Friday, November 30, 2007

For Samuel

In leiu of my regularly scheduled post today, I have very sad news.

Please pray for our dear friends T3 and Mr. T3. T3 delivered a baby boy this morning, Samuel Thomas, who died shortly after. The parents were able to hold him for a few minutes but his heart rate was very low.

You may remember when T3 had SJ last December. I know that she has felt the stress of this pregnancy so please pray for them as they continue to raise her and hope for another healthy baby in their future. In addition to this. They had a couple of miscarriages before having SJ.

Rev. H and his family (T3's parents) have been so wonderful to me, and also to J since the day I brought him home. They've taken care of me since I was a child and even opened their house to let me live with them for a while. They've adopted me into their family and J as well. We can't imagine a holiday without them. Rev. H married J and I and T3 sang at our wedding (T1 and T2 sang at our wedding too).

I get so angry to hear this news. How is it crack addicts can have babies everyday? Teenage girls manage to get knocked-up all the time. Babies are found discarded in trash cans or abused and killed because they're not wanted. How is it this can happen yet two of the most wonderful parents you could ever find can't manage to have a healthy child that they want to love and raise?

That aside, my heart is breaking to hear this news. I can't imagine how they must be feeling. They've been so strong and prayerful through this pregnancy but that doesn't make the grieving any easier. I'm at such a loss of words (and actions for that matter) for my dear friends. What do you possibly do or say to someone who has just lost their baby?

Please keep them in your prayers.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dishes (drum roll please....)

I'm certain you're all weary of hearing about my dilemma over dishes (as well as seeing my obsession), but stick with me; you'll be glad you did.

Are you ready? Really, really ready?

I GOT PRETTY NEW DISHES!!! (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!) If you don't believe I squealed like that just ask Mrs. S (she found the dishes) as soon as she regains her hearing.

Want to see them? Of course you do!

These are the Emma dishes from Pottery Barn, only not really. They are actually very similar dishes made just for the Pottery Barn Outlet. Let's call them Ella. (Emma plus Outlet equals Ella, don't you think?) But the best part about these dishes is that they are WHITE! A true white. (If you remember the issue with the Emma is that they were cream and I have white accessories, etc.) I also loved the scalloped edge on these dishes. So very elegant and chic.

I was so excited when Mrs. S called and said she found dishes she thought I'd like. She sent me a couple of pictures and I was sold. Buy them! Buy them all! She was able to purchase all but the dinner plates which would be available later in the week. Since dear Mrs. S works near the Pottery Barn Outlet she sent him over on his lunch to pick them up. Then, as luck would have it, Mrs. S was driving through town last night and was able to drop off the goods. Woot!

I was ecstatic when I learned that Mr. S was able to pick up the large plates to complete my collection.

Me: J! Mr. S went to the PB Outlet on lunch and got my dishes! (squeeeeal!)
J: Poor guy. I need to buy him some beer.
Me: He had to call Mrs. S and get his phone out and send a picture because he was confused but he got the dishes!
J: Lots and lots of beer. Probably Jack too.
Me: I'm so excited I'm going to make out with him.
J: And how do you think Mrs. S will feel about that.
Me: I'll make out with her too!
J: ???
Me: Honey for the love of dishes I'm an equal opportunity make-out partner!
J: At least you're good at what you do.

Want to hear about the total deal on these dishes? The Emma collection was going to be $590 but I had a 40% coupon to make them $350. It was also just for dishes, not all the cute little things I wanted to go with it.

The original price of Ella was $376. But they were discounted at 40%. In addition, Mrs. S was able to use my coupon. Are you with me? Sit down, because I got 40%, plus 40% off of my beautiful new dishes. The grand total for 12 dinner plates, 12 bowls, 12 dessert plates, and 12 mugs, plus 2 large serving bowls was only (only!!!) $140. I nearly tinkled my pants, but instead I cried real tears.

How precious will these be with my new Christmas teapot that I got for my birthday? Cute I tell you. I can't wait for Christmas Tea.

And for those of you wondering about my being an equal opportunity make-out partner, I even made out with my new oh-so-lovely dishes.

Mrs. S I'm forever indebted to you for looking out for me and finding and snagging these fabulous goods! Let me monogram something for you---bring me all your towels!

Mrs. S, my husband is going to buy you lots of beer in effort to curb the pain and suffering you endured!

Oh the PB Oulet--I would make out with you too but that would be rather difficult. Oh cest la vie--I'm up for the challenge!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Christmas Letter

Does anyone else send out a Christmas Letter? You know, a letter in your Christmas Card telling what your family has done throughout the year and wishing the recipient a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?

J and I send a Christmas Letter and I really enjoy it. I was debating doing a Christmas Letter this year for a variety of reasons, but good gosh I like it! I may not send the letter to everyone since I have friends and family I talk to on a very regular basis. However for those who we are unable to visit with or speak with often, I'm going to include it.

Mostly it seems that people with children send Christmas Letters, but I think young adults whether single or married should send them as well. I know J and I have had a big year--he started school, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we adopted Mack, I got a new job, we took a fun vacation, two of my closest friends got married, etc. I know several of my friends have had similar accomplishments and it's fun to hear about them.

I think sending a Christmas Letter is very fun and a personal touch, even if they are mass produced via being printed. I use cute paper and also include our family portrait Christmas Card. I think it's fun and festive and adds to the magic and excitement of Christmas.

Speaking of family portrait Christmas Cards, who does that? Oooooh those are my favorite! Do you send those? Do you send cards at all?

Who else enjoys Christmas Letters? Do you send them? Do you want to send them? Are you going to start sending them? Oh, and will I get one?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm in a bit of a predicament. I have RSVP'd for J and I to attend a wedding this weekend. The wedding is for a friend, but not exactly a close friend. We were close in high school, drifted a bit, and reconnected through another friend.

She and her fiance did attend my wedding, but truthfully they weren't on the A list. I found out she was kind of expecting an invitation and since I could spare a few extra people, I sent her one. It's not that I didn't want her to come, but as I said we weren't super close. She is a lovely, lovely girl and we have a great time when we're together, but busy schedules and distance keep us from having much of a relationship.

And just to clear it up, she is having a desserts only reception. (Do you know where this is going yet?)

Um, Internet do you know that this Saturday the Tennessee Vols are playing in the SEC Championship in Georgia? Did you know that? Huh? Did you? I'm a loyal alumni of The University of Tennessee. My husband is a devout fan by association. I attended the SEC Championship the last time they went (in 2002). I know our dear friends Mr. and Mrs. O would like us to make it a roadtrip and we have friends in Atlanta who have welcomed us to stay.

So do I attend her wedding, her one day, the only day she'll ever get married (well, we hope). Again, only a desserts reception, not like we're cancelling on a sitdown dinner. Or do I do a little football and Trader Joe's? How can you go wrong with a weekend of SEC Championship and Two Buck Chuck?

Shamefully this is from the girl who is a bit anal rententive about RSVP's and the like. See, I'm not perfect darling readers. Just close, really, really close. (Kidding, don't roll your eyes at me.)

Monday, November 26, 2007


I had a fabulous weekend and am very happy that leftovers should last us through this week and I'll not have to cook and clean. This is great because I have more than enough monogramming projects to keep me busy.

I had a fabulous birthday and was spoiled with all of the items on my wishlist (less the diamond earrings, as you can imagine) mostly from my darling husband (and the pooch of course). I'm blessed beyond measure to have wonderful a fabulous husband, a wonderful family, and the greatest of friends. There is nothing like feeling loved.

In addition, one of my sorority sisters had her baby girl on my birthday! How fun is that?

Oh, and UT is going to the SEC Championship--that is super exciting news for the football obsessed Southerners!

I have cash in hand for a new camera and I'm fairly certain I've decided on a Canon SD950 (for the fast shutter speed, 12.4 MPs, wide angle lens, and lithium battery). But ohmygoodness do you know how hard it is for me to make a decision? Especially an expensive decision? J has tried to order it three times and I can't seem to let him because I get all choked up about that kind of cash. Yes, I think it's worth it. But what if i drop it in the ocean and it's gone forever? Well, I guess I'm safe since I will not be at the ocean any time soon, but you get my point, right?

My photographer suggested the Canon SD800 as the best point and shoot camera so I was totally getting that one until I found the SD950 and thought I should just go for the gold since is it the SD800 and more. I should have never decided to do my own research and just ordered it to begin with. Any suggestions?

I hope you all had a fabulous and blessed weekend and are still waddling from all the turkey. Thanks so much for all the sweet friends who sent me birthday wishes, they were much appreciated.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey? Yummmmm!

Here it is Wednesday already. My job has had me on location at one of our resorts for the past three days and I'm spent. The good news is I was out of the office. The bad news is I still have to do all of that work. But no one cares about work, right?

J and I had our last huh-rah of 2007 in Neyland Stadium on Saturday. It was a bit chilly, but we had a great time together. It was a rather interesting game. I say interesting because UT's MVP was the kicker for Vandy. Poor guy. I'm still in shock that Tennessee is one game away from going to the SEC Championship, what a crazy year it has been for the SEC. What? You don't care about football? Tsk! Tsk! In the words of the great Mrs. S, "There are some things of which you just don't mess with a Southern girl; Jesus, Jack, Football, Shopping, and Hair Dye." That's right, we Southern Belles love our Lord, our bourbon, our pigskin, our charge cards, and our peroxide, although I don't partake of the latter.

On Sunday J and I had an early Thanksgiving with some of my family. I learned my cousin can cook quite a bird and outght to invite us over more often. They don't live very far away but our busy schedules and their now-ten-month-old baby makes it hard to just get together on the fly.

The rest of this week is chocked full of festivities for me. Tonight will be a little pre-birthday wine and cheese celebration with some friends who are passing through town. Tomorrow will be a fabulous feast with the H's (Rev and his wife as you may remember). I'm making the green bean casserole, 2 pumpkin breads, 2 apple cinnamon coffee cakes, and a lemon poppyseed bundt cake. It will be the least of the items on the menu. Of course all of this will take place after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions. In addition to Thanksgiving with the H's, this Saturday is Family Shopping Day.

J and I are attending Fantasy of Trees between now and Sunday. I've ordered our Christmas cards in hopes to get them out in time for the competition. (What? You didn't know about the competition? Well, I guess you won't be the winner then will you?) I'll put up decorations sometime this weekend, probably Sunday since it's my birthday and I love decorating for Christmas. Sunday will also be the day J cooks me a fabulous birthday dinner, just the two of us. Saturday night will be the birthday extravaganza at Green Hills Grille. Oh, and there will be shopping, plenty of shopping as I am The Bargainista!

I think that covers it. See y'all next week. Have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you each have grateful hearts. Great. Full. Hearts!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Where they keep the babies?

J and I were visiting his grandmother's house a while ago and he and his dad wanted to go to the "old house" to look at a buffet his grandmother wanted him to have. I knew there was the current house, and across the street was the "little house" (a cute little cottage that his grandmother keeps all made up for guests and has allowed children/grandchildren to live in when necessary.) Apparently I had a lot to learn about the farm as there was also the new barn and the old barn.....

We go off-roading over the land with me and Mack hanging on for deal life. He stopped a few times for things he and his dad wanted to see. I was in a dress and sandals--not exactly attire for scouring the land. Finally we reach the "old house" which is a very (very!) old farmhouse his grandparents lived in and raised children in until the 70's. It's not been maintained but the buffet was inside as well as a couple other items (a mantle that J (and I) would greatly love). Apparently he couldn't get the buffet at the time because all sorts of critters and bugs live in there during the warmer weather (eek!).

There were a few other little buildings around the house and the inquistive little thing in me just had to ask. Keep in mind, I grew up on top of a mountain. We didn't have cows and farms and all that jazz.

Me: What's that? (pointing to a small building)
J: The spring house.
Me: What's that? (as if spring house cleared anything up for me.)
J Dad: It's built around the spring......
Me: Aha, that makes sense. (duh!) What's that? (pointing to another small building)
J: The crib.
Me: (thinking) The crib? (aghast and shocked): WHERE THEY KEEP THE BABIES?
J and J Dad: Roars of laughter.
J: No cupcake, where they kept the corn. You know, the corn crib.
Me: No obviously I didn't know and it's not that funny.
J and J Dad continues fits of laughter.
Me: Hey, "Corn don't grow at all on Rocky Top!" I'm a mountain girl. I had no idea.
J and J Dad continues fits of laughter.
Me: I'm not amused!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Further Proof/Incrimination

The jury is still out on The Great Dish Debacle although it appears that Buffalo China may be the front runner. However the issue has been pushed aside for time being as it's time to enjoy these:

My snowmen winter dishes! Yes, I'm dish whore and I'm not ashamed. I've collected these for a few years and I do believe I've neared completion. I chose the snowmen dishes rather than Christmas Trees, etc. because I can use them from November to Feburary as "winter" dishes. Besides, I actually do a lot of Christmas decorating in blue (odd I know and I'm not Jewish, well obviously since I just talked about celebrating Christmas). So here they are, the winter dishes. I love the mix and match of the plaid, snowflakes, and snowmen. There are four different snowmen designs too, isn't that fun? And also mugs with the snowmen (not pictured).
So I'm officially inviting you (the whole Internet) over for a Christmas Cocktail soiree. Between the Christmas dishes and the china, I believe we have ourselves a party!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Add Actor to his Resume

My pweshus weshus poochie woochie is a star! He was featured on a news video at his Pooch Prep Academy last night. He's the pooch the call "sheepish." Actually he's only "sheepish" around those other dogs because he thinks he's human and simply doesn't care for canines. We may have more work to do at Pooch Prep, yes?

Sadly, there was a young lady (21 years old) who was recently killed by pit bulls and it has raised quite the commotion (as it should) here in My Town. The local NBC affiliate filmed some footage and interviewed his instructor as part of this story.

Also, that is my handsome husband's feet you see there in the video (head to The Bargainista this week where I've talked about his vest). I was off (enjoying wine and cheese) at a Junior League meeting last night so don't be squinting for cute pink shoes, I'm not there.

Also--be a responsible pet owner and get basic obedience and manners for your pooch. Even sweet pups can react hostile in situations. It's important that as a pet owner you learn how to interact and react to your animal(s). For example most people don't know that you should not punish a dog for growling. Growling is a warning and punishing the dog means he will not give a warning before reacting (biting?) in the future. Well, that's my PSA for the day: be a responsible pet owner and invest in manners and obedience for you animal(s).

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to field requests for Pooch to be the next Benji. Oh the life of a human of a star!

(Also, if anyone knows how to capture the video to place in the blog screen, let me know. I think it's protected though.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sinful and Delightful

I made the best desssert for our guests this weekend. It can only be described as sinful and delightful all at the same time.

The PB Brownie Volcano was a big hit. And it included two of my favorite food groups: peanut butter and brownies. I have a special dome pan that leaves a hollow center for stuffing. The dome and base was regular old brownies and the center loaded with a peanut butter mixture much like a Reese's Cup or pinwheel candy. Then, oh then, there was chocolate icing over the entire thing. In the words of the fabulous Rachel Ray--"YUM-O!"

I'm not one of those wimpy people who think anything can be too sweet, too rich, or too much. That simply doesn't exist to me. However, this delighfully sinful dessert may do that for the commoners who don't view brownies and peanut butter as their own seperate food groups.

Even without this special pan, I think you could make this delightful dessert by creating it layered-cake style.

What you need:
2 boxes of brownies (I used decadent chocoate Duncan Hines I think)
Ingredients for preparing brownies
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 block cream cheese softened
1 can chocolate frosting

Prepare brownies as directed and bake in two matching pans (9x13, 9x9, etc) or bake half at a time.
Mix peanut butter, cream cheese, and powdered sugar.
Smooth peanut butter mixture over one pan layer of brownies and top with layer two.
Add chocolate frosting.
Wipe chocolate frosting from mouth (you know you're eating some).
Sprinkle flower on face.
Smear something or another on apron.
Pretend you've slaved in the kitchen making this delightful and sinful concoction from scratch.
Eat every last bite with a gallon of milk (I recommend skim as it will counteract the very few extra calories the dessert may have)
Graciously take all compliments and claim the recipe is a Mrs. M secret so no one knows how incredibly easy this really was.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Oh dear Internet, remember how I told you about the exciting weekend I had planned with my dearest friend and her family? It was fabulous, really it was. But I happened to leave out an important detail about my Sunday once they'd left.

Remember how I told you all about my obsession with multiples and that I was in love with Jon and Kate? Well, hubs and I MET JON AND KATE THIS WEEKEND! OHMYGOSH I MET JON AND KATE!

They're my new best friends. Yesiree they are! Totally our new best friends. We may even have Thanksgiving dinner with them because THEY ARE OUR NEW! BEST! FRIENDS!*

It all started when I found out that Jon and Kate would be speaking at a church in My Town. I reserved a spot for hubs and I and tinkled my pants a bit in the process. Yesterday we arrive a good 30 minutes early to said church and well whaddaya know we were practically the first people in the door and by far the earliest we've ever been to church (and it was 30 minutes away as opposed to out normal 5 minute commute to church). I marched to the front (three rows back) so I could get a good spot to see our now best friends.

Hubs: Is this close enough or would you like to sit on
Me: Oh this should do, the stage is for Jon and
Kate silly! Besides, the front row would make me crane my neck.

We're sitting there for a bit checking out the visitor infoand bulletin and OH!
MY! GOODNESS! In walk Jon and Kate. IN WALK JON AND KATE! Hubs lovingly grabbed
my hand, most likely because he did not want me to jump up and pelt them with
hugs, kisses, and offers of monogrammed towels.

So I sat there. And started. My eyes were big, my shoulders slinky, tounge wagging out of mouth with buckets of drool. I crossed my legs real tight because how embarassing would it be to tinkle in front of Jon and Kate? They were the cutest things ever too. (By the way Brittny, Kate's profile so looks like you!) I think I need to find out where she got those cute shoes and perhaps get J and sweater like Jon's.

Me: Hey maybe we should go sit over there.
Hubs: No cupcake, I think we're fine.
Me: But J we can just give them a sweet Southern Hello! and sniff
out what kind of perfume/cologne they wear, and we can share lip gloss and also I'll offer her a starter to my Amish Friendship Bread.
Hubs: Cupcake, they're from Pennsylvania, I'm certain they see plenty of
Amish, probably know some. And I'm sure she'd love a yeasty, fermentanted, white
liquid from a stranger.
Me: Well, I need to get the kids favorite colors so I can send them all
monogrammed lunch boxes!
Hubs: Yes Cupcake, go right ahead. Jon will talk into his watch and
security will come out and take you away.
Me: Oh, you really think so?

Church finally started and as the singing began I was thinking I'm totally singing in chruch with Jon and Kate. It took every ounce of discipline in me to focus on the actual praise and worship. But ohmygoodness I totally spent my Sunday morning doing praise and woship at church with Jon and Kate.

Soon it was time for Jon and Kate to speak and I got all googly-eyed, my jaw hit the ground, and I was mesmerized-hanging on there every word. I totally big, puffy, pink polka-dot, HEART Jon and Kate. They were amazing. Creative editing and ratings don't show much of their spiritual life but I loved hearing them talk about lessons they'd learned through their journey and how the had learned to rely on God, not plan the future, and trust in the Lord. It was very inspirational, and mostly because they were so real! They were very down-to-earth and imperfect and everyday people which made me LOVE THEM EVEN MORE! Short version: it was amazing!

After chruch there was a reception of which I just had to attend because whaddaya know I had my camera in my Gucci bag (yes, I took my Gucci bag. I was sure Kate would want to hear about the bargain it was!)

Hubs: I don't think you should ask them for a picture.
Me: What? Why not? Should we ever see these people again
no one will ever remember us.
Hubs: I'm 6'3" and bald--no one forgets me.
Me: (blank stares as if he thought that would really
change my mind

Poor Jon and Kate barely made it through the door and they only had about 10 minutes before being wisked away to the airport.

But we totally met them. Yes we did! Jon walked over and stuck out his hand and said "Hi, I'm Jon."

"I KNOW! I'm Mrs. M and I love you and I watch your show religiously and even the reruns because you totally never get old to me and I was a nanny for five years and the kids loved me and the parents loved me and everyone loves me and we would totally move to Pennsylvania and all and by the way my husband is so handy and crafty and would love to do all the hanging of shelves in the garage and building carnival stands for the birthday party and guess what Jon we love japanese restaurants and wine too and had a blast in the Florida Keys and oh that song this morning that you enjoyed is so one of our favorites and also I have a snowman notepad just like one that I saw in one of your episodes and you two are just fabulous--watching your show is like looking in a mirror!!"

Ok, I didn't really say that because I have a small bit of dignity and instead just introduced myself and told them I enjoyed hearing them this morning and Hubs and Kate had a little conversation and howaboutthat we're now BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

Then I totally asked for a picture. I could envision how lovely it would be on a Christmas card. "Merry Christmas! With Love, Jon & Kate and Mr. & Mrs. M (BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!)

Only something tragic happened. (Insert sob story here). My (gasp!) camera (sigh!) would (cry!) not (wail!) work (sob, heaving sobs!). Are you believing this? My on-the-fritz camera picked a fine time to go cahput! I totally missed my photo-op with Jon and Kate. Tragic! (In leui of flowers, send new camera!)

I did have a spontaneous thought of doing a U-turn and heading out to the airport, you know, just because I'd not been since August and should totally check things out. But I feared a headline this morning would read something along the lines of "Mrs. M sprints down runway in tall black boots with pink camera phone and firmly grasps wings of plane yelling for Jon and Kate. (claims she has Amish Friendship Bread starter for new best friend)" That would not be good.

This means one, and only one thing. When I have a new loving camera in my hand we have take a roadtrip! Of course that's what it means. They're going to be in South Carolina in April and just so happens we've not been to Charleston since my darling hubby asked me to be his wife on a romanitc getaway and well our anniversary is in April so what a fine time to head back. And well, while were there we'll swing by their latest speaking engagement.


So yes, I was a bit starstruck because I just love Jon and Kate. But it's all cool now because we're best friends so it's not being starstruck anymore.

Meeting them made my day. Only George and Laura Bush, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and maybe Joey McIntyre (what? I never got to see a New Kids concert as a child!) could hold a candle to meeting Jon and Kate. Also, please don't beg me to introduce you because as their new best friends we totally respect their privacy and simply can't do that. However, they may not know we're showing up for Thanksgiving dinner but they most likely welcome us with open arms when we knock on the door with a have a big, crisp, golden, stuffed bird in our hands. Right? I mean probably not.

By the way, I'm thinking Hubs and I should totally start having kids because we're way behind schedule to be on par with our new best friends Jon and Kate. Maybe I should adopt a three by thirty motto!

*My condolences to previous best friends: Mrs. S, Mrs. C, Mrs. G, and Mrs. A, but certainly you understand!

Friday, November 09, 2007

B&B is full this weekend

There are fresh linens on the beds, towels rolled neatly in a basket, new toiletries in the bath, soup simmering in the crock pot, and a fresh-baked brownie cake dessert. Do you know what that means? We are having weekend guests at the M Bed & Breakfast!

Mrs. A (Bex), her husband, and the utterly adorable Pie are coming to spend the weekend with us. As I've told you, Bex and I have been peas and carrots since the days of big bangs and Paula Abdul lace trim leggings! I'm also super excited to see her baby belly as she's six months pregnant with little Tart.

I'm so excited to see them all. On the agenda: soup, dessert, and hot cocoa and tea for their arrival on Friday night. Saturday morning will be a juant at the park for some pictures and playtime followed by a trip to The Southern Market and a few other little shops that Bex enjoys when she visits. After Pie's nap it will be a late lunch at the DTGB, shopping at the Mast General Store, and going up in the Sunsphere. Afterward we're sending the A family off to enjoy a concert by the Wiggles and J and I will induldge in a little UT Football. Saturday night we'll have home-made veggie lasagna with tasty croissants followed by building a fire on the patio and making s'mores.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see my darling best friend and her family, it makes my heart so happy!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pertinent Information

J and I both have four letters in our name. Three are the same letters. Our names are totally different and sound nothing alike. I knew you would want to know this.

Also, I think the pooch is a bit pretentious since going to his fancy pants school.

And also again, where was the love here? I want to know whats on your wish list in case I want one too!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

First Day of School

Today is Mack's first day of school. For the next 8 weeks he'll be attending Pooch Prep School, hopefully learning some manners, obedience, and to not snack on children. He got a haircut over the weekend (didn't want the other pups to make fun of him!) and a new backpack, excuse me, that's mackpack! Cute, yes?

He insisted on the lovely L.L.Bean monogrammed backpack (monogrammed by yours truly) as his parents have L.L.Bean monogrammed luggage and he didn't want to be left out. It's perfect for all of his goods (leash, harness, treats, bowls, toy, etc.) no matter where we go. And it looks cute on him too!

Now let's all cross our fingers that my pooch doesn't get suspended--he's an ornery one.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Back me up on this one

As most of you know my husband is in school. He's working on his MBA and will be finished December 2008. Seems so far away, but he's halfway there and I'm very proud of him.

He is also a card-carrying member of the procrastinator's club. He often studies amidst as many distractions as possible at any given time. (He's also quite the comedian if you were unaware.)

Would you generous readers be so kind as to leave some comments for my darling husband stating any/all variations of the following:

  • Turning off the television will greatly improve study methods as to read, comprehend, and understand.
  • Closing windows of Ebay, etc. will most definitely do the same.
  • Avoiding procrastination and studying will allow you more time to spend with your (lovely, beautiful, charming, always right) wife.
  • As an added bonus you will have time to exercise and play with the nutbags pooch.
  • As a super-duper added bonus you will have time to tend to the ever-growing honey-do list (contain the excitement there.)

Of course leave these comments/thoughts/suggestions because it's the truth, and not just because I'm right. Besides, if you read it on the Internet, it must be true.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A series of hot dates

Friday night: pizza, beer, and wine followed by bathing and grooming the dog.

Saturday night we redeemed ourselves with dinner out at Peerless.

Sunday night: cheese fries with (what else?) beer and wine.

What can I say? We're easy to please!

And you hot date this weekend was.....?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Terrier, defined.

Terror was already taken.

(This is why all of his toys come from the 19 cent bin at the thrift shop.)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Wish List

The holiday season has officially begun. I love the month of November because it's Thanksgiving and my birthday! Yes, my birthday is a mere 24 days away (November 25 for those of you with your calendars out. Email me if you need my address to send my goodies.)

Of course when I was a wee little La La I thought Thanksgiving was all because of me. You see, I was born on Thanksgiving Day and my (wonderful, fabulous, darling) Pappy told me that's how it all got started. Kindergarten was a bit of a disappointment to me as I learned about all of the
Pilgrim and Indian stuff. If my (nearly (gasp, choke, gasp) 26-year-old) memory serves me, I do believe I tried to help the teacher with that lesson because she had it all wrong.

So November starts the gifting season. I love gifts--getting and receiving. It does, however, disturb me that the season has became so much about gifts. I have a huge soapbox that I could jump up on about that, but we'll save it for another day. In short, I enjoy the tradition of giving gifts and of course, enjoy receiving them as well. However when it becomes about the gift, the money, and the obligation of whom to buy for, it disgusts me. Ok, moving on.

I have a great deal of my Christmas shopping done, but still things left to buy. I like to buy a few things during the festive season, but mostly stock up beforehand. J asked me for a wish list which includes both birthday and Christmas. Here's my wish list, what's on yours?

  • A new digital camera (mine is on the fritz, and yes I realize this is a bit of a big ticket item, however it is my Birthday and Christmas, and the grandparents live 300 and 700 miles away so they send checks--cha-ching!)
  • Silver monogrammed wine stopper
  • Acrylic monogrammed pitcher and tray
  • Liz Claiborne wallet
  • Address stamper (fine! It's monogrammed too!)
  • Handheld vacuum (I know--so old lady!)
  • Books: My So-Called Normal Life (Erin Zammett Ruddy) and Fourth Comings (Megan McCafferty)
  • Full length mirror for the closet
  • Silver tongs for serving
  • 4ct t.w. diamond princess cut earrings to match my engagement ring. (Such a wish, but I always throw it out there just in case the money fairy plants a tree in our back yard).