Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Top Ten

Ten Great Quotes

  1. "Well, you have to have clean dry hair and mine is one or the other." -The Bell, age 9 (on why she hadn't opened the curling iron she'd gotten for Christmas.
  2. "{Maiden Name}: OK. I need a resumé and a transcript so I don't bobble a letter. Is there a form or instructions, or both? I'll do the best I can, given my advanced age and retirement status. You'll do well. morrow"--an email from a former professor who was the crankiest, grouchiest, old man ever but I absolutely loved him! This brought me such joy.
  3. "Just go to the cheesecake factory--6 hours in there erases all worries, woes, and stresses from any mind"--SEC
  4. "If I could go back to 1988 I'd convince myself that pink ice is not a good investment"--JC
  5. "Oh he is, I already checked into that"--JC when I asked if Peyton Manning was married.
  6. "We're about to have a coming to Jesus meeting East Tennessee Southern Girl style!" --Mrs. S
  7. "Honey, I'll let you do my marketing class if you really want to go to school"--my husband
  8. "If you make my mama cry one more time I'm gonna put on my ass kickin' boots and come pay you a visit!" --The Rev
  9. "Cupcake, don't forget to pack your big girl bladder"-my husband before taking any road trip with me.
  10. "Yeah, I guess I'm just on the mountain waiting to die, they've taken away my best habit!"--my Pappy on his not drinking anymore due to diabetes

And as a bonus, this is one I hear from my husband often:

"Are you going to eat that?"--said as he sticks his fork on my plate

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