Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So what if I....

  • sometimes eat ice cream out of the carton when no one is looking
  • sometime like to throw things in the closet to not look at them and deal with it at that moment
  • dust my house and put out new reed diffusers when I know I'm having guests (like, um, tomorrow!)
  • oh and sweep the crud under the rug (well I actually did sweep, vac, and mop this afternoon!)
  • wish I could afford the calories to drink wine everyday
  • like for things to be done my way...which just happens to be the right way
  • work really hard a few hours of the day to tell Mr. Bella the whole list of things I've accomplished but leave out the stack of magazines that I read the rest of the day
  • have great intentions of actually making my college scrapbook but never eem to actually um, make it!
  • wish I had a maid service
  • like to watch reruns of The Golden Girls
  • indulge myself in 90's music all day on my ipod
  • garden avidly, but badly
  • constantly plan how I'm going to redecorate my house and what project I can con out of my husband next
  • visit Sonic way too often for happy in 5 of 7 days

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