Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick! Get a buggy!

Yes, 35! As in 1, 2, 3, all the way to 35!
Seriously, we should have gotten the whole cow.

The story:

We were perusing target waiting for my prescription to be filled, had a few items and checked out at the pharmacy. However, as we were leaving walked by the wall where the freezer stuff is. He saw the red tag on a box of burgers and it was 3.74 for a 5lb box. Fine, get it. Then he wondered if it was the only one. I checked another that didn't have a sticker and sure enough, they all were $3,74, a 75% savings. So we got two boxes. But two boxes just wasn't doing it for my hubby....oh no no! WE BOUGHT EVERY BOX. Which equalled SEVEN! Thus giving us 35 pounds of ground beef for right around 60 cents a pound. A far cry from the $3.50 we normally pay at Kroger. And, it's 93/7, so it's pretty good and won't kill you.

Yes, we grabbed a buggy out of the middle of the aisle for clearance meat. And made it all fit in our freezer. And ran the numbers and realized that with our normal consumption of ground beef (a pack every couple of weeks) we will not have to buy ground beef until June....of 2008!

Yes, we realize we sometimes have redneck tendencies. If only (oh, if only) you knew where we were from.

Plus, we're suckers for a good deal!

*Please, send recipes involving ground beef!!

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Recipes will be on their way to you...

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