Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

In all of my exhaustedness from two weekends ago I forgot to post about the fun afternoon at the ball park!

We visited the CiCi's in their town a couple hours away. We had mexican for dinner at a local joint on Saturday night and CiCi and I split a margarita sampler....so we had about 20oz each. This after we pregamed a few margaritas at home. Give us our margaritas and everthing will be fine.....just fine.

Sunday we took our pooches to a fundraising event at the local baseball park. You could bring your dog for a small fee and the money went to the local animal shelter. You had special seating and the pooches got a special treat and toy.

Aren't we cute?

It had been raining and Mr. Bella and Mr. Cici whined around about the rain an it being wet so they stayed at home to drink beer. We went to the game with airplane bottles of tequila...who needs peanuts and cracker jacks?

Mack was so tired when we left that he curled up in my lap and went to sleep on the way home. He was exhausted from dealing with all the dogs since he doesn't even like dogs (and doesn't know HE is a dog so please don't tell him!). He never does that. I think he was in a strange place, strange car, etc. and wanted to sleep on his Mama's lap so she couldn't sneak off.

It was kind of a major pain to take the pooches out. Makes me second guess kids already.

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