Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Extra $100

If I had an extra $100 today:

  • $15 purse at Target
  • $35 monogrammed cutting board with monogrammed spreader
  • $30 three tiered serving stand
  • $15 Hanky Panky undies
  • $5 a few new songs at iTunes
What would YOU do with an extra $100 today?

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Day

Today is the day my friends! Mr. Bella has his big interview!

Back up: he didn't get the raise he hoped for last week. It sucks because the review was glowing but they are giving very small raises yada yada.....but consoled him with the fact he got more than most people because he is amazing. Bite me! Anyway, he was going to this interview regardless but now he really wants is.

Forward: so he's on his way on the three hour, different time zone trek to wow them as I know he will. I think he has a great shot because he has what no other candidate has had: southern charm. I'm not kidding! Other candidates have been qualifed but nixed when they didn't know the southern culture or just were not likeable. And if there is one thing Mr. Bella is it's southern and likeable!

Just in case we've been looking at real estate. And schools. Oh poor little BB having to change schools (again!) and in his junior year. We are considering a few private options as well just because he may be able to find a niche better. We've not discussed this with him but when he first moved in he was interested in private schools but the public HS in our area worked out better.

So moving pros: closer to Reese and Mr. Reese, same distance from Cici and Mr. Cici, a larger city, STILL in the south (PRAISE THE LORD!), a larger airport for trips or visitors, a fab city that has a lot to offer a young and growing family, perhaps more opportunities for me to work again in case hell does freeze over and I decide to get a job.

Moving cons: BB moving schools. This is a TOTAL suck for me! Poor kid. He's been dealt a crappy hand in his life and it's so unfair. What a precious kid and kind soul he is. I just hope if we do move it doesn't screw him up! Others: I have a great network of friends I'm leaving, I have a customer base for my monogramming business although I do a lot online and can rebuild in the new area, I love our little house and it stresses me to sell a house right now, sometimes changes make me want to vomit!

Hopefully Mr. B will have a feeling one way or another about the situation when he leaves the tomorrow. He's also going to request a quick response since we have a kid and school changes involved and would need to be settled in a month. It's apparently a small family-like company and I think they'll totally understand on that one.

So please say a little prayer for Mr. Bella and our little family! I'm anxious to see what might await us!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mr. Bella has his annual review today. He's been with company for four years and they've paid for his MBA. They also pay peanuts in salary. He's worth a good 50% more than what he makes. That said it IS a fantastic company to work for. That ALSO said Mama has no plans of working (Mr. B agrees!) and misses her old lifestyle of two incomes and has twinklings in her eyes of babies.

So Mr. Bella is going in there with his kick-ass boots on and plans to kick ass! He's going to outright ask for the 50% in hopes that he'll get 25%. If he does he'll be very happy and YEA for us all to stay put in our cute little home in our familiar little town.

If he doesn't, the Bellas are moving. In fact, Mr. Bella already has an interview set up Monday in another town, er...make that another time zone*. It would pay 80% more (HOT DAY-UM!) and make him a Jr. Officer in the company.

We'd planned on moving at this time in our life just because we could. Then the economy went down the toilet and we got a bouncing baby Brother Bella! Which is the reason I hate the move the most. The kid already changed high schools from his freshman to sophomore year (when he moved in with us) and now he'd change again. That would totally blow chunks! I HATE to do that to him.

But it's a part of life, right? I mean we have to do what's best for the entire family and if that means Mr. Bella's career, then well, that's what it means I'm afraid.

So if you could be so kind as to say a little prayer for Mr. Bella today that would be great! Specifically pray that he get the raise amount that he asks for (even better if they offer without his asking!) We'd love to have the option to stay put and keep our little family right where it is for the next two years!

*Still in the South y'all! Believe me I couldn't survive anywhere above Cincinnati and that's a stretch!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So what if I....

  • sometimes eat ice cream out of the carton when no one is looking
  • sometime like to throw things in the closet to not look at them and deal with it at that moment
  • dust my house and put out new reed diffusers when I know I'm having guests (like, um, tomorrow!)
  • oh and sweep the crud under the rug (well I actually did sweep, vac, and mop this afternoon!)
  • wish I could afford the calories to drink wine everyday
  • like for things to be done my way...which just happens to be the right way
  • work really hard a few hours of the day to tell Mr. Bella the whole list of things I've accomplished but leave out the stack of magazines that I read the rest of the day
  • have great intentions of actually making my college scrapbook but never eem to actually um, make it!
  • wish I had a maid service
  • like to watch reruns of The Golden Girls
  • indulge myself in 90's music all day on my ipod
  • garden avidly, but badly
  • constantly plan how I'm going to redecorate my house and what project I can con out of my husband next
  • visit Sonic way too often for happy hour....as in 5 of 7 days

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a thought

Dear Mr. Bella and Brother Bella,

If you clean up after yourselves and quit leaving crumbs all over the counter and floor, the damned ants just might go away! But until then you're making our kitchen they're own personal all-night-buffet!



Saturday, July 11, 2009


"I always wondered why blessings wore disguises. If I were a blessing I'd run around naked!"

--Estelle Getty as Sophia in The Golden Girls

Thursday, July 09, 2009

A far reach at a celebrity sighting

This is really such a horrible story and such a grasping at straws celebrity sighting that I'm just going to tell you to stop reading right now!

But if you're still here, here it is.

I love to watch the Duggar family. Seriuosly, they NEVER get old to me. Their show and The Golden Girls are the only shows that I can watch in reruns forever and ever and ever.....

That said, the Duggars often have their friends, the Bates appear with them when they visit. The Bates live near MyTown. I've often thought I should go kick back at their Wal-Hell because I'm bound to see them there in their itty bitty town. But then I remember I hate the Wal-Hell and well driving out there to catch a glimpse would be quite stalker-y and it's not like I'd actually speak to them.

Moving on. I was at Target today on the way far end of MyTown and not my usual Target. I walked in a and a gal caught my eye that was checking out.


Look again.

Look away.

Borderline stare.

IT WAS! It as Mama Bates! I mean I knew it was but then I hid in the one spot (aka junk!) section of the store and looked more whaddaya know it was her! It was the long wavy hair, minimal make-up, long dress, knocked-up.....Mama Bates!

She was there with a gal about her age and was only leaving with one bag and a pillow thingy and I thought WOW! Out of the house and an hour away with no kids! Rock on Mama Bates!

So I watched her leave and called Mr. Bella at work to tell him of my not really at all a celeb sighting but wow isn't this kinda cool sighthing.

I think he'd prefer me to not call him at work with future Target sightings.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Do any of you ever have similar conversations?

Him: The stove has something dried on it.
Her: Then clean it off.

Him: The Dr. Pepper is in the way of the electric skillet.
Her: Then move it.

Him: I can't find my jacket.
Her: It's in the closet.
Him: I didn't hang it up.
Her: I know.

Him: All the steak knives are dirty.
Her: Wash them.

Him: There's something sticky on the floor.
Her: Clean it up.

Him: The dog kinda smells.
Her: Then bathe him.

Him: Turkey burgers again?
Her: No, you're cooking dinner.

Him: I can't find my such and such shirt.
Her: It's dirty.
Him: Oh....are you going to wash it?
Her: No, you are now.

Anyone? Anyone?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I spend a few days a week at the pool (poor, pitiful, me, I know!) and therefore do a fair amount of people watching. In addition I spent a week at the beach last month which also provided great entertainment on swimsuits.

First of all the beach I visisted, Hilton Head Island, is known for being a bit classy and upscale as opposed to some of the more trashier noted beaches such as Daytona, Panama City, and Myrtle. Now don't get your panties in a wad....I don't care if you visit these beaches, I've been to all of them multiple times. The point is there are very different people at them.

Moving on....swimsuits.

Wow! Some of the people in their swimsuits. At HHI I saw a grandmother, she was 60 if she was a day, in a string bikini bottom that had peace signs all over it.

There are SO many things wrong with this picture. First of all no matter how thin you are string bikinis have a season and it's over before you're thirty! Second, grandma? Peace Signs? That season should be over by college graduation.

I've seen a handful of wrinkly old ladies in the teeniest, tiniest string bikinis and frankly it's gross! It's not that all the women are chubby or anything, but that style of suit just isn't attractive on their body. A more appropriate two piece would be much more attractive.

Second, teens and their swimsuits blow my mind! First of all my teenage daughter will not be wearing a string bikini appropriate for a two dollar hooker! These girls are cute and thin but why on earth can't they wear more than a postage stamp on their bums? Furthermore, how about those teens who are trying to be slutty but are actually a bit too chubby to wear such things. One gal in particular I'm thinking of would look very cute in a two piece with wider sides and a halter neck with actual straps. What is wrong with a more modest two piece that still shows skin but doesn't say cheap?

Third, let's talk about children and swimsuits! Little girls wearing string bikinis? NO WAY! Are our children not sexualized enough? We have to put elementary aged children in the smallest amount of fabric we can? Personally I think I'll make my children wear tankinis, they're cute, they're modest, and they're more appropriate for a child playing in water.

Lastly let me give swimsuit shoppers a bit of advice: just because you can get it on doesn't mean that it fits!

Can I get an Amen?

Monday, July 06, 2009

Name Pondering

I know a little girl named Collette. She doesn't go by Collette, she goes by Mia, which is short for her middle name Amelia, but that is a whole other story that annoys me because just name your child Mia already!

Anyway, at first the name seemed old and dated.

But the second time I said it was cute, sassy, strong, classic, and unique as there aren't many of them and it's not a made up name.

I like it! The third time I said it, I loved it! I want to tell the parents to call their child Collette and not Mia.

So the name Collette, love or hate?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

Woohoo for long weekends and time with my cutie patootie husband! Hope y'all have a great long weekend and Independence Day!