with it” and donning yoga pants and a fleece zip-up, monogrammed in your defense. To class up the outfit you slip on ballet flats with a little bow in a fit of running out the door.

You may find yourself with a lovely female nurse to care for you, and her male student. You decide there is no eloquent way to say “my throat and my va-jay-jay are in pain with the same caliber of the fire of a thousand suns” so you say it, just like that. No shame. None.

After the usual question asking, poking, and prodding the nurses flip your paper over to get the results of the tinkle sample and immediately their eyes burst right out of their heads and they begin speaking in lingo that can only mean one thing: you’re on death’s door.

Really now, the nurses are alarmed that you are a diabetic and you have these super high scores of glucose, fructose, sucrose, your mama, whatever. With head hung low because it feels like it’s in a bubble, you explain that you may have had a bit too much vino during the weekend. By a bit too much you mean a helluva a lot that left you craving greasy fast-food for breakfast to sop up what was left of you. Oh, and no, you’re not a college student but thanks for asking. Oh, and don’t forget that orange juice! You had tons of orange juice. So, um, no you’re probably not a diabetic and also do not need a referral to AA.

Eyebrows will raise.

You’ll continue to explain that your body is only used to black coffee, water, and a little milk because duh! you gave up soda for Lent so why for the love of all that is good in this world do you get a bladder infection now? Huh? Tell me that!

With prescription in hand and a demand to stay home from work you skip slug off to Target to get the goods. You may tinkle your pants when you find you itty bitty medicine is fifty four American dollars. Well, that or the bladder infection who is keeping up now anyway?

You’ll go home and pray for death but death will not find you. After some chicken soup you work for the afternoon because son of a Southern man you’re not taking a day off of work to be “sick”. Clearly your days off are for beach trips, city excursions, or mental health days full of bargain shopping. You take the dog for a jaunt around the neighborhood since the weather is in the seventies. Lovely weather while you’re under the weather, thanks Murphy.

You may also find that all of this happens during a week when you cannot hide in your bed and escape the world. Oh, no, no! You have two shifts of four hours each to prepare for a fundraiser for the JL. You also have the Patron’s Party to attend on Friday night for above event. And don’t forget about the early morning sorority alumni meeting on Saturday, followed by a tea party for the girls who are graduating the collegiate chapter.

I’m just saying. You know. It could happen to you! I’d be careful. Murphy is on the loose rampage!