Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Do any of you ever have similar conversations?

Him: The stove has something dried on it.
Her: Then clean it off.

Him: The Dr. Pepper is in the way of the electric skillet.
Her: Then move it.

Him: I can't find my jacket.
Her: It's in the closet.
Him: I didn't hang it up.
Her: I know.

Him: All the steak knives are dirty.
Her: Wash them.

Him: There's something sticky on the floor.
Her: Clean it up.

Him: The dog kinda smells.
Her: Then bathe him.

Him: Turkey burgers again?
Her: No, you're cooking dinner.

Him: I can't find my such and such shirt.
Her: It's dirty.
Him: Oh....are you going to wash it?
Her: No, you are now.

Anyone? Anyone?

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Kas said...

Ugh! YES! What really gets me is when he asks where something is, before he even looks for it! Are you kidding me? Am I the all knowing keeper of the stuff? haha