Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dorm Life Redux

I spent four years in college (only four! WHY FOUR!? Not a day goes by that I don't wish I didn't cram my four years into five!).

My first year was in a bonafide dorm room. A 9x12 I shared with a total stranger who I made a great friend out of....even though I'm not sure when in the hell she is now. Oops. (Note to self, facebook later).

Years two and three were in an apartment style dorm. It was a campus dorm but had two bedrooms, a bath, two study spaces, a kitchen and a living room.
Year four was totally the life. I scored a great apartment in an old historic home adjacent to campus. It was quite large for two people, just Elsie and I, and had a huge balcony, a small back porch, and came with a washer and dryer....score! Oh, and triple lock doors! My senior year was fantastic!

Since that fateful graduation day of May 8, 2004 I thought my dorm days were over. Then I found out that their was dorm furniture being auctioned. It was from a nicer all girls dorm that was built with private funding. I never lived their because it was built in the late 1924 and without air conditioning.
No thank you hot and humid southern spring/summer/fall!
Ok so long story short, I won.
All this:
We had to borrow a friends truck and trailer to pick up my goods. I only wanted a dresser but you had to buy the whole room. And as an added bonus, I got these:
Extra long twin box springs. WTH do I do with these? I think I'm calling the scrap metal guy.
If my husband ever leaves me y'all.....don't doubt that he had good reason. See above. Oh, and remember this?
I hope he one day finds my shenanigans charming.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

In all of my exhaustedness from two weekends ago I forgot to post about the fun afternoon at the ball park!

We visited the CiCi's in their town a couple hours away. We had mexican for dinner at a local joint on Saturday night and CiCi and I split a margarita we had about 20oz each. This after we pregamed a few margaritas at home. Give us our margaritas and everthing will be fine.....just fine.

Sunday we took our pooches to a fundraising event at the local baseball park. You could bring your dog for a small fee and the money went to the local animal shelter. You had special seating and the pooches got a special treat and toy.

Aren't we cute?

It had been raining and Mr. Bella and Mr. Cici whined around about the rain an it being wet so they stayed at home to drink beer. We went to the game with airplane bottles of tequila...who needs peanuts and cracker jacks?

Mack was so tired when we left that he curled up in my lap and went to sleep on the way home. He was exhausted from dealing with all the dogs since he doesn't even like dogs (and doesn't know HE is a dog so please don't tell him!). He never does that. I think he was in a strange place, strange car, etc. and wanted to sleep on his Mama's lap so she couldn't sneak off.

It was kind of a major pain to take the pooches out. Makes me second guess kids already.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Gently breaking the news

I had my monthly bunco game last night and returned home and had this conversation with my husband.

Me: Babe, bunco in July is going to be a couples thing.

Mr. Bella: Really?

Me: Yeah remember how I said the gals and I had talked about it and thought it would be fun? Well we decided a big cookout in July would be best. We've moved it to Saturday night too so we can really stay up and enjoy the fun.

Mr. Bella: That sounds good. Will Mr. Anne, Mr. Jade, and Mr. Bridget be there?

Me: Yup! There will be about 30 total.

Mr. Bella: Ok. Sounds fun.

Me: Oh, and it's going to be at our house and I said you'd grill for everyone.

Mr. Bella: (Raises eyebrows and looks at me.)

Me: Wanna go to bed? (wink, wink).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People and Parties

Last Sunday (I know it's a bit late but remember the part about me on my face?) my girlfriends and I from the SBS were featured in the society section of the paper under People and Parties. It was so exciting. We were also photographed for a town society type magazine but the issue hasn't been published yet.

Now trust me, I'm not part of the ladies who lunch crowd and don't spend my mornings at the club playing tennis but rather use the park of the evening with my family. was fun to see our pretty little derby clad selves printed! The SBS is quite a prestigious organization with a number of well-known and important members....but WE were the cute picture they chose! Woohoo!

Now back to my previously scheduled and rather unexciting but sweet suburban life where the paparazzi have forgotton about me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On my face

So Friday night I did it.

By it I mean stayed up all night. All the live long night. Did you know there was a three o'clock in the morning? AND a four o'clock? Geesh.

I took a nap late Friday evening because I had some night shifters tell me it was how to "trick my clock." Well the only thing it did was prove to me that I should go to bed at 8:30 more often. It was quite fantastic. Until I woke up at eleven.

So I was party-ing it up with the middle schoolers (my least favorite age group of children I think! Bex--I admire you for dealing with 168 in class daily and LOVING IT!). We played some rock band and other video games. Then it was on to the running wild in the church because we can type games such as manhunt and sardines.

And I might have read a magazine. Because I'm top notch.

You get what you pay for---and I wasn't getting paid.

Around five I began to start cleaning. You know nothing gets my blood flowing like cleaning. I was in the home stretch friends! Seven o'clock was a-coming!

Then I learned some very, VERY sad news.

The blessed lock-in wasn't over until nine because parents won't actually show up to get their children at seven.

Well son-of-a-biscuit-eater!

But I was in it for the long haul now. No looking back.

And also I made it! All the way til 9 am. And then I made it til 11 am because there was a huge neighborhood garage sale around the corner and I love me a garage sale. So Mr. Bella and I hit the sales and then I let him make me an egg sandwich and put me to bed.

I only slept from 11 until 2. Woke up and nursed a Diet Coke, and because we fly fast and loose around here we packed our bags for an overnight trip.

We visited friends and stayed up to the wee hours with margaritas and had a full day on Sunday with a bit of shopping and the afternoon at the ball park (more on that soon!) before finally coming home.

And boy was I smug thinking how I apparently still have it. And by it I mean the ability to laugh in the face of sleep because HA! I'll sleep when I die.

I had a decent nights sleep Sunday and then Monday came. Oh my my Monday. Monday hit me like a ton of bricks! And although I didn't take a nap, I should have because it would have probably been a better use of my time.

I'm on the upswing today with a large cup of coffee and a little soda in me.

Note to self: get full disclosure before volunteering for events that involve middle-schoolers and the words lock-in.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Wednesday and Thursday involved furious spring cleaning for me.

The thing I hate about spring cleaning is you can hardly tell anything has been done when you're finished. It's all that hidden dirt like the tops of cabinets, the trim, under furniture, etc. Otherwise I keep my house rather clean. But still, I know I've done it. And of course I'm not all depressed that Wednesday's rooms looked like hell before I'd finished Thursday's room.

Go figure!

But my upstairs (kitchen, dining, living room, 2 baths, 3 beds) is officially spring cleaned. Downstairs (den, bed/office, bath, laundry, garage) will come when the projects are completed (Mr. Bella is working on built-ins. YIPPIEEEEE!!).

As much as spring cleaning is a total suck of my day(s), I do enjoy it for the outcome. You may know that you're enjoying your spring cleaning a little too much when you turn it into dance class. For example, if you're standing on your bathroom vanity is second position and plie' to rinse your cloth and get more cleanser and then you releve' to reach high onto the ceiling and get the light may be having too much fun.

That's nothing I'd know about.

And nothing I'd share with Reese.

And she didn't respond with "What the hell? Have you lost your damned mind?"

Go figure.

So with half of my house spring cleaned I'd like to share with you my spring cleaning essentials:

  • Pearl Earrings (everything is more fabulous with pearls!)
  • Glam Gloves (make you feel fabulous and protect your manicure)
  • White Distilled vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Baking Soda
  • Double sided sponges with a scouring side
  • Dozens of clothes in a few sizes
  • Toothbrush
  • All natural green cleaners such as Nature's Source, Green Works, or Seventh Generation
  • Broom, mop, vacuum
  • Great Ipod playlist
  • All day or three

I start at all rooms from top to bottom. Ceilings and lights/fans come first. Moving down I wash walls and windows then clean the furnituretop to bottom. I finish off with cleaning trim, then sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. All furniture must be moved about to adequately get behind, around, and under. Curtains and upholstered furniture should be washed or vacummed. Mattresses are flipped. And don't forget cabinets in the kitchen!

I realize my old school spring cleaning mentality makes me a freak. I figure when I have children or if I ever got back to the corporate world I may leave all of this by the wayside. That may be nice and curb my manic OCD behavior.

What's your spring cleaning routine or do you have one?

Even if you don' should get yourself some glam gloves.

Note that glam gloves aren't paying me to say this.

Or giving me free product.

But I'd oh so happily take it if they did.

Hear that glam gloves?

Oh yeah, back to spring cleaning.....routines? anyone?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Text Conversation with Reese

Preface: Reese and I attended the same university, hence we were sorority sisters. We're both huge fans of said U and get a bit teary at the singing of the alma mater. Today I received an email that they were auctioning furniture from one of the girls dorms (which is no longer going to be a dorm), which we didn't live in, but had great "bones" and history so I was intrigued enough to look. I found a few pieces I actually liked and would be great accents with a bit of refinishing.

Me: I'm thinking of buying auctioned furniture form Girls Hall, crazy?
Reese: WHAT THE HELL? Have you lost your damn mind?
Me: The U is auctioning furniture from Girls Hall and some is really neat. Hopefully it will be a good price.
Reese: WHAT THE HELL? Have you lost your damn mind?
Me: You said that already.
Reese: It was worth repeating. Call me at work.

You have to love having friends like this.

P.S. Cross your fingers I get a good deal on a few pieces I want. Hopefully no one else will care. We know Reese doesn't!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Not Sure

I kept having people tell me Happy Mother's Day yesterday since BB lives with me and well, Mr. Bella and I are raising him.

However, I'm NOT his mom. I'm still his sister and although I suppose I have the maternal role, it was awkward. I know they all had good intentions, but still....I'm not a mom and it was weird.

Plus I think it was weird for BB. He still thinks of me as his sister and I feel those comments reminded him that he has shit for a biological mother and therefore has to deal with a sister to be his "mom". I'm the best option for him. Poor kid. I know I try, I think I do okay...but still I hate that he has to have ME as a mother.

One day last week it suddenly hit Mr. Bella that Mother's Day was Sunday.

Mr. B: Ohmygosh Mother's Day is Sunday?
Bella: Yup, cards are in the mail.
Mr. B: (delighted sigh of relief.) What would I do without you?

I'm not sure, babe, I'm not sure!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Job

Y'all! I may have a....

A gal in my Southern Belle Society is the Exec Director of an organization and needs a Development Director. We have a handful of mutual friends and she called me this morning. She wanted me to come in for an interview this afternoon.

Well that wasn't going to happen because I like to have more time to prepare for such things.

And I'd not showered today.


She's supposed to call back for a time early next week. I contacted a few friends who knew her to feel her out and also a gal who used to have that position several years ago.

It MIGHT actually be something I like. It seems it may fulfil my requirements on my "list of things a job must have for me to actually go back to work."

"Work." It sounds like such a dirty word.

Without getting my hopes up I feel like I have a good shot. She posted the job for the SBS only a few weeks ago and apparently hasn't filled it since she called me. Being a member of the SBS is going for me, the friend/references are going for me, and well I'm totally fabulous!

The gal who used to do the job actually got me kind of excited about it.

I'll be able to shop with wild abandon. We can go back to eating at the Mexi restaurant every Sunday afternoon and trying new restaurants on Friday nights. I can resume planning trips from my list of vacations we must take.

But when will I have the time for such shenanigans?

I can't decide if this is good or bad. There are so many pros and cons to corporate executive vs. suburban housewife.

We'll see what happens.

"Work" still sounds like a dirty word.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sunday afternoon I revisited my old high school for the first time since graduation....nine years ago. I never loved the town and really never had a reason to go back so therefore....I didn't!

BB came from that high school and his best friend was in the school musical so Mr. Bella and I took him to see it.

Let's note that this is the same musical I was in some 11 years ago.

I walk in and things are different, yet the same.

I immediatly saw people I'd not seen since graduation or earlier. Now this may be snobby of me, but if I've not talked to you in nearly ten years, I really have nothing to say to you now. I decided my strategy was to avoid eye contact.

Even so I was spotted by former teachers, classmates, old friends (obviously old because I've not talked to her in 9 years or heard anything about her since she had two kids and now she's on three. The first thing she does is tell me her new boyfriend is coming and she's going through a nasty divorce. I wasn't even sure how to respond to that), and my cheerleading coach.

Which speaking of cheerleading....the school now had a Hall of Fame apparently. I'm waiting patiently for my invite since I was All-American cheerleader for my three varisty years! I'm sure it's in the mail. Har Har!

I was texting CiCi like mad at all that was going on.

I love how people were shocked and most remarked "well I've not seen you around town.".

Well, that's because I'm not around town!

Despite making pleasentries and being snarky that there are 30 year old men wearing AE clothing mean for high schoolers, the musical was fantastic. I nearly got up for a couple of song and dance number I remembered.

Poor Mr. Bella would have crawled in a hole.

Or left me.


At my old high school!

So how about y'all? Ever visit your old high school? How many friends do you keep in touch with? Do you plan on going to your reunion (NO!) or did you go to your reunion?

Monday, May 04, 2009

And there off....

To the Derby Party that is!

Friday night was my Southern Belle Society Spring Gala with a Derby theme (again this year! but I do love it!). It was such fun despite the rain.

The home that hosted us was fabulous. It was up on a large hill with one entire side being windows that overlooked the river and all the way up to the Smoky Mountains. It was amazing. The art collection was amazing as well. Not my thing at all, but wow! Also wow...the olypmic sized indoor swimming pool. Even the pool house had fancy art.
In addition to offering their beautiful home and lovely garden, the hosts provided a full open bar.
If I ever become independently wealthy....I'm returning the favor.

But let's get on to the important things: the big hats!

Most of the gals in my clique opted out of hats this year...but Nicolette and I were sporting them. I was also sporting a permanent mint julep for the evening. Most half drank and topped off with bourbon. That's the finest way to do your bettin'!

I was out too far too late and my poor thigh muscles are killing me. Partly from my new workout and partly from dancing in four inch heels.

Friday, May 01, 2009

How old is too old?

I recently came across a great bargain on RocketDog shoes! Only $9.99 per pair. It was my fave little warehouse outlet so they're last years styles but nonetheless cute.

The pair to the right with the strap isn't exactly what I saw there but the closest picture I could find. So I was pondering a pair of cute sneaker like shoes for summer and thought these may fit the bill. The thing is, I feel a bit too old for them. Maybe not the pair on the right as much, but the actual shoe that these are subbing for were a bit "hipper".

I've heard RocketDog shoes were great comfort but I couldn't tell anything spectacular by trying them on. For ten bucks I could roll the dice.

Do any of you own RocketDog shoes? Are they great? Horrible? Am I plain too old to wear them?