Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Keep 'em Comin'

We've been married for nearly a year now (woohoo!) and we're still getting wedding gifts. I love it! Mrs. R told me I'd get gifts for up to a year and I didn't believe her. However we had lots of extra gifts (and checks!) come in around Christmas time that were wedding gifts (noted as wedding gifts and we don't exchange Christmas gifts with these people) and we also got another gift just last week! This gift was rather fun. It contained a couple bottles of wine from a winery in the gifters hometown as well as some special edition wine glasses from the winery. Also was one of those fancy little neoprene bags that hold 2 liters of wine and keeps it cool and has a handle. I love those!! I've been wanting one. Oh, and guess what? I'm going to monogram it!

I think we've averaged at least a gift a month after the big flood gifts. Keep 'em comin'! Would any of you like my address?

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