Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm a huge magazine reader. I'd have a dozen subscriptions if I had the time to read them.

Currently my favorites are Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple. Those are my only subscriptions and I seem to never make it through and issue before the next one arrives.

What really gets me excited though, is the BHG Special Interest Publications. Every time I got to the grocery, Target, or Home Depot, I loiter about the cash register and salivate over them. Mostly, I love the pictures and decorating ideas. I cut out all of my favorites for a little file for the future. (Yes, I'm OCD and organized like that.)

Other fave magazines that I'll often pick up include (but totally not limited to):

I've moved on from being in love with Cosmo and Glamour. (I guess that happens upon engagement and marriage.) And don't even get me started on my love for bridal magazines, which I've (mostly*) moved past.

I'm a magazine hooker, especially for all of the pretty pictures.

What's your secret magazine fetish and why?

*I'm currently planning two weddings for friends, so it's totally ok, really it is!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Posing Question

The M family likes ice cream. A lot! We often buy the large one gallon buckets of low fat vanilla frozen yogurt (my fave!) and the low fat chocolate ice cream (J's favorite.) We make it through the buckets at lightening speed, so it's totally worth it for us. Plus, it stays fresher than in the cardboard cartons.

Now let's say you have a gallon of, um, I don't know, let's stay Superman Ice Cream in your freezer? Perhaps your husband (who is oh so sweet and nice and loving and went to the grocery store all by himself because you had something better to do) bought a GALLON of Superman Ice Cream. Not recently or anything, but several months ago. But because it is still in your freezer because it is, ahem Superman Ice Cream. (He apparently thought it was a good idea at the time.) A gallon sized tub. What would you do with it? Now it wouldn't really be a problem unless you had, um, thirty five pounds of ground beef in your freezer too. Then, things get a bit cramped.

Maybe I'll ride through the neighborhood tossing out cones full of superman ice cream while humming a little ice cream truck jingle.

Does anyone know what flavors are in that stuff? I've heard it's fun flavored vanilla but that's so not true. The pink is definitely a bubblegum-ish or cotton candy-ish flavored. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Also, I was serious about that please send recipes for ground beef thing! Email is up there to the right. Thank you very much!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick! Get a buggy!

Yes, 35! As in 1, 2, 3, all the way to 35!
Seriously, we should have gotten the whole cow.

The story:

We were perusing target waiting for my prescription to be filled, had a few items and checked out at the pharmacy. However, as we were leaving walked by the wall where the freezer stuff is. He saw the red tag on a box of burgers and it was 3.74 for a 5lb box. Fine, get it. Then he wondered if it was the only one. I checked another that didn't have a sticker and sure enough, they all were $3,74, a 75% savings. So we got two boxes. But two boxes just wasn't doing it for my hubby....oh no no! WE BOUGHT EVERY BOX. Which equalled SEVEN! Thus giving us 35 pounds of ground beef for right around 60 cents a pound. A far cry from the $3.50 we normally pay at Kroger. And, it's 93/7, so it's pretty good and won't kill you.

Yes, we grabbed a buggy out of the middle of the aisle for clearance meat. And made it all fit in our freezer. And ran the numbers and realized that with our normal consumption of ground beef (a pack every couple of weeks) we will not have to buy ground beef until June....of 2008!

Yes, we realize we sometimes have redneck tendencies. If only (oh, if only) you knew where we were from.

Plus, we're suckers for a good deal!

*Please, send recipes involving ground beef!!

Friday, February 23, 2007


It's finally Friday....where are the margarita's tonight? The party will follow if I'm there.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Having a lovely visit

Did you hear? Springtime came by for a visit. I'm not sure if he's staying, but really, you need not break out your sandals and capri pants while he's here. A light sweater or jacket is still ok and socks and shoes are very appropriate in the month of February. Carry out your fall/winter style at least until March.


Dad of the Year

I was babysitting last night for a dear family that I really enjoy. Two great quotes by the father who without-a-doubt is now nominated for Dad of the Year:

"I wanted to leave 15 minutes ago. The kids were asleep and you know how to get in, what's the big deal?"

"Well if the house catches fire just get my kids out, there's beer in the fridge."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Follow Up

Here's a little follow up to the Paying My Dues post. First of all, I missed a question, so here goes:

What's your dream job? If you could do anything and get paid to do it, what would it be?
That's easy. I want to be paid for being that totally charming, gracious, alluring, and fun girl at dinner parties and cocktial parties. Anyone have an opening for that? I have references.

Second, I thought of something else I really wanted, but it totally makes sense. I've been wanting a fabulous rocking' bose radio system that we can plug our mp3 players into and wire it to speakers throughout the house. That way when you're moving around, you can always hear music at a contstant volume. It's perfect for parties. I so need one, right? So, does anyone wanna get me one?

Did someone call Springtime?

Because he's standing right outside.

Keep 'em Comin'

We've been married for nearly a year now (woohoo!) and we're still getting wedding gifts. I love it! Mrs. R told me I'd get gifts for up to a year and I didn't believe her. However we had lots of extra gifts (and checks!) come in around Christmas time that were wedding gifts (noted as wedding gifts and we don't exchange Christmas gifts with these people) and we also got another gift just last week! This gift was rather fun. It contained a couple bottles of wine from a winery in the gifters hometown as well as some special edition wine glasses from the winery. Also was one of those fancy little neoprene bags that hold 2 liters of wine and keeps it cool and has a handle. I love those!! I've been wanting one. Oh, and guess what? I'm going to monogram it!

I think we've averaged at least a gift a month after the big flood gifts. Keep 'em comin'! Would any of you like my address?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Paying my Dues

I'm a regular over at Beth's Fish Tank. She was tagged on a "Five Things You Don't Know About Me" and reversed the tables and challenged her readers to ask "most outrageous, inappropriate, entertaining, or just plain hilarious (to me) questions and answer them." Then....oh boy...THEN...she turned it on us and said we have to answer the question we asked, along with four others.

Now being the angel I am, my question isn't bad. But the others? Well they're not exactly PG. But to play fair. I'm participating. Because they are rather entertaining I'm going to answer most that apply, but several don't. (I'm not a mother, vegetarian, I have never and never plan on watching porn and my sex life is between J and I.....) Here we go:

1. My Question: Tell me about your religious views, how you were raised, how you think, etc. Certainly this covers all the bases since sex is on here and you've already professed you're liberal."

I'm a Christian. I believe that God came to earth in the form of a baby born on Christmas, was crucified and rose again on Easter. I believe that Jesus saved me from my sins for my sheer asking all because of His mercy and grace. I believe being a Christian is so much more than being "religious" and isn't about "organized religion" (which I do not think is possible!) and more about a relationship, a real relationship with God, the Sovereign God is my Creator and Savior. I don't believe that my good (or bad) works have anything to do with my going to or not going to Heaven. I believe in eternal Grace. I also believe that maintaining that relationship with God is a necessity.

I first went to a small Baptist Church as a toddler. Then went to a Pentecostal Church. Moved a couple hundred miles and started going to a Baptist Church. In college I found a Baptist Church and the moved on to what is perceived as "non-denominational" but is actually Evangelical Free. I don't feel that I need to be put in a box and labeled as to what kind of protestant that I am, but it seems my beliefs fall closely with that of the Presbyterian, which is largely that of the Evangelical Free. I cut my hair if I want to, I can wear make-up and jewelry, hey--I even wear jeans to church! I see no problem with drinking alcohol in moderation (and I mostly keep it that way) and believe it or not the occasional curse word escapes my precious angelic like lips.

I'm, a Christian, I'm not perfect, but I try everyday to be the woman that God wants me to be and has called me to be.

Oh, and I'm a raging conservative, you could probably tell that.

2. Where were you when you lost your virginity?
A Bed

3. Have you ever been busted doing something totally inappropriate?
I was so busted for laying out of class my senior year of high school. I suppose that was considered inappropriate. OH, I've sent emails being not so nice to the person they shouldn't have went to by mistake. That sucked! Luckily she loves me and we made it all ok.

4. List the things you have done that are illegal.
Well, egging houses is illegal, I think. Is scratching the one ex-boyfriend's car illegal? I've forged names on documents. I've drove in excess of the speed limit. I've tipped off....wait wait wait a minute...what?

5. What is the oldest thing in your house?
The oldest things that are personally mine are my pillow, my eeyore, and my little girl bedroom furniture in one of the guest rooms that is cutsy tutsy and white. We have several items that are antiques and that are older than I am including a desk, the china cabinet, dining table and chairs, another set of dining chairs, coffee table, buffet, an armchair, the mantle, sewing machine cabinet,.....I think that's about it. I love antiques!

6. Did you ever have sex on your parents' bed? And, if so, do your parents read this blog? And if they do are they going to totally freak out when they find out? :)
My dad is dead, my mom has more personalities than a three ring circus, thus I don't see the bed from anyone who would be known as parents to me. If my mom has somehow found her way to my anonymous blog, then I'm sure she has more issues than my sex life. However my grandmother was a lurker for a while here.....she may learn a few things about me if she's still reading. Hi Grammy!!

7. Have you ever had an out of body experience? Describe in detail.
I've had dreams that were freakishly real feeling, especially those of being knocked up in high school and college. I don't remember a lot about them now so that's about all the details you get.

8. What is your secret, comfort food indulgence that you are embarrassed to admit because some may find it disgusting?
Well, it's not disgusting but there is a toddler inside my body and I enjoy macaroni and cheese and cheerios. Not together, but they are "comfort food" I suppose.

9. Name a "bad" thing you did as a child or teenager that no one ever found out about.
Did you not know I was an angel child? I was perfect? I did nothing wrong? Ok, maybe that was just to my grandparents. But seriously, I was a rather goody-two-shoes. However I did have little parties when my parents were away for the weekend in high school. Not throw down shin-digs obviously. Oh, and (are you ready?) I had boys over. Yes I did. A few of my girlfriends and I would all hang out at my house with our boyfriends for the night....scandalous, I know!

Oh, and one time I broke something when I sneaked (snuk?) in my parents house through the window because I forgot the key. I just pretended it didn't happen and they never said anything. I also didn't tell them I came home that day when they were way. Oops...

10.Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator/kitchen/pantry, you can always find:
Refrigerator: Beer, Wine, Milk, Cheese, Salad
Kitchen: Fish, Plants, Table, Kitchen Aid Appliances out the Wazoo, a picture of J and I feeding each other wedding cake.
Pantry: Pasta, Skyline Chili, Coffee, Brownie Mix, Soup

11. Name an item you secretly covet, but haven't told anyone about because it doesn't make any sense for you to want such a thing .
Hmm, this is tough. I'd love to have my own jet, but I suppose that doesn't make much sense. So perhaps I'll go with a yacht, still, not much sense since I'm landlocked in these parts. We do have the river however! On a more serious note I'd love for J and I to have a small cottage on the lake as a weekend/summer home one day. He says this is entirely possible if we forgo having children. On a smaller scale I sometimes consider Tivo. There are some great decor type shows that come on in the middle of the day that I'd like to see. I don't watch a lot of TV but cannot sit down at my house to watch a movie at all. I just cross off a block of time and sit down like that. Must be the toddler living in my body. Anyway, even if I had Tivo I wonder if I'd actually watch the stuff I Tivo'd.

12. Name five movies you could watch over and over OR five places you'd like to go on vacation.
Movies: Mary Poppins, My Girl, Save the Last Dance, Center Stage, Sixteen Candles
Places: Europe (Italy, France, London, Ireland...), New England (Martha's Vineyard, the Hampton's), Bora Bora, The Grand Canyon and all that entails in the midwest, Home

13. Assuming you sleep naked, if there was a fire, would you rather have to run outside in only your socks, your undies or your bra?
Well, I sleep in undies and a tank top at the very least and would probably grab a blanket as I darted out the window. Trust me, I've had to time to think on this since this incident because my mind works freaky like that. Seriously though, as long as J and I make it out I wouldn't care. The fire would just exuberate my hot smokin' rack and bottom.

14. If you had to pick-which would you choose?
1. The Bikini Wax 2.The Brazilian Bikini 3.The Playboy Bikini Wax 4.The Sphinx

Um, I'm familiar with 1 and 2 and have no desire to learn about 3 and 4. I'm scared now.

15. What is the scariest place you've lived (i.e. scary neighborhood or scary apartment, etc)?
I have a special knack for freaking myself out over nothing so I can be scared silly almost anywhere. However, A and I lived in this awesome old house in college and I would seriously hear things. I don't at all believe in ghosts or spirits, but I believe there was something lurking in that house. I'd be the only one there and attempting to sleep at midnight when all is quiet and would hear water running in the attic and footsteps of someone walking above me. Not like mice or birds scurrying, but a persons footsteps. It was way freaky. I also inquired with Mrs. R, the fabulous lady who let me have a part in raising her children as their nanny, and she confirmed hearing the same things when she lived there in college. Freaky I tell you! Nothing ever bothered me so if it was ghost or spirit it was friendly. I still don't believe in that stuff...but do have those unexplained recurrences.

16. What's your most embarrassing moment?
I suppose my boob nearly popping out of my dress when I kissed J at our wedding should be pretty embarrassing, but strangely, I don't care.

17. If you found out, irrefutably, that [your husband] was having an affair, would you stay or would you go?
Actually, he'd go. I'd stay in the house, with the cars, and the bank accounts. He would leave with nothing, and by nothing I mean I'd castrate him and keep his balls in the top drawer where they belong.

18. If you found out [your husband] wanted a sex change would you support him and share your sexy yoga pants with him.
I'd assist him with the operation by castration and bidding him adieu in his new life. As Beth says, I prefer to sleep with someone who has a penis. And no sharing my sexy yoga pants, I'm a foot shorter than him and he'd look really funny.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh, Saturday

Saturday, what a day! I'm breaking it down for you:

J likes to frequent a local thrift store that benefits a rescue ministry. A guy he works with often finds pretty great stuff there (skis, bikes, etc.) so going to the thrift store is like our winter garage saling.* (We're huge garage salers, in case you didn't know.) I usually gracefully bow out of the trip, but my darling husband convinced me to go with him.

So many good anecdotes here. First, it's hilarious when you see something left over that you donated to the store. For example I was poking around on Saturday and see this lovely candle in a champagne flute that says "(Podunk) High School Prom Class of 2000" and I laugh uncontrollably. It was mine! I even made J take a picture of me with it. They were practically giving it away for only 89 cents. However, I was distraught that they'd separated it from the matching picture frame with album inside. I mean's a set.

Next, J and I have never spent more than $5 in a thrift store except for one time I think he spent $12, although I'm not really sure what he bought. So without further adieu, this quote from my darling husband sums it up:

"We're so tight we squeak when we walk
and we just spent seventy six ($76) dollqrs in a thrift store!"

Seriously, we spent $76 in a thrift store. Quit laughing now...keep reading.

First, J found this lawnmower that looked pretty good. Then he went back for a double take. It did look brand new. There was a hand written note (obviously in an elderly persons handwriting) saying how great it worked and just needed a yearly tune up. J inspected checked out the brand new blade on it, etc. and we decided to purchase. We'd contemplated a new mower anyway and if it didn't work he was going to resell it. Total price: $69.99.

Furthermore, when we got home and looked at all the other stuff inside of the plastic bag with the handwritten note, we found the original receipt where the item had been purchased at Lowe's for (are you ready?) $450. FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! And, there were receipts where the oil had been changed every year. This thing is practically brand new! I know, your mouth is on the floor. I can't believe it either.

Next, I found this darling antique coffee table. I didn't need it really, but could totally replace the table in the living room. This one seemed much better suited for my decor anyway. Isn't is cute in my living room?

I decided I had to have it too. Total Price:$24.99

Go ahead, do the math. That brings our subtotal to about $95. But oh, no no! See, we had a coupon! Yes, the thrift store puts a coupon in the school coupon book so we got 10% off of the table. AND, it was bingo day. Since the mower was considered a miscellaneous item (you can't play bingo on furniture items) you could roll the bingo thingy and whatever the percentage off was on the ball the came out, you got it. What did we get? That would be 24%, the highest possible. So once all the discounts were taken, the cashier accidentally took an extra 10% off the entire purchase and decided it was too much trouble to fix, thus bringing our total to $76 and some cents.

Go ahead, fall out of your chair and laugh your bums off. I told you how thrifty I was, and this takes the cake!

As if the day couldn't get any more splendid, I give you....


Dinner and drinks with the S's and Y's. Somehow, fun always finds us. After the guys (and Mrs. Y) had had a few six packs and Mrs. S and I split a large bottle of Beringer (put down the phone, don't call AA just yet, we also split lasagna and cake!) the following comment** perhaps was made:

"(Mr Y's) penis is like Pavlov's Dog, it's ready to go when it hears the security alarm!"

And we all nearly fell out of our chairs. Isn't it great to have friends you can be totally obnoxious and inappropriate with? I'm certain that with this group we always find our way to inappropriateness. Ok, so maybe Mrs. S and I lead the way.

*Saling? Selling? Anyone?

**Comment made during a story where Mrs. Y said that construction had caused their power to blink for several nights and sent their alarm signal off when the power kicked back on. She said it was wake her up in the middle of the night and she'd jump on Mr. Y. Given our slightly inebriated states we had a high schoolers sense of humor and the above comment emerged. Either you're rolling on the floor or you're not really that fun.

Projects Pictures

First, I've added a new picture here on my Jewelery Post. It's the earrings at the top.

Remeber the talk about the stairs? Here is the before, during, and after! Impressive, huh?

Before, with the "church carpet" on them.

During, with no carpet. It acutally got much worse and there were nothing but the runners because we replaced everything you see there.

After! Mahongany stained hard wood!Next up: The Mantle. Keep in mind that this mantle is from the 1930's, so it's a bit delicate to work with. It was formerly painted black with khaki beadboard on the inside and used at my headboard in my single girl days. We attempted to strip and stain it to it's original beauty, but more than 75 years of paint, etc. just wouldn't come off. If we'd have done anymore we'd have ruined the wood. So, it gets a fresh white coat, which was what it was when I purchased it. Lastly, J built me a little bench stool for the kitchen so I can easily reach the tops of the cabinets, etc. Our chairs are antiques and not the best for pulling around the kitchen and standing it. Plus, this is just so cute! I helped him build and did the paint job myself.

The inspiration came from this item at the Pottery Barn, but I think ours looks so much better, and it was a fraction of the price. Plus I was able to paint it myself (which I love!) and add the M.

Ultimate Blog Party....

Coming soon....go find more here!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Jewelry Pics

Because BlondeMom insisted, here are a few pics of some jewelry I've made! This is just a sampling. My best work is actually the stuff I make as gifts and give away. With stuff for myself I'll use it awhile, then cut the wire and start over with the beads.

Damnit to Mexico!

Stinking Mexico has forced me to lose my religion and spout off Damnit! in my title.

Go here to read all about it on Fox News.

I hate Mexico. Cabo and Cozumel are not that great and I'll stick with St. John and St. Marteen thank-you-very-much!

Dog....I LOVE YOU!!

Beth....Your boobies are bigger than mine!

Leland...You are my pretend celebrity boyfriend!

Long live the Dog!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I know in here in the great state of TN we've only experienced an actual winter for the the last month, but I'm finished with it!

I'd like to crawl back in my big snuggly bed with the cozy down topper, slide between the crisp, clean, monogrammed sheets, and pull up the big, fluffy down comforter, curl up on my tummy and stay there until spring. And I'd like to wake up twenty pounds lighter. Are you with me?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Quote de Jour, a la Mrs. S

The group commonly known as the bracelet girls are planning a weekend getaway in April. We've not all been together since the last of us got married last June, so it's definitely time. It took us until April to coordinate plane tickets and schedules. Mrs. S and I have spent several weeks looking for remote cabins that sleep 5, and simply must have a hot tub*. Our motivation is to visit, drink wine, relax, have a little therapy, drink wine, unwind, catch up, and drink wine. I finally found a cabin with breathtaking views, a huge new porch, and a hot tub. Furthermore, it was half price of every place in the area that we'd looked at! (Remember, I'm cheap, I knew if there was a deal, I'd find it!)

AND, you're not going to believe this. Under activities, it listed drinking. How profound! Besides that, it boasts to have zebra skins, not that's something we're all interested in.

So back to the quote. Mrs. S and I were discussing the arrangements and decided that that this is obviously the best option and I should book it. Actually what she said was (drum roll please....)

"I just need food, wine, a hot tub, and a place to pass out, I'm an equal opportunity alcoholic."

*Then you can think you're getting warm and flushed from the water, not the wine!

There might have been.....

a love line in the local newspaper that read something like this:

J-on our first V-day as husband and wife...I know what we're going to do tonight!"

Maybe, just maybe.

Ok there was! I'm shameless! Well, really I didn't think of it, the ever clever SEC did. Is that bad? I didn't even really write the love line for my husband? I only submitted the love line because it was a contest, free to enter, and I was totally just trying to win the dinner for two at a super tasty restaurant. I didn't even get honorable mention. Must have been judged by a bunch of prudes.

Our Valentine's Day, thus far, has been fabulous. I woke up to a new fishy on the counter with a card. My fishy died last week, he was quite elderly. So the new fish, Blue*, will be placed in his new home tonight. J is getting the water ready to change and clean the plant.

I made J chocolate covered strawberries this morning (which he ate for breakfast!) and a very entertaining homemade card. We're cheap, I insist we do homemade cards, at least for the most part.

Tonight** we're having a fondue dinner at home, which I'm very excited about. We have a couple fondue pots so we're doing the broth (wine, chicken stock, garlic, and spices) for the meat (chicken, steak, and shrimp) and a beer swiss cheese pot appetizer with bread, crackers, apples, broccoli, and bell pepper. Then, for dessert I have more chocolate covered strawberries, which J doesn't know about yet. I also have him a bottle of Bailey's, isn't that romantic?

*Blue is a blue fish, but actually got his name from Dog the Bounty Hunter's hound dog, Blue. J and I watched that episode last night and well, I do love Dog the Bounty Hunter! Blue comes from a long line of meticulously named fish such as the Betta named Gamma, Sushi, and Fluffy the Fish.

**What we're you thinking gutter mind!;)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Clearance was my first word

I love to shop. I love to shop cheap! Fortunately for me I married a wonderful man who loves the clearance racks as much as I do! Clearance is my favorite. Clearance what you ask? Clearance anything!

I find it hard to pay full price for just about any item other than a Reese's cup (because sometimes you just gotta have a Reese's cup!). I can also talk myself out of just about anything whether it's on sale or not. I'm tight fisted too, I know where every cent goes, and sometimes I worry I'm downright cheap. Lucky for me I'm married to man who is as much in love with Clearance as he is me! We make quite the cute thrifty and frugal couple.

I often wonder if we'll always be cheap and thrifty. Currently we're working to pay off debt and build several months income in a savings account. We only finance items such as our house (because if you have 200k lying around, you should share it with me!) and our future cars. We don't finance large purchases (TV's, Computers, etc) or vacations (Europe anyone?) so we also save for those sorts of purchases. Since we're both in the early stages of our careers (and going to grad school) we know that this is probably about the poorest we'll ever be, and thus far, we are extremely blessed!

So I often ponder if when we have more disposable income if we'll be a little more free with our spending and purchases? I'm quite certain that we'll still know where every cent goes, but will it be as big of a deal purchase things as it is now? Then I think that if we opt for me to be a stay-at-home-mom, well we'll most likely find ourselves in a very frugal state just because we want to make the most of one income.

But all of that aside, no matter how much money J and I have or ever have, I just cannot see myself gallivanting into Banana Republic or Ann Taylor (or Gap, Limited, Express...make it stop!!) and purchasing an outfit at full price and walking out with it. The same goes for any fabulous handbag or pair of shoes that I find at Belk, Parisian, (or any of the other fabulous stores that I'm just not strong enough to mention...) and purchasing a full priced item, just as I cannot see myself purchasing my overpriced Clinique that I love unless they're having a bonus. I also simply cannot purchase any item at target because I know without-a-doubt that it will be on clearance within 30 days.

Maybe I'm cheap, but I think I'm just a smart shopper. Trust me, if you could see my closet and witness my vast collection of shoes and handbags, you'd know that I'm not doing without, I just find better options more times than not.

So what about you? Are you cheap? Do you spend without thinking/caring? What are your splurges? Do you find things you absolutely have to have and will purchase at any price? Do you have so much money that you can buy anything you want and also send me a check? Good!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is going to begin March 11, six weeks earlier than normal! This is exciting because:

  1. I hate when I leave work and it's dark. Blah!
  2. I tend to have less energy in the evening's after work during the winter.
  3. I can start running outside again and ditch the stupid treadmill in the gym at work.*

Actually, if I didn't have to work I wouldn't need DST. Isn't that an interesting thought?

*Actually, up until the second week of January I ran outside anyway. (Cell in one hand, pepper spray int he other, mp3 player strapped to my arm!) It was when winter finally decided to set in that I had to bring my frozen stems inside! I hate it too! Treadmills suck!

Quote de Jour

A couple more good ones:

"Something about Monday's make me the housewife from hell! I feel the need to do on Monday what everyone else does all week! And I shed! It's not dog hair in my car, it's Mrs. S hair!"--Mrs. S

"Oh he's lying in the den watching TV, probably thinking of what's going to ail him in the morning"--My Dad (obviously not recently since he's dead and that would kinda freak me out) when I asked him what my little brother was doing. Little brother was infamous for being a hypochondriac and avoiding school or coming home from school as much as possible. Once Dad died and he had no one to come pick him up, he was cured!

"I know I'm right, I'm good lookin' too! It's just something I've learned to deal with!"--My Husband

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Five

Five Things In My Closet

  1. A fabulous red floor length gown next to my collection of little black cocktail dresses
  2. A rack full of scarves, belts, ribbons, etc.
  3. A great wool skirt from H&M
  4. My lucky jeans
  5. My very comfortable and amazingly stylish Aerosoles boots.

Five Things In My Fridge

  1. Milk, always!
  2. Salad
  3. Cranberry Juice
  4. Wine, always!
  5. Cheese

Five Things In My Purse

  1. My little pink bag with all of the essentials: makeup, perfume, tampons, lip gloss, hair pins, etc.
  2. My Planner
  3. Cell Phone
  4. Keys
  5. A list of some sort, always!

Five Things In My Car

  1. School Coupon Book
  2. Umbrella
  3. Ice Scraper
  4. Phone Earpiece
  5. Antibacterial Wipes

Five Things I'm Wearing

  1. My lucky jeans, not the ones in the closet obviously
  2. An orange turtleneck sweather
  3. Khaki cordoroy blazer
  4. Beaded necklace and earrings I made
  5. A fun scarf around my waist

Five Things I'm Thinking About

  1. Going Home!
  2. Roadtripping with my husband this weekend
  3. The rosemary and lemon chicken that I'm making for dinner
  4. What sort of project I may get into on Sunday
  5. The everlooming thoughts of Grad School

Five Things I've Eaten Today

  1. Granola Bar
  2. Apple
  3. Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  4. Crackers
  5. Diet Coke

VD Anyone?

No no no, not a venereal disease, but Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of what I think is a Hallmark Holiday. Although I'm very happy and in love, I feel that we should tell people we love them everyday, not just on Valentine's Day. That said, I know that J and I will do a little something together but only because I don't want to feel like a party pooper! I actually already gave him a gift, a leatherman tool thingy he wanted. He bought it and brought it home and we decided that was his VD gift. He'd have gotten the thing anyway. We're also going to eat dinner at our favorite place when we visit his family this weekend. (It's a fabulous little place called Cheddar's and this is the closest one to us and also where we had our first date. Again, we'd have probably eaten there anyway.)

Besides doing a little something for J, I always send cards to my grandparents and little brother. I also have a few friends I'll send funny little cards to as well. Of course they're homemade. (Again, it's a Hallmark Holiday so I don't buy their cards.) This year we'll send a card to his grandparents too. I'm glad my Pappy gets in the Valentine's spirit with a hefty check! Cha-Ching!

I have some friends to don't do VD for the fact they too think it's a Hallmark Holiday. Instead, they both pick their favorite day of the week, and their favorite number, find that on the calendar year, and that's their special day. So, if my favorite day is Thursday and my favorite number is 25, my special day would have been January 25, and also October 25. Hmmm, not sure how they do it if there are two of those days. I guess you feel extra special.

I'll fill you in on all the details of what we decide to do or not do next week, but until then, what do you do for Valentine's Day? Anything special? Anything not so special? Any other fun rituals you have in lieu of or in addition to VD?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Diagnose my Face Fungus

I think I have face fungus, and it's really attractive.

From the beginning, about 2 weeks ago I was working on a project with a friend who had the leftovers of a fever blister. Since I didn't make out with her, I considered myself safe. But then 3 days later, I had a fever blister. I came home one evening and just suddenly felt like it was forming. The next morning I had a life form on my lip. It was slow to heal but after nearly 10 days, it was completely gone. From my lip at least.

Then I had a pimple like thingymajig form just beneath my lip. I put a little toothpaste on it before bed, as I do most oncoming pimples, but alas that was not a solution. Instead the toothpaste remedy seemed to enlarge the pimple like thingymajig and make it ooze some gross nasty (but at least clear) oozy stuff and trigger it to morph into a large nasty life form just below my lip. It was really odd the way it is healing, or not healing. And just as it's finally pretending to heal and not look like a meteor landed on my face, there are several other little bumps popping up around it.

I grew up with a girl who would get a fever blister and it would inevitably spread across her face someway. Apparenlty she had a severe reaction to whatever virus type thingy causes them. But it's not exactly a blister on my face.

Futhermore, I've gotten lots of little swollen not quite bump or pimple like things on my cheeks on on my temple right near my eye. I have relatively good skin and don't break out often. Out only pet is a fish named Fluffy, so I'm not thinking it's flea bites. Anyone, anyone at all? Maybe there is something finally growing the pillow that I've slept on for twenty five years. Don't make me go to WebMD where I'm sure to find a variety of other maladies or afflictions. Don't tell me to get rid of my pillow. That, my friends, is simply NOT going ot happen.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Speakers at JL: Heart Disease in Women

Maybe I love JL so much because of the food and wine. That could quite possibly be it. But I'm still going to give another example, just to redeem myself.

At every general membership meeting our educational committee lines up a speaker or two. They're geared toward women and are usually informative, educational, motivational, empowering, etc. They're most always rather interesting.

This week we had a speaker from a local hospital's women's unit talk about heart disease in women. February is a big month for heart disease and the American Heart Association has their Go Red campaign on February 5 (I'm a little late on that aren't I?). Anyway, I was quite shocked to learn that women are affected very differently and have different warning signs. For example, did you know that you can have pains in your shoulder blades or jaw? Isn't that bizarre? Or, maybe I'm the only one that didn't know that.

Our other speaker talked about the new Greenhouse Elderly Care projects. These homes are more of a "home" than an institution as nursing "homes" are. It's a great concept and I'm interested in seeing where this goes and how quickly it spreads. Did you know that 85% of people will be faced with the decision of long term care for their parents?

We already know I fall in the 15% that won't have that issue, but I do wonder about my grandparents and J's parents and what we may be faced with in the future. Elderly care is something we all should think about for ourselves and the fact that we'll most likely deal with it for our parents/grandparents/great aunt Mildred.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Top Ten

Ten Great Quotes

  1. "Well, you have to have clean dry hair and mine is one or the other." -The Bell, age 9 (on why she hadn't opened the curling iron she'd gotten for Christmas.
  2. "{Maiden Name}: OK. I need a resumé and a transcript so I don't bobble a letter. Is there a form or instructions, or both? I'll do the best I can, given my advanced age and retirement status. You'll do well. morrow"--an email from a former professor who was the crankiest, grouchiest, old man ever but I absolutely loved him! This brought me such joy.
  3. "Just go to the cheesecake factory--6 hours in there erases all worries, woes, and stresses from any mind"--SEC
  4. "If I could go back to 1988 I'd convince myself that pink ice is not a good investment"--JC
  5. "Oh he is, I already checked into that"--JC when I asked if Peyton Manning was married.
  6. "We're about to have a coming to Jesus meeting East Tennessee Southern Girl style!" --Mrs. S
  7. "Honey, I'll let you do my marketing class if you really want to go to school"--my husband
  8. "If you make my mama cry one more time I'm gonna put on my ass kickin' boots and come pay you a visit!" --The Rev
  9. "Cupcake, don't forget to pack your big girl bladder"-my husband before taking any road trip with me.
  10. "Yeah, I guess I'm just on the mountain waiting to die, they've taken away my best habit!"--my Pappy on his not drinking anymore due to diabetes

And as a bonus, this is one I hear from my husband often:

"Are you going to eat that?"--said as he sticks his fork on my plate

Monday, February 05, 2007

What's in a name?

Peyton Manning (QB for the Indianapolis Colts who just won the Super Bowl in case you didn't know) has about a million and thirty two kids named after him! Isn't that crazy? Forget parents and grandparents, everyone name your kid Peyton! (Or Peighton or Paiton if you'd like to get fancy!) There was an entire section on this is an My Town newspaper on Super Bowl Sunday. It featured boys and girls, unborn to preteens, all named for the football hero.

There was one family from High School Town, TN that named their children Peyton, and Manning. I think the real Peyton Manning should consider a restraining order against the tacky, redneck stalkers. In my (humble) opinion you lack a certain amount (great deal) of class to do such a thing. Only in a podunk town such as that can you name your children Peyton and Manning and feel cool.

It leads me to ponder, what's in a name? What and how do you choose what your children will be called?

My three names (of which I only have one now because I changed it all up when I got married) came from my grandmother and two great grandmothers. However my first name came from the grandmother that raised me and that I am very close to. However, I think she was named after a soap star by her dad, so in a round about way I suppose I was named after a "celebrity" if you will.

J and I have rough drafts of our children's names picked out. (I can't tell you though, they're a secret!) They're a combination of family names and names we like. Of course when the time comes who knows what we'll go with. A lot can change in the three to five years, which is when we'd like to plan our family. I know my parents had totally different names picked out for me until I was born and they went with the grandmother thing. But seriously, it's so much better. I'd have totally changed my name if they called me Misty Dawn (no offense to anyone!) and the other is so bad I won't even type it!

How did you get your name? How did you come up with your kids (future kids) names? Tradition? After family? You just liked it? Was it after a hero? Celebrity? Sports Figure? Do you like your name?

Friday, February 02, 2007

A few finished projects

I've finished several projects that I was working on and wanted to share! I actually made all of these. Yes, and old lady lives inside my body.

Kitchen Window Roman Shade

Dining Room Window BeforeDining Room Window After Living Room Window BeforeLiving Room Window After
Cushions in the den.
(You heard about them here, and here.)

An upclose view. All six (three on sofa, three on loveseat) reversible with the striped side and chocolate brown. And yes, I made the cording myself too!

Coming soon:



Master Bedroom

Thursday, February 01, 2007

School thoughts, with tangents

I've always wanted to get my Master's Degree. Always. However, I don't really need one, per se. See, I'm hoping that my next career, in several years, will be as an incubator. Incubators don't need an MS. (Hey, these days you don't even need common sense!) Plus, with my husband getting his MBA (that smart (HOT!) little thing!), I'm kinda falling into the June Cleaver trap of good for him, he can work.

I really have selfish reasons for wanting an MS. Basically, I just want it! I want to be the smartest, most educated incubator around. I could be just as happy ordering one from ebay. Hmmm, maybe I should look into that.

As I began contemplating further my education, I checked out several online programs. Since I've quite regressed in my being a social butterfly, as in I don't want to be around people I don't know and feel I don't need to make new friends, I thought an online program would be a good choice. Plus I won't have to rearrange my work schedule to much and I can do school work in my pajamas from the comfort of my home office.

I found a few online programs I'd consider, but one really stood out. It was perfect for my interests and goals, well, my backup goals anyway. It integrated all of the things I've done and plan to do. After I was so excited about it I checked the price tag. Are you ready for this? It was a kidney ripping 33k! Yes, thirty three thousand dollars! Even I'm not that spoiled and ridiculous to pay 33k for a degree I may not even use.

Sadly, that was crossed off of the list. Although there are a few online programs left I'm considering, I decided to hit my undergrad campus since the deadline was drawing near.

Things certainly had changed. It was so odd driving down the streets and seeing things so different. There had been demolition on places where I hung out (namely a frat house), and other frat houses had changed. Things had been painted, trees planted, new parking garages being built, and younger students attending. Well, I felt awfully old and them having younger students is all I could figure.

I finally found parking and went to officially change my name in the system, obtain a transcript, and make my meeting. And you know what? I had some hot little thing college boys opening doors for me. I know what you're thinking. "Oh my goodness she is so foxy and fine that these smokin' hot young college kids are opening the door for her!" Well wouldn't that be nice? But now, I was looking something of a mess with wash and wear hair and minimal make up because I was more worried about getting out of my driveway and braving what could have been icy conditions, than my appearance. And it hit me, I'm old! These young men are obviously southern gentlemen and they're opening the door for me because I'm their elder.I. Felt. So. Old! Old. Old. Old.

Anyway, I had my meeting and was told I was a good candidate blah blah blah...and I left.

So here I sit. Pondering. Do I put the effort and money into going to school? Do I decide my goals have changed and I won't get an MS? What if I decide not to be a SAHM and I want a career and will use the degree....then what? Oh the decisions.

Anyone, anyone at all? Thoughts? Opinions? What did you do? What would you do? Also, anyone have 33k or a seed for a money tree? Just checking.

Because he thinks I'm pretty and he loves me....

Aren't they pretty?