Monday, March 24, 2008

To-do lists and half-off eggs

Today is a good day. I’m able to drink soda again (gave it up for Lent) and the Reese’s eggs and Cadbury crème eggs are half off! I purchased no less than a half dozen for a whopping $1.64. I may go back for more, but I'll never admit it so don't even ask.

What a way to wind down an already fabulous weekend. As I told you I took Friday off (by the way, I think it should totally be a rule that everyone gets Good Friday off as well as the Monday after Easter. All in favor raise your hand!) since Husband’s work was closed that day. I rolled in late Thursday night from bunco but I was up with the sun and ready to roll on Friday. I’m very proud to report that we finished nearly the entire to-do list. Oh nothing makes me swoon like the completion of a to-do list, and on the scheduled timeline as well. I get so high that even Jack and coke can’t match the feeling. But don’t tell Jack. He’ll take offense. J doesn't understand the timeline I have attached to all projects. It must be a man thing because Mr. S doesn't get it either. However Mrs. S and I as well as all good women know that finishing projects in a timely manner is the only way to do it. Things we did this weekend (without bullet points because it's not working properly for me):

Covered four chairs
Mulched landscaping
Planted peach tree
Mulched trees in yard (four)
Planted 6 dozen flowers
Planted herb garden
Painted laundry room
Super cleaned and organized all contents of said laundry room when replacing
Painted and installed trim in den
Primed new bathroom
Began digging garden

Mowed the lawn

That's right! Give mama a day off work and watch her go! Oh the things I could accomplish if I didn't have that pesky 40+ hour per week gig. Said gig does finance trips to Target and health insurance though.

The only items not completed were painting the new bathroom and decorating. There were unforeseen hold ups with the dry wall mud taking a long time to dry, and then my overzealous cleaning removing a chunk of it from the way of which husband had to redo. Oops. However, that is all finished and I can paint this week.

This weekend we’ll finish the garden area (J is going to frame it out all pretty like landscaping). We ususally have a few pots of tomato plants but this year we're branching out to an entire 4x8 garden because we live off the land like that. We're also getting crazy with some blueberry bushes.

Since it is freezing here today and there are snow flurries twirling about, I’ll spend this evening on a much needed thorough house cleaning. It’s became quite the disaster area after the week of construction and weekend of home projects.

If you’ll refer to items five and six on the list and you know my sad history with plants, then let us pray. I planted about 4 dozen actual plants and then a couple dozen seeds in addition to a wildflower container garden in which I just threw in a handful of seeds, covered with soil and added compost. The herbs, except mint which was given to me, are all seeds as well. May the gardening gods be with me.

I was going to take pictures off all the productivity and gloat share my to do list success. But alas I did not. Perhaps I’ll snap a few in the semi-near future. And I promise there will be pictures of Ridin’ Dirty: White & Nerdy.


Amy said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a list, a time line, and deadlines. I do it at work, and why would I not manage my home as fiercely as I do my business! Of course in both places, I work with men who cringe when I whip out my pink notebook, and excel spreadsheets! Of course then again I am the woman who gave my bridal party a power point presentation, and an itinerary, nothing wrong with being a little anal. Mrs. M – I am sure would agree! More power to you Mrs.M!!!!!!

Platinum Rose said...

Wow, very impressive! Great going! And I wish you the best of luck with your plants and garden! I kill plants too. I wish I had the ability to keep them alive! At least I can keep dogs alive, that's something! I too love getting things scratched off my to-do lists, and it really stresses me out if I don't.

JayJenny said...

Oh Mrs. M - I've missed you! I am so impressed with all you accomplish in one weekend. That list would take me a month of Sundays, okay, maybe longer!! Do you think you could come for work, I mean a visit?

Cakabaker said...

Wow, I'm tired just be reading all this! Did you ever sleep?