Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Job

Y'all! I may have a....

A gal in my Southern Belle Society is the Exec Director of an organization and needs a Development Director. We have a handful of mutual friends and she called me this morning. She wanted me to come in for an interview this afternoon.

Well that wasn't going to happen because I like to have more time to prepare for such things.

And I'd not showered today.


She's supposed to call back for a time early next week. I contacted a few friends who knew her to feel her out and also a gal who used to have that position several years ago.

It MIGHT actually be something I like. It seems it may fulfil my requirements on my "list of things a job must have for me to actually go back to work."

"Work." It sounds like such a dirty word.

Without getting my hopes up I feel like I have a good shot. She posted the job for the SBS only a few weeks ago and apparently hasn't filled it since she called me. Being a member of the SBS is going for me, the friend/references are going for me, and well I'm totally fabulous!

The gal who used to do the job actually got me kind of excited about it.

I'll be able to shop with wild abandon. We can go back to eating at the Mexi restaurant every Sunday afternoon and trying new restaurants on Friday nights. I can resume planning trips from my list of vacations we must take.

But when will I have the time for such shenanigans?

I can't decide if this is good or bad. There are so many pros and cons to corporate executive vs. suburban housewife.

We'll see what happens.

"Work" still sounds like a dirty word.

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