Monday, February 19, 2007

Projects Pictures

First, I've added a new picture here on my Jewelery Post. It's the earrings at the top.

Remeber the talk about the stairs? Here is the before, during, and after! Impressive, huh?

Before, with the "church carpet" on them.

During, with no carpet. It acutally got much worse and there were nothing but the runners because we replaced everything you see there.

After! Mahongany stained hard wood!Next up: The Mantle. Keep in mind that this mantle is from the 1930's, so it's a bit delicate to work with. It was formerly painted black with khaki beadboard on the inside and used at my headboard in my single girl days. We attempted to strip and stain it to it's original beauty, but more than 75 years of paint, etc. just wouldn't come off. If we'd have done anymore we'd have ruined the wood. So, it gets a fresh white coat, which was what it was when I purchased it. Lastly, J built me a little bench stool for the kitchen so I can easily reach the tops of the cabinets, etc. Our chairs are antiques and not the best for pulling around the kitchen and standing it. Plus, this is just so cute! I helped him build and did the paint job myself.

The inspiration came from this item at the Pottery Barn, but I think ours looks so much better, and it was a fraction of the price. Plus I was able to paint it myself (which I love!) and add the M.

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BlondeMom said...

LOVE that stool. Cute! And those stairs are gorgeous.