Monday, February 12, 2007

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is going to begin March 11, six weeks earlier than normal! This is exciting because:

  1. I hate when I leave work and it's dark. Blah!
  2. I tend to have less energy in the evening's after work during the winter.
  3. I can start running outside again and ditch the stupid treadmill in the gym at work.*

Actually, if I didn't have to work I wouldn't need DST. Isn't that an interesting thought?

*Actually, up until the second week of January I ran outside anyway. (Cell in one hand, pepper spray int he other, mp3 player strapped to my arm!) It was when winter finally decided to set in that I had to bring my frozen stems inside! I hate it too! Treadmills suck!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Your so much better than I am. I don't exercise.. not even a little. I just can't get motivated. GO MRS. M!!!!