Thursday, March 20, 2008


It's been slim pickins' around here for the past few weeks now hasn't it? I've been working on a few new projects and they've taken more time than I imagined. With the nice weekend weather we've been having I've not felt like sitting at my computer, even outside. Also I was finished with one of the projects and now I want to change the name. I've found two additional names so I'm debating between three and trying to figure out which is me "in a nutshell."

Also work has kept me moving. I've been out of the office for meetings and in additional meetings while in the office all while trying to keep all afloat. I had a meeting with my VP and the two CEO/principles yesterday. You know, I'm not sure I'm ever going to feel like I fit or that I belong. I'll always be nervous when I'm the lone girl in a meeting of middle aged men. I feel so inadequate. I guess that's better than being overconfident and conceited. I think (hope!) I hide it somewhat well. My goal is to always throw out two very good points or ideas and then I stay mum. Me! Staying mum! That's a hoot.

I was given four large projects yesterday that are repeating. Meaning as I finish it for one week I work on it for the next week. My deadline for the (12 page +) newsletter is on Tuesday. I'm taking Friday off because my husband has it off (I'm appalled it's not given to me, but whatever!)and I'm itching to spend the day with him. We have a plethora of home projects planned (recovering chairs, redoing trim in the den, painting the new bathroom, painting the laundry room, mulching, etc.). I'm very excited to be with him all day and to have a nice long weekend. We may even head to the mountains one day. Yippie!

Given all above in the previous paragraph I very well may be at work at midnight tonight. Wait! It's bunco tonight so I'll definately be gone by 7:00. Please send brownies. And ice cream. And perhaps some Hibachi because that sounds tasty right now.

I promise I'll get pictures of Ridin' Dirty:White & Nerdy up here! Wait in anticipation!

(In the meantime, head over to The Bargainista. There are like 6 new posts up there!)


Zoe D. said...

I big pink puffy heart Hibachi!!!!!!!! OOOOOOH MAN! It's soooooooooo good!

Platinum Rose said...

Sending you lots of brownies and icecream! Now you went and made me crave some, too! I hope you didn't have to stay at work so late!!! I don't get tomorrow off, either, but DH does. No fair! I hope you and your husband have a great long weekend together and get all those projects done - sounds like a lot to do in 1 weekend!

Cakabaker said...

Work just seems to take up too much of our time sometimes doesn't it?
I wouldn't worry about being the only female in the room, maybe they are nervous too :) Good luck on your projects.
Have a nice long, relaxing weekend with your hubby, hope you get at least one or two of your projects done and get to the mountains.

Anonymous said...

work has been kicking my butt lately too. i'm ready for a little vacation...maybe to the carribean...hmmmmm, sounds nice. (yeah, right..i can't take a vacation..not right now at least)! :0)