Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lonely Finger

After nearly 3 months of flaunting around my perfect, gorgeous diamond from J, I finally took my ring to be sized last night. My finger looks so sad, naked, and alone with out it. I have to do with out it until Friday, when hopefully I can pick it up to have it back for the weekend. Although I miss parading it around, having it sized was long overdue. I had to wear a little plastic rubbery thing on the back to hold it on since it was a whole size and a half too big. At least when I get it back it will fit snuggly and perfectly. Oh how I can't wait to parade the beautiful thing around again!

Good Times

There is nothing quite like the feeling of walking into a store and realizing...This is it! That's exactly how S and I felt when we found our "Gabe's" of Ktown. Although it's not quite as monstrous as we are accustomed to, it will suffice. Especially when we are unable to make the five hour pilgrimage to the authentic.

As if that weren't enough excitement for us, Target proved to be great entertainment as well. A new designer has lost his/her mind and went completely nutbags when they created the 80's flashback of this lovely strapless, stretch back, tartan "scotch tape" plaid, poof bottom, mini-dress. Oh and you know we promptly tried it on to proudly model for all to see. We were great excitement for many passersby who freely gave compliments on our unique attire. Oh how I wish I'd have crimped my hair with a big bow that day!

All of this followed by some good lay-it-all-out girlfriend conversation until midnight made Friday quite a fabulous evening.