Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dishes (drum roll please....)

I'm certain you're all weary of hearing about my dilemma over dishes (as well as seeing my obsession), but stick with me; you'll be glad you did.

Are you ready? Really, really ready?

I GOT PRETTY NEW DISHES!!! (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal!) If you don't believe I squealed like that just ask Mrs. S (she found the dishes) as soon as she regains her hearing.

Want to see them? Of course you do!

These are the Emma dishes from Pottery Barn, only not really. They are actually very similar dishes made just for the Pottery Barn Outlet. Let's call them Ella. (Emma plus Outlet equals Ella, don't you think?) But the best part about these dishes is that they are WHITE! A true white. (If you remember the issue with the Emma is that they were cream and I have white accessories, etc.) I also loved the scalloped edge on these dishes. So very elegant and chic.

I was so excited when Mrs. S called and said she found dishes she thought I'd like. She sent me a couple of pictures and I was sold. Buy them! Buy them all! She was able to purchase all but the dinner plates which would be available later in the week. Since dear Mrs. S works near the Pottery Barn Outlet she sent him over on his lunch to pick them up. Then, as luck would have it, Mrs. S was driving through town last night and was able to drop off the goods. Woot!

I was ecstatic when I learned that Mr. S was able to pick up the large plates to complete my collection.

Me: J! Mr. S went to the PB Outlet on lunch and got my dishes! (squeeeeal!)
J: Poor guy. I need to buy him some beer.
Me: He had to call Mrs. S and get his phone out and send a picture because he was confused but he got the dishes!
J: Lots and lots of beer. Probably Jack too.
Me: I'm so excited I'm going to make out with him.
J: And how do you think Mrs. S will feel about that.
Me: I'll make out with her too!
J: ???
Me: Honey for the love of dishes I'm an equal opportunity make-out partner!
J: At least you're good at what you do.

Want to hear about the total deal on these dishes? The Emma collection was going to be $590 but I had a 40% coupon to make them $350. It was also just for dishes, not all the cute little things I wanted to go with it.

The original price of Ella was $376. But they were discounted at 40%. In addition, Mrs. S was able to use my coupon. Are you with me? Sit down, because I got 40%, plus 40% off of my beautiful new dishes. The grand total for 12 dinner plates, 12 bowls, 12 dessert plates, and 12 mugs, plus 2 large serving bowls was only (only!!!) $140. I nearly tinkled my pants, but instead I cried real tears.

How precious will these be with my new Christmas teapot that I got for my birthday? Cute I tell you. I can't wait for Christmas Tea.

And for those of you wondering about my being an equal opportunity make-out partner, I even made out with my new oh-so-lovely dishes.

Mrs. S I'm forever indebted to you for looking out for me and finding and snagging these fabulous goods! Let me monogram something for you---bring me all your towels!

Mrs. S, my husband is going to buy you lots of beer in effort to curb the pain and suffering you endured!

Oh the PB Oulet--I would make out with you too but that would be rather difficult. Oh cest la vie--I'm up for the challenge!


Amy said...

I am famous!!!!!!!! Of course Mrs. M, I would always make out with you for the love of dishes and Pottery Barn! oh...wait did we do that in college? Nah...not two sweet southern bells! I am thrilled that you like your dishes and they match so well!

Platinum Rose said...

Wow, what a deal! Haha, funny post! Congrats on your new beloved dishes! And I love your teapot!

Swistle said...

OH THAT IS SO EXCITING! The pure white AND the discount AND the coupon. *heart beating fast*