Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I'm a huge magazine reader. I'd have a dozen subscriptions if I had the time to read them.

Currently my favorites are Better Homes and Gardens, and Real Simple. Those are my only subscriptions and I seem to never make it through and issue before the next one arrives.

What really gets me excited though, is the BHG Special Interest Publications. Every time I got to the grocery, Target, or Home Depot, I loiter about the cash register and salivate over them. Mostly, I love the pictures and decorating ideas. I cut out all of my favorites for a little file for the future. (Yes, I'm OCD and organized like that.)

Other fave magazines that I'll often pick up include (but totally not limited to):

I've moved on from being in love with Cosmo and Glamour. (I guess that happens upon engagement and marriage.) And don't even get me started on my love for bridal magazines, which I've (mostly*) moved past.

I'm a magazine hooker, especially for all of the pretty pictures.

What's your secret magazine fetish and why?

*I'm currently planning two weddings for friends, so it's totally ok, really it is!


BlondeMom said...

I have a serious stash of those BHG special interest publications!!! Seriously, I have a decorating ideas notebook and I love to clip ideas. Sadly, my decorating bug has been put on the backburner lately.

I also love Southern Living, Coastal Living, Real Simple, InStyle, Vanity Fair and People.

We went on a major budget overhaul after we had our second daughter and I currently have zero subscriptions. BUT my mother passes on Southern Living, More (geared toward 40 plus women) and Vanity Fair.

Anne said...

The New Yorker and Harper's for news/arts/unusual issues. Then Cooking Light and Cook's Country and Southern Living for my internal foodie. And Discover for my internal science geek. Women's Health to get healthy. My favorite tho is Cook's Country

Sitting said...

I have subscriptions to Cooking Light , Self, and Brain Child (a literary mama mag), but almost always pick up Real Simple. I will have to check out Coastal Living (for that house in Charleston I'll be moving to in 3 months!). (When are you coming to visit??)

Emily said...

I use to buy tons of the celebrity junk magazines, but moved on to Shape and Fitness magazines. I keep thinking their going to reveal their secret to the over night weight loss and I wont have to worry about watching what I eat and not have to exercise ever again. I'll let you know if I find that article... one day!

Brandy said...

I am a huge fan of the 'Trash Rags'as my dear hubby calls them, but I love 'Travel and Leisure'. Tim and I have decided we are retiring to the water, a lake a river or an ocean..who cares!

Laura said...

I'm in love with InStyle... it's like taking a hot bubble bath.

Swistle said...

I still subscribe to _Jane_ magazine, even though I'm now way too old, married, and childful to be in their target demographic. I am going to stop renewing my subscription ANY YEAR NOW.

I read People, and I don't mind saying so. Okay, I mind slightly. And I am a little embarrassed admitting that I ALSO read US Weekly.