Thursday, February 08, 2007

Diagnose my Face Fungus

I think I have face fungus, and it's really attractive.

From the beginning, about 2 weeks ago I was working on a project with a friend who had the leftovers of a fever blister. Since I didn't make out with her, I considered myself safe. But then 3 days later, I had a fever blister. I came home one evening and just suddenly felt like it was forming. The next morning I had a life form on my lip. It was slow to heal but after nearly 10 days, it was completely gone. From my lip at least.

Then I had a pimple like thingymajig form just beneath my lip. I put a little toothpaste on it before bed, as I do most oncoming pimples, but alas that was not a solution. Instead the toothpaste remedy seemed to enlarge the pimple like thingymajig and make it ooze some gross nasty (but at least clear) oozy stuff and trigger it to morph into a large nasty life form just below my lip. It was really odd the way it is healing, or not healing. And just as it's finally pretending to heal and not look like a meteor landed on my face, there are several other little bumps popping up around it.

I grew up with a girl who would get a fever blister and it would inevitably spread across her face someway. Apparenlty she had a severe reaction to whatever virus type thingy causes them. But it's not exactly a blister on my face.

Futhermore, I've gotten lots of little swollen not quite bump or pimple like things on my cheeks on on my temple right near my eye. I have relatively good skin and don't break out often. Out only pet is a fish named Fluffy, so I'm not thinking it's flea bites. Anyone, anyone at all? Maybe there is something finally growing the pillow that I've slept on for twenty five years. Don't make me go to WebMD where I'm sure to find a variety of other maladies or afflictions. Don't tell me to get rid of my pillow. That, my friends, is simply NOT going ot happen.

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girl from the south said...

Eww. Good luck with that. Try some anti-fungal cream?