Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Sunday afternoon I revisited my old high school for the first time since graduation....nine years ago. I never loved the town and really never had a reason to go back so therefore....I didn't!

BB came from that high school and his best friend was in the school musical so Mr. Bella and I took him to see it.

Let's note that this is the same musical I was in some 11 years ago.

I walk in and things are different, yet the same.

I immediatly saw people I'd not seen since graduation or earlier. Now this may be snobby of me, but if I've not talked to you in nearly ten years, I really have nothing to say to you now. I decided my strategy was to avoid eye contact.

Even so I was spotted by former teachers, classmates, old friends (obviously old because I've not talked to her in 9 years or heard anything about her since she had two kids and now she's on three. The first thing she does is tell me her new boyfriend is coming and she's going through a nasty divorce. I wasn't even sure how to respond to that), and my cheerleading coach.

Which speaking of cheerleading....the school now had a Hall of Fame apparently. I'm waiting patiently for my invite since I was All-American cheerleader for my three varisty years! I'm sure it's in the mail. Har Har!

I was texting CiCi like mad at all that was going on.

I love how people were shocked and most remarked "well I've not seen you around town.".

Well, that's because I'm not around town!

Despite making pleasentries and being snarky that there are 30 year old men wearing AE clothing mean for high schoolers, the musical was fantastic. I nearly got up for a couple of song and dance number I remembered.

Poor Mr. Bella would have crawled in a hole.

Or left me.


At my old high school!

So how about y'all? Ever visit your old high school? How many friends do you keep in touch with? Do you plan on going to your reunion (NO!) or did you go to your reunion?

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♥Mrs. V said...

I don't think I will ever be going back there myself, either. I don't miss the place or any of the people..ha!