Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hello Twenty First Century

Well Internets, I've nearly joined the ranks of the 21st century.

I have a smartphone. Until yesterday I wasn't completely sold on it (it being a Palm Treo) because ohmygoshthegadgets! Ohmygoshthetechnology! OhmygoshthismeansIcan'twriteanythinginmyplannerormynotebook! But, but, BUT, this means my purse will be lighter to carry! And I'll be fancy.

Bella=Fancy in case you didn't know!

So I told myself that I would learn to use the phone, and I would use it for my calendar/lists/notes, and I would like it, and I would say hello to all my friends who are already living in the twenty first century.

Hey Y'all!!

While I'm starting to really enjoy the Palm and the benefits vs. paper, I still get nervous without my paper back up! Geesh! In my paper planner (monogrammed no less!) I write down EVERYTHING! All my tasks and appointments for the day.

9:15 Dr. Allergy
12:00 Lunch with RG.
3:45 Pick up Brother Bella
Bank ($75)
Do Nails

Putting such things that are "tasks" (i.e. Kroger, do nails) in the calendar seems silly and a waste of time. I find comfort in the fact I keep all of my yearly paper planners and can go back and see what I did on any given day.

Although I've never done it and they all sit in a drawer. AHEM!

But nonetheless I'm advancing. Woohoo what a ride!

Now I'm considering going Palm Centro rather than Treo. It's smaller and you can get a touchpad launcher very similar to the i phone (I big puffy heart iphone and the way it works but will not switch my service. Considered itouch, but I'd still carry a phone and I'm all about this million in one the Palm gives me to lighten my purse!).

Ok, ending tangent now but I need to know what your organization system is? Do you have a smartphone? What kind? Do you love/hate it? Use all the features? Are you hanging out with Davy Crockett and the paper planners? Pros? Cons?


Platinum Rose said...

I do not have a super cool phone. I still have my pink Razr, which is dying (I can't make phone calls!!) so it's time I get a new one soon. But even when I do get a new super-cool phone like you, I am still going to stick with my regular desk calendar, as far as writing down what I did each day and such. I may use a neato phone planner for appts, but I still like my desk calendar. I sort of use it like a diary, I guess, and I like that in paper copy, not digital that I could lose if I were to switch to another digital device someday.

audreybreier said...

Wanna talk about Davy Crockett?? I don't even have a cell phone! Since I stay home, I just use our house's one of the conveniences we gave up so I could stay at home. So, I still use a paper planner :) I'm not that organized though...I just use a piece of paper and do a daily to-do list on it then toss it at the end of the day.

Kas said...

Congrats! I have yet to be blessed with such stupendous technology, so one day when I am, you'll have to help me through it! haha