Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Not Sure

I kept having people tell me Happy Mother's Day yesterday since BB lives with me and well, Mr. Bella and I are raising him.

However, I'm NOT his mom. I'm still his sister and although I suppose I have the maternal role, it was awkward. I know they all had good intentions, but still....I'm not a mom and it was weird.

Plus I think it was weird for BB. He still thinks of me as his sister and I feel those comments reminded him that he has shit for a biological mother and therefore has to deal with a sister to be his "mom". I'm the best option for him. Poor kid. I know I try, I think I do okay...but still I hate that he has to have ME as a mother.

One day last week it suddenly hit Mr. Bella that Mother's Day was Sunday.

Mr. B: Ohmygosh Mother's Day is Sunday?
Bella: Yup, cards are in the mail.
Mr. B: (delighted sigh of relief.) What would I do without you?

I'm not sure, babe, I'm not sure!

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JayJenny said...

Better than Jay's Granma who wished me "Happy Mother's Day" and then remembered I'm no one's Mom. She followed it up with "... well, one day, maybe." Ugh, broke my heart to pieces but I love her!