Wednesday, May 20, 2009

People and Parties

Last Sunday (I know it's a bit late but remember the part about me on my face?) my girlfriends and I from the SBS were featured in the society section of the paper under People and Parties. It was so exciting. We were also photographed for a town society type magazine but the issue hasn't been published yet.

Now trust me, I'm not part of the ladies who lunch crowd and don't spend my mornings at the club playing tennis but rather use the park of the evening with my family. was fun to see our pretty little derby clad selves printed! The SBS is quite a prestigious organization with a number of well-known and important members....but WE were the cute picture they chose! Woohoo!

Now back to my previously scheduled and rather unexciting but sweet suburban life where the paparazzi have forgotton about me.

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