Monday, July 20, 2009

The Day

Today is the day my friends! Mr. Bella has his big interview!

Back up: he didn't get the raise he hoped for last week. It sucks because the review was glowing but they are giving very small raises yada yada.....but consoled him with the fact he got more than most people because he is amazing. Bite me! Anyway, he was going to this interview regardless but now he really wants is.

Forward: so he's on his way on the three hour, different time zone trek to wow them as I know he will. I think he has a great shot because he has what no other candidate has had: southern charm. I'm not kidding! Other candidates have been qualifed but nixed when they didn't know the southern culture or just were not likeable. And if there is one thing Mr. Bella is it's southern and likeable!

Just in case we've been looking at real estate. And schools. Oh poor little BB having to change schools (again!) and in his junior year. We are considering a few private options as well just because he may be able to find a niche better. We've not discussed this with him but when he first moved in he was interested in private schools but the public HS in our area worked out better.

So moving pros: closer to Reese and Mr. Reese, same distance from Cici and Mr. Cici, a larger city, STILL in the south (PRAISE THE LORD!), a larger airport for trips or visitors, a fab city that has a lot to offer a young and growing family, perhaps more opportunities for me to work again in case hell does freeze over and I decide to get a job.

Moving cons: BB moving schools. This is a TOTAL suck for me! Poor kid. He's been dealt a crappy hand in his life and it's so unfair. What a precious kid and kind soul he is. I just hope if we do move it doesn't screw him up! Others: I have a great network of friends I'm leaving, I have a customer base for my monogramming business although I do a lot online and can rebuild in the new area, I love our little house and it stresses me to sell a house right now, sometimes changes make me want to vomit!

Hopefully Mr. B will have a feeling one way or another about the situation when he leaves the tomorrow. He's also going to request a quick response since we have a kid and school changes involved and would need to be settled in a month. It's apparently a small family-like company and I think they'll totally understand on that one.

So please say a little prayer for Mr. Bella and our little family! I'm anxious to see what might await us!

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