Friday, February 09, 2007

VD Anyone?

No no no, not a venereal disease, but Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of what I think is a Hallmark Holiday. Although I'm very happy and in love, I feel that we should tell people we love them everyday, not just on Valentine's Day. That said, I know that J and I will do a little something together but only because I don't want to feel like a party pooper! I actually already gave him a gift, a leatherman tool thingy he wanted. He bought it and brought it home and we decided that was his VD gift. He'd have gotten the thing anyway. We're also going to eat dinner at our favorite place when we visit his family this weekend. (It's a fabulous little place called Cheddar's and this is the closest one to us and also where we had our first date. Again, we'd have probably eaten there anyway.)

Besides doing a little something for J, I always send cards to my grandparents and little brother. I also have a few friends I'll send funny little cards to as well. Of course they're homemade. (Again, it's a Hallmark Holiday so I don't buy their cards.) This year we'll send a card to his grandparents too. I'm glad my Pappy gets in the Valentine's spirit with a hefty check! Cha-Ching!

I have some friends to don't do VD for the fact they too think it's a Hallmark Holiday. Instead, they both pick their favorite day of the week, and their favorite number, find that on the calendar year, and that's their special day. So, if my favorite day is Thursday and my favorite number is 25, my special day would have been January 25, and also October 25. Hmmm, not sure how they do it if there are two of those days. I guess you feel extra special.

I'll fill you in on all the details of what we decide to do or not do next week, but until then, what do you do for Valentine's Day? Anything special? Anything not so special? Any other fun rituals you have in lieu of or in addition to VD?


BlondeMom said...

We are going out for a dinner date tonight but we'll probably stay home Valentine's Day night.

I have to admit I have fun putting the names on my little girls' Valentine's day cards for "school!" (daycare)

JayJenny said...

Oh I love Cheddar's, I didn't know they had them outside of Lansing. Interesting!