Friday, February 02, 2007

A few finished projects

I've finished several projects that I was working on and wanted to share! I actually made all of these. Yes, and old lady lives inside my body.

Kitchen Window Roman Shade

Dining Room Window BeforeDining Room Window After Living Room Window BeforeLiving Room Window After
Cushions in the den.
(You heard about them here, and here.)

An upclose view. All six (three on sofa, three on loveseat) reversible with the striped side and chocolate brown. And yes, I made the cording myself too!

Coming soon:



Master Bedroom


Mrs. Flinger said...

This is why I need curtains in our house. It makes everything so much more homey. I love that you can sew.

I SEW can not (man, I'm punny! HA!)

JayJenny said...

Nice job, Mrs. Crafty Pants! I love the brown striped pillows, they're too cute!

BlondeMom said...

I heart the striped pillows too! I love that color combination. We have this fugly old blue tile in our hall bathroom that is actually that ugly blue! But then I painted the walls yellow so the brown thing just does not work.

I wish I wish I sewed but that is why there are wonderfully talented women like you out women like me can pay you to make curtains and cute pillows for our houses! ;)

Sunshine said...

I can sew, but have never delved into the wide world of making pillows. Maybe that would perk things up on our bed some....hmmmmm.
The striped ones are my fav too!

SouthernMom said...

Oh, that sewing ability will come in so handy when you decide to have babies...every southern baby needs cute smocked outfits! It's written in a southern code of conduct somewhere. :o)

Great job!