Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Quote de Jour, a la Mrs. S

The group commonly known as the bracelet girls are planning a weekend getaway in April. We've not all been together since the last of us got married last June, so it's definitely time. It took us until April to coordinate plane tickets and schedules. Mrs. S and I have spent several weeks looking for remote cabins that sleep 5, and simply must have a hot tub*. Our motivation is to visit, drink wine, relax, have a little therapy, drink wine, unwind, catch up, and drink wine. I finally found a cabin with breathtaking views, a huge new porch, and a hot tub. Furthermore, it was half price of every place in the area that we'd looked at! (Remember, I'm cheap, I knew if there was a deal, I'd find it!)

AND, you're not going to believe this. Under activities, it listed drinking. How profound! Besides that, it boasts to have zebra skins, not that's something we're all interested in.

So back to the quote. Mrs. S and I were discussing the arrangements and decided that that this is obviously the best option and I should book it. Actually what she said was (drum roll please....)

"I just need food, wine, a hot tub, and a place to pass out, I'm an equal opportunity alcoholic."

*Then you can think you're getting warm and flushed from the water, not the wine!

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Amy said...

I may have a career, mortgage, and an SUV but some things never change – pass the wine and I will start the shots! Drinks at the Campbell’s on Saturday night!