Thursday, February 15, 2007


I know in here in the great state of TN we've only experienced an actual winter for the the last month, but I'm finished with it!

I'd like to crawl back in my big snuggly bed with the cozy down topper, slide between the crisp, clean, monogrammed sheets, and pull up the big, fluffy down comforter, curl up on my tummy and stay there until spring. And I'd like to wake up twenty pounds lighter. Are you with me?


Emily said...

AH! Monogrammed sheets. You think of everything, dont you?

I am over winter myself. Ready for spring and summer to get here... in a hurry too!

brittny said...

I miss cold weather! If only we could trade places for a few weeks!

I'm glad you and J had a good Valentine's day. I love the newspaper like, too funny! Did you have to show it to him or did he find it himeself?

How sweet that you have a new fishy! I'm glad Blue is a part of the M family- and by the way, I like how he got his name!

I think a girl's getaway sounds like so much fun! I look forward to hearing more about it as the days approach. With Mrs. S I think they'll never be a dull moment!

HAve a good weekend!

girl from the south said...

This was news to me, but TN does not have winter. I've been in absolute misery the past few weeks. DC has barely gotten above freezing temps and there's snow...everywhere. You can't walk on sidewalks and the streets are nothing but slush. I so miss the East Tennessee "winters" where it snows a few inches, shuts down the city for a day or two and then gets back up to the 40s or 50s and melts. That doesn't happen here. :(

Mrs. M said...

Yeah coming from a girl raised in the mountains of WV, TN doens't have a winter. I suppose I've gotten soft and wimpy living here for so long! :)