Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mr. Bella has his annual review today. He's been with company for four years and they've paid for his MBA. They also pay peanuts in salary. He's worth a good 50% more than what he makes. That said it IS a fantastic company to work for. That ALSO said Mama has no plans of working (Mr. B agrees!) and misses her old lifestyle of two incomes and has twinklings in her eyes of babies.

So Mr. Bella is going in there with his kick-ass boots on and plans to kick ass! He's going to outright ask for the 50% in hopes that he'll get 25%. If he does he'll be very happy and YEA for us all to stay put in our cute little home in our familiar little town.

If he doesn't, the Bellas are moving. In fact, Mr. Bella already has an interview set up Monday in another town, er...make that another time zone*. It would pay 80% more (HOT DAY-UM!) and make him a Jr. Officer in the company.

We'd planned on moving at this time in our life just because we could. Then the economy went down the toilet and we got a bouncing baby Brother Bella! Which is the reason I hate the move the most. The kid already changed high schools from his freshman to sophomore year (when he moved in with us) and now he'd change again. That would totally blow chunks! I HATE to do that to him.

But it's a part of life, right? I mean we have to do what's best for the entire family and if that means Mr. Bella's career, then well, that's what it means I'm afraid.

So if you could be so kind as to say a little prayer for Mr. Bella today that would be great! Specifically pray that he get the raise amount that he asks for (even better if they offer without his asking!) We'd love to have the option to stay put and keep our little family right where it is for the next two years!

*Still in the South y'all! Believe me I couldn't survive anywhere above Cincinnati and that's a stretch!

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Kas said...

Good luck to Mr. B! I hope it works out for you all!