Friday, February 20, 2009


Guess who didn't have to get out of bed last night?


Guess who still didn't sleep very well because Mr. Bella is jet setting for work?


Thankfully he'll be home this evening. Just in time for me to hit the road for a little trip of my own in the morning.

Maybe we'll schedule a date to see each other some time in March.

Y'all have a great weekend. I'll see you in a few days.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pick your Pain

So apparently my labs for my bladder infection showed nothing. Well, the initial infection but no signs of continued growing infection (eww!! Eww! EWW!). Still with all recent issues I put on my big girl panties and decided to make an appointment with a urologist. My friend Page has a urologist she loves so much I think she'd make out with him. Mr. Page may have issues with that.

So I was going to make the appointment, but you know what? That's going to hurt. I mean holy guacamole you're going to stick a microscope up where? I'm not even sure that's an acutal whole. I think it's a strainer.

(Pull up big girl panties here!).

I really (really really really...) was going to make the appointment until....

I received a call from the dermatologists office. Um, thing on my back needs to be cut out. Seriously, I thought he had gotten the whole thing as big as the hole was but apparently that was just the top. So yeah, cut out, numbing, pain, STITCHES!

And methinks I have a similar thing on my arm.

May I rant for moment?


/end rant.

So the ending of this story is that the dermatolist is going to get a piece of me first. Until then I have myself a stockpile of cranberry juice (thank you K. Rogers for the sale on Ocean Spray at $1.68!) and plenty of time to work myself in a frenzy before I get sliced and diced again.

Oh well, at least I'll be properly upset and whiny this time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm vastly deprived of sleep. Remember how I woke up last Friday with a bladder infection? It was all down hill from there. My best friend Cici told me what meds to ask for. She's a fancy pancy pharmacist, also known as my personal ask-a-nurse. I waltzed into the doctor's office with my drugname of choice tucked in my pocket and walked out with said drug.


Moving on.

We took a long weekend away and of course didn't sleep much. We stay up late with friends and family and wake up early to keep going! Plus I never sleep quite as well when I'm not in my own bed.

Monday night I was so excited to sleep in my own bed for a whole seven hours. Seven!

But I didn't. I woke up about 1:00 a.m. Sick. Very sick. Digestive track was mad. Real mad!

It was mad at 3:30.

It was mad at 4:45.

It was mad at 6:15 when I gave up! I began my day. After a not so quick trip to get some pepto (do you know how many stores ARE NOT OPEN AT 7 in the morning? What the heck? Why am I the only one awake at that fine hour?)

I began cursing the little family joint we'd eaten dinner at on Monday night. But everything I ate, someone else ate. That's true for the whole weekend. I decided it must be all the very rich foods I ate all weekend that I don't eat on a regular basis. (Fondue, a texas style steakhouse, big breakfasts. too much fried food, etc.).

I survived Tuesday ok and was talking to Cici that night. I was poking fun of my issues with her when she piped up, "oh yeah, that medicine can cause excessive (issues), it's one of the side effects."

I'm seriously contemplating our friendship.

Tuesday night I was up three times.

Wednesday night I was up only once.

I have drank a half bottle of pepto this week.

I'm sleep deprived and off of caffiene.

May Cici grow long, dark, coarse, thick, very noticable, and unpluckable chin hairs.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello There 5am!

I don't have children. I should be gloriously resting in slumber at 5am. In fact, last weekend when I stayed with W and Elle (way cute bambinos that I've known forever and ever) while they're parents were away, Elle even let me sleep til 6:15.

Well um what's my problem then you want to know?

Drum Roll Please...................

A bladder infection. More specifically, another bladder infection. Last month I had one come on suddenly while sitting in church. I couldn't stand up by the time I was home and went to the Minute Clinic (not a bag gig by the way.). So here I am waiting for my doctor's office to open (they have en emergency clinic but it of course isn't open on Sundays which is why I went to the minute clinic).

Why on earth am I prone to bladder infections? Does anyone else have this problem? My first one was about 2 years ago in January. I had two more that year and one in March of last year. It was a bladder and sinus infection all at once. I don't half-ass anything.
So last month when I was praying for death and death would not find me, I figured I was due a good one as it had been nearly a year. However this morning is a bit too much for me. I know I should go to a urologist but holy guacamole I'm afraid of where they might stick things. YOUCH!

Furthermore I hear repeatedly that "some people are prone to bladder infections." Um well I wasn't "prone" to them for the first twenty five years of my life so 'splain that to me would ya?

This isn't good in the light that we are taking a trip tonight. Mr. Bella always tells me to "pack my big girl bladder" as it is. The five-ish hour trip will take all night if I'm stopping every 30 miles because I feel like I have to tinkle but Oh, just kidding and DAY-UM it's painful to try.

Also Mama simply does not have time to be assuming the fetal position and crying on the sofa with daytime TV. See post below at list of things to accomplish. In addition I'm picking up Elle and P (another bambino whom I've known her entire life) at preschool this afternoon followed by BB at high school and then to get a hair cut and yada yada yada I've got things to do here this morning.

So I'm up, showered, fully face of make up and even jewelry. Hair is still wet. I don't want to wake the beasts that are still sleeping. I mean someone has to drive tonight and someone has to sleep. Betcha can guess which I plan on doing.

Cereal tastes a bit different at 5am. Can't put my finger on it.

You know what? Mama would love a cup or fourteen of coffee.

Know what Mama shouldn't have in the midst of her issues? A cup for fourteen of coffee! Sucka sucka!

I suppose I'll go vacuum the car, start some laundry, and take the pooch for a jaunt around the block. They sky is getting a wee bit light afterall.

Oh, then I'll milk the cows, gather the eggs, feed the chickens, and slop the pigs.

I kid, I kid!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The perils of a Suburban Housewife

How is it that I'm always lacking time? I don't even have a job for goodness sake.

I work at my store about 10 hours a week, but it's at my leisure when I'm home and have the time (I'm working on giving myself a schedule and upping to 15 hours in order to be more productive and hopefully push my store a bit more).

I run the errands, do the shopping, walk the pooch, prepare dinner, and play taxi to BB. But it seems I'm always out of time! I know over commit myself to my sorority alumni and my women's league. I also volunteer quite a bit at church (although I've not been able to do the kids club they have or the small group of young girls I was hoping to mentor this semester) and I try to carve out a small amount of "me time" to do my bible study, browse my favorite market, and perhaps spend a little time with a friend.

In addition, I have a major itch to move. I mean to the point of finding houses! But since that's not happening any time soon (perhaps if I made an offer on a new house and packed up ours Mr. Bella would go along with it, yes?) I've been making lots of changes around ours. Just small things like rearranging items here, new linens there, swapping pictures and prints and perhaps a fresh coat of paint in a few rooms.

So it all comes down to this week. I have a handful of orders to finish up and get out, I'm preparing for a long weekend away with Mr. B and BB, the house needs cleaned, laundry done, gifts wrapped for the weekend, the car packed, and all errands complete. In addition THIS is the week that I have an 8 page newsletter due (I'm the editor, hel-lo overcommitment!) as well as a few extra things on my plate.

I know I should prioritize and just finish what HAS to be done before returning next week, but I have this major stigma about coming home a messy house and a to-do list. I like to come home and feel a fresh start.

Therefore I won't be sleeping between now and departure time at seventeen hundred hours tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I owe myself one

I made an appointment to see a dermatologist yesterday morning. I had a small spot that had appeared on my back about a year ago. I kept asking Mr. Bella if it changed size/shape/colors. His response, "yup, still there."

Really? You're kidding!

It was my first ever appointment to a dermatologist. I somehow managed my adolescent years without one. I usually like to freak myself out over doctors (if you've ever read this blog you'll know I'm a horrible patient and have lab coat syndrome!) but thought he'd just take a look and tell me what he recommended.

So Dr. Derm checks it out and says:

"Well it looks like a benign tumor that has been aggravated, but I can't be sure until a pathologist looks at it. So I'll have to cut the top off and send it for biopsy......BE RIGHT BACK!"

Wait, wait, wait a minute here! Had I known you were breaking out the scalpel today I'd have started milking this last week! And also I've not had enough time to properly get nervous, panic, and flip out. And also there isn't a bottle of wine in my hand.

Before I could even properly work myself into a hissy fit he had me face down on my stomach with what must have been a nine inch needle through my back. It numbed me pretty quick but oh the tugging and cutting and scraping and sawing I could feel. Not the pain, just the feelings of pressure.


How I think I'll ever have children is a mystery!

It was over before I could even bring on the tears. Once I sat up and was able to breath normal again I was fine. I mean absolutely fine. It was if it had never happened!

Well now how am I supposed to wine and cry like a baby and milk my little operation for all it's worth if I feel fine? How? Tell me that!

I took myself to my favorite little market full of gifts and goodies to treat myself to an item I'd wanted from there for quite some time.

They were out of it.

Of course they were out of it!

So I decided on a chocolate milkshake since I can't legally drink and drive with chardonnay.

But I was sidetracked by something shiny.

So last night I made myself a chocolate eclair cake since I wasn't getting sympathy from anyone.

Only the chocolate eclair cake has like ten fat grams in the hold darn thing so doesn't quite count as a reward.

So this is going in the books as I owe myself one!

Big one!

Big Big One!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Welcome to the Deep South Y'all!

On Monday it was twenty degrees and we received about three inches of snow. The most snow we've probably had in three years combined.

The few days following had zero temperatures

By Saturday it's in the sixties.

We will continue to see the sixties through next Thursday, and it's not even the middle of February.

Welcome to the South! If you don't like the weather drive five miles or wait five minutes, it's bound to change!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Great News

Want in on a piece of great news for Bella? Go here!

/end shameless plug

Hello Twenty First Century

Well Internets, I've nearly joined the ranks of the 21st century.

I have a smartphone. Until yesterday I wasn't completely sold on it (it being a Palm Treo) because ohmygoshthegadgets! Ohmygoshthetechnology! OhmygoshthismeansIcan'twriteanythinginmyplannerormynotebook! But, but, BUT, this means my purse will be lighter to carry! And I'll be fancy.

Bella=Fancy in case you didn't know!

So I told myself that I would learn to use the phone, and I would use it for my calendar/lists/notes, and I would like it, and I would say hello to all my friends who are already living in the twenty first century.

Hey Y'all!!

While I'm starting to really enjoy the Palm and the benefits vs. paper, I still get nervous without my paper back up! Geesh! In my paper planner (monogrammed no less!) I write down EVERYTHING! All my tasks and appointments for the day.

9:15 Dr. Allergy
12:00 Lunch with RG.
3:45 Pick up Brother Bella
Bank ($75)
Do Nails

Putting such things that are "tasks" (i.e. Kroger, do nails) in the calendar seems silly and a waste of time. I find comfort in the fact I keep all of my yearly paper planners and can go back and see what I did on any given day.

Although I've never done it and they all sit in a drawer. AHEM!

But nonetheless I'm advancing. Woohoo what a ride!

Now I'm considering going Palm Centro rather than Treo. It's smaller and you can get a touchpad launcher very similar to the i phone (I big puffy heart iphone and the way it works but will not switch my service. Considered itouch, but I'd still carry a phone and I'm all about this million in one the Palm gives me to lighten my purse!).

Ok, ending tangent now but I need to know what your organization system is? Do you have a smartphone? What kind? Do you love/hate it? Use all the features? Are you hanging out with Davy Crockett and the paper planners? Pros? Cons?

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


You know you've had a good weekend when it's Tuesday and you're still attempting to recover!

I was out late and past my bedtime Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So you know, like past 9pm when all grandmotherly types go to bed. Even the 27 year old grandmotherly types.

Saturday evening we had quite the soiree in honor of Mr. Bella graduating with his Master's Degree! My hubs has an MBA! Let me just take a moment to brag on him. He finished his MBA in two years, he had a nearly 4.0 gpa with only a couple B's, he worked full-time as in 50ish hours a week, and managed to get a promotion at work. Oh, and he became the sole provider of our family and our family grew by a teenager. Wow! He worked very hard and I know this is all going to pay off for him/us. I love that man!

Ok, so back to the weekend. We had a celebration at our house in his honor. Our great friends the O's came in town in addition to a couple dozen friends around town. We had 25-30 people come to celebrate his fabulous achievement. There were warm fuzzies all around.

Oh, you want to see pictures? Of course you do.


Oh that's right. Someone got themselves busy entertaining and didn't take any pictures. As not in a single one! I could take a picture of the recycling can full of beer and wine bottles. But I'm sure you can imagine what that looks like.

Sunday we were double booked for super bowl parties. I just might have weasled my way out of one at the last minute with a semi-truth. Ugh I hate doing that. I mean I'd hate if people weasled out of my party at the last minute. Also, I don't want to quit receiving invitations to parties.

That's the thing, I like being invited more than I like attending.

For the majority of the party we did attend I spent playing with my new Palm Treo, more on that later. I think there was a game or something on TV, but I can't be sure.

I had great plans to recover yesterday and be super productive. Instead I get a call from Brother Bella that school has been released early due to the icy roads and falling snow.

It was suppose to be a light rain shower, ahem weatherman.

It took me an hour to pick up BB and the school is about five miles away. People in MyTown lose their junk when it snows. Also, there was no milk and bread in a 20 miles radius.

So instead of my uber productivity, we played in the snow. My ski bibs got their yearly use and can now be tucked away with a glimmer in my eye that I might venture out skiing one day.

Now back to my recovery already in progress.