Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Posing Question

The M family likes ice cream. A lot! We often buy the large one gallon buckets of low fat vanilla frozen yogurt (my fave!) and the low fat chocolate ice cream (J's favorite.) We make it through the buckets at lightening speed, so it's totally worth it for us. Plus, it stays fresher than in the cardboard cartons.

Now let's say you have a gallon of, um, I don't know, let's stay Superman Ice Cream in your freezer? Perhaps your husband (who is oh so sweet and nice and loving and went to the grocery store all by himself because you had something better to do) bought a GALLON of Superman Ice Cream. Not recently or anything, but several months ago. But because it is still in your freezer because it is, ahem Superman Ice Cream. (He apparently thought it was a good idea at the time.) A gallon sized tub. What would you do with it? Now it wouldn't really be a problem unless you had, um, thirty five pounds of ground beef in your freezer too. Then, things get a bit cramped.

Maybe I'll ride through the neighborhood tossing out cones full of superman ice cream while humming a little ice cream truck jingle.

Does anyone know what flavors are in that stuff? I've heard it's fun flavored vanilla but that's so not true. The pink is definitely a bubblegum-ish or cotton candy-ish flavored. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Also, I was serious about that please send recipes for ground beef thing! Email is up there to the right. Thank you very much!

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