Thursday, July 09, 2009

A far reach at a celebrity sighting

This is really such a horrible story and such a grasping at straws celebrity sighting that I'm just going to tell you to stop reading right now!

But if you're still here, here it is.

I love to watch the Duggar family. Seriuosly, they NEVER get old to me. Their show and The Golden Girls are the only shows that I can watch in reruns forever and ever and ever.....

That said, the Duggars often have their friends, the Bates appear with them when they visit. The Bates live near MyTown. I've often thought I should go kick back at their Wal-Hell because I'm bound to see them there in their itty bitty town. But then I remember I hate the Wal-Hell and well driving out there to catch a glimpse would be quite stalker-y and it's not like I'd actually speak to them.

Moving on. I was at Target today on the way far end of MyTown and not my usual Target. I walked in a and a gal caught my eye that was checking out.


Look again.

Look away.

Borderline stare.

IT WAS! It as Mama Bates! I mean I knew it was but then I hid in the one spot (aka junk!) section of the store and looked more whaddaya know it was her! It was the long wavy hair, minimal make-up, long dress, knocked-up.....Mama Bates!

She was there with a gal about her age and was only leaving with one bag and a pillow thingy and I thought WOW! Out of the house and an hour away with no kids! Rock on Mama Bates!

So I watched her leave and called Mr. Bella at work to tell him of my not really at all a celeb sighting but wow isn't this kinda cool sighthing.

I think he'd prefer me to not call him at work with future Target sightings.

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Kas said...

LOL When I lived in Northwest AR I saw Michelle and a couple of the older girls at Sam's. :) I enjoyed the specials TLC did on them every once in a while, but I'm not a fan of family reality shows. They always seem to end badly... Though, if anyone could make it through it would definitely be the Duggars!