Friday, May 22, 2009

Gently breaking the news

I had my monthly bunco game last night and returned home and had this conversation with my husband.

Me: Babe, bunco in July is going to be a couples thing.

Mr. Bella: Really?

Me: Yeah remember how I said the gals and I had talked about it and thought it would be fun? Well we decided a big cookout in July would be best. We've moved it to Saturday night too so we can really stay up and enjoy the fun.

Mr. Bella: That sounds good. Will Mr. Anne, Mr. Jade, and Mr. Bridget be there?

Me: Yup! There will be about 30 total.

Mr. Bella: Ok. Sounds fun.

Me: Oh, and it's going to be at our house and I said you'd grill for everyone.

Mr. Bella: (Raises eyebrows and looks at me.)

Me: Wanna go to bed? (wink, wink).


Kas said...

Slick! :) Sounds like a fun time to me!

Platinum Rose said...

Hahaha, good game plan! Wow, there's no way we could fit 30 at our house!