Wednesday, February 14, 2007

There might have been.....

a love line in the local newspaper that read something like this:

J-on our first V-day as husband and wife...I know what we're going to do tonight!"

Maybe, just maybe.

Ok there was! I'm shameless! Well, really I didn't think of it, the ever clever SEC did. Is that bad? I didn't even really write the love line for my husband? I only submitted the love line because it was a contest, free to enter, and I was totally just trying to win the dinner for two at a super tasty restaurant. I didn't even get honorable mention. Must have been judged by a bunch of prudes.

Our Valentine's Day, thus far, has been fabulous. I woke up to a new fishy on the counter with a card. My fishy died last week, he was quite elderly. So the new fish, Blue*, will be placed in his new home tonight. J is getting the water ready to change and clean the plant.

I made J chocolate covered strawberries this morning (which he ate for breakfast!) and a very entertaining homemade card. We're cheap, I insist we do homemade cards, at least for the most part.

Tonight** we're having a fondue dinner at home, which I'm very excited about. We have a couple fondue pots so we're doing the broth (wine, chicken stock, garlic, and spices) for the meat (chicken, steak, and shrimp) and a beer swiss cheese pot appetizer with bread, crackers, apples, broccoli, and bell pepper. Then, for dessert I have more chocolate covered strawberries, which J doesn't know about yet. I also have him a bottle of Bailey's, isn't that romantic?

*Blue is a blue fish, but actually got his name from Dog the Bounty Hunter's hound dog, Blue. J and I watched that episode last night and well, I do love Dog the Bounty Hunter! Blue comes from a long line of meticulously named fish such as the Betta named Gamma, Sushi, and Fluffy the Fish.

**What we're you thinking gutter mind!;)

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