Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On my face

So Friday night I did it.

By it I mean stayed up all night. All the live long night. Did you know there was a three o'clock in the morning? AND a four o'clock? Geesh.

I took a nap late Friday evening because I had some night shifters tell me it was how to "trick my clock." Well the only thing it did was prove to me that I should go to bed at 8:30 more often. It was quite fantastic. Until I woke up at eleven.

So I was party-ing it up with the middle schoolers (my least favorite age group of children I think! Bex--I admire you for dealing with 168 in class daily and LOVING IT!). We played some rock band and other video games. Then it was on to the running wild in the church because we can type games such as manhunt and sardines.

And I might have read a magazine. Because I'm top notch.

You get what you pay for---and I wasn't getting paid.

Around five I began to start cleaning. You know nothing gets my blood flowing like cleaning. I was in the home stretch friends! Seven o'clock was a-coming!

Then I learned some very, VERY sad news.

The blessed lock-in wasn't over until nine because parents won't actually show up to get their children at seven.

Well son-of-a-biscuit-eater!

But I was in it for the long haul now. No looking back.

And also I made it! All the way til 9 am. And then I made it til 11 am because there was a huge neighborhood garage sale around the corner and I love me a garage sale. So Mr. Bella and I hit the sales and then I let him make me an egg sandwich and put me to bed.

I only slept from 11 until 2. Woke up and nursed a Diet Coke, and because we fly fast and loose around here we packed our bags for an overnight trip.

We visited friends and stayed up to the wee hours with margaritas and had a full day on Sunday with a bit of shopping and the afternoon at the ball park (more on that soon!) before finally coming home.

And boy was I smug thinking how I apparently still have it. And by it I mean the ability to laugh in the face of sleep because HA! I'll sleep when I die.

I had a decent nights sleep Sunday and then Monday came. Oh my my Monday. Monday hit me like a ton of bricks! And although I didn't take a nap, I should have because it would have probably been a better use of my time.

I'm on the upswing today with a large cup of coffee and a little soda in me.

Note to self: get full disclosure before volunteering for events that involve middle-schoolers and the words lock-in.

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